Time to cash in on Harry Kane?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, April 14, 2020.


Would you sell kane for 200m

  1. No.

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  2. Yes.

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  3. Yes only to overseas club.

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  1. bigfran

    bigfran Member

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    Silly season has commenced

    Well obviously it's been a quiet few month due to the covid19 and and the transfer rumour has started earlier this time round. One of the main stories this week has revolved around one of our own in Harry Kane. Speculation that Levy is prepared to sell at a world record fee at 200. Is this just the media being mischievous and selling column inches or is there truth in the story. Fuel added to the fire by Harry's interview stating he'd be open to a move if it means winning trophies.

    300m war chest

    We have been led to believe that their is going to be a paltry transfer budget of around 70-80m to spend. On top of that player sales of CCV, KWP and Danny Rose could bring in around 20m. Throw into the mix 200m for Kane and your up around the 300million mark to spend. Question is should we sell at that price? Below we can assess the pro and cons.


    We've been here before haven't we... Selling our best players over the years. In particular selling Bale for a record fee and going backwards. Poor signings and the negative impact on the rest of the squad. Similar also when selling Walker for what some looked like good money despite strengthening a rival and still not replaced him despite going through numerous options.

    If he does leave then the likelihood is that he stays in the Premier league as its well reported he wants Shearer's record. Again we strengthen a rival and go through the heartbreak of seeing him score against us and win trophies with another club.


    From a fans point of view I'd be gutted for all the reasons above. I want to see him break Jimmy Greaves club record, Shearers record and more importantly realise his ambition at our club. Like most I felt this is what we are hearing up to once the stadium but once again the dream looks farther away than for a long long time.

    If without selling Kane the transfer budget is 70 to 100m depending on sales what realistically can Jose or Poch or any other manager do with that sort of money. The squad needs so much surgery it's untrue. A right back, a left centre half, a left back a quality defensive midfield specialist and a back up attacker. It simply cannot be done on such a budget. You are looking at another two or three windows to fill them spots. By that time your probably looking at replacing Lloris and Toby. Will Kane wait around that long. Will Jose wait that long. Will Jose be given that long. I'm not sure they will or should be expected to.

    The more I think about it, seems like the only option is to bite the bullet and cash in as heartbreaking as it may be. The blow would for myself would be cushioned if we could maybe sell abroad.

    What are your thoughts???

  2. Guesty Guest

    If you were Kane.......wanting to win trophies.....would you stay?

    I've said it for a long time....we need to start again with a young team....which will take more years thank Kane would be willing to give us. Plus he would give us money to buy.

    The other option is we keep Kane and a few others......and get rid of all of the dross we have...and let Jose loose
    ...which I don't see Levy doing.

    Kane is a big cash sale.....and we'd get good money for Dele
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The stadium as I called from the off was just a big con, years spent penny pinching because we were 'paying for a stadium' when in fact we just took out a huge serviceable loan out to build a bigger money making vacuum for the shareholders.
    This was all done under the pretence it would be the game changer and level the playing field.
    Yet here we are yet again our best players dawning that this club isn't winning things, isn't going to pay the wages or the fees for success.
    It's been catastrophically neglected, the board are an absolute parasitic disease on the club.

    We are so bad without Kane it's embarrassing he's dragged us through so many games even when we had a better supporting cast, if he went now we can well expect to mid table for a while because we all know to replace that quality takes a number of factors-

    Fee/Wages/Quality/Attracting them, which selling your best players, never buying stars, never winning anything, over haggling and the most recent staff wages debacle does not scream big club to anybody with any ambition.

    I believe this move happens due to all the above, but won't happen till after next season and won't be anywhere near 200mil.

    Thanks to Levy the idiot.
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  4. Big fran Guest

    There is a lot of talk that clubs won't have the finances to buy due to the financial crisis the coronavirus will cause. That big money moves are a thing of the past.
    However clubs will still need to buy and clubs need to sell. That's the way its always been. The only thing that will happen is transfer fees will fall. Books will still need to be balanced. Weve seen clubs held to ransom due to more financial clout for the smaller clubs ie maguire to united for 80m and richarlison for 60m.. They will now become 20 to 30m players.
    The top level players such as neymar kane mbappe salah will all maintain there value. There may never be a better time to cash in if it means you can but the 5 or 6 quality players necessary..
    No way will Bournemouth be able to demand 70m for Ake
    Norwich 30m for Aarons. Leicester 60m for Chilwell. I could go on...
  5. Nigel Guest

    Why is there such a great need to sell a class act like Kane.We were only a few gears away from Cup or League success. Poor Scouting and Atrocious Levy Policy on Wages and Contracts,are the cause of the worries of most fans.
    surely someone should have seen Ndombele’s lack of fitness and the general lethargy of others.The time has come for Levy to stand down from the Contracting of Players.It is obvious he has no clue about Footballers,Fitness and or Foresight.
    I am sorry Daniel,It is your frugality in NOT buying Bruno Fernandez,Dyabala,Van derBeek when they had the chance. LoCelso was your only success.
    The time is NOW to BUY big names
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  6. Harry, old chap, we supporters have been waiting a very long time for some new silverware, but we remain loyal to our team through thick and a lot of thin. Where’s your loyalty? It’s not like you’re going broke with us. Did you ever think your long-term injuries and coming back too soon (can you say Liverpool?) might have contributed to us not grabbing the final rung of the ladder?

    We love you lad. Now let’s stop all this rubbish talk and go out and win nine straight and pip Chelsea!
  7. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    All Poch admirers in Spurs squad will be sold. Kane was one of those. It will be less than 200 million. By far less.
  8. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    The question is too broad. I would not sell him till at least the end of 2020/2021. As H himself has intimated, if we're still as poor and unambitious (thanks Ming!!) as we are now, then yes let him go abroad for whatever Ming can get for him. But, no, not yet.
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  9. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Bang on. The stadium equals more spending power is a well documented myth. It clearly will increase our revenue because it is simply bums on seats, but hardly touches the sides when you take the outgoings of a big club. Sponsorship and good cup and league performance are what the tv like, and that's where the big money is. Sonsorship and tv, and they love SUCCESS! Success comes from good recruitment, an area we are piss poor in thanks to MING and his ruthless mob!
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  10. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    Behave yourself. His loyalty is without question!
  11. JoshB Guest

    Nicely surmised, Big Fran.

    I’m always opposed to any suggestion of selling Kane, although I understand why some believe it necessary to instigate that “painful rebuilt”, mirroring Liverpool cashing in on Coutinho.

    But if*, say, Spurs got £200m+ for Kane, would you trust the current establishment to reinvest it in the team, let alone reinvest it wisely?

    *The Covid-19 pandemic will undoubtedly have a monumental knock-on effect on transfers; I’m not sure if superclubs like Barcelona and Real will be able to drop £100m+ on one player. The days of £80m-for-Harry-Maguire are a long way off, for now.
  12. Big fran Guest

    Like I say, I think top players neymar, mbappe, kane, sancho etc will still hold value. Lower priced ones also. It's the mid range ones that won't. The ones clubs were taking the piss with. Ie top four clubs looking at the likes of maddison, grealish, Chilwell etc. If we could get 300m to spend selling kane, fringe players and our budget. Could sign players like aarons ake at 20m and 40m rather than 30m and 60m respectively..
  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So Ryan Fraser everyone , exciting times ahead .........

    Project continuous build with no set date or time frame continues.
  14. Peterreed Guest

    Can’t wait until Friday just hope the Norwich friendly is not a pointer.I know we played 4 times 15 minutes and used lots of youngsters but only 1 goal
  15. P reed Guest

    Can’t believe this site is so dead with football starting this week.How do you feel good bad pessimistic or couldn’t care less????
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The whole thing is a farce and should've been voided , the whole integrity of the competition has been compromised.

    Glad football is back ? Not really

    The only thing I'm hoping is that the break has cured us of the Pochettino hang over and reinvigorated the squad.
    Gonna need to hit the ground running if we want to have a chance at top 4, can anyone see us actually achieving it?
  17. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Not a chance probably eighth
  18. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Top 4 no but top 5 which should be enough for champions league is doable
    Results today have helped, if we do the same as Sheffield For the rest of the games and then beat them we end up higher than them. Man United game is a must win though, if we lose that then it’s a gonna.
    It’s definitely not a probable but it is possible. I like our attacking line up, just hope defence keep it together. Maybe Ndombele will finally click, if so we could be looking good
    Here’s hoping
  19. Jesper Active Member

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    I believe that the transfer window will be strange. Few clubs will know their expected income which might make it difficult for them to commit to expenditure, failing to match income and expenditure can be risky. Top players might still sell at top-prices but I would be very surprised if the total spend on new players will break records.

    If there ever was a time to get sell a top-player and use the funds to rebuild then now might be that time. If a 200m bid came in then yes I believe it should be accepted.

    How much of a pre-season will there be before next season starts? Will there be time to bed in more than 2 players?
  20. Jesper Active Member

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    It seems like the gossip is more about Jimenez than Kane now....

    I believe there might be a risk that Son might be bought. Hugely popular in Asia. If tv-revenue is going to dominate even more now with the COVID and the empty stadiums then he might be more attractive to buy than Kane.

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