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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, July 16, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    As the dust settles on an entertaining world cup focus is now back to the transfer window.

    Yes that's right the transfer window it is in fact open and deals have been done between numerous clubs all over, I know amazing it really is.

    We ended last season on the words from Pochettino of being "Bold, Brave & needing to take Risks" and as I put in a previous thread the great Pochettino himself said that buying players late does not help the squad.

    Now as ever us fans with differing views will all draw our own conclusions on what is actually meant by 'Brave/Bold/Risk' such is the openness of the statements, but essentially even the 'enjoy the ride in Poch we trust' brigade can't deny that this complete non event of a window is not doing anything to bolster prepare or improve our side at all so far.

    The dawning realisation is that we are as it stands going to be short of fitness, quality, balance just from the WC hangover let alone the bang average quality that props up the team on a good day having to step up from day 1 of the season.

    Poch cannot continue with this CL and title talk without putting in the significant work in to bolster/improve the 1st team squads deficiencies, it's simply being arrogant/ignorant/false.

    Now we know he has to deal with Ming the Penniless and his antics but it's time this was challenged by us all.

    The thing with a mindset of 'just enjoy the ride' is that as all rides do at some point it loses momentum and comes to an end.

    Every season & window that passes goes another chance to consolidate it all and have something to show for it, the way Levy runs the club is like sending his General & troops into battle without proper tools to win the war. Inevitably it's a valiant try but a loss all the same.

    Is this how we want to be perceived forever under this regime?
    Plucky Spurs?
    Does the 1 billion dollars stadium & new season ticket prices reflect this mindset?

    25 days left (if you include today) to get this right. What are we seeing/hearing from the club ambition wise?!?!


    Tumbleweed FC in full motion.

    What part of the New project is happening any different from the last 1, another non event of a window lacking in everything.

    Wake Up Spurs!
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  2. Mike Snails Guest

    Well said!
    Team doesn't settle until Christmas with new, late squad additions, as per last few seasons.
    Some people are too busy relying on last-ditch, bargain basement signings......
    Thought Pooch would have made early signings a condition of his signing his long-term contract?
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  3. Big fran Guest

    Media saying Kane will be rested for the Newcastle opener. Son will be at the Asian games... Oh don't worry apparently moura can play as an orthodox CF :)
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  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    It's ok Fran we still have the Cart Horse and the modern day Van Basten in Jannssen
  5. Del Guest

    Didn’t any1 see our new signing parachute into the new stadium the other day .... what else can we ask for ! Lol
  6. antony Active Member

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    I'm all for continuity and keeping the harmony in this squad, but we all know we need a wide man, come striker. All I can hope for at this late stage is that Poch knows Toby and Danny are gonna accept their new improved contracts. Dembele is gonna see out his last year and go on a free. Winks will be back to full fitness and begin to start games again. Young Griffiths will be blooded this season leaving DL sitting on his hands and wallet!

    Except for one major signing in Wilfred Zaha. Watch this space!
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  7. Jam Guest

    Good article Felon.. but you might want to keep your powder dry.. as we all know Spurs transfer windows are notoriously slow

    I disagree regarding our squad depth.. we have an excellent squad as a whole.. pretty much two quality internationals for every position as things stand

    It's the first XI which has stagnated.. or perhaps ever so slightly dropped it's level.. still very good of course.. but possibly about to take a further hit this window

    The 'big' signing that could dramatically improve us is unlikely.. we all know it.. it may still be awhile before that finally changes

    The club though simply has to continue to invest.. given our reluctance/inability to spend large that means purchasing quality youth.. like Sanchez last year.. who was an excellent buy

    It seems we missed the boat on Sessegnon.. and de Ligt.. most regrettable I think

    Other than that we're self-admitted opportunists.. always on the hunt for good players who find themselves in bad situations.. like Lucas Alderweireld VdV etc

    Problem with that is opportunities like those tend to present themselves.. rather than being something that the club can go out and make happen
  8. Big fran Guest

    Rather than pick up the slim pickings from the big boys or up and coming wannabes wouldn't it be nice to once just once go and take a player off a club that actually wants to keep him...
    De Ligt has been linked with pretty much every top club in Europe but still remains with ajax so I suspect that could be revised at a lower price which levy will love.
    On Harry Kane put yourself on his shoes and ask yourself on what basis as he just committed his next 4 or 5 Yr to spurs .. Money ? I'm sure he could get close to double what he's penned.
    A promise of signing better quality marquee signings? Well that's not happened and looking more unlikely.
    Trophies? Again unlikely given lack of investment and selling our top players again.
    Breaking the EPL record? Is that dependant on staying at spurs .. I think probably not.
    Which brings me to either blind loyalty or IMO a buy out clause.
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  9. Jam Guest

    Well we have done that in the past.. though admittedly never at the highest end.. problem now is the market has exploded.. and where Levy struggled almightily to fork out 20 or 30M for a player a few years ago he now finds he needs to spend double that to acquire the same level of talent

    I suspect that's the issue with de Ligt.. Ajax probably want 50M for the teenager.. and Levy would have problems with that theory.. we really should have bought Sessegnon prior to last year.. writing seemed pretty much already on the wall regarding what sort of career he's going to have.. now at 18 he's been priced out

    As with Kane.. unlike some fans I think he genuinely believes in Spurs.. believes in the manager.. the players around him.. and the direction the club is heading

    That said contracts aren't necessarily that binding anymore should push come to shove.. he will leave if he chooses to at some point
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  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Doesn't mind shelling a billion out on a building though does he , I wonder why :rolleyes:££££££££s perhaps o_O.
    But not to pump back into the first team in a thirst for Trophies and Success nooooo.
    The Stadium was supposed to be the last piece of the jig saw , that's how it was sold to us by Levy and his Loyalists yet it's pure silence now still no investment in the Team.

    Levy Needs to realise what Market and Century we're in.
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  11. Jam Guest

    Antony weren't you calling for a significant cleanout not long ago? But now you'd be happy with the status quo plus Zaha? (good player by the way and blindingly fast.. I'm not completely sold but he could well light it up at Spurs)

    I would take the status quo at a minimum.. we didn't have the best run with injuries last year.. same team with better luck would go top 4 again.. and challenge for cups

    However status quo looks unlikely.. so ideally I'd like to see us.. within the realms of possibility..

    Swap Alderweireld for Martial (I loathe the idea of the Belgian in Manchester.. but we don't need three top tier centrebacks.. and Dier as a backup)

    Sign de Ligt.. while we can still theoretically afford him.. Jan may not have too long left

    Sign Kovacic or Rafinha (if Dembele goes)

    Sign Shaw.. Sessegnon appears out of reach (if Rose goes)

    I don't have a problem with Grealish joining the club.. I would be concerned if he is our marquee signing of the summer though
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  12. Jam Guest

    Come now Felon you're over capitalising again.. is it really necessary? And your article was so well written..

    The stadium is a very good thing for the club long term.. who can doubt that? And yes.. despite it's enormous cost.. it's purpose is solely to generate wealth

    Levy is a tightwad.. I think until the last year or so we hadn't spent a single pound on player transfers for many seasons

    Where has that money gone? Into the stadium? Into one of Uncle Joe's superyachts? Can anybody say right now?

    We'll know for sure soon
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  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Not a good look Jam, you're doing yourself a disservice with such a petty gripe.

    On the Stadium being a good thing in the long run that all depends on what it was built for and what it contributes to the End Product.
    Increased match day revenue and merchandise is great for the Club's accounts but the outlay for fans goes up and up.
    Levy doesn't want to pay out, but expects fans to pay top dollar it's not value for money at the end of the day.
    Can we name any project in world football where a Stadium over player recruitment has been a catalyst for tangible success?
    At the moment only Arsenal tried that route have they improved?
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  14. Big fran Guest

    What was 30m them years is the market equivalent to 60m we have to move with the times.
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  15. Jam Guest

    I'm not being petty Felon.. I'm serious.. gratuitously used that sort of syntax is obnoxious.. and not that dissimilar in essence to writing completely in CAPS LOCK.. I would flat out not read such a post even if it were Shakespeare himself on the keyboard

    Do you realise that this style in excess is entirely counter-productive to the emphasis you are trying to impart? ie. the style actually distracts/detracts from what you are saying

    Like I said your article was surprisingly well written.. I appreciated what you had to say.. regardless if I agreed or not

    Anyway do as you please.. I'm not going to mention it again.. but you're doing yourself a disservice
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  16. antony Active Member

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    Yeah! Its called acceptance! I would have loved to see the go and come in the previous post weeks back by me, but I accept with 3 weeks? to go in the window that is incredibly unlikely (as was the original suggestion, I concede!) You will also see Jam I too have said the only way Toby go's to Manure is if we get Martial in return. I also agree (previous post again) with De-Ligt. Toby stays = Zaha in! Toby go's to Utd = Martial in!

    Ps: I'll probably change my mind again next week, as is any frustrated Spurs supporters prerogative:)
  17. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    It's quite simple in my eyes Felon. We need to invest in quality for our squad which currently contains players who are not of Top Premier or CL standard. Falling behind our top competitors means our top talent and coach will probably leave. No loyalty in football folks...get real. Without them and CL, revenue will fall massively as will the ability to attract top players. Then guess what? Back to where we were 5 years ago. NOW, more than any time in recent years that I can remember, is the time to speculate in top talent.
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  18. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I completely agree with this. There is another poster “Ramos” who comes on every so often- I would probably quite enjoy his posts as well but they are littered with caps, bold etc and it just makes it PLAIN annoying to READ
  19. Big fran Guest

    All the other top arena and stadia try to attract fans and sell out gigs by having quality acts, musicians bands or boxers etc not substandard middle of the road nobodies otherwise they would soon be out of business. Spurs however play on the loyalty of its long suffering fans. Long term it simply won't wash. They are struggling to sell season tickets now even with a waiting list as long as Levys pockets.
    I can understand its difficult to compete with oil rich clubs like city and Chelsea and also United but how Liverpool with a similar turnover can shell out 35 plus on Sane firmino salah followed by 75m on a defender then 50m on keita and we can't compete I don't understand. Now they are in the market for a keeper at around 70m.?? They can afford more on a keeper than we can a CF. Sad times.
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  20. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I always imagine Felon in a state of barely-contained fury when he posts, so a disregard for the niceties of grammar and syntax seems justified in the face of Levy's unremitting provocation (that would be my plea, anyway). We've got plenty to fall-out about without worrying about aberrant apostrophes, surely?
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