Team news and expected line-up vs Chelsea

Discussion in 'Featured' started by bigfran, March 30, 2018.

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  1. bigfran

    bigfran Member Blogger

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    Kane to be fit...?

    Only one place to start on this one really isn't there..
    Will Kane be available, if so is he fit enough to start or come off the bench or if unavailable how do Spurs cope without him.
    Firstly let it be said we have a very decent record without Harry in the past but with our talisman we are a much stronger proposition and his presence will no doubt give us a lift.
    However playing him if not fully recovered is a risk at this crucial stage of the season and an FA Cup semi final still to be played but I always new given Harry's power of recovery and his desire to play he would have one eye on this game regardless of the return date of the medical staff given. I have a feeling he will be on the bench as insurance.

    Must win game?

    The press have touted this as a must win game at all costs but for I disagree. Its must win for Chelsea but not for Spurs given we would still be above them regardless of the result with more points on the board, superior goal difference and a very favourable fixture run in. It's a big game and we all know our form historically at the bridge ain't good at all to put it mildly. Big game yes.. Must win NO.

    Lessons learnt.

    I watched the highlight reel the other day from the first battle of the bridge and it has to be said that not only did we implode with discipline and self destruction our game management was also shocking as we seem the other week v Juve all be it a different scenario and after dropping out of the Champions League most on here agree we need to box more clever, improve tactically and learn lessons to be come mentally tougher(less spursy if you like.)

    Team news and line up.

    In all fairness the probable line up picks itself with the only debate who starts if Kane doesn't and Son plays CF.
    After the international week all eyes will be on if Toby is in the match day squad given he played a full 90 for his country on Tuesday. If he doesn't then I'd say the writings on the wall on that contract situation.
    Secondly how does Alli react to a massive international snub and does he take it as the real rocket up the backside with not only his England starting spot on the line but will he even make it on the plane. I'm hoping this will reinvigorate him and cause an upsurge in his club for at the right time likewise Kane could also benefit from an enforced period out the limelight and eager to retain his golden boot

    Lloris Trippier Davies Sanchez JV
    Dembele Dier eriksen Lamela Alli And Son.

    I'll go for a score draw.
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  3. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Happy Easter Fran and All.

    Okay it might not be a case of Must Win, but for sure it's a case of Must Not Lose, no doubt.

    We've been less than able to combat the options that Chelski have available through the likes of Hazzard, William , Pedro, Alonso. Two painful Wembley defeats are testimony to that. Okay they've lacked a centre forward, but then so will we on Sunday.

    For me Kane would be a massive risk. Less than match fit, another knock would finish him for the season, not to mention for England.

    The Toby situation looks pretty much insoluble to me. He's worth a Loadsa Money contract, £150k pw, just not with us. Will he shade his demands, aged 29, I can't see that. He might be on the bench, but that doesn't mean he'll stay.

    Your line up is pretty much the one to go for, as if we played Sonny where he is best, wide left for me, we'd be light at 9.

    Dele has been so frustrating this year. True that his assists have been good, but his goal tally is poor and he's put in so many lightweight performances that, for me, he's no longer a strong starter. Too many distractions have put him second best to the likes of Sterling for England, and if that isn't enough motivation for him then I don't know what is. We live in hope.

    This fixture, of all our top 6 away games, makes me nervous from early on in the run-in. Look at last season. Bossed them, led through Eriksen, then gave Pedro loads of space just before half time for their only chance, and we go in at!

    We have three very big games coming up, that will show us what progress we've made as a side. It's still all out there to prove, for me. Top 4, FA Cup, then it's a great season. Forego either of them, having thrown away the Juve tie, then it will be another Spursy season. Squeaky Bum Time or what!!

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  4. David Guest

    Jan, Toby, Sanchez, Davis
    Mora Dembele, Lamela
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Win the Game and we all but secure Top 4, 8 points would need a monumental collapse from us to let them back in.

    A draw keeps us where we are in the Driving seat but with work to do.

    A Loss puts them back in touch I can actually see us folding over the remaining fixtures if this happens because Historically it's what we do.

    'We have won an FA cup more recently than the last time we won at the Bridge'
    Which wouldn't be such a bad statement if it wasnt 27 YEARS AGO, Pathetic is an understatement! On both counts
    (But it's ok because we are building)

    A 2nd place finish in the League and FA cup win could be considered 'progress' from where we were at last Season, Top 4 is a minimum requirement from where we currently stand.

    Failure to acquire either would again be Spursy a Term no1 likes but exists for good reason.

    So we could make things a lot easier on ourselves by beating Chelsea on Sunday but we wouldn't be Spurs if we did things the easy way.
    Last edited: March 30, 2018
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  6. Big fran Guest

    Would u be risking Kane then?
  7. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    With you mostly on what you've said Fran and your above quote has bags of merit - BUT - and I know it'll bring tons of wrath down on me, I was far from concerned about shoeing them that night. I'm still not. The title, for me, was finally away over the hill after the WBA game and we were running to stand still really. My point is, and I know it's sacrilege where Spurs are concerned, those Chavs had it coming. They hadn't tried a leg the whole season and suddenly they're playing for their lives in a, for them, relatively meaningless game. Yes, a derby and I didn't expect them to roll over, but their whole pre-match demeanour was a disgrace. That creep Hazard - "the highlight of my career would be to stop Spurs winning the PL" when if he had any pride at all he would have put the same effort in all season; the odious fans "it's for you, Ranieri" when they couldn't get him far away quick enough when he managed them; For the thuggish Costa who gives it but really doesn't like it back; for Ancelotti whose quotes before the game suggested he's an arse too. No lads, and I don't mind the flak and I do know it's not the Spurs way but, bugger them. When I was playing if someone did something really nasty to upset me, well he had earned anything that came his way. Forgive me boys and don't think too badly of me. My missus always reckoned there's a bad streak in me, wonder where she gets that idea ? COYS
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  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Only if he was genuinely fit enough to play, if he's not then no.

    But the Poch plaudits can't revolve around Kane though, he's supposed to be on this afforded Learning Curve and bringing so much progress he should be finding ways to win these Big Matches now regardless
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  9. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    We live in hope Felon......
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  10. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I don't think I ever go into an away match with one of the Big Boys with anything less than trepidation, and this one is certainly no different - based on PL form, we should be favourites, but clouds seem to have gathered over the past few weeks; Juventus, obviously, Kane, obviously, but Ali's form and the mounting speculation about Alderweireld and Dembele haven't helped - I reckon we'll do very well to get a draw on Sunday.
    As for Dembele, he's always infuriated me - so much talent but so little effort, and the coincidence of his sudden return to his Fulham form after six years of coasting at Spurs, just as he approaches the final year of his contract, doesn't surprise me one bit - Adebayor isn't the only mercenary in Spurs' recent history, by a long chalk.
  11. Big fran Guest

    On Dembele I think his languid laid back style belies his talent. Very rarely have I seen any get the better over him during his time at spurs. He's been at this level for three year or so now but hampered by injuries and a manager who has favourites. Does he have another gear to go to?? Absolutely yes I'd agree. But then again he wouldn't still be at spurs would he. He would then want the money he's worth in the current market and big clubs would circle and inevitably Spurs would do what they do and villanise the player as they did with walker and now rose and Toby in order to turn a profit.
    The Toby situation is ridiculous with the player clearly fit and now just needing game time. He's not only the clear best defender at the club but also the best in the league maybe world football. We bought him for a pittance really and when you consider sanchez cost 45m ish will cost a fortune to replace. I don't see where the club are coming from on this one. Pay him a one off loyalty bonus to offset the clear wage cap and all will be happy. He has the money he wants and deserves, we retain a world class player and make a statement of holding onto our best players while not having to shell out millions to replace.
    If he turns that down it's simple we keep him right until the end of his contract in 2019 and cash in 25m buy out when hes the wrong side of 30 and Sanchez has milked all his knowledge. Spurs hold all the cards on this one.
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  12. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Lamela seems to be the Marmitiest player currently at Spurs, but he's only the latest of a long line; I didn't get the BAE admiration of a few years back; I always felt that Defoe was not quite the real deal, and even Archibald's cult status back in the '80s was a mystery to me - his misses against Liverpool in the '82 League Cup final and in the first FA Cup match against QPR the same year were far more memorable than any goals he scored. As for Dembele, he was being written-off earlier this season, and I reckon we've probably had the equivalent of two good years out of the six since we signed him - does that warrant all the praise currently lavished on him?
    Alderweireld's situation seems identical to Walker's last year, but whether it's just another example of Pochettino's stubbornness and inflated ego trumping the interests of the club is anybody's guess - Sanchez is clearly not yet up to Toby's standard, and we surely need to choose the best team for every remaining game if this isn't to be yet another 'nearly but not quite' season. Am I optimistic? Don't be daft, I've been a Spurs supporter for well over fifty years, so NO!
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  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Dembele is the Epitome of Spurs as a club, has the ability but lacks the Drive and Killer instincts to turn any of it into a success.
    Will inevitably end his career with Ifs Buts and Maybes and no winners medals to show for it.
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  14. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Well Pochs been using this " fitness excuse " for not starting certain players after their injury troubles so if Kane gets the same " Protection " then we shouldn't see him for at least another month .. lol ...

    Just me being my usual cynical self , if he's fit and ready then unleash the beast but I wouldn't risk him , there's plenty of life left in this season yet . This is a must win for them more then us .. I know our away form against the top 6 is shocking but so is almost everyone else's but for some reason ours seems to get highlighted more then the rest ... Would love to hockey the bast**ds but a draw would be a perfectly acceptable result here i.m.o ..... C.O.Y.S ......
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  15. Jam Guest

    Here we go.. one of the biggest games of the season tomorrow.

    I think we're due some good fortune in this fixture.. and that is an understatement.

    I've lost count of the number of times we've matched or bettered Chelsea in recent years and failed to get our just deserts.. and let's not talk about the 2012 Champions League final.

    So I would humbly ask the football gods this..

    If they outplay us (which to be honest is something of a rarity these days) then no complaints.. they should win.

    If we match them though then a draw would indeed be a fair result.

    But should we better them? Then by all means allow us the good grace to put an end to this ridiculously abject run of misfortune.
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  16. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    The exchanges and views on Toby and Moussa are interesting.

    On Toby we are all really hoping there is a solution that keeps him, when I suspect we all fear that we're going to lose the best centre back for many a day.

    I'm a Moussa fan. Okay he frustrates at times but he has been awesome in so many games, particularly when fully fit. There is a but, few goals if any and just doesn't drive forward enough for me, but on his day he's top class. I definitely don't see him in the Adeybayor category. I think he's pushed on this term and I look forward to a MOTM performance today, alongside Sonny, our hat trick hero.....

  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Right let's give these Scummy Blues a lesson today please.

    Let's win by all means necessary ending this awful run and giving them a bit of pay back for recent seasons/events.

    Pochettino can't keep saying it is difficult in these fixtures and that they need to wisen up etc if the performances/results are still the same. We need to find a way to win this type of Fixture.

    Win today and we get a buffer for the City game and can concentrate fully on FACup.

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  18. GUEST Guest

    No Toby, not even on the bench ! That’s him off for def.
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  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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  20. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    Toby situation is beyond dire I reckon but - re The Chavs - Do I Not Like That !!! Only Hugo's howler soured it and it seems he's becoming prone to that caper.
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  21. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    That was a massive performance...despite Hugo, plus Davies coming in too narrow. Thought he was untidy all game....Davies that is. Hugo was just annoying.

    Eriksen a worldy and MOTM, with Dele back to his best, and a great goal as well.

    A stirring second half performance. Great from the team. A pleasurably afternoon, for sure.

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