Tottenham a Laughing stock as Levy's games backfire

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, September 1, 2015.

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  1. Levy is the problem. No club wants to do business with him. So he values Kane who has had a great 9 months at 55million. And Berahino who has been a premiership regular for a lot longer and a proven goalscorer he doesn't want to pay more than 23 million . And we are left with no cover. If you want the goods pay the cash.
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  2. Hampshire Spur New Member

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    Like Dommo I have often defended Daniel Levy but today's lack of action in not buying a much needed quality striker and a defensive midfielder was sadly predictable. Over the past two years Daniel has somehow managed to offend every other Premier League Chair to the extent that no will do any business with us. It appears our manager is stuck with players he does not rate and we fail to obtain the players he has targeted all summer. Why leave so much business until today. One more question what is wrong with Charlie Austin? I thought he would have been a calculated gamble.
  3. Gerry McSpur Guest

    Levy has proven that he's not fit to chair our wonderful club. For those who cheer that we have got rid of our dead wood, the only question I'd have is who was it that brought in the "so called" dead wood". ENIC and Levy have been around long enough to take responsibility for all that goes on. Football clubs achieve success by keeping a core of reliable players and sustaining a good feeling about the place both in terms of players and supporters. The constant churn of players and referring to certain players as dead wood does nothing for morale. As for refusing to recruit players to make up obvious squad deficiencies, Levy and ENIC are just beyond the pale. We got landed with Adebayor because Levy wanted a quality striker on the cheap and got what he deserved. Levy, ENIC it's time for you to pass our club to someone who has the genuine interest, ambition and courage to take us forward. As for you, the sooner you're gone the better. Past history with Schneiderlin, Benteke made it very clear that what happened today was always likely. Levy then blames the WBA chairman and doesn't even have the courage to accept his role in the whole debacle. Small man, no cojones!
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  4. Feri Guest

    I believe we have a strong and able team of quality player to challenge for top six. They need to be manage properley. Hard job .
  5. Mijga Guest

    Guess we have to get Adebayor back on side and fully motivated. We have no choice. He may be a greedy swine that has caused problems in the squad but when he plays well he is class.

    If he was focused then we would be OK.

    Let's pray this happens or we are well and truly ****ed.
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  6. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I wouldn't mind if Levy spent 25 million overpaying for SB, but now I am okay with it. We have man to play with Harry Kane. His name is Eriksen. We have Son to play in Harry's place should he need rest or worse... Alli will be scoring alongside Harry. Brining youngsters like Pritchard will ensure we have a blood thirsty squad eager to establish himself, as opposed to salary collecting mercenaries.
    Levy spends 53 million this summer. Only handful of clubs outspent Spurs. We also collected 40 million for various forms of deadwood sold. For 13 million balance we have a competitive group. Sure we are not seeing an impact players at every line, but those acquisitions were made two years ago and what? Disappointment after euphoria? Enough of that!
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  7. Alimac Guest

    Totally and utterly pissed off !!
    It is so glaringly obvious the positions that we needed to recruit in and yet again Mr levy f@!(s it up for the umpteenth time.

    We are going backwards, not progressing and at this rate will be playing championship football in our new half empty stadium.

    Our club is a laughing stock and all because of one person........levy

    As always COYS

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  8. Andre5 Guest

    I admire the job Levy has done so far in getting us to this state. We are financially solid, have a great stadium in progress, have a great training centre and youth set-up and have been hovering around top 4 for the last few seasons. If you look at where we were 10 years ago, it's good progress.
    However, he really needs to commit now if we are to take the next step. We will not get anywhere near top 4 if we don't strengthen the positions we all know about. At minimum a backup striker and a solid DM. Makes me feel like watching a Sandro highlights clip.
    At the end of the season, we will regret every single point we have dropped in these first few games where we clearly haven't been ready. We have started with a serious points handicap. And that will make it doubly frustrating if we come within a couple of points of 4th again.
    I'm a solid Levy fan, but I am also starting to waiver. We really need to push on from just being financially stable.
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  9. Cheshuntboy Guest

    There's obviously a lot to be unhappy about, but I think our failure to sign Berahino is very much a silver lining to offset the widespread gloom. Everything about him cries out Adebayor Mk 11 - disloyal, money-grabbing, egotistical - if we're supposedly trying to build a team, rather than a rag-tag assemblage of mercenaries, surely we don't want scumbags like him - I'd rather have Charlie Austin any day of the week.
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  10. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I don't think Austin ever wanted to come here. Spurs, on the other hand, are not in position (not yet anyway) to offer Kane a competition, which Austin, being a similar player, would obviously represent. Should Kane be a one season wonder, then Austin would be needed. By January Spurs shall know and will decide either to go after Austin or someone else or not. I doubt Kane will disappoint.
    As Matt pointed out correctly in original article, Spurs needed a compliment to Kane, like Bera
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  11. Adebayor was not given a squad number, which means he will collect £5M for doing absolutely nothing the last year of his contract. We have sold Lennon, a player criminally discarded by us, to Everton.

    We need to hope Kane and Son find their scoring boots, and stay fit. A high risk gamble only having two forwards!
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  12. big fran Guest

    Do u think 13m which will fall to around 8m after lennon deal goes through is a reasonable investment considering the target for MP seems to be top four and also the massive savings in wages and massive increase in TV revenue? Because I sure do not!! I don't blame the manager here one bit. He can only tell the board who he requires to reach top four.
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  13. Jonesy

    Jonesy Well-Known Member

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    Totally speechless and so so angry.

    How can we compete with our so called rivals now? Son and Njie are both unknown quantities; could they become the next Bale, or knowing our luck, more Rosenthal!

    Poch will be hung out to dry if the results don't pick up - absolutely exposed. No solid midfielder to protect the back four etc etc. Anyhow, we somehow need to get thru to January and be in a reasonable position.

    Devastated that we still have Fazio and Lamela.
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  14. burnt Guest

    Couldn't agree more Cheshuntboy , the guy comes across as a complete tosser , also had a rep for being a tosser last season but everyone's forgotten that ... Football fans have very short memories ... Problem for every club this year especially is the shortage of players on the market with any sort of know quality ... Complete unknowns are costing 30s+ 40s mill each ... We all know what happened the last time we gambled like that .. We,re still paying for it .. There's no doubt we,ve gambled again , this time in a diff way by leaving ourselves short in numbers up top .. Only time will tell what the real consequences of this punt will be ... Always hopeful , never confident ...... C.O.Y.S ...
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  15. lee2 Guest

    We're saving for a stadium so can't splash out on £25m players. You can't just buy a flash new car when you're financing an expensive house. Get real lads, money doesn't grow on trees!

    We didn't get SB which is a shame, but Levy wasn't going to get ripped off either by offering crazy money. Two good forwards signed in Son and njie, defence sorted, Alli and Pritchard looking good already.

    Dier playing defensive mid shows Poch already had a plan b.

    Top 6 and a good cup run again is realistic this term. In 10 years time we might be closer to arsenal in not having to sell our best, consistently getting top 4. Then you lot can keep moaning about lack of ambition.

    Either stop moaning and support your club, or stop coming to games and wrecking the atmosphere and go support someone else please
  16. josh_b

    josh_b Active Member

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    Since when was supporting your club synonymous with 'ignore all the problems, don't voice your own opinions and pretend everything is perfect'?
    It'd be different if we were constantly moaning at how bad our team is, but we're not. We're moaning at how the club is run
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  17. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    The atmosphere at the Lane is **** because the real fans have been priced out of the market. It is the Levy happy flapper clappers that kill the atmosphere because they simply don't care about success.
    As for Poch having a plan B? Poch hasn't got a plan A!!
    Levy wont get ripped off will he? Lamela? 30 Million for someone was fairly good in the awful Italian league.
    I would never boo during a game but we have every right to expect much more from our chairman and owners.
    As for the new stadium, I am amazed how many people still think that it Will suddenly propel us to glory!! It is just not that simple. If we go into the new stadium outside of the top four, why will top players join us? Do you think that opening the doors will suddenly mean we have the extra money to spend? It will take 2 years at least for that income to become disposable. During that time our rivals will be further ahead of us, we will still be top 4 wannabes and in fact things could get worse.
    When Arsenal moved they were already a top 4 team!!!!!
    Wake up Levy happy clappers - take off the rose tinted or mud coloured glasses and get real because if you think a new stadium is the simple answer...... well, see what happens because at the moment we could be going into as 61 thousand seater stadium with little to offer other than the Europa league. A bit like what we offer now.
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  18. Jonesy

    Jonesy Well-Known Member

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    3 points out of an available 12... Sitting in 16th - nuff said.

    We are all entitled to our views and the gripe is that we keep making the same mistakes; it simply can't continue!

    This poor transfer strategy will come back to bite us come May, as it does every year :-(

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  19. Scooterman Guest

    Lots of emotion tonight but it's clear DL isn't coming out of this very well. We live in an age where image is (almost) everything, so by making SB the main recruitment target and then getting stiffed so publicly isn't good for the club's reputation. Let's not forget that DL drew £2.1m in remuneration in 13/14 (second highest pay in PL) and that the difference in premier league merit payments between 5th and 8th place was £3.7 M last year. So, if DL thought SB was getting overpriced, why didn't he just back away? Allowing himself to make 4 bids and still not close the deal smacks of desperation IMO. Over the next 6 weeks or so we start playing the big boys and we now have to hope the squad steps up and start scoring. Maybe our recruitment strategy needs a major re-think as DL does seem to have a reputation for being the Del Boy of the PL.
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  20. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    What can you say.......I certainly concur that this transfer window has beaten all others in terms of its disappointment and its farce. Truly embarrassing.

    Blofeld .....ace negotiator......that would be an insult to anybody who ever sat across the table and really did genuinely see the whites of the other sides eyes.

    Difficult to deal with. Easy, not difficult. I hear we offered token cash and a spread deal over 5 years. Two words come to mind, initials plonker.

    I was not surprised. Even before I'd ever heard of my favourite centre forward Benteke I saw Louis Saha come in as our much needed striker addition. Not a single thing has changed for the better in 5 years, or is it more.

    I'm getting old, I'm wearied by it all. I can't see any positives. The stadium is a myth or at least far further away than all the PR tosh would have us believe. One season away. Total B******s.

    I spose in days gone by the Chairman was never of an interest to me. The first one I remember was Irving Scholar. Then as now the only thing that remains a constant is that regardless of these guys fecking it all up I still support the badge...there is still only one Hotspur.

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