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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Jesper, February 19, 2020.

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  1. We have to buy good players no doubt, whether they cost 15 million or 50.

    But we can’t allow ourselves to pay so dearly over the odds because then everyone else will expect the same.

    To be fair, the club deserves it in a way. We have been gouging people for 20 years.
  2. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Apart from the goalkeeper have we made any concrete offer for any one.Rumours flying about but that is all so far rumours.Arsenal bid hard cash for Rice and Havertz and it looks like a third one for a defender on its way.we still have bought nobody and we have not got rid of anybody.We may have to give some away to remove them from the payroll as it appears they have not got anyone interested in paying a fee for them.Is Levy Hoping to pay reduced money by leaving it late as this has always cost us by losing out on players.De ja vu
  3. Big fran Guest

    To me a player is worth what he's worth regardless of how many years on his contract left. Obviously you can use it as leverage IF the said player only wants that move to said club. Are we saying we would pay 50m if player has 2 more years or so but given he only has one we love on from that player is ridiculous. The only factor that should effect price tag is if their is no future sell on.
  4. voiceofreason Active Member

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  5. No player has a set value; it’s all supply and demand, involving factors such as where he plays, their finances, the finances of the club who wishes to buy him, his wages, his contract etc.

    If Maddison played in Scotland no one would be paying 50 million for him, and no one should pay 50 million for him now he is in the Championship.
    Theoretically, he could also cost nothing in 12 months, which reduces his current price further. Have you noticed how many players and clubs run down contracts these days?

    No one is suggesting we walk away, but rather just not pay the absurd asking price. What would be fair in this current climate considering everything? Around 20-30 million I would think. They are asking twice that.
  6. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Where do the papers dream up their stories.Kane has agreed terms with Bayern ?.What nonsense.He has a young family and would he want to uproot them from England?
  7. That would indeed be a surprise! But Bayern have been after him for some time. He would also be guaranteed of some silverware before he retires, which he deserves.

    This is not easy to conclude, given Harry’s immense quality and historical standing, but I think the club may be better off without him now. He does not fit the remit of the new manager in the slightest; he is simply not a high-intensity player. He has also been here for many years, and we still haven’t won anything, despite many good opportunities to do so. At some point, despite his undeniable talent in front of goal, he becomes part of the problem as well.
  8. THFC Guest

    Maddison is a fantastic signing, irrespective of the fee. If you compare his fee to Havertz we have got a massive bargain. Just think, we may see free kicks actually testing keepers this season and for the first time in years, corners will be over knee height
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  9. voiceofreason Active Member

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    105 for Rice
    I’d prefer 40m for Maddison and then 65 on two good defenders
  10. Agree, it is a good start. We still need a fair few more new faces if we going to turn this ship around swiftly. At least it is not sinking anymore for the time being.
  11. voiceofreason Active Member

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    In theory we have Kane son kulu or Richie. Maddison bissouma/Hojbjerg buka

    just leaves defence
    New gk -check
    1 good defender-Romero ( I think he got dragged down by others around him)
    2 defenders and we are sorted

    we will win the league!

    fu$&ibg wine!
  12. Haha, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good drop now and again but all in moderation.

    Unless the manager falls in love with Ndombele, I still see issues in midfield, even if Maddison is deployed there. We will most likely go to a 433, so there is an even greater need to upgrade on the group that underwhelmed there last year.

    I am also not thrilled about another season of Son, although he did just officially become a year younger, believe it or not, so perhaps he will enjoy a renaissance.
  13. THFC Guest

    Haha Sonjamin Button will be faster, fitter and will score over 30 goals as he heads back in time
  14. Haha, we can only hope so.
  15. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Thoughts on Solomon?
    Competition for the front 3/4 positions is going to be good, I get the feeling Gil is being kept so assuming nobody else is going we have son,kulu,Richie,Kane ,Gil and now Solomon. I guess he replaces Moura.
    Regulion maybe back for good and I read an article about him preferring a back 4, I always liked him, thought he started very well and was surprised Conte preferred Ryan?
    Wonder when a centre back will be incoming?
  16. Guesty Guest

    nice that we are getting some business done early

    appears we may get 2 CBs..... of which Maguire could be one
  17. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Not excited about McGuire but maybe without the pressure of Man Utd he may perform again like he did at Leicester
  18. THFC Guest

    Ange won’t want McGuire…he is not quick enough for him and lacks the passing ability he will want.

    The Dutch lad could be good (and he is a lefty) and I would take Bremer from Juventus over any other CB including Romero if there is a deal to be done with them.

    Fingers crossed nothing comes of Lenglet because he is a French McGuire and although he is composed with the ball, I could out pace him in a running race

  19. I would imagine Solomon is a transfer of opportunity, given that he costs nothing. Not that he is without talent, but I would not be that excited about someone who could not break into the Fulham lineup. Still, it comes down to the new manager and if he deems Solomon a good fit for our particular style of football.

    The same applies for all those returning from loan. As the cliche goes, a couple may just be like new signings. Reguilon may be one of those; he has had an odd fall from grace. However, my hopes rest with Ndombele. If the manager can get a tune out of him, we will have one heck of a footballer on our hands.
  20. I believe the funniest, most ridiculous thing I have heard in a very long time is doing the rounds these days.

    Spurs are targeting Mbappe? Lol

    Forget the possible astronomical transfer fee for a moment. The lad’s wages would almost engulf our entire squad. Remarkable what websites, even those that are legitimate newspapers, will print to get a mouse click.

    Needless to say, I did not click on those headlines.

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