The final insult to the fans

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, September 2, 2015.

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  1. big fran Guest

    Just agreeing with felon that if somebody doesn't want to sell u have to pay big and yes over the odds. If there is a necessity to sell u may get a bargain. In this case I don't think offering more would have helped it was simply left too late for west brom to do anything with the money especially in how it was to be made. At present its a sellers market. I think its interesting
    in what redknapp says as it echoes what many of us fans feel. Get the business done early. Pay big or move on. Don't leave us with one natural CF in what could be a 60 game season. Its not on. Also remember the redknapps know the dynamics of the club the traits of levy et al and the problems a manager can be up against at spurs. I'm sure when he talks its not just about what poch is up against but what his dad encountered without being able to legally say so!
  2. Dublin Spur Guest

    Just seen this:

    Anyone recall that Witsel suddenly appeared on the radar from out of nowhere? It appears that the story was invented by Italian Clubs who were involved in tapping up the player.

    Another "target" that I had my doubts about was Wanyama. I was chatting with a Soton fan, who said that the original source of the story was a Sky Sports reporter who just happened to be a Spurs fan. It arose from the comment made by Alderweireld after he gave away the penalty. Basically, there never was in interest in this player. The journo parlayed Toby's explanation into wishful thinking and suddenly we were after this player.

    So on that basis, that's two crimes against humanity that Levy has been cleared of, the crime of course being his failure to sign these players. However, the detractors can quite rightly ask, apart from Berahino, were we looking for anybody?
  3. Dublin Spur Guest

    Thanks for your reply.

    Just my opinion, but if you are running a business, you do not deliberately pay over the odds to acquire an asset.

    As far as being too late for WBA, they had already bought in two strikers in the window.

    Regarding the Redknapps and their prior insight into the club, you do of course recall that Dad was booted out. Ever since then, there seems to have been a constant petty war coming from that direction. HR in particular displays great wisdom after the event. It was only a couple of years after he left that he revealed that he could have bought Aguero for 12 mill, in the same window that Mancs paid 38 mill for him. And of course when he is criticising the current transfer policy, he always fails to mention that he wanted to sell Bale to Birmingham for 3mill. Incidentally, Redknapp said that we would sign someone on deadline day. Again, he never remembers when he was wrong.

    Looking at Jamie's comments which were very critical of the way we handled the SB failed deal, why is it that nobody is paying any attention to Pullis who said that we offered a fair price and did nothing wrong? Why is it that we are ignoring Pullis and relying on the opinion of someone that may not necessarily have any love for the club and certainly wasn't present at the proceedings, over the word of Pullis?

    When you think about it, if Pullis started ranting about the way we did this deal, there are some who would say, "He would say that wouldn't he? He works for WBA". The fact that he is actually supporting the way we did this beusiness, must at least suggest to you that Redknapp was at best, expressing an opinion that is not supported by the one man that has no reason to agree with Spurs. His insight into the club dynamic is absolutely worthless when Pullis contradicts him.
  4. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Like I said I certainly would of liked to see Spurs bring in an out-and-out alternative to Harry Kane and imposing midfielder of some description (be it an box-2-box mid, DM or a deep-playing mid) but I don't believe the failure to do so will have massive consequences upon the clubs fortunes PROVIDING the team continues to develop the managers philosophy.

    You see, Pochettino philosophy is based upon TEAM ethic's, cohesion and concentration - all concepts which if carried out correctly, in theory, make the importance of any one player less noteworthy.

    For example, in the style Pochettino wants to play, there is less of a need for an orthodox DM, IF the team functions as a single, cohesive unit. Take a couple of last season outstanding performances against Arsenal and Chelsea for instance. Spurs dominated both games in terms of chances, possession and territory WITHOUT having a Matic or a Coquelin in our team.

    This was due to the relentless tempo, concentration and synchronicity of our press. The players committed themselves, on those days, UNCONDITIONALLY to Poch's philosophy, and the results were there for all to see!

    Unfortunately for us though, the players haven't always applied themselves to that extent on a weekly basis which is why there has been some inconsistencies in our displays/style at times.

    Listen, it is NOT easy to do what Poch requests every single week. Hell, it isn't easy to do it for a FULL 90 mins, as the demands on the players mentally is HUGE...far greater than any physical exertion.

    But like I have said, the rewards of getting it right (consistently) are enormous.

    Should the players prove they are capable of recreating the tempo, concentration and synchronicity on a regular basis, Spurs will COMFORTABLY get through to till Jan in a very good position in terms of league standing and the lack of the two signings I suggest we could use won't have too much of an impact at all. To some extent regardless of who is in the line up, although you always would want your best players to choose from.

    The game against Everton was the closest thing I've seen to the team playing in the way Pochettino wants, this season. This was in no small part due to the likes of Kane, Mason, Rose, Dembele and Eric Dier, in particular , excelling in their work WITHOUT the ball.

    All 5 men pressed high,from different angles, with conviction/ intent, in groups of 2's/3's , CONSISTENTLY, leaving a good passing team like Everton simply unable to cope with the levels of our intensity.

    That's the key that will ultimately determine where Spurs finish this season-how CONSISTENT the boys are in delivering what the managers wants - NOT whether we sign another two players before Jan.

    Whilst I have been HUGLEY impressed with the contributions of Dier this season, the jury is still VERY much out on his ability to cope with a high and intense press himself, when he is in possession. A natural defender, Eric lacks the awareness, technique and guile to RELLY excel in that position over the longer term. But as a stop-gap, short-term fix, he has been excellent.

    Another player who has impressed me, and UNFAIRLY gets a bit of a hard time, is Ryan Mason, who has had a massive impact upon the team since MP 1st introduced him into the fold. Combative, brave (on the ball) and technically polished, I believe we have only seen maybe 60-70% of what he is actually capable of.

    He makes some SUPERB runs and picks up some excellent positions in the opponents penalty area. If he can just work on composing himself when he gets there, and become more ruthless with his finishes, we could EASILY have a CM who can register between 8-12 league goals a season.

    I've heard the word 'average' get used when talking about Ryan Mason, but when I analyse the displays and qualities that Mason possesses the LAST thing I think is 'average'. Look, I'm NOT saying the kid is an exceptional talent or will go on to become a world beater, but I DO believe he has enough ability to become a top-class English midfielder, as long as he remains committed to doing the things that brought him to the party and developing his game.

    On another note, it's GREAT to have Rose back in the side! The kid makes such a difference when he plays and was outstanding against the Toffees last week. How he is not currently in the England squad is beyond me. The only reason I can think of is Hodgson is giving him more time to prove his fitness after recently returning from injury.

    What a transformation Danny has experienced. Gone from being derided/mocked by sections of his own support, to becoming one of the VERY best LB's in the EPL. Who would of thought it? ....Oh, yeah, ME! :D
  5. Pieman Guest

    What a load of rubbish, you don't know what relationship Levy and Pochettino have, for all we know he is happy with his squad and although might be unhappy with not getting Berahino and maybe Wanyama, the squad seems ok. For a few seasons fans have been asking to lose the 'deadwood' and we done that. We bought in two attacking players and strengthened the defence. Now the windows closed he can concentrate on getting the team playing and winning. And maybe fans can start supporting the team rather than moaning what might or might not have happened
  6. Dublin Spur Guest


    Regarding your comment on Danny Rose, I put my hand up. When I first saw him play as a FB, I was convinced he would never make it, but then he went to Sunderland.

    Similarly, I would also admit that I wondered why we had Kane on the books. I remember watching his debut in the EL against Hearts and thinking "He will leave on a free". Than I saw his first three games under Sherwood, and I knew he wasn't good. He was special.

    I enjoyed your post reading the various critiques, and I thank you for reminding me how good it feels when I see that my pessimism about a player was totally wrong.

    Of course I still can't believe that MoPo is the Messiah who will deliver us into the promised land, but as always, I'd love to be wrong.
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  7. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Poch now has got to put his methods Into practice. There were indeed signs against Everton that they may be coming into place but it needs to start now. Since he joined he has played one up front even when it isn't working. We need speed and width and that needs to start with the very next game.
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Ok Dublin, 1stly Pulis saying a fair offer came in means nothing as he does not own the club/player so it is irrelevant. You may value your car at 3k i might say its worth 2k does it mean you should sell it to someone else for 2k because i thought it a fair offer? See what im getting at?

    Then you mentioned Everton and Lennon, this is highly relevent to the supply and demand theory, to the seller he is surplus so the buyer has all the power and is waiting to pick him up as cheap as possible not trying to force us into buckling.
    It is not unsettling a highly rated prospect (that is the clubs top scorer and number 1 transfer target for the buyer) weeks before then with an hour to go start trying to use this as a tactic to force the owner into bowing to your whim and price is it?
  9. burnt Guest

    Dublin , That fella Ramos is the supreme optimist when it comes to all things Spurs , he has championed everybody from the whole magnificent 7 , to all of last seasons in his own words clever signings, all the youth players and anyone else I've left out so sooner or later your bound to get some right , strangely enough we never hear anything back about the 99/100 he was completely wrong about .. Now dont get me wrong there's nothing wrong with it , its strictly his opinion and he's perfectly entitled to it like everyone else .. Surprise , surprise , See the way two of the very few and far between games we did play well in last season namely Arse + Chels were used as examples to justify his opinion of how great or promising the manager and the team are .. He seems to be able to erase the 30 or 40 performance,s where we laboured our way through the 90+ min from his mind completely ( jeez i wish i could manage that ) .. Suppose at the end of the day there's nothing wrong with living in fantasy land its just impossible for realists to take it any way seriously ..
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  10. big fran Guest

    Fair play to u boys for staying ever so patient and optimistic. Each to thier own I suppose. Like many I'll carry on regardless win lose or draw but ever frustrated at missed opportunities and no ambition. This window just the latest episode of it all to see. Resigned to the fact I'll never see our beloved win a league title a long time ago.
    I see no signs of this being MPs side and his so called philosophy just a handful of excellent performances in his reign no better than the avb set up. More solid but no better. One world class player/keeper. A potential star in Kane who is getting hammered in number of games following adebayors emission from the Europa league today(??)
    Players like mason bentaleb in centre mid who would not get a shirt number at arsenal Chelsea city.
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  11. bouncerian

    bouncerian New Member

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    More gutted to the fact won't be going to Lennon's testimonial match as would have loved to have said thank you,same goes for Dawson,what is it with our club when after 10 years service they sell you before they even give the fans the chance to show them how much they where loved at the club and watching a fun match with old stars making appearances,oh well with the current cop we have i very much doubt any of them will get anywhere near that magic 10 years that's why it's disappointing that we had the chance to do something fun and rewarding twice and failed miserably! Ka sera sera. Coys!!!!
  12. Dublin Spur Guest

    You have become pathologically disingenuous in your effort do Levy down.

    It's not a question of ownership. Who do you think is better at assessing the value of a player? Who do you think Peace asks about the value of a player when he receives or makes an offer? The nearest thing to Glass's Guide in the football world is Take a look there, and you will see that they are currently listing Martial at 8 mill Euros so that is useless. The reason you don't want to acknowledge Pullis in this is that it will mean that Levy did nothing wrong, and you are so desperate to do him down, you will even risk your own credibilty. Is it really worth that much to you?

    If anybody says that Levy did something wrong, even though there is evidence to cast doubt on it, you are right at the head of the Lynch mob. What is frightening about that is that you might be called for jury service one day, and have no interest in listening to and assessing the evidence.
  13. Dublin Spur Guest

    Ah. What you have described there is a genuine Spurs fan. The characteristics are that he is eternally optimistic and can see no problems whatsoever, and always knows "Next year will be our year" but he can never remember that this time last year he said exactly the same thing.

    I am not taking the mick, but there is an endearing quality in people who never say a bad word about anybody and as a fellow Irishman (I qualify through my Mother who was from Waterford), I am sure you know what I mean. I wish it was a quality that I had. They may lack the reality gene, but if you had to be locked up with someone, would you prefer a man that can't find fault in anybody, or a man that cant find good in anybody?
  14. Dublin Spur Guest

    I am not sure that there is a hard and fast rule about testimonials. We went over 80 years before we gave our first one to Jimmy Greaves, and I am led to believe that this was part of his transfer deal. He was only here nine years in any case. There were others after that, but they have been few and far between. I can only recall one this century. But you are right. I think a player that puts in that amount of service deserves a good send off.
  15. Dublin Spur Guest

    In case anyone has missed the news, Son got a hat-trick playing for S. Korea today.

    That's what we need - a player whose on fire.
  16. Dublin Spur Guest

    I've spent a lot of time thinking about this post, and bearing in mind that most people on here are very civilised, I regret going against that spirit by calling you a fool. Accordingly, I apologise.
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  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    No Dublin, do you genuinly think when Levy sold Bale he asked AvB to set the price then?

    Are you serious? You genuinly think managers price the players? The heads of the buisness/club get told how much they can sell an asset that belongs to them by someone else?


    I believe that in your blind support of Levy you have let this cloud your judgement and are making an irrational defence for him.

    You have made me chuckle though, thanks Dublin.
  18. alan powell Guest

    Ok to all you idiots sticking up for Levy you have no clue what our team is all about.Daniel Levy is a small arrogant man full of his own importance. I have supported Spurs for forty years and I have never been so close to not supporting them as I am now but I will be a Yid till I die which will be soon if Harry doesn't start scoring soon hopefully this Saturday he gets hat trick away we go.Now to get back to Levy I stood outside the gates of White Hart Lane shouting Suagar out when he was chairman and he went but he put us on a good financial basis and I would have him back to morrow instead of Levy he is still passionate about our club. Levy is making our club a laughing stock in the transfer market. I looked every day on line we were after over a 100 players.What happened to we are going to do our business early and leaving it to Pochitino. Ok we got rid of the dead wood but who bought them Levy. I feel so sorry for Berihinio because we have put him in a difficult position to go back and play for his club if you wanted him Levy pay 25 million like they wanted but no you were farting about thinking we can get him cheaper.For all you Levy fans listen to this we received 50 million on players going out and spent 45 million on players coming in so in fact were 5 million in red this for an ambitious club who want top 4 no chance. And as for you Pochitinio your interviews are more boring than AVB and that's saying something every time I see your team line ups I know we are in trouble listen to this and save your job PLAY Trippier he shone in friendlies Walker not same since injuries play Ali he is class play Wimmer instead of Vertonghen and as for Lamentable Lamela please go on Jeremy Kyle and do DNA he must be your love child because you have kept playing him HE IS **** for us thought we got rid of him but you cocked that up as well Levy and as for Adebayor looking for assign from god heres one two fingers now f.o. you sponging **** Spurs have always been entertaining we are either brilliant or **** we are not even that now please read this Levy and Poch it is all true well done WE WANT OUR SPURS back LEVY OUT LEVY OUT tick tock tick tock only a matter of time till a Russian billionaire comes and we nearly got one Abramovich you know you did right thing got any mates to come and rescue us PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE. /?
  19. Dublin Spur Guest

    I now apologise to myself for apologising to you.

    Bale was an exceptional case. Do you really think that when a world record offer is being made for a player, that there are equivocations about whether they are being underpaid? Baldini is reported to have told Levy that he thought they could get more from Manure, who according to Bale's agent then went on to offer 125 mill Euro, but Bale only wanted to play for RM. And that adds another point to my case. Do you really think that the Glazers at Manure or Fenway Group at Pool are experts on the value of players? Or Perhaps they had people like Fergie and Comolli that they relied on.

    But look at the "Magnificent Seven". Why do you think Baldini was hired? The role of a DoF is to identify suitable targets and by "suitable", I mean not only fitting in with the team, but fitting in with our budget on price and wages.

    As for your comment about my "blind support of Levy", you should read back over this thread before foolishly making this attempt to disguise the paucity of your argument. I wrote here that I thought that there should have been a back up plan in plan in place in case Berahino did not want to join us, Does that sound like blind support? On other blogs, I have criticised the hiring of Baldini, not because we don't need a DoF, but because he looks like the wrong man for the job based on results. I have also criticised him for the way he undermined BMJ, for his sacking of AVB in particular, and for the managerial roundabout that has taken place since he took over. With regard to the last point, I cannot argue with those people who say that if the manager is really the problem, then we have to raise questions about the man who picks the managers.

    You can lie to the rest of us about what you seem to think is the irrelevance of Pullis's comments here, but to lie to yourself... That really is foolish.
  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    'Its not a question of ownership'

    This is brilliant and gets better the more i think about it, so an advisor has the final say over the owner?


    You seem to have dropped the way you made out the lennon situation was the exactly the same as Berahino, 2 totally differing situations to try and back your point.

    Keep going Dublin in your attempt to do me down its highly amusing

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