Tottenham to make late move for Pochettino-perfect forward

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, August 7, 2018.

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  1. Josh Bolton

    Josh Bolton Active Member

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    Since bursting onto the scene in 2014 Harry Kane has afforded his club one minor headache: how do you sign back-up of necessary quality when prospective purchases are all too aware that all they’ll amount to is… back-up? It’s a detail that caused Alvaro Morata to squirm away from Spurs’s interest last summer, or so Pochettino believed: “[Morata] said to me: ‘Why do you want me if you have Harry Kane?’ If I go to try to sign a striker, they will say: ‘Eh gaffer, you want me for what? To be on the bench?’”

    This oxymoron of a problem hasn’t stopped Spurs from trying (and failing miserably). We’ve seen Vincent Janssen go out of his way to prove Roberto Soldado’s goal woes weren’t actually that bad while Fernando Llorente’s slow start has now extended all the way through to May; Son Heung-Min — at no lack of trying — has also proved ineffective when leading the line as a number nine in Kane’s absence.

    After two summer’s worth of signings in misfiring misfits it’s back to the drawing board for Spurs, and it could be a case of third time lucky in their second-striker search. The Burnley Express are reporting that — as well as the Clarets — West Brom’s Jay Rodriguez is now a surprise target for Tottenham amid rumours of an £18m asking price. But should this come as a “surprise”?

    Routinely detailed, Rodriguez played under Pochettino during the Argentine’s 18-month stint at Southampton — and was a revelation. The former Burnley man excelled in his manager’s high-pressing set-up, looking at ease when deployed anywhere across the Saints’ front three. Rodriguez’s form in the 2013-14 season — 15 goals; three assists — saw him nailed-on for a place in Roy Hodgson’s 2014 World Cup squad. (A ruptured anterior cruciate ligament injury, two months before the tournament’s commencement, cruelly ruled out a summer in South America.)

    Transfer links to the bigger and better didn’t fade there though; in 2015, Liverpool, Man City and Spurs were all said to have a strong interest in Rodriguez but following an influx of further injuries the player now finds himself marooned in the Championship at 29-years-of-age.

    In similar vein to the delayed purchase of Jack Grealish, it’s taxing for Spurs fans to draw animation from signing a Championship player — even more so considering the absence of transfer activity thus far. But just because the name’s not exactly box-office doesn’t automatically make it a bad idea; Rodriguez is a missing piece of the puzzle that actually fits.

    He’s Premier League proven, up-to-speed with our manager’s rigorous tactical demands and is fairly versatile; all this for £18m, in a market which has been described as the most inflated in years gone-by. The fee and (expected) lowly wage demands would leave us greater room to manoeuvre when tying-up more pressing deals (i.e central midfield); it would also amount to a small dent on Pochettino’s so-far unopened war chest.

    Will Rodriquez be content playing second fiddle to Kane? It’s fair to say Pochettino wouldn’t have to do much convincing. “Mauricio is the best coach, best manager and best person I've ever worked with,” Rodriguez has said since his Southampton days. “He knows how much I appreciate what he has done and what he still does for me. He constantly speaks to me.” Who knows, they may speak again before 5pm on Thursday.
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  2. Big fran Guest

    Tell you what Josh I'm right behind you on this one.. Many will scoff as he's not the big name multi million pound marquee signing but he ticks every box that you mention added to the fact after failed Big money forwards Pavlychenko soldado janssen and llorente he's relatively low risk.
    I don't know the lad personally but I know a few who do and he was very close to signing for Spurs prior to the injury you mention. He signed a new deal at the saints out of loyalty at offering him a deal whilst on the treatment table. I think he would be an upgrade on sissoko lamela llorente janssen and could push son/moura for a start. He's capable of 15 goals minimum.
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  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The Morata story is spread so 1 sided to back up Pochettinos/Levy's inability to recruit a suitable 2nd/back up Striker.

    Poch saying Morata wasn't willing to play second fiddle seems to overshadow the fact Morata came out saying this was not true and that he would like to play with Kane but at the time the transfer from Real to Spurs was not going to happen.

    I'd say the little stumbling block of a 70mil price tag and 155k a week wages played a much bigger part....

    For me there are 2 big problems that are creating this 2nd striker problem-

    1. Pochettinos completely blinkered/stubborn approach.

    Llorente is a quality operator (even if past his best) IF you play to his strengths ie get some proper crossing service into the box, rocket science this is not!
    Again I don't think Jannssen is that bad per say but he also was successful with quick supply into the box getting on the end of things.

    With either of these players deployed then team tactics need to change, Alli/Eriksen/Lamela/Son etc need to adapt their play instead of the incessant cutting inside strolling about passing at snails pace.
    Kane is a goal machine but much of his goals imo are self manufactured rather than set up and he is a 1 off he can't be replicated.
    So it's either a Striker to compliment his play or god forbid a change in tactic.

    2. Levy not willing to buy or pay ready made quality prices which completely hamstrings and reduces the options.

    The piss poor 'scouting', complete lack of strategy/conviction, the dicking about waiting for the 11th hour No1 else is interested in him inflated buys.....

    Until Levy stops pleading poverty and is willing to back his manager and our Club properly- (Remember we are a CL side currently in the richest league and are currently 11th on the Richest list in a multi billion pound industry) and come into the modern world where everyone else buy players (not land and buildings) at market prices/levels then don't expect the situation to change anytime soon.

    As for Rodriguez he had 2/3 decent seasons at Saints that's about it , played well under Poch but he's not an out n out Striker would struggle to get anywhere near the team is 29 and injury prone.

    This is a just a sign of us getting desperate because of the negligent shambolic window we're currently suffering.

    As a Top 6 club this is pathetic!
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  4. Big fran Guest

    OK just to open it up a little bit. Disregard the signing of Grealish as that's almost completed given the fact we probably need a Centre mid and also an attacker which realistic 2 signings would we sign.
    I'd go martial and kovacic.
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Martial and Kovacic would be a sensible window.

    Grealish and Rodriguez is what we're probably gonna end up with which is a piss poor window.
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  6. John Greenwood New Member

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    I really enjoyed your article regarding our poor transfers recently. The only exception is Sanchez.
    Pochettino must take full responsibility for he has the final say.
    And I agree with you why does Levy leave it so late. Just remind him of the £30. Million blunder by buying Sissoko.
    Hopefully one we will get right and become a much stronger club.
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  7. Ultan Guest

    We all know that Grealish is overpriced but we have again left it too late.
    My only worry is that Poch will not feel backed and will seek a move sooner or later. Where are Erikson and Dele contracts ? Jan only has a year or so remaining. We are light in positions of CF, Cm and CB and need home grown players.
    Just 2 quality signings to challenge starters is all we need, at least.
    No more cheap squad fillers as Hull are not buying anymore. Kovacic, Ndomele, Grealish and perhaps a defender and we can challenge Liverpool and united. Otherwise great Stadium to host
    The Bosnian Cup winners in the Europa league very soon.
  8. Shane Guest

    But then also look at Eriksen, Ali, Dier and trippier. They all cost combined about £22 million and we could get back £300 million at least for them now ...... cant win every transfer
  9. barney Guest

    if Rose and Toby stay we should be sound there is no sense selling the best C/H & the best LWB in the league pay them the going rate its cheaper than buying no marks and waiting for next season when they adapt to our play Levy is a c*nt
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  10. Big fran Guest

    If we kept rose Toby Dembele added Grealish and Rodriguez I'd be happy. If janssen was given another shot also would not be disappointed
  11. DangerHereDuce

    DangerHereDuce Member

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    I got my club membership pack in the post today. Along with various bits of club-branded tat was a commemorative coin with the old WHL on one side and the new stadium on the other. Only thing is, on my coin, the side with the new stadium on it has a large scorch mark all across it, some kind of manufacturing error...I really hope this isn't an omen ahead of the new season :confused:
    I get what others have said on here over the last few days, that the club shouldn't feel obliged to spend money in an over inflated market unless it's for guaranteed quality. At the same time, after Poch's "brave" words and then agreeing a new contract, I really didn't think the transfer window end up like this: two days out and nothing but rumours and speculation to show for the club's summer activity. So much for a settled squad getting stuck into the new stadium/new season...
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  12. antony Active Member

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    So many opinions born out of frustration/ desire to see us build on the achievements/progression so far. I am as culpable as the next! I have tried so hard to give DL the benefit of the doubt and trust he will come good. Yeah! I know. Doughnut! This transfer window has had me loving, hating, expecting, rejecting, fretting and betting on who, what and when its likely to happen but now with 24-36 hours left, I need to vent!

    Here's my rant. We (imo) are so feking close to becoming great again. Youngest squad in the epl (I think?) its developed a unity/understanding with the majority. The "infrastructure" is in place, these days we are keeping our top players (Toby aside) and City aside I would suggest we have the strongest first 11 in the league! And there lies the problem for me!
    I have tried to convince myself if no new signings are made, not a problem! But really I know that's bol**cks! How can DL/JL not listen to one of our best managers in decades after how he has progressed the club. I say this because those who are convinced Poch has just shrugged his shoulders (in the media he may have) at the lack of activity in this window are wrong! Poch is a winner! He has the ego of a winner and he had a list in May for DL/JL for this window.

    They have 24-36 hours to not let Poch, the squad (who want trophies) us and themselves down, because these "astute" business men are baffling me that they can't see what we can see and that is 2-3 ready made, first 11 challenging quality additions would almost guarantee further progression, therefore further revenue, and not to strengthen when at your strongest is to gamble all the good work away made over the past 4 years. We have had our share of good fortune with ridiculously cheap (relatively speaking) priced players who have now become top priced players under Poch's guidance but don't you and your sun-baked mate Daniel push your luck to far because it could just as easley turn you, freking tight wads!!

    I feel better for that!
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  13. antony Active Member

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    Reading (for what its worth) we could consider a deal with Utd for Toby = Bailly! We have a want away player and I would prefer Martial in return but I could also live with this. I like the boy! 23-24?
  14. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Ha ha. I echo every single word and sentiment and I have been saying the same all summer. We are at tipping point to be a consistent top, top side. But also in danger of losing it all by not qualifying for CL. It's so feckin clear and obvious and the alarm bells are loudly ringing.
  15. antony Active Member

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    N'Jie/N'Koudon/Jannsen/Lorente. Four attempts (50-55mill? plus contracts) at finding the player we all know we need.

    So is it worth paying over the odds sometimes and investing 70, even 80mill into a player (Martial for me) at this stage of our progression. A player who is more likely to have 6-7 times chance of being a success than any of the likes above!

    An investment like this is not solely what happens on the pitch. Imagine we end up going in to the 18/19 season with just Grealish or no signings at all! A large percentage of the terraces will turn against Poch and the team quicker if we have 2-3 consecutive poor games which then may escalate beyond that as a reason for that!

    So is it worth paying over the odds sometimes? Bloody right it is! An how DL/JL can't or refuse to see this is beyond me and more worryingly Poch!
  16. Big fran Guest

    Imagine your main target who's not going to improve your 11 ASAP chasing him all summer but not actually bidding for him 24 hours before the deadline only to be told he's not even for sale...
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  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Never before have the lyrics -

    'Champions league they're having a laugh'

    Been so fitting
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  18. antony Active Member

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    If we do not see a real quality proven premier league addition within the next 24 hours then my concern is, it will stink out the new stadium! Good job its only Liverpool we open up to and can you imagine going into that one with only 6 points or less!!
  19. antony Active Member

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    Toby absent from todays training gallery and by all accounts is in Manchester and has agreed personal terms. No real surprise there but what the feck is going on when there is still no talk of Martial, even Bailly coming the other way!

    Well and truly shafted!
  20. Big fran Guest

    Rose in talks with schalke. What do we gain from loaning out our best left bk.

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