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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Jesper, February 19, 2020.

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    I looked for it, was it this one?

    I agree with most, if not all, of what he is saying. I am not so sure about one thing and that is about the courage. I believe it to be possible to build someone to get that someone to be braver and it is also possible to break someones courage.
    Circumstances can also build someones courage or wreck it.

    Sissoko is, in my opinion, often hiding from the ball. If he does it then my guess is that he does it due to his, in my opinion, poor first touch. Either consciously or subconsciuosly he avoids making himself available for an easy pass. Only way I see that lack of courage to be fixed is to fix the underlying issue - the poor first touch.
    Not sure if the first touch can be improved to a for me acceptable level.

    Players who play together will often learn what their fellow players does and are likely to do. Anyone who then plays with a CM who often hides from being ready to receive a pass might learn not to even lock for that passing option. After removing the CM as a passing option then the remaining options are FBs, CBs and sometimes rarely an easy pass to an AM or a striker.
    The above might be a description of Winks and possibly also a little of Höjbjerg.

    If the above is somewhat accurate then there might be some fixes:
    -drop both CMs (fast but expensive solution)
    -drop one CM and work in getting the other more couragous (slower but less expensive solution)
    -work on improving both CMs (cheap but slow and might not even work)

    Maybe it was Mourinho who broke Winks back in 2018 when Mourinho wasn't even at the club. Maybe it doesn't matter.

    I'd rather have a good DM/CM come in allowing Spurs to have a better platform for the creeative players already at the club to build from then going for another flair player.

    Maybe I am harsh on Sissoko, he appears to be a model professional but frankly - I have given up on expecting Spurs to play well when he is playing in CM.
    Unless the other CMs at the club lifts their game and Sissoko is kept on the bench then I see the priority being to get in a good, hopefully great, DM/CM.
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    Mason says that Harry Kane’s future at Tottenham Hotspur won’t depend on top-four finish this season

    That's very optimistic. I am not sure even if a top-four finish would keep Kane. After-all we've finished top four couple of times winning nothing.

    Well, when you are part of the hierarchy, you have to lie without blinking an eye.

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