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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Jesper, February 19, 2020.

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  1. Guesty Guest

    any thoughts on the reported £30m buy back clause for KWP?
  2. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I always thought it was a bit premature to sell him, should’ve just get loaning. However I don’t like players coming back to clubs so I am not convinced. I’d rather a new guy who is as good or better
    Any comments on the first pre-season game. Bit of Sunday league score. Some of our defending looked bad. Think it was Sanchez “ competing “ for the header, very poor
  3. Guesty Guest

    I read the regards to players Conte is happy to let go.....

    There are some relatively big names among the list: Bryan Gil, Harry Winks, Sergio Reguilon, Tanguy Ndombele and Giovani Lo Celso have all been deemed surplus to requirements by Antonio Conte, who is also prepared to sell Japhet Tanganga, Matt Doherty and Emerson Royal.

    Its taken a while for a manager to really make Levy do something.
    Just suprised Sanchez isn't on the list as well

    Add to thats Alli, Bergwijn & Lamela..... and he really is trying to get rid of our rubbish

    I said a few seasons back that 14 had to go...... I will have a recount once the season starts
  4. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Think he will have trouble getting rid of all of those, especially this late in the window. In theory there is a decent amount of money to be recuperated there.
    I’d keep Doherty, I think he was coming into his own before he was injured. I think there is a good player in Regulion as well but think Conte prefers sessignon
  5. Big fran Guest

    The problem being that if we sold all those players at below considerate market rate(which of course levy won't) you could actually use the money whilst saving millions upon millions to go out and buy 2 quality quality players that would actually contribute more than ALL the aforementioned players combined. That money lost which wouldn't be all that much given some may be sold for a slight profit and wage savings could be recouped in CL qualifying or even maybe win a damn trophy. Keeping players that the manager doesn't want, are useless, clog up wage and homegrown quarters whilst hampering team spirit is a massive false economy. Only levy doesn't see it. I'd rather have 15/16 players of use plus homegrown kids than a bloated squad of deadwood. At present we have around 7 centre halves, 3 right wing bks, 3 left wing backs and 7 centre mids it's ridiculous and unmanageable. Get em gone!
  6. Genevaspurs Guest

    To read you, everything is easy in professional and modern football... Parting with a player like Ndombele or Lo Celso is not done in a snap. The goal is to sell them at an attractive price for Spurs and not too expensive for clubs to be interested in. The players concerned are going to leave us but it will take as long as it takes... And to leave for a new season with the desire to shine in the league and in the Champions League with only 15 or 16 executive players is ridiculous. If we count on the natural fatigue plus that linked to the World Cup in the middle of the season + the inevitable injuries, it is a minimum of 22-24 senior players plus the young players that are needed. Personally, I am happy with the transfers made so far. It still lacks 1 very good central defender and a creative midfielder. The rest will be up to Conte!
  7. Big fran Guest

    Ndombele and Lo celso are only going to depreciate in value especially the former. His spell at former club ensured that. Now I don't mind Gio I think there is a player in there somewhere UT he's constantly injured until Argentina come knocking (ring any bells to another former argie) and has failed to live upto expectations in particular his goals tally. Now it's common sense to me to sell these 2 players for a combined fee of say 40m no matter what the loss is overall of you replace with a player who will compete for a spot and produce the goods ie Tielemens or Maddison to name two. Also its paying one wage rather than two. If that player plays a significant part in a trophy win or CL qualifying again brings in income and will offset the loss of the aforementioned players. If you had 2 broken cars that were beyond repair and got the chance to swap for one that actually worked what would one do in that situation...
  8. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Trossard really??? An improvement don’t think so

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