To Dare is Too Dear

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, August 10, 2018.

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  1. barney Guest

    well said MikeySpurs they gave Billy Nick every thing he asked for and what a team he built
  2. Tig Guest

    And if Erickson does sign some of you will look stupid.
    Especially when you think you know the way other people think!
  3. MikeySpurs Guest

    I think you missed the point Tig. They had the ambition to pay what was then a record fee. The money is relative. You asked the question. I answered it.
  4. viper New Member

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    i think it's very naive to think there ain't a player out there that can make us better
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  5. peterg 123 Guest

    OK, let`s just imagine for a minute, Daniel Levy issues a statement tomorrow morning: "due to intolerable abuse I have resigned my position as club chairman, and ENIC have decided to put the club up for sale"

    You`ve go what you wanted.

    What do you imagine will happen next?

    Who will buy our club.....a foreign investor, a corporation, a UK based property tycoon? - you as a supporter have no say or control over who buys or owns our club, those who want Levy / ENIC out automatically assume it will be along the lines of Shiekh Mansour, but it could just as easily be Mike Ashley!

    Then the assumption is, whoever now owns our club will have unlimited money to buy all these marquee signings everyone hankers after, of course instantly followed by trophy after trophy.

  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    And if we don't win anything again, the team doesn't improve you will look stupid aswell.
    Whether a contract is signed or not only a complete fool would think all our players will stay for no trophies and below market rate wages
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Would be music to any sane fans ears
    Also the club would be up for sale upwards of 2bn the Mike Ashley's of this world couldn't afford that, both he and Lewis entire net worth is 4bn.
  8. Tig Guest

    Do you mean like say Lamela and say Dele.
    If what you say is true we wouldn't have a team they would have all gone someware else..

    So what actually made them come?
    It beats me!
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Lamela is sh;t !!!!!!

    The likes of Alli are young and have been given a platform at Spurs but if a serious bid was to come in for him from a club bigger than Spurs if u think he's gonna say no I don't want a payrise or a proper chance of winning silverware because I want to be competitive here your deluded

    Because they weren't established players when they arrived , they are now and will at some point in the near future want something to show for it
  10. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Some good points Druid and welcome.... One point - I don't view that Grealish was massively over valued. This is 2018-19 PL, record Sky funding and all that. For me we should have just got him. The fact that we failed is a sad indictment of our club, and DL/MP in particular. To espouse those weasily words about being happy with the transfer window is an insult to Spurs fans everywhere.
  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Do you think Bale , Modric , Walker etc for 1 second wish they'd stayed at Spurs?????
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  12. Tig Guest

    You dodged it.
    Most of the fans moaning were not alive then.
    You and I both know that it was a different world then.
    Apart from Abramovich there isn't an owner who isn't in it for profit and the business side.
    I dread the day Enic sell ( better the devil you know ) .
    I remember the days you could go drinking with the players but trying to use those days to try and discredit what I asked is a nonsense.
  13. antony Active Member

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    Exactly! I couple this with the thoughts of the terraces and call it The "Vibe" we needed a stela signing to continue a positive vibe. My fear is that vibe could now be in question and a poor start could cause an earlier negative vibe all round!
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  14. Tig Guest

    Do you actually support Spurs ( you do know what support means ) because you are so negative ! I stick up for Spurs and defend them at all costs you make your choice who you support that doesn't mean you can change thier destiny you accept and enjoy the good times and accept and hate the bad times but moaning all the time makes me wonder if you actually chose the right team!
  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I've supported Spurs since 1990 , through the sh;te and the questionable modern successes.
    I obviously want us to win, keep and aquire the best players a hell of a lot more than someone who happy claps how is that not Support?
    I want us to strive for and be the best not accept and be happy with nice try.
  16. Tig Guest

    Haha ive supported Spurs since 1965 oh and I've seen lots of bad times.
    I spent a lot of year's watching every game spurs played I was a platinum member went to every European game and even every pre season visiting America, Canada, Australia, China, south Africa, Ukraine,nearly all of Europe, I love football and I love Spurs I want the best for Spurs, but you know what I missed it by 5yrs every team is competing to win and Spurs are in the best possible they have been in in my lifetime and I hope they can move on.
    But at the present time they can't compete financially with the city's and utds so you have to keep hoping .
    Don't call me a happy clapper.
    I actually hold shares in Spurs.
  17. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    You might be right, then again I don't think for example Crystal Palace would be willing to sell Zaha this window, he is the single reason they've stayed in the Prem the last couple of seasons. Same applies with Martial, noway MU wanted to strength a rival, this being his last year though; they'll be forced to sell him in January. Now when their contracts are running down and it's abundantly clear to them that they want to leave, then maybe we have a chance. Had either been bought by another club, then DL really would have been to blame.

    Dare I compare this window to what happened with Van Dijk with Liverpool, rather than buy someone else they waited for the player they wanted. I am hopeful that we'll do the same with Zaha or Martial. They are really the only two targets who could have added to our squad. Grealish would have been decent as well, especially once Dembele leaves...again, hopefully in January.
  18. Del Guest

    Don’t get me wrong levy has done some good stuff for our club but this summer should of been the 1 where we make other teams go wow spurs mean business....but nope it hasn’t happened and I can’t stop thinking does levy actually think success happens off the pitch rather than on it ??????? Where’s the ambition and risk taking ??? And also why have they sold reo griffiths who was the next big thing 32 goals last year and we still have the kart horse as back up to kane :-( why????
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  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So why ask if im an actual supporter for wanting my side to show more ambition than buying No1 in the transfer window?

    It's bizzarre.

    And the just be happy no matter what is equally as bizzarre imo should you feel happy if you feel your being short changed/shafted as a fan?
  20. Del Guest

    loving this debate u and tig should go on Sunday supplement hahahahaha coys

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