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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Jesper, February 19, 2020.

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  2. Jesper Active Member

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    I looked for it, was it this one?

    I agree with most, if not all, of what he is saying. I am not so sure about one thing and that is about the courage. I believe it to be possible to build someone to get that someone to be braver and it is also possible to break someones courage.
    Circumstances can also build someones courage or wreck it.

    Sissoko is, in my opinion, often hiding from the ball. If he does it then my guess is that he does it due to his, in my opinion, poor first touch. Either consciously or subconsciuosly he avoids making himself available for an easy pass. Only way I see that lack of courage to be fixed is to fix the underlying issue - the poor first touch.
    Not sure if the first touch can be improved to a for me acceptable level.

    Players who play together will often learn what their fellow players does and are likely to do. Anyone who then plays with a CM who often hides from being ready to receive a pass might learn not to even lock for that passing option. After removing the CM as a passing option then the remaining options are FBs, CBs and sometimes rarely an easy pass to an AM or a striker.
    The above might be a description of Winks and possibly also a little of Höjbjerg.

    If the above is somewhat accurate then there might be some fixes:
    -drop both CMs (fast but expensive solution)
    -drop one CM and work in getting the other more couragous (slower but less expensive solution)
    -work on improving both CMs (cheap but slow and might not even work)

    Maybe it was Mourinho who broke Winks back in 2018 when Mourinho wasn't even at the club. Maybe it doesn't matter.

    I'd rather have a good DM/CM come in allowing Spurs to have a better platform for the creeative players already at the club to build from then going for another flair player.

    Maybe I am harsh on Sissoko, he appears to be a model professional but frankly - I have given up on expecting Spurs to play well when he is playing in CM.
    Unless the other CMs at the club lifts their game and Sissoko is kept on the bench then I see the priority being to get in a good, hopefully great, DM/CM.
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    Mason says that Harry Kane’s future at Tottenham Hotspur won’t depend on top-four finish this season

    That's very optimistic. I am not sure even if a top-four finish would keep Kane. After-all we've finished top four couple of times winning nothing.

    Well, when you are part of the hierarchy, you have to lie without blinking an eye.
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    Rumour has it that Jose wants Dier but Levy has put a 25 million price on him.If this is true thenyou can see we will still have the rubbish next year.Who in
    their right mind would pay that
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    This can't be true. If it is, you know why JM left. He's completely lost it.
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    Hazard said: “Well in my biased decision I’d appoint someone like Osvaldo Ardiles or Klinsmann.

    “Even as a team, I’m sort of biased because I’m a great believer in recruiting the Tottenham way, people who know the history and traditions of this great football club and are able to implement it, so I’m a great believer in that.

    Guys, we can all send in our resume since we know the history and traditions pretty well. As for implementation, we just have to make sure Spurs finish higher than 15th thirty years ago.
  7. THFC Guest

    Aurier is gone at last….woohoo…good luck
    PSG, you will need it…one down, Dier and a few more to go
  8. THFC Guest

    Nope, sorry…not confirmed yet but fee agreed at least apparently

  9. Guesty Guest

    assume not until the transfer window opens
  10. THFC Guest

    Yep, sorry…clear and obvious error on my part although apparently the fee of £9 million is agreed. Let’s hope they throw in Dier, Doherty and Sanchez with him

  11. Preed

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    So Harry has finally asked to leave and now all the Levy bullshit one can deny Harry the move but please don’t let it be chelsea or united. if city get him can you imagine how good they will be.We will keep the rubbish we don’t want and sell the only decent players we have.Son will be next.Levy has finally brought the club to its knees
  12. THFC Guest

    The key thing now is what happens to any money from the sale…it is critical that the full funds plus a bit more be made available for new signings. If we look at it with a positive lens, the new manager will have some near £200m to spend on players they actually want. Kane has been amazing but his ankles are made of flake and when he is injured, as he is every season, he is worth £0 to us. Maybe it’s a good time for him to go and the right time for us to sell. He won’t go to Chelsea so Man City or abroad is the only option

  13. Guesty Guest

    I read somewhere that Kane doesn't really want to go abroad as he wants to go above Shearer as PL top scorer.
    But I assume if Madrid or Barcelona come in he may. They are difficult to turn down.

    As for funds....... DL has a stadium to pay for..... so my guess is that some will go on that.
    And we will be on a sell before we buy...... same as always
  14. THFC Guest

    you are probably right, we really do need to sell a few though….we all know the defenders that must be punted but I think there is still some decent money to be made back on Ndombele so he is probably worth throwing in the mix.

    If we are realistic, the best we can hope for at this stage is to sell Aurier, Dier, Sanchez, Doherty, Ndombele and Sissoko and then assume Kane goes. If we can scrape £50m for the defenders and £35m for Ndombele…then get £120m for Kane. £205m minus Levy tax should surely leave £150. Aarons £20m, Andersen £20m, Konsa £30m (if possible), Bissouma £30m, Saint Maxim £30m (if possible) & Ings £20m. I don’t know about you but I really don’t fancy any unproven players from overseas with any money we do have because look how that worked out with the Bale sale.

  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well when Kane goes that's 60% of our overall goals/assists gone.

    Expect Son to quickly follow.

    Then the Theatre of Nightmares really will be a toxic place.
  16. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    I see that Pochetino has been having a say in a replacement for Kane.He supposedly has been telling Icardi that it would be A good move to go to Tottenham.This being the same Icardi who was totally useless against city in the semi final.I for one would not see that as a good buy but it would follow the pattern of Levy buying dead beats.If Harry gets his way and we get a huge fee then we must get rid of Hitchen before we look for new players as his record is a joke..The supporters trust who meet with levy should demand this man is removed from the club but I think they are more for removing the whole board which won’t happen.Surely the new manager is now urgent so he can plan for the future and I don’t mean Mason who despite him probably finishing up with 4 wins from 6 games is not really up to the job and is a Levy yes man .The only good teams we have played under him ie Leeds andCity have stuffed us as will Leicester if the need to
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    About the Kane situation, as far as I can tell the only ones who know what was being said between Kane and Levy are the people who attended the meeting. My guess would be that Kane asked if money would be spent on strengthening the team and Levy said yes.

    Both Kane and Levy probably assumed that the money spent would be spent well. That is not quite what happened....

    One more strange thing about the transfers is that of the three latest big name transfers then none of the three was match-fit:
    -Lo Celso when he came on loan was injured.
    -Ndombele was not seen as fit
    -Bale was not seen as match-fit

    The transfers also seems to have been made by people who couldn't quite decide if Spurs had a CL-final level squad, a top 4 squad or a top 6 squad. I'd say that some here are confused on the matter as well as they keep changing their opinion of the squad based on whatever day of the week it is or some other strange thing.

    Super-Jan left a huge hole in the defence when he left. Not his fault for leaving but the club should have filled it. Without him then the Spurs defence dropped from top 4 (or better) down to maybe top 6, possibly worse.

    Instead of rebuilding the platform for the flair-players at the club the club decided to buy additional flair-players. It might be the Spurs way but it is also not the way to push for trophies. Cups can be won on strong defences and moments of brilliance. Matches against top 4 can be won on strong defences and moments of brilliance. Building a team based on the notion of outscoring every opponent without considering to strengthening defence is something even Man City with unlimited resources would try. Why should Spurs try?

    I do get it, people want the entertainment of the flair-players. We've seen how that worked out against decent opposition...
    Hopefully that experiment is now over or Spurs will lose more often than win. In my opinion there is more glory in winning than losing.

    I am hoping that whatever discussion there might be between Levy and Kane is about improving recruitment. Neither Kane nor Levy wants to waste time and money on players who doesn't improve the Spurs squad. If Kane does leave then Levy is still going to have to improve recruitment. It would be better for all if Kane could stay and the recruitment could be improved.
  18. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Kane won’t stay unless Levy stops him.What ever happens our recruitment must improve which means Hitchens must go.Who else recommends injured and over weight and unfit players.City buy Dias we sign Doherty.Surely we should have an idea which players we would like to get this summer .The more time elapses and the more time I have to listen to the yes man Mason the more angry I get at what Levy has done to our club .We are now the laughing stock of London football.What chance 3 months ago that the arse would finish above us.This group of players with a few exceptions will not be remembered with much affection
  19. Jesper Active Member

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    According to this:
    Then: "Tottenham expected to confirm Fabio Paratici as new sporting director"

    If that happens then maybe his italian connections can enable Lamela and Spurs to find a club in Italy for Lamela. I don't think any possible incoming manager would mind if that business was done. Sometimes there are no reasons to delay doing some business, get it done and move on to the next deal.

    & maybe Aurier can be sold to a club in Italy as well.
    Though I have some hope still that Pochettino will buy Aurier for PSG - the people who believe Poch can do nothing wrong often claim that Aurier is worthless so it would be fun to see those people try to make sense of that deal. Pochettino buying Aurier not once but twice, once to Spurs and once away from Spurs.

    Maybe Sanchez could be sold as well as referees in EPL seem to not like him very much and to me it seems he is often penalised harshly. The latest penalty that he gave away was a very soft one.
  20. THFC Guest

    Interested to see if you can find a quote that states Poch wants Aurier at PSG….I have only seen Aurier pumping himself for a return in terms of quotes


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