Swansea 0-3 Spurs: Thoughts on individual performances

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Bazza47, March 17, 2018.

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  1. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Against a weakened Swansea we dominated their much changed side to deliver an accomplished and dominant team performance.


    There was a lot to admire about today. Poch started with a strong line up, with Son and Lucas included. Dele was benched, which was the right call after a few mixed performances. I'm not sure about Sonny up front, as I don't think it plays to his strengths, plus we never seem to spot his runs.

    Back 4 - Pretty solid. Jan as skipper for the day and Sanchez never looked troubled. Full backs did okay

    HM - Dier and Sissoko had lots of time to be involved throughout the game. Nothing from Swansea up front, they were both able to push forward. Sissoko probably had his best game in a Spurs shirt and Dier was unlucky from 35yards - perfect strike, great save.

    Midfield - Eriksen, Lucas, Lamela. Al L contributed in their own way. Lucas is settling in, Lamela looked half decent and a good goal, but the best of the trio Eriksen was on top form. First goal was a peach, nearly had another long range strike that the keeper touched onto the bar and was rewarding with his second. MOTM for sure.

    Up Front - Sonny looks lost up there for me. He was desperately unlucky to have his goal disallowed, but for me his strength is wide left, using his pace, but unless you play Llorente there is no alternative solution.

    Overall we played well against a Swansea team that we were lucky enough to catch them on a day when their strongest players weren't there on the day. Very good team performance, with many good performances.


    PS Does Vorm stay goalkeeper all the way through to the final if we get through......views?
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  3. Jam Guest

    A thoroughly enjoyable game I thought.

    Swansea were indeed weakened but we were missing a number of our stars too.. so it was an impressive performance.

    We really do have a very good squad these days.. Lucas was perhaps the last piece. Players will come and go of course.. but with our wage structure presently it is difficult to imagine that we could improve a great deal more on what we have.

    I thought everyone performed very well.. but would agree Eriksen was the standout.. he's quite a talent.. and consistently so these days.

    It was interesting to watch our approach with a very quick and highly technical player up top.. I liked it.. and made me think that maybe Kane leaving for an astronomical fee in the future may not be the end of the world.. sacrilegious I know.. but we certainly seemed more dynamic in the final third.. opening them up time and again.

    Finally Wembley has obviously caused us some problems this season but perhaps our move there will prove to be a blessing in the end.

    Will we get a better chance to win the FA Cup?
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  4. Brian1042 New Member

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    > Lamela looked half decent and a good goal

    An honest assessment. let's not go mad here. Lamela has so far shown he can be a useful squad player against lower opposition. He has shown nothing more. I hope he will become good enough to warrant first team selection for important PL matches.
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Good performance today , Team selection much better than previous rounds.
    Need to go on and win it now!
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  6. Big fran Guest

    Thought lamela was outstanding tbf. Poor opposition maybe yeah...?
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  7. Brian1042 New Member

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    I think Lamela was good today. I would like to see him do it consistently and against better opposition. End product in goals and assists. Could not ask a lot more of him today. Fingers crossed he can do it against the tough ones. Crucial time is now.
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  8. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    Sunday draw doesn't come fast enough. I am looking forward to Chelsea- MU semifinal already.
  9. Jam Guest

    At 26 there is still time for Lamela to fully realise the great potential he showed as a youngster in Rome.. but the clock's ticking.

    It will be interesting to see if he sticks in the off-season.. my guess is yes.. at least from Pochettino's point of view.. he's Argentinian after all.

    Will he ever reach the level of say a David Silva? I doubt it.. but he is obviously technically very good.
  10. barney Guest

    i think i would sooner Wigan or Southampton
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  11. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    David Silva level......never.
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  12. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    He has to, right?
  13. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    Jam -not a snowball's chance. However not a bad showing overall from the 2 Enfants Terrible yesterday. And re "will we get a better chance....... ?" My mind goes back the 2010 semi and wondering the same thing before we were beaten by Portsmouth; and Newcastle in 1999. We'll see
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  14. bruski

    bruski Active Member

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    The element in the game that I particularly enjoyed were the shots from distance. Yes! When going through the middle doesn't work, this tactic has to be a decent plan B/C, with width the other alternative. Or best of all combine all three? We do all three elements well on different occasions, but I'd love to see them combined more regularly. A few more thunderbolts from Dembele wouldn't go amiss either.
    FA cup, now that would be very nice and due.
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  15. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Pompey 2010....we were SO bad. In the back row of the upper tier, watched it unfold in front of me. Newcastle 1999 - don't remember that - I've obviously erased that from my memory.....
  16. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Active Member

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    There's a school that says play your best at all times but Vorm hasn't played badly any time he's been called - I think he would deserve to stay in, clangers between now and then notwithstanding. I'm like that though and know that not everyone would agree, but hey.... Anyway, that's a debate to be filed under If/ When.
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  17. Big fran Guest

    To be fair to vorm not sure lloris is that much better. Hugo can make some unbelievable saves but drops many a clanger.
    Vorm us much less spectacular on the eye but has no viable flaws. Maybe better with his feet but not as quick off his line but I cannot off my head think of a goal he has cost us in his time. However if poch believes Hugo is better and his no 1 which he obviously does then surely there becomes a point where he says this is a trophy we WANT TO WIN CAN WIN AND NEED TO WIN..
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  18. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Was a decent performance yesterday but lets be honest , Swansea weren't really at it at all ... The last few teams we played were poor sides but at least they were up for it .. So the Mancs it is next time , we've been lucky with the draw so far so can't complain , they're well beatable especially outside of Old Trafford ...

    When certain players start performing against proper opposition or at least opposition that are actually trying I'll pay it a bit more credence ...

    I've always felt Vorm was a decent keeper , definitely good enough as back up to Hugo , had many a debate here about that over last few years .. Wouldn't bet on him starting in a final if we made it tho ....

    Nothing happening now for a few weeks .. That will be 3 weeks since Harry's injury so with a bit of luck hopefully he won't miss two many games .. 4 prem lg games before the semi final including our two most difficult looking ones on paper against Chelsea & Man City , a good run of results through them games would put us in a comfortable position heading into the seasons final furlong ... Fingers crossed .. C.O.Y.S ....
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  19. Big fran Guest

    By the time we play man City they will barring a miracle be champions already so maybe an easier fixture than if they need the points and will more than likely be turning their focus towards champions league.
  20. Jam Guest

    Never say never..
  21. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Sorry but the Lamela talk is crazy and is yet another example of Spurs fans talking up Failure.
    He has 1 decent game Vs a below average team and the rest of his non event no show career at Spurs is all forgotten and he's a world beater achieving the potential he was bought for.
    Next we'll be giving him another 5 yr deal and saying he needs more time.
    For every good run/trick/flick there's another 25 blind alleys/tread on the ball/trip.
    He had a decent game Vs a weak Swansea scored a good goal, a decent game is the least he should be giving whenever he plays seeing he's one of our most expensive players who's done nothing but flatter to decieve and go missing since he arrived.
    And with Poch keep saying that Cups dont matter , that were only after the big prizes he needs to start by getting rid of players who aren't consistently up to the job or good enough and start actually aquiring players to achieve the Talk.
    Last edited: March 19, 2018
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