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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Jesper, February 19, 2020.

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  1. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    For me it’s a left sided, left footed centre back, make do with the midfield, in the vain hope that Ndombele and Lo Celso can combine well.....and a sell Dele, Rose, Lamela and Foyth and bring in Zaha.......
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  2. THFC Guest

    I think we should have a go with this:

    GK Loris
    RB Doherty
    CB Tanganga
    CB Alderweireld
    LB Reguilon
    DM Sissoko/Winks
    LM Bale
    RM Son
    CAM Ndombele/Bergwijn
    CF Kane
  3. Preed

    Preed Active Member

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    Just seen the team for today and I know we have a lot of fixtures in the next 2 weeks but Moura first choice again over bergwin.Is there any spurs supporter who thinks this man should be first choice because I for one don’t rate him even though he had a great run last year in the champions league.The last game he gave the ball away More than all the other players.I see Ali does not even make the squad which could be saying something.Even though we have signed some players at last I expect us to win this one or we are really in a nose dive.The full Southampton team was knocked out
    Of the cup by lower league opposition last week which matched our appalling performance in Europe..I am watching to see if the new signings make the rest fight harder because their places are at stake and do the players play for the manager
  4. Jesper Active Member

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    The transfer window opening up in a months time. Still uncertainties about incomes due to COVID and therefore uncertainties about spendings/outgoings

    The interesting things for me:
    -will Rose finally get his wished for transfer
    -CBs, Tanganga might benefit from a loan to play more but he might be needed so maybe a loan isn't likely. Sanchez, too expensive for the bench and not showing that he is good enough to play so an interesting conundrum
    -GK, Hart might not be good enough for EPL or EL and Gazzaniga isn't homegrown and might also want to be more than a back-up
    -Winks is needed but might want to go where he gets to play
    -Gedson, terminate his loan?
  5. palmover Active Member

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    Sanchez recent PL form Played 10- W6 - D3 - L1 .

    If Toby and Dier are 1st pick, having Sanchez on bench is ok, if JM wants to replace Sanchez then that's ok as well.
    Dier has given away more pens and some of his passing straight to opposition has been worse than Sanchez.
    The only defeat of the season came with Toby/ dier at the back.
    Sanchez gets a lot of flak that others making the same mistake don't get.
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  6. Jesper Active Member

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    Sanchez on the bench or sold is ok for me too.

    Not sure if I agree that Sanchez gets more flak than others for similar mistakes. Maybe he does, he does seem to be penalised more by referees and maybe he attracts more criticism as well.
    As is I am not sure what I consider to be the best option for him or the club. A move might get him more playing time, possibly that is what he wants. A move might free up some funds for investment in other areas for the club. Staying and fighting for his place in the team might make him part of a trophy-winning team and that is something both the club and him might want.
  7. palmover Active Member

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    Cb is an area were i think spurs are well covered 3 senior Cbs and two hungrey rookies. The way spurs have set up over last 6 prem games with the Cb's getting loads of protection means they all should be able to come in and do a job like Rodon and gain from the experience.

    If spurs could pick up a Peh/sisoko type player to take the strain off and add comp for sisokos position i would be happy.

    Sess and skipp seem to be having good loans, maybe they will be part of the team next season. Coys
  8. Jesper Active Member

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    Yep, we'll see what happens. If there is a need to sell before buying then I think one CB and/or an AM/Winger might be sold. There is a bit of a shortage of players capable of covering for PEH/Sissoko so maybe someone will come in.
  9. Jesper Active Member

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    Anyway, as far as I can tell the number of overseas players in the squad appears to be maxed out so if another overseas trained players comes in then one might have to be dropped off. If that were to be the case then selling or loaning out that player might be the best option.

    The areas where I might want to see strengthening are central midfield and possibly right winger. Bale has not yet shown what he can do, hopefully he'll do that. If he does then maybe the right side won't need improvement.

    Of the overseas players who might be missed the least:
    -Lamela, hardly playing due to injuries but unlikely that anyone wants to buy a player as injury-prone as he is therefore I think that he'll stay until he retires.
    -Gazzaniga, not sure if it ever was a good idea to have a second choice keeper taking up an overseas trained spot. Uncertain if there is much interest from other clubs anyway. Maybe Sheffield United....
    -Sanchez, hardly playing. Still young for a CB, might improve a ,still of the players who might be least missed he's the most likely that someone might want.
  10. THFC Guest

    Anyone want CE back? I for one don’t fancy corners under knee height again and yet another player strolling around with zero effort, we have plenty enough of those
  11. Jesper Active Member

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    I've read a rumour that Lloris might not get a contract extension. If that is true then either he is sold during the summer or leaving on a free after next season.

    My preferred replacement is probably Henderson but Man U might say that the only way Henderson is leaving for a competitor is if they get a good player. Henderson + loads of cash in exchange for Son?
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    A cr@p Eriksen is still better than Moura Lamela Bergwijn LoCelso Alli

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