Tottenham line up contenders for the best job on earth

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Socrates, April 12, 2014.

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  1. Socrates

    Socrates Member

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    With Sherwood’s departure seemingly a formality, there’ll be a new man at the helm when the teams walk out at the Lane in August.

    LVG, FDB, Pochettino, Benitez. Any of these four, or somebody else entirely, could find themselves in North London over the coming months. The question is, what awaits the new Spurs manager when he arrives at N17?

    Off The Pitch
    There’s been a lot of negativity surrounding the club this season, and justifiably so, but the club still stands in good stead. We’ve got a world class training ground, stadium construction should begin at some point this year and as per usual, we’re in a financially healthy state.

    A currently unknown quantity is how much money the new manager will have to spend but with Levy already stating that the squad won’t see a major upheaval in the summer, it’s safe to say we won’t be spending big this summer…

    The Squad
    …And not that we should. A lot has been said about our squad this season, particularly the money we spent on the new signings, but I feel that there’s a lot of potential in the current crop. Of the new signings, Eriksen and Chiriches have shone the most in my eyes.

    The rest of the signings have all shown glimpses of quality, but not one has managed to be consistently good. A few have been unfortunate with injuries but I feel that our horrible mismanagement of the squad has ultimately not allowed us to see the best of our players this season.

    Too much rotation, playing players out of position and a lack of tactical awareness (from both Sherwood and AVB), hasn’t helped our players bed in. I genuinely feel that a competent manager is all we need to bring the best out of these players.

    We can also take note of our neighbours down the road. Mertesacker has gone from being a laughing stock to a very solid centre back, so too Koscielny; Giroud, although not world class by any stretch of the imagination, has also come on leaps and bounds from last season; Ramsey with a bit of time has developed into a very good player. All we need is a bit of patience.

    Heck, we don’t even need to look as far as Arsenal to give us a good example of player development. Both Bale and Modric didn’t exactly hit the ground running at Spurs. Bale was a tad unfortunate with injuries, but it took 3 years from when we signed him for him to fully get into gear.

    Modric did not exactly ooze class from day one either, but a couple of seasons on he had established himself as one of the finest central midfielders in the league. Not every signing can have the immediate impact that VDV and Berbatov did. Most need time and hopefully we are willing to give it to them.

    Having said that, there are still some key areas that we need to invest in. We could definitely do with another forward and without doubt a new left back is paramount, but I think there’s enough in the squad to allow us to challenge for the top 4 next season.

    Who’s It Gonna Be?
    My personal pick for the job is Van Gaal. We simply cannot turn down a man with his CV if the opportunity arises. He’ll have us playing great football and can really instil the winning mentality that the club lacks, not to mention that he’s a manager that our top players might want to stay and play under.

    Time will tell.
  2. spurgatso Guest

    Yes well avb was the great white hope and where did that go?Your saying we should stick with the players we've got, because they should come good given time,Tims doing alright,statistically best manager etc,and will get better with time.But no lets get the clog whore who really wants to go to Manu,he cant handle the Holland job he should last 5 minutes with our toxic fans.COYSaT
  3. DAVSPURS Guest

    No wonder us Spurs fans suffer we had reached the peak ready to plat our flag at the top and Levey sacks Harry. We employ AVB who had never got past Christmas rush tapping window and manic relegation and top four desperation. He managed to get us 5th in record points but he was that scared of losing he forgot how to dominate and win so he got sacked . Then against all fans expectation he instals ex player Tim Les with under 19 coach Ramsey and Freund . We start of great winning and scoring with 442 Ay Soldado upfront Townsend Lennon Walker Rose then injury's change formation at Swansea and then we won lost drawn and things went pear shaped happened i believe through UFA Thursday games . So now we are bringing another Mnaager who wont no about Christmas rush the tapping window January where players are told play bad get a move Levey will sell . Then they face what i call the manic months the run in after window closes and points mean prizes and work rate in the desperate doubles has we found out at Norwich . So whoever gets the job they would be adviced by me to keep one of the four staff we have at present Tim Les Ramsey Freund or suffer Premiership shocks like Norwich COYS
  4. cav Guest

    we need a manager who can get the best out of there team sherwood in a few years time may well become a very good manager but needs to work with a smaller club so the time is not now for spurs levy and his board must get it right this time because we can not keep going as we are spurs are a great club so they must go for a top manager who we hope can sort out this team
  5. stevethespur Active Member

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    Our defence surely needs some new faces, its been awful at times this season, kabs may never be fully fit, daws is full of heart but can lack class, and verts wants away ! Rose and naughton are championship players. Sherwood said after the game our defending was "horendous" and he has worked with these guys long enough now to organise a back four out of this set of players. Dont think even LVG could muster a decent defensive unit with this squad, so some new defenders please. Coys.
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I just cant believe anyone can think this squad doesnt need a massive overhaul, it hurts my eyes to see such bad defending, such clueless uninventive build up play and such an inept strike force, a top manager can only organise better but he cant give average players a footballing brain heart desire etc. We are embarrassing to watch and a number of players should be chopped on atitude alone
  7. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Whoever gets the job needs to want it and be given time to do the job their own way. Levy will need to learn restraint to allow that to happen. LVG has as good a credentials any manager but I just don't see him wanting to work with levy. Ten other managers can tell him that levy doesn't care about reputations. It is his way or the high way.

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