Team news and expected line-up vs Chelsea

Discussion in 'Featured' started by bigfran, March 30, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    This Pathetic was it Kane's goal is just a pure embarrassment from the club.

    Its Amazing how unphased the club/a number of fans and players are about things like bombing out of cups, missing signings, Bottling big Games, Trophy Droughts etc
    But up in arms about the feintest touch if any surrounding a goal???

    Get your Priorities right!!!!

    End the Trophy drought

    Kane's put a lot of unnecessary nonsense on himself now from all the external factors wanting to take a dig, with the run in aswell he now needs to produce!
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  2. Big fran Guest

    It hasn't just been given to him Gordon on Eriksens say so it has been awarded after the dubious goals panel awarded it based on video evidence ..
    There is no big conspiracy either or embarrassment. Kane claimed a goal he believed he scored and been proven right to do so. There is no big drama coming out the club over it neither. They lodged an appeal and had it overturned end of story really.
  3. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Very true burnt, we've never been good at that, and certainly not in recent times. H has made himself look a bit selfish. Focussed is fine, selfish is not. Needs to turn in a MOTM performance Saturday, for me.

    As for CL.....painful still.
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  4. Gordon Mc

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    My point about the whole fecking goal biz is that I really don't care too much WHO gets the damn credit - although I like to see honesty, if there is any left in the game at all - it's that's it's brought a hugely unwelcome sideshow and ridicule to add to the "Losers, Bottlers and Cheats " ribbon that's been pinned on us. Felon sums it well, though I'm unsure who the fans are that he mentions. End of discussion, as far as I'm concerned anyway.
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