STOP PRESS!! I have some optimism!!!!!

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, August 29, 2015.

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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Well, what a day in the Premier League. I have a feeling this season is going to get stranger and stranger. I am certainly not going to win any bets judging by the bizarre results so far this season!!!

    When I saw the team for today, I will be honest and say that my heart sank. It looked like a very negative team selection, especially the midfield. I know N'Jie is not yet at match fitness, but I would rather have seen him on the bench than Pamela!!!
    The first 10 minutes had me thinking I was right. We were slow, sluggish and just passed the ball around between ourselves whilst Everton conserved their energies.
    But eventually we started to speed up the play and Mason began to get forward and support Kane, something we had failed to see yet this season.
    Dier was everywhere. He got stuck in, broke up play and got the ball moving. I thought today was his best performance in the Spurs shirt. In fact he was my man of the match.

    Kane was put clean through after a wonderful Hoddlesque pass from Mason, but he hesitated too long and Howard made one of many saves to keep Everton on the game.
    Kane however worked tirelessly for the team and although he has yet to score this season, we can still see that he is a team player who offers much to the cause. What he is missing is that striking option up with him to get the goals as well.

    Spurs back four was rarely tested today and even Vertonghen showed his class in getting forward with the ball. What I think must change is playing Bentaleb and Dembele in the same team. Dembele did get forward at the start of the second half before getting injured, but Bentaleb is very slack on the ball. He really drives at defenders like he can and I don't see him having much of a future at White hart lane. I know he's signed a new contract but he is a long way away from being Premier league class.

    Rose was shaky at first but grew into the game and is far better than Davies.

    When we looked at our best was when Alli came on. He made the difference against Leicester and should have started today which is where I question the manager. There is no way Bentaleb deserved to start ahead of Alli today. No way at all. He is young, exciting and makes the game tick.

    There were signs to be optimistic today but I still say we need to make at least 3 more signings. With the chavs and Pool losing, I don't think we need panic yet but I do think Poch had a lot to prove.
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  2. Mick

    Mick Member

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    Easily our best performance of the season. I agree I thought Dier was superb. Only a couple of negatives Walkers use or the ball not very good continuing recent performances and I thought we lost our composure in later stages of match in front of goal. Hopefully Ali will get a run in side , he does look like he might be a bit special
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  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    No win in 4 not good enough and is a direct result of having no pre season strategy.
    Howard made some important saves but we are lacking in creativity and killer instinct.

    Positives - a clean sheet (mark that on the calendar)
    Negatives- 3 points from a possible 12.
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  4. Kiran Guest

    To add a bit of perspective, yes we haven't started great but we have now managed out first clean sheet of the season and our only loss was against man United at old trafford due to a dodgy own goal. Oh and we're only a point behind last year's champions Chelsea but there's no clamouring about them being in melt down! COYS!!!
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  5. 3 points from 12, Levy's axe will swing soon if results do not improve!!!

    Kane was not fit and missed a glorious chance in the 1st half today against Everton, but lack of width, quality in midfield, particularly no link man with Kane, and slow movement!!!
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  6. Yido-Chris Guest

    I would say it's a direct result of not scoring enough rather than having no pre-season strategy.
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  7. Spurs_Don Guest

    Dier was excellent today along with the whole of the defensive unit apart from Walker (and his usual erring), Kane is lacking the sharpness he showed last season (which is hardly surprising).. also Mason supplied that killer through ball to Kane not Dembele.. to be fair sky sports made the same (obvious??) mistake
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  8. coysforever New Member

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    Frustrating so bloody frustrating. We all admire the youngsters that are getting their chance in the Spurs side but the lack of experience is killing us from being truly competitive. We either have to hold our breath for a couple of seasons whilst these youngsters mature into the terrific players they will come or we need to get some realism into the side pronto. Expecting Kane to kick on is naive so why have we waited until the last minute again to try and bring in better players. Same every xfer window over the last 2 years. We have wanted a quality striker so we could kick on but it hasn't happened. Kick Ade out as he is just a drain on everyone. Get rid of Walker as he is a walking disaster and play Trippier. Needed Eriksen today big time.
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  9. josh_b

    josh_b Active Member

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    It really wasn't this bad! We had the chances to put 4 past a good Everton team; today we lacked composure but that's about it! When Son comes into the side, Kane will become a better player overnight - he was crying out for some support further forwards and Son will stretch defences, leave Kane with more space and also utilise the creative aspects of his game.

    I would say we are three signings short of challenging for trophies this year, but we'll be lucky to get one.
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  10. Dier is getting better and better, what a performance from him today! Fantastic! The defence looked the real deal apart from Walker who flatters to impress. Silly Yellow cards late in the 2nd half were avoidable, but we missed Eriksen's quality today, and Kane is still not fit.
  11. Woodsy Guest

    I think our best spell was before Mouss went off injured though Alli did have a positive impact.

    Bentaleb needs our patience, he's not used to playing with the security of a DMF next to him and could grow given a chance.

    Overall it was an improvement, we deserved to win and there's more to come from today's group. Add Eriksen, Son and hopefully another striker and things aren't as desperate as some would have us think.

    If we'd made these buys a month ago I'm confident we'd have more points buy that's the chairman not the coach.
  12. Patnevin Guest

    I think there was a lot to be optimistic about today. Ok we still haven't won but at the same time we haven't really been beaten by anyone. Yes we lost at Utd but we did that to ourselves. Surely it's time for a change at RB? Ali deserves a chance to play from the start in front of Bentaleb. I'd be happy if we finished outside of the European places this season just so long as we continue to blood the fantastic youngsters at the club. By the time we move into the new stadium we could have a very fluid exciting young team. The wingers/forwards we've brought in our as young as we'd want them to be and can blend in with the others. I'm sick of reading people slagging off the manager and regime. There's probably all but 5 teams in the division who'd love to have the prospects we have right now and I think they all trust the manager to get us where we want to be. COYS!!!
  13. Jonesy

    Jonesy Well-Known Member

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    For me it was better, marginally better. Dier and Alli are looking real prospects.

    However 3 points from 12 is simply not good enough I'm afraid. Leaving our purchases late is costing us again!

    Levy shouldn't be reaching for the axe, but he should keep that cheque book open. Wanyama and Berahino would be valuable signings, but unlikely. Not sure on Pato...
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  14. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Do I write what I feel or what I hope....

    What I feel......regardless of whether it's our best performance so far, I watched 16 similar games last season and it is painful. We love the team, we love the players who put in a shift, but it was pretty painful to watch. One look at a bench that had NO striker just tells it all. Sure we were solid against a reasonable side that worked hard, but the first half was like so many others......
    What I hope......that there really are some surprises ahead from the new lads, the youngsters and some late gem of an acquisition.....for pace, for width, for energy, for a team of lads that support the badge.....COYS
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  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Surely pre season strategy would have high lighted were severely lacking going forward and efforts should have been made to rectify this right away.
    Now were 4 games in and how ever many more before Son n Njie even get a start and try to blend into the team .
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  16. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    What we need to keep in mind is that we are only a point behind Chelsea. Last seasons champions.
    The points return is not great but we also need to consider that the premier league is dropping in standards every year. As the standards drop, we are at least consistent. Not very good, but consistent.
  17. cruise070 New Member

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    I am personally very pleased with today despite the result. I think Bentaleb is good at cdm, he covered Rose well today when he got forward. First game in a long time where I yelled at the tv for missed opportunities instead of a sideways pass. Feel infinitely more optimistic than a week ago although only time will tell if my optimism is misplaced. As always COYS!!
  18. GreavesTheGreat New Member

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    The blog headline refers to optimism and I have optimism too - although somewhat guarded. As others have said above, Dier was excellent - a revelation even. As the game went on he seemed to grow in confidence and was dominating midfield for at least the last 30 minutes. What a pity we didn't buy Cabaye - our midfield two would be sorted now if we had, with Dier defending and Cabaye box to box. Is there another Cabaye/Moutinho around that could bring guile and experience to the position?

    Wanyama seems to be most people's favourite to come in as partner for Dier. But if we get Wanyama are we sacrificing forward momentum by having basically two defensive mids rather than one defensive plus one box to box. Perhaps Dier plus Alli is the answer although you would worry about their relative lack of experience. Time for Daniel to get moving - I'm sure Mitchell has identified a few quality experienced targets to fit the bill.

    I'm really looking forward to N'Jie and Son settling in. If they work out as well as we all hope, with Eriksen in between both (as the three behind Harry) the goals should fly in.

    Defence is ok although I feel it is time for Trippier to get a run. Walker has lots of talent but you are always a bit worried that he is liable to do a 'headless chicken' act.

    As for Harry he'll be fine and indeed if we get Berahino we could play Harry at No. 10 with Berahino up front if Eriksen is out for a while.

    So if Levy can get a Cabaye/Moutinho type and Berahino (or similar) in the next few days I feel we'll be ok. It's such a pity though that all this hasn't been sorted a month ago. It would have given the new guys a chance to settle in during pre season and we would surely have had a better start than 3 points after 4 games. COYS!!
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  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Take yer point Matt and agree the standard has dropped but as we are repeatedly told how well run we are compared to everyone else, surely with standards dropping it should be easier for us to capitalise?
    We are drawing with mid to lower sides and losing to a big side this does not bode well for the season and is not a platform to build from.
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  20. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Let's all laugh at Chelsea !!!!

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