The final insult to the fans

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, September 2, 2015.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    As the dust settles on another transfer window, it is clear that a vast number of Spurs fans are less than happy with the transfer business done by the club.
    Let's start with the positives first. The defence needed shoreing up and the introduction of Wimmer and Alderwereld are certainly welcome. Trippier provides good competition for Walker although sending out Yedlin on loan is disappointing.
    N'Jie has pace and Son has done the business in Germany but both are not tried or tested in the Premier league and with that comes a risk. Soldado and Lamela fit similar bills and have not exactly set the premier league alight. In fact they would both struggle to light a match.

    The puppet Master strikes

    Not the biggest surprise but today Daniel Levy and Pochettino have released a joint statement on our summer transfer dealings and quite frankly it is an insult to the people who pay at the gate, the people who work extra hours to watch their Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
    I can just imagine Levy telling Pochettino that he must put on a united front with the chairman. The whole statement reads like the puppet master and his puppet are together in perfect harmony. Bless them.

    I have felt in recent weeks that Poch is very much a yes man and today's statement simply proves that theory.
    If you have not read, please take a look and share your thoughts.

    It finally proves to me that neither Daniel Levy or ENIC have anything but their own pockets at heart.

    We get these statements every now and again from "Daniel" and i am sorry but they are just insults to the fans and full of utter....... I think you get the picture.
  2. AnonEmaus Guest

    Some of you do like your tiresome tropes.
  3. ChrisTTT Guest

    Fortunately I think you're wrong. Yes we didn't buy a striker, but nor did Arsenal or (despite a teenage overspend) Man U. Which would surely suggest the players just aren't out there.

    I would far rather miss out on average squad players like Stambouli and Fazio and promote youth to the squad and bench. Carter Vickers looks like he's going to be world class. Alli is looking comfortable at this level; let alone Winks, Onomah, Walker-Peters, McGee, etc etc...

    Save the money for a superstar when they become available not just settle for an Austin for now. I wouldn't have minded the kid from Basle; but there's no guarantee he'll be the next Lukaku or Benteke versus a Coulibaly.

    Having Poch and Levy on the same page is good. Having the youth is great. It works for Bilbao in Spain; why can't it work for us?
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  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Again its utter contempt from a deluded, past it, lost the plot owner.
    If he believes his actions were so right and in the best interests of the club then why feel the need to justify it?
    Instead a patronising spin on it is released. With his puppet backing him up.
    Is kane going to play every game as the 1 up top in the 1 dimensional insipid winger system then?
    If not then we are clearly not taking any cups seriously playing attacking mids there instead.
    This bloke infuriates me i genuinly dont mind if Enic stay just as long as this Charlatan goes hes ran his course n needs to be put out to grass.
    His actions last night were unforgivable but mostly deplorable and brought our great clubs reputation into disrepute.
    Toxic 'leader', poisonous crettin, charlatan, proven inept failure!

    #LevyOut !!!!
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  5. Owl Guest

    You've never run a business have you? You shouldn't hire mediocrity, there is no benefit to anyone. Don't flush money down the toilet if you can't hire people you want.
  6. Ninja Guest

    What a pointless blog. Typical media lead fan who thinks we should purchase for the sake of it because HITC or some other wank blogger thinks they know it all. We over buy in 2013 your not happy, we play a more measured approach in 2015, your not happy. Back when that muppet Alan Sugar was chairman we were a laughing stock. Employing Geroge Graham! How about you get behind the club or go and support a club like Manchester City.
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Why hire Poch then?
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  8. Des TB Guest

    Couldn't have summed it up more perfectly, Levy is toxic, Poch is a very average coach in a role that is beyond him, he is out of his depth, but unlike previous coaches, Dan will stand by him; why?
    Because exactly what was said, MoPo is a puppet. Levy has dragged the name of THFC through the mud many times with his antics and although I don't agree with the way Peace has treated Berahino by making it all so public, it's great to see Levy have his bum smacked in public, now he is seen for what he is a chancer. Time to go Dan, MoPo results will send you out soon also, One Trick Pony!!!
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  9. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Why do people resort to gutter language just because they don't agree with something? Try articulating your point.
  10. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    You shouldn't hire mediocrity? Levy signed Lamela. Paulinho. He also hired Baldini!!

    The statement is just contradictory to everything levy does.
    He hired Baldini. Lamela. Ramos. Paulinho. Fazio. Stambouli. Kabul, twice.
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  11. "Don't flush money down the toilet if you can't hire people you want." What like paying Adebayor £100k a week not to play?
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  12. Woody Guest

    In a transfer window the first key issue is do you look better a the end than the start. The simple answer is yes, Spurs do.
    GK: Hugo stayed - back in May this did not look likely
    Defence: Wimmer and Alderweirld are clear upgrades on Kaboul and Chiriches
    Midfield: Sold three players but none of them were getting in the team, the space on the bench is now free for Alli, who looks like an inspired buy back in January. Pritchard also looks like he will finally get the chance to shine.
    Forwards: We started the window with Soldado and Kane as the only two since Ade was already out of the picture. we end with Kane, Njie and Son. That is an improvement surely.
    The second key issue in a window is not killing squad stability and if anything this looks better. You have a bunch of players now who have known each other for years (even if a few first met at Ajax!). This is the start of building a team. I would rather a young team finish tenth and begin to bond than another year of manager and player chopping and changing that means fifth every year!
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  13. Dublinspur Guest

    I am not sure what your complaint is but I would like to discuss Levy and Berahino.

    All day long I have been seeing Spurs posters saying that Levy should have paid the extra money. I have several problems with that. The first is the obvious: Perhaps when Peace said "He's not for sale", this was really code for "He's not for sale". I know it's unlikely, but it is interesting that nobody is saying, "The deal fell through because Levy failed to meet the asking price of XXX. I should clarify that. What I mean is that nobody has identified the price that Peace was prepared to accept.

    The next issue is the number of people from both Spurs and WBA who talk about the "derisory" offer made by DL. You are probably aware that when a player is identified, Levy is then advised as to what the value of the player is. Similarly, if someone phones up Peace with an offer for a player, he will then discuss it with his in-house valuer who in this case is Tony Pullis. He has given every indication that the offer made by Spurs was a good one. In fact, he is angry that Peace did not accept because he now has to deal with the fallout from SB. who looks as if he is going to do an Adebayor.

    The value of a player is only what someone is prepared to pay for him. SB would have been on the radar of every major club in Europe, and yet we were the only team on the whole continent to offer 20 mill +. But players can only really be valued when you compare like with like. The nearest equivalent players would have been Kane, Austin and Ings. Clearly he is no Harry Kane. Austin is four years older so sell on value becomes an issue, but playing for relegated team, he scored 18 PL goals in 35 games and is a consistent goal getter in the lower divs.

    We offered 14 mill for Ings, but he chose Pool over us. He scored 11 PL goals in 35 last season as well scoring 20+ in the championship the year before. He is a year older that SB. Burnley want 10 mill for him. Pool say he is only worth 7.5 mill and the matter is going to tribunal.

    SB scored 14 last season, and has amassed a total of just 19 PL goals in 72 games. So when you look at all those stats, as well as the fact that nobody was offering more in the whole of Europe, Pullis thought it was a good deal and DL would have been advised as to how much he was really worth. it's possible to conclude that when the price goes above 20 mill, Austin and Ings look ridiculously cheap or alternately, that Berahino starts to look poor value for money for a "goal every four games" striker. The question that this gives rise to is should Levy have paid more than the true value of this player?

    On the other hand, many people have made the comment today that Levy was at fault for not having an alternative as 'Plan b'. On that point, I am in complete sympathy with the Levy bashers. So I am not here as a cheerleader for DL I share your disappointment. The only thing I will say is that it appears to me that Spurs were trying to buy a partner that they knew could work with Kane, hence the only real efforts were made on SB and Ings.

    Clearly, once Ings turned us down, it's inexplicable that we then waited two months before trying to get Plan B into gear, which effectively ruled out a Plan C when the SB bid failed as the clock had run out.
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  14. #kc# Guest

    so we didn't sign a striker its disappointing i know. yes he is penny pinching again but think of it like this.
    NEW state of the art training facility .
    NEW super size stadium on its way
    ......costing millions and millions. running a football club is not the same as running your current account we cant do it all.
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  15. Dublinspur Guest

    That kid from Basel (Breel Embolo) is going to be something special I would have loved to have seen him with Kane. I think they would have been a 50 goal a season strike force.
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  16. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I absolutely agree that it's good to see the youngsters getting s chance and I hope they are given the chance to shine. I see where you are coming from about finishing tenth but to fall that far could be a disaster. The youngsters would be put under pressure huge pressure and I think they need more experience around them.
    The squad has some great quality but in terms of strength in depth, it just isn't good enough.
  17. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    It wasn't just a striker we needed though, we lack strength in midfield too. Yes we will have a new stadium but if we are still finishing fifth, sixth etc, the new stadium will count for little.
  18. Old timer Guest

    When did us Spurs fans become a bunch of whiners, Levy is doing the best he can....he bought five players ffs in this window and cleared out a lot. We constantly finish top 6, and for a club that spends as little as we do is over achieving, not under achieving as many sources suggest. They have tried to buy what we need, but it is not as easy to get the players you want as you would think, if it was, then they would get them...
    Why don't we try getting behind our team, seems like decent support would be more helpful than criticism.
    We have a new stadium coming, and when it does, our buying power will increase.
    I am probably in a minority, but I think levy is heading the club in the right direction, but it takes time
    I realise that I am probably going to get slated for my opinions, but really don't care, been support Spurs for 50+ years so I think I have earned the right to them
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  19. Dublinspur Guest

    Difficult to argue with your response, or the comment that gave rise to it.
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  20. Dublinspur Guest

    But to be fair, just before he hired them, they were firing on all cylinders. I know that several on here have the gift of second sight (not you though), but could he have expected them to so rapidly become lemons.

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