Transfer window over.... how did Spurs fare?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, September 1, 2014.

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  1. I don't think Chadli is strong on the wing, but his positioning/ goals against qpr suggest to me he could be striker material. Anyone agree?
  2. James burns Guest

    Look, I've been a Tottenham supporter in a Tottenham family since the day I was conceived. Support our club our players, and our chairman. It's sad to see the beast and holtby go but we know they weren't at the level we need, we loved their person rather than the skill, football is business and throwing out money for an imediate fix is how clubs die (Blackburn rovers anyone). It's a long process to build a great club look at Fergie when he got to united, they were on the fringes of relegation but he was backed by everyone. Tottenham till I die, this is my club my one and only, Tottenham till I die! Come on you spurs
  3. Jeff10 New Member

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    Of course we desperately need a world class striker. I entirely agree with the comments made above that success brings profits. So what we have to do now is mould the present squad into a great team. We have lots of talent and must knuckle down and work on our faults. I was hoping that Kaboul would move on, but we must now use all our resources to the full. It is true that Liverpool and the other big teams are light years ahead of us. The first and third goals on Sunday were badly defended by us.They should both have been prevented. On the other hand,if Balotelli had taken his chances, he would have scored at least two more goals. Sterling and Moreno were superb.
  4. derek herschman New Member

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    Can't understand keeping Pauhinio, Soldado,Churches, Kubul ,Noughton, Dembele, Chadi,below top quality!
    Holtby 110% effort each game & shipped out? Kane not good enough; Ade up & down: Lennon can't cross past 1st defender or shoot! Levy again failed to buy Top winger + Bony + Morgan, Jay needs to recover from injury before we make offer in Jan window?
    Spurs fan from kid & double team;with this group will be lucky to finish top 6?
    January will be to late to buy top players we need to help Porch blend into his style! Hope I'm wrong?
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Absolutely shocking window, i am dreading facing Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool away and Scum we are on our way to some thumpings.
    Levy i cant describe how much i loath this bloke for it to be shown on here. He is a cancer at the club and has proven time and time again football is a very distant priority when it comes to Spurs.
    Waiting for Southampton to be pillaged before offering for whats left is a typical Levy looks like hes trying but has no intention of buying.
    Chadli, Lamela, Townsend, Lennon, Soldado, even Eriksen & Adebyor to a degree are all bottle jobs when the going gets tough they all go on the dissapearing list so to not move on at least 3 of them and replace with consistant genuine match winning quality is scandalous.
    To sell Sandro for 6 million has proven to me that the chairman has lost it big time no need to elaborate there.
    I am genuinely worried another couple of tonkings and i can genuinely see us in free fall, the team doesnt have the metal to compete, and carrying around some truelly shocking players along with it.
    What an utter shambles, Levy is failing the club, the manager and us the fans with his self absorbed agenda and we should all be calling for his head.
    Poch im afraid is on a hiding to nothing and is a dead man walking, i give him a year and a half. We can draw a line under this season already and anyone that thinks were top 4 or gona win the europa cup with this bunch are so deluded its painfull. A standard Jan window of nothing, followed by a summer of posturing and buying the manager cheaper options and 'prospects' and by Christmas Poch will be gone.
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  6. Patch Guest

    Can't say that after deadline day I'm brimming with confidence for the season but if I think back a week to after the QPR game I was pretty happy then! It's early days under poch and we've gota give him time to get the players playing how he wants concistantly! Everyone is going on about the need for a striker, I disagree! Pre season soldado was one of our best players, his link up with the attacking three behind was great! But for me I would give Harry Kane a run of starts! Apart from blistering pace I think he has it all! He's looked great in Europe, let's give him a go in the prem!!! COYS
  7. adam Guest

    I thought our window went ok to be honest. If we'd have offloaded a striker then sure get one in. But I'm glad we didn't get welbeck. 16 mil for 30 goals in 130 appearances? No thanks. We've strengthened the defence and that was key. We don't have the money to waste 16m on a player like welbeck, and we are saving up for the new ground. Maybe once this is completed then we'll be more proactive in the market
  8. big fran Guest

    A very disappointing window for me to lose our best DM and our best scoring mid for only 15m. Apart from dier we seemed to have signed squad players. Goalscoring is gonna remain a major problem for us
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  9. I am amazed that supporters still mention lennon this man is totally useless why does he never take a corner or free kick i will tell you its because he does not know how to strike a ball correctly, one goal in 34games last season tells you everthing all he does is run sideways across the pitch with the ball and then lays it back to a defender when did he last take on a fullback ?. He must never be picked again.
  10. TheBoySilver Guest

    Started off with so much promise and then ended in disappointment for me. Sad to see both Holtby and Sandro leave, as out of the squad midfielders we have, I felt they could provide more than the others. Fair enough Limassol were weak opposition but Sandro was a rock in the middle of that midfield and I think he would've been the perfect partner for Capoue against Liverpool at the weekend against their midfield. Holtby's attitude, work rate and eye for a through ball will also be missed.

    However I completely agree with the majority that the biggest problem is a lack of fire power up front and I'm bitterly disappointed that we didn't address this in the window. Adebayor is hot and cold and his early miss against Liverpool (which was criminal by the way) showed that he often lacks that clinical finish (he misses more than he scores for me especially in the air). Not to mention that fact that he's going to b*gger off to the African Cup of Nations.

    I've still got a bit of faith in Soldado, especially with Lamela looking stronger this season. It was clear from pre-season and the away game against Limassol that those two have a connection (on and off the pitch it would seem from social media posts). If they start clicking I think they could develop a dangerous partnership (fingers crossed anyway).

    Harry Kane is a good young prospect and has improved a lot in the last year. He's solid in the air and has a rocket of a shot but still has a long way to go before he's at a level that's required to be a regular starter in a premier league side. I do also think his lack of pace could be quite an issue but we'll see.

    All in all I'm pretty despondent this morning after yesterday's deadline day. I'm not remotely optimistic about the season ahead but I hope that I'm going to be proved wrong and MP has a few more tricks up his sleeve (and that Dembele remembers how to play football)!

  11. Trigspur Guest

    I think it's fair to say that there a lot of frustrated people out there and I can completely understand that. After all Liverpool was going to be a barometer of where we are going to be but the reality is we are only three games in and we now know the squad we have and pochettino can now sort his strongest 11. When he was appointed it was a case of give him time but one bad defeat, no marquee signing and it's all doom and gloom. If come Christmas we're still saying the same then I may join in but come on let's get behind em now. Audere est facere. Tottenham till I die!!
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  12. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Spot on Trig. I said recently that if we lose as we did to Liverpool against Arsenal, then I can fully understand that questions will be asked and it won't surprise anyone who I will be asking the questions of, but for now, we have a good group of players and Pochettino will be judged on the season, or at least I hope he will, and next season will be the test of what he can really do with this club.
    I am surprised that we didn't bring in another striker, mainly because if Soldado doesn't play and then has to jump in when Ade goes to the ACON, we could find ourselves severely limted for goals, something that has been an issue for the last 3 seasons and still not addressed.
    I think we will get beaten a few times this season simply because of it being a new manager and it is why I have said all summer that the top 6 and a trophy is our aim this season.
    I am as sick as anyone with the constant 'transition' we go through, but am confident that for once, this one will be worth it.
    I agree with Trig, that if come October or Xmas we are in the bottom half, we will all have every right to start asking serious questions, but I truly do not believe we will be in that position and after just three games, of which one we lost to last seasons runners up, we need to all take a deep breath and get behind the new manager and squad.

    As ever, COME ON YOU SPURS!!!
  13. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    It is a long process which is why MP must be given as much time as possible to get it right and he isn't going to do that after three games. Let's not forget that the team were poorly managed by 2 bosses last season and MP needs to deal with attitudes that have bedded in. The constant changing of managers has not helped and players have struggled to adapt to having a new manager nearly every season, but now is the time to get behind the manager and the team.
    I am no Levy fan and never will be, but now is the time to support the club like never before and push us on to a good season.
  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Its ok strengthening the squad with squad standard players but all we are creating is a squad full of average players battling with other average players to be the first choice in a position that none of them really excell in.
    Where are the Match Winners?
    Where are the Big Game Players?
    Wheres the Game Changers?

    All of our so called top players are all described as 'having potential' they are not consistant players which also to me puts them in the 'average' bracket aswell until they start delivering regularly. The problem with potential aswell is many never achieve it.
    We had a team not so long ago that had some real class in it, ok some moves are inevitable and forced but to recoup the obscene funds we have and dilute the talent is absurd.
    Our transfer dealings and stratergy is completely flawed and this is being proven time and time again.
    People say just support the team and i do whole heartedly. But the board needs to aswell else your flogging a dead horse.
  15. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Transfer windows now closed until January and I, for one, am delighted with the business the club has done over the summer.

    The squad has been reduced with Gomes, Livermore, Falque, Dawson, Sigurdsson, Holtby, Fryers, Carroll and Sandro all leaving Spurs, in one form or another.

    And the club has spent wisely on players that will compliment an already extremely talented squad!

    Pochettino has got a squad he is happy with, and will no doubt be looking forward to upcoming season ahead in the knowledge, that if he NEEDS to add his existing pool of players, he can, at a club that has the resources to operate with a certain amount of freedom in the transfer market.

    The players that have stayed, effectively have more time to show Pochettino that they can be integral within his philosophy, and given the talent we have at this club, that is a VERY exciting prospect , indeed!

    Benjamin Stamboulicould be an absolute gem, in my opinion. In the mould of a ball-playing holding midfielder, who likes a tackle, Stambouli seems to be strong, mobile and technically equipped enough to seduce the WHL faithful with his closely-knit control, combative style and speed of thought.

    Pochettino likes to have 2 CM's capable of making quick transitions from defence to attack, with not only their pressing/ball winning abilities, but with their eye for a (penetrative) pass and their capacity to play the ball QUICKLY through the lines.

    The latter of those list of attributes is where Sandro's game fell down, as the Brazilian is more affective when playing next to someone who has those traits in their game. That is something that may slightly undermine the Brazilian's move to QPR unless Redknapp finds a creative talent to sit next to him in midfield. But in truth, I think Sandro is a GREAT signing for the R's.

    Well, Stambouli CAN do all the things that Pochettino wants, and that's why I'm backing him to be a wonderfully, clever piece of business by the club one he settles into life in the EPL (which I DON'T foresee taking too long).

    What I really like about the 24 year-old Frenchman apart from his obvious talent, is what he said in a recent interview, regarding how he views his role within a squad.

    He said, “I like to talk in the locker room, it's a pleasure for me. You have to manage when it goes wrong and I'm glad to have responsibilities. I think I'm a more mature player now. I still have that desire to learn and improve. Every day I come to training thinking that I'll finish the day a better player if I work hard.”

    Sounds like he could be just what the doctor ordered, if you ask moi!

    Fazio looks to me a class act. I watched him play in the European Super Cup against Real, and he was SUPERB. His Seville team lost 2-0 on the night, but neither goal could be considered his fault. Strong, composed and classy, the Argentinian appeared as an excellent reader of the game, regularly nicking the ball off an opponents toe, and was often found to be in the right place - at the right time.

    The former Seville captain is also deceptively quick over long distances. I watched him track a run/burst/sprint by C.Ronaldo from deep in midfield, and the 6ft 5in CB was NOT embarrassed by the forwards pace in the slightest.

    I've known about Fazio for years and although admittedly I haven't seen him play an awful lot, he has always been a player I have held in high regard.

    He has developed into a fierce competitor, and the type of character that Spurs could really do with in the squad/team. Someone who has got a bit of a 'nasty streak'. A player that is no- nonsense in EVERY sense of the word and won't be afraid to ruffle a few feathers both on, and off, the pitch.

    One word to describe his character: Street-wise!

    The club have had a massive turnover in staff over the last 18 months. 7 last summer, 6 this. Now is the time for MP to work with this excellent group of individuals, improve, develop, and mould them into a TEAM.

    I think the club dodged a bullet with Welbeck as I don't believe for one second that the kid is a £15m player, or, indeed, that he gets into the Spurs (A/B) team.

    Yes he is an athletic, pacey player. But a striker, or winger, for a team that aspires to win titles...he is not. In any shape, or form.

    I heard that the fee for Sandro is worth up £10m , which for me is still an absolute steal for QPR, but lets make no mistake about it Levy knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

    Listen, The Chairman will NEVER be viewed in a positive light by some of you, that much is clear. But let me tell you, just so you know, Levy selling Sandro for between £6m-£10m (for arguments sake) was simply a case of him putting the teams/managers interest before financial gain.

    What The Chairman did, was get rid of a player (a fans favourite, even) who was CLEARLY not part of his new managers plans, and he EVEN took a reduced fee to do so.

    Now, if that's not a sign of support/faith for Mauricio Pochettino, I don't know what is, quite frankly!

    Do you really think that Levy wanted to sell Sandro? And do you really think that Levy wanted to sell below his own valuation, to another EPL team, to do so?

    Come on guys, use your loafs!

    Levy's been trying to prise a reported (minimum of) £15m from the likes of Zenit, Inter and Napoli for the last 12months, and all of a sudden he sells to a English rival, for well below that price.

    If Levy wanted to get rid of Sandro, he could of done so ages ago! So what this sounds like to me, is club having they value highly, but the manager does not.

    What does he do? What some of you were claiming he needs to do more, and supports his manager!

    What do you guys do? Moan. Lol...The guy can't win!
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  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The 3 targets Poch wanted he didnt get.
  17. Yet another window passes and the glaring issue of a 20 plus goals a year striker is not addressed. Good old Levy as usual a day late and a dollar short. It's no coincidence that the two teams that finished fifth and sixth both lost this past weekend by three goals to teams that finished above them last season. Goals win prizes not clean sheets.
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  18. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    As a manager, you draw up a LIST of targets, that one would hope would have more than 3 names on it.

    Being a top manager is about being able to adapt, adjust and make the best out of the tools you have at your disposal.It is NOT about whining like a 'little school-girl', because you may not of got the 1st name on the shortlist!

    If you are unable to take that approach in the transfer market, what makes you think that your going to be able to do those things during a long, demanding and unpredictable campaign?

    Now, I don't know about you, but I feel Spurs have a TOP-CLASS manager, and therefore I am fully confident that MP would've been able to adapt and adjust just fine in the last window. And proof of that comes in the quality of the signings he did make.

    Stambouli looks like Schneirderlin with better feet, and £8m for Fazio is a complete steal, not to mention an astute signing in regards to what the Argentine will offer the squad/team both on, and off, the pitch.

    Mangers will not always get their primary targets due to:

    • Injury
    • Rivals that can pay more
    • Rivals that can offer great incentive (CL football)
    • Location
    • More reputable clubs seeking the same players services

    The list goes on...It really does. Any manager worth his wage is aware of those possibilities BEFORE the window opens, and therefore prepares accordingly. It's as simple as that!

    It then becomes about how the manager in question responds to those challenges. Does he sulk, become disheartened, throw his toys out of his pram and prepare excuses?

    Or, does he see these obstacles as an opportunity to show that he can find alternatives, and adapt to the parameters he is working within?

    Hey, I know which type of manager I would want to lead my club.
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  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Its ok and its your opinion to gloss over everything but denial is not a river in egypt.
    I think Poch has 'bags of potential' yes but my point is that it does not matter how talented you are you cant achieve success with out players that are of the ilk that deliver consistantly.
    Even your knowledgable self cant call any of our forward/attacking 5/6 players match winners that you can count on to produce the goods when needed against the majority of sides consistantly?
    And do you know why 3 managers didnt know their best 11? Because we have too many average players that dont excell in any position so its almost impossible to get any fluency to the side.
    This is soley down to poor transfer activity/policy. And that my friend is purely down to Levy and his flawed self absorbed agenda, short changing the managers and the fans.
    Never spending any extra on the club wont move us forward and the proof has been in the pudding look at the league finishes etc not the dream world where everyone is a top player just waiting to burst out some day.
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  20. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    So, what you really want is Levy to pay over the odds for a player, just to prove his ambition to supporters like yourself who continuously question it?....

    ....So that when he DOES spend the money, you can, then, turn around and say he spent it badly! lol.

    Listen, I think we've just got to accept that some people will never be happy, and move on.

    Why does the answer ALWAYS seem to be spend, for the typical punter, eh? Whatever happened to coaching, developing and improving players?

    Perhaps, it's time to do away with the concept of managing/coaches - hire a bunch of scouts and accountants to simply buy players - and let the squad manage themselves!

    Yes, it's important to have 'match winners' in your squad, but what's even more important is to have a team/system/style that allows the players on the pitch to fulfil their potential.

    That is the key, my friend.;)

    If you discard/forget those kind of principles as a manager, you can have a team of superstars and STILL not achieve your objectives as a unit.

    Football after all, is a team game right?

    And, it is that sort of 'team ethic' that sides like Costa Rica, Dortmund, Holland, Atletico, Liverpool, Everton, and others, have based their recent successes upon.

    Speaking of which didn't a Atletico side, that had just sold two of their best players to Chelsea, just beat a Real Madrid side containing the likes of Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema, Kroos, Modric and Rodriguez, over two legs?

    How many 'match winners' do they (Real) have, eh?

    Listen, when I look at the Spurs squad, I see a group packed with quality. What I HAVEN'T seen ,though, in recent seasons is a cohesive unit.

    AVB and Tim Sherwoods plans for Spurs were flawed LONG before they began picking the team, so to speak to me about the difficulties those two endured is another discussion entirely.

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