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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, October 20, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I like many others endured the entire game and the feeling I'm getting now is that the football is that bad that it's not just the players that have given up but the fans have too.

    Everyone knows it's done the jig is up, even those in a permanent state of rose tint denial somewhere deep within their cerebral cortex there's someone in there sobbing angrily just waiting to climb a clock tower with a sniper rifle.

    How much longer can this charade continue ?

    Saved by VaR again , this only serves to paper over the chasms for a while longer as Watford currently anchored to the bottom of the League were robbed of their first win of the season.

    The 1st goal was so easy 5 traffic cones would've served as a sterner test to negate.
    How can a back line of internationals be so devoid of any organisation or positional sense?

    Yet another start to a game where the opposition is out the blocks and we're still stretching not realising they've already gone.

    And then not for the 1st but probably the 150th time so it began......
    The slow motion pin ball where literally everyone knows exactly where the next pass is going before it's even been passed.
    It's so laboured, everything is telegraphed it's painful to watch.

    This game sums up our play to a tee , pass it about aimlessly in completely ineffective areas , create next to nothing , predictably give the ball away through either sloppiness or just easily read and then the opposition has us desperately back peddling in 2-3 passes.

    What is this love affair with Winks? He's not good enough period!
    At 1 point him and Alli just watched a ball bounce between them on the edge of our box as Dacoure (who was excellent imo) just ran through them unchallenged.
    Paired with Sissoko is it any wonder we have absolutely no creation in the centre of the park?

    Add to that the sheer laziness of Danny Rose and considerable lack of pace n width in the side it's some of the worst football I've ever seen.

    Turgid doesn't even cover it.

    We were again incredibly lucky not to concede a penalty that would've made it 0-2 after an incredibly clumsy challenge from Jan.

    The 2nd half finally changed once the woeful winks came off for N'Dombele , Pochettino also bringing his love child Lamela on and Son who finally gave us an actual threat going forward.

    Even then there were a couple of breaks made by Watford that had they been slightly more clinical they'd of ran away with it (pool won't be as wasteful).

    Then finally it came a goal to put us all out of our misery.
    VaR probably our best signing under Pochettino shone down on us again as Ben Foster paying a kind tribute to lloris came up with a points throwing howler spilling the ball to an oncoming Alli who was incredibly fortunate after the VaR review to not of had his goal dissalowed for what to me looked like hand ball in all honesty.

    As a fan I'll take the goal and point of course but as I said earlier it only serves to cover up what was another monstrosity of a game under this increasingly dull and disjointed regime.

    God only knows what Liverpool could potentially do to us next if the last few performances are anything to go by.

    I don't remember such consistently bad football and I witnessed the 90s (where we won 2 Trophies and didn't do a Leeds).
  2. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I was listening to that argumentative twerp Chris Sutton on 606 yesterday, telling an irate Spurs caller that the fans 'owed' Pochettino for the last five gloriously trophy-less years, as if 2016/17 justifies the calamitous decline of the past two years. I don't know whether it's axiomatic that football journalists and ex-footballer pundits have no ability or willingness to change their opinions in the face of changing circumstances, but even Helen Keller could 'see' that the team is a shambles, and Pochettino clearly hasn't got a clue how to turn things round, but still the 'Give Pochettino Time' brigade can be heard bleating their mindless mantra, albeit with less conviction with every fresh disaster. He 's got to go, and the longer it's left the worse things will become.
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  3. Stuart Guest

    Great article summed it perfectly. He total abhorrent treatment of Moura is beyond belief he was the only player in first who looked like a threat. His continued omission is simply incredulous
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  4. Big fran Guest

    Really do feel for Poch although he's not o
    Won a trophy its been the most stable football in my time of being a spurs fan. He's been let down badly by levy who has not backed him when in strong positions. However the squad he has should not be loosing to the likes of toon Watford Colchester Brighton. We simply cant wait until January football is not that forgiving. Even in Jan he won't be given the finance necessary to rebuild. I'd be open to him staying if it were a change in direction where he is given licence to bring thru Skipp tanganga parrot and add lo celso sessagnon ndombele into the mix. Add two or three in January and go from there. If that's not to happen allegri or Jose for me.
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  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I do agree with a lot of this , but Pochettino is not blameless for the lack of transfer activity I don't know why he is made exempt from this.
    He's been entirely complicit with it all. If he genuinely wasn't happy with how it was being ran any self respecting 'top' manager who's apparently courted by Europe's best would've walked.

    He signed his contract , hid every window , fed the fans and media spin and now is portrayed as the victim which he happily uses as a shield for his own brand protection despite the state of his awful tactics, formations, rotation etc
  6. Sachy Guest

    Very good read, and as one of those unfortunate soles that sats through it yesterday, I feel the pain.

    For me Kane is a big problem and I would seriously consider cashing in now. For England he leads the line, making runs in the channels and open space for others. For Spurs at the moment (and as capatin) hes a bloody statue and loss of any fire to get the team pumped up. Shooting from ridiculous angles when a better option is available and just lacklustre.

    Yes Lamela is Pochs love child, but it was only when he came on and started getting stuck in, the game change and the woeful Spurs fan support picked up. Let's face it the Spurs support is awful and also sums up the team. It has been since we've moved back into the new stadium. The so called South stand that is meant to be like Dortmunds yellow wall is an embarrassment an absolute joke (and I sit in it!!).We have become a fan base like Arsenal, a complete laughing stock all round, but at least the gooners can argue they've won something.

    Something drastically needs to change, especially in the stands. Yes blame the manager, players, director etc...but the fans are the ones who can life the team, I mean the noise we made against Man city in the CL was amazing but that is the last and only time it happened.
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  7. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Why does big fran feel for pochetino he has had 5years to build a team but in my opinion he has gradually run the team into the dust and although we all know that Levy does not give him the total backing a strong manager would have demanded more money for transfers and walked when it didn’t happen.He even talks now that he doesn’t need new players as the squad is strong enough .It seems that the players are fed up with his training methods and rumour has it that he has installed beds at the training ground for the players to use when they come back from Europe to warm down instead of going home.Players keep saying they back him but don’t play like they mean it and I think he has lost the plot totally. I feel for people who have not supported the team as long as I have who talk about th last 5 years as the best period they have seen.i am lucky that I saw the double team and the push and run team and believe me they were far better to watch than this sideways backwards slow slow rubbish being served up at the moment.Even Harry’s team we’re far more entertaining.I accept that his initial 3 years gave me great hope but the last two have been boring and the press still elevate him up with the great managers who actually win things.Mourino has been a great manager in anybodys language but was crucified by the press for winning a cup and finishing second in the league.Could be he didn’t give the press the cover they felt was their right???
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  8. palmover Active Member

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    The 1st goal was so easy 5 traffic cones would've served as a sterner test to negate. Lol, very accurate description, of a team that does not look like it knows what it is doing.
    What is spurs best formation, team, tactic, playing style the answer presently is i have no idea of what spurs are trying to do and how they are going to win matches playing as they have done since Feb.

    I don't see Levy sacking Mp, however, MP does not have the ability to turn it around, he will continue with double sessions and spurs will end up mid table. The same thing happened at southampton, the team started on fire, however, toward the end Mp had burnt them out the same thing has happened at spurs over the last 18months. Anyone can see that these players need a new direction, they have given their all for Mp and there is no more to give. Spurs need a tactical trophy winning manager who knows how to coach 433 with wide attackers. Coys
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  9. Big fran Guest

    I've only been supporting since 89 ish so only judge on my time. I just don't feel that the team has been improved upon year by year. Players running down contracts is certainly not his fault. Should he have been stronger. Yes of course he should. I'd have more respect had he walked. Next game I'd like to see a bk 4 of foyth sanchez tanganga vertonghen. Dier ndombele alli moura son kane. And those wanting to sell Kane wow. Wow. Plays better for England because he's playing with sterling and sancho etc.
  10. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    You know things are bad when not one of the perennial rose coloured spectacle types have come on to defend the indefensible ie spurporter voice of reason etc.W have a game midweek and I would be interested in what team he should pick.I for one want Sessegnon and celso playing and Vorm in goal.My team Vorm Foyt Tanganga vertongan sessengon Sissoko ndombele celso Moura Ali Kane with Ali playing off Kane as he used to before poch ruined him .Winks Parrot skipp on the bench
  11. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I think my match analysis covered all I had to say about it!
    Interesting to see people talking about getting Celso and Sessegnon in, I would presume that was the intention when they were bought but both have been injured so far!

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