Spurs see us through

Discussion in 'Featured' started by Felon82, July 4, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Great result in the end the Spurs shone through when they were needed.

    It wasn't a great game, we started pretty sharp committed in the challenge, purposeful with our play on the front foot.

    The tempo seemed to fizzle out after 20minutes and it settled into a typical England tug of war.

    Barrios being allowed to double headbutt someone with the benefits of VAR to be sure and stay on the pitch set the tone for what was to come.

    Marginally the better side we finally got our break when Harry was rugby tackled to the floor infront of the referee and the penalty was given. Up steps Harry ....... No need to tell you the outcome!

    Great we've got this , Colombia who had offered no threat till now all of a sudden cranked up the niggly side of the game (all barring Sanchez who I'm copyrighting as 'Ledley Prince') they were a disgrace , but only as much as the ref allowed them to be.

    (Note to Levy - Barrios No Thanks)

    As the game pressed on so did Colombia who grew back into the game as we seemed to lose all focus on finishing the job playing all too leisurely like it was wrapped up.

    So at the death of course came the equaliser ..... Nooooo!!!!
    At this point having been a Spurs and England fan for almost 3 decades I thought I knew how this plays out now, yet it still severely pissed me off as it did the Nation no doubt.
    England why do you do this to us?

    Extra Time 1st half the momentum was understandably with Colombia we couldn't string 3 passes together if the game was to be won in ET it was those 15minutes. Thankfully we dug in and got to ETHT.

    As the clock ticked down the dawning realisation the dreaded Pens were on their way.

    These can make or break players, the nerves are so intense. The Nations hopes rest on these individuals to step up and deliver.

    Being the institutionalised Pessimist that I am I can't say (Kane aside) that when I saw Trippier and Dier Step up I was filled with a calm assurance that they had this , especially after that donkey Henderson flopped his kick.

    But even I can be wrong sometimes ;)!

    Kane , Trippier , Dier you did us Proud!


    And England !
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  3. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Like you (and every other long-suffering England fan), I expected the worst when Colombia equalised (and I'm still confused as to how they got the corner from which they scored - didn't the ball stay in play after it come off the post, and weren't there plenty of England players who could have cleared up field? Or should I go to Specsavers?), and I was far from impressed with the overall performance; Alli and Dier missed sitters, Kane looked as knackered as when he came back after the Stoke game last season, and only Trippier did himself justice. Oh, and Rose of course, who showed in his cameo how much more he has to offer than the donkey Young, whose inclusion makes me seriously doubt Southgate's competence at the most fundamental level - he'd probably select Sissoko if he were English (but not Dembele, surely!). We're staggering on, but Brazil and France are at least as far ahead of England as City are of Spurs, so I don't think Bet365 have anything to fear from me this summer.
  4. Big fran Guest

    After resting so many v Belgium I feared we would lose our edge focus and momentum and in truth it was very flat. Colombia on the other hand had their tails up and probably the better side as I remember only dier with a clear cut chance. Hope that Southgate freshens the side up now with young sterling and alli to be replaced with Rose Loftus and rashford and the semi final will beckon cmon engerland
  5. barney Guest

    how good was that can you just hear the taunts our players would have got every game next season had anyone of them had missed their pen but they all had the bottle to step up everyone a hero COYS
  6. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Barrios seems a player though, one you'd hate playing against but love playing with. He was all over that pitch, got very good defensive positioning...even in the ET, got lots of stamina. I like he's play...not the headbutt though.
  7. antony Active Member

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    Sorry Remy disagree! I grew up with Maxi Miller and Graham Roberts both "naughty" players that took it and returned it with interest but Barrios is a mongrel, snide of a player and one I would not want to see anywhere near the Lane and I suspect the vast majority of our current squad too!

    Sterling looks a bag of nerves and Dele seemed more concerned with his hair!! I hope Southgate benches both of them against Sweden and replaces them with Loftus-Cheek and Rashford.
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  8. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Lots of our players have a little nasty streak in them, Alli, Dembele to name a few. That's something Poch can curb in his game. Objectively watching him, he's a decent player. All I would say is that we need a secondary striker more.

    Rashford should have been starting over Sterling, he offers so much more.
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  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    100% Sterling is an embarrassment!

    We need an adequate back up Striker as a Priority.

    And we were doing so well Remy but I'll have to disagree with Barrios imo he's basically Zokora minus the likeability.
  10. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Well, that's quite alright. ..we don't all favor the same styles. He's a player that Poch would enjoy mentoring in my opinion, ie the links and rumours. I do agree with you though, we have more pressing priorities.
  11. antony Active Member

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    With potentially the departures of Rose/Toby/Dembele due to it being their decision or the clubs, add NKoudon/Lamela/Aurier and there is over 150m + 50m added by Enic and Poch could bring in 4 top additions that would see us move to another level imo.

    Ndombele? Martial? De-Ligt? and a Left-Back?

    I know you are not pro a mass exodus Remy but if you have players that have stated they are unhappy (Rose/Toby) and Poch does not believe Dembele will be able to continue with the demands a 60 game campaign, plus the other 3 departures I have mention wouldn't disrupt the squad imo so I hope DL is working behind the scenes to make something like the above happen. 4 top additions to challenge our recognised first 11.
  12. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Rose stated last season, he was unhappy...he's confirmed his desire to stay with the club and compete. Toby has also mentioned the likelihood of maybe staying. As for Dembele, I haven't read anywhere Poch saying that he's lost any belief in him. Clearly, we ought to be fighting to keep these boys with us; then add more quality talents on top.

    You must have too much faith in DL. There isn't that much time to do all that business in a few weeks, Rose/Toby/Dembele have all earned their contracts renewed....not talking 200k a week, but something respectable. With a new stadium and a team to challenge for top honors; we ought to be able to hold on to the players we need.

    Add a Martial/Zaha, definitely like Ndombele...if we're really dreaming; Milinkovic-Savic or Mateo Kovacic. That's a squad that can challenge.
  13. antony Active Member

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    Completely agree! I would love the club, Rose/Toby and Moussa to negotiate their differences and have us just add 2-3 players of real quality partly funded by off-loading some of the deadwood (deadwood for me = NKoudon/Lamela/Sissoko and Aurier).

    As far as DL is concerned I doubt very much he and Poch have been sitting on their hands these past weeks! I would have thought plenty has been going on behind closed doors in readiness!
  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Ye have a lot of faith.

    25 days between end of the WC and Deadline day.
    Rose would seem only happy to stay now because he missed his opportunity to depart when his stock was high.
    The Toby situation has been handled badly imo.
    Dembele wants to wait until after the WC like he's doing us a favour.

    The level of players we're being linked to is Grealish & Barrios ffs.

    While everyone else can do and get on with Buisness we're snoozing again, with Belgian/English/French players still running about for their countries having had no break.

    1st we have to have all the haggling done for anyone on their way out , then we have to wait for all the Big teams to conclude their Buisness before we then Haggle the life out of whatever scraps are left over.

    There is no way we're gonna have a rested , preseason trained , embedded new players, or any big signings to kick us on.

    Not with Parameters we are working with.
    Last edited: July 6, 2018
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  15. antony Active Member

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    I have Felon! The only way that faith will be tested is if we sign Grealish! Noooo!
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  16. Josh Bolton

    Josh Bolton Active Member Blogger

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    Sticking my neck on the line here: think Grealish will be prove a very good signing (price doesn't come into it for me). Big talent, cleaned up his act, won't take long to get up to speed and is versatile. Much rather Grealish than a Ligue 1 "next big thing".

    Gripe on here is understandable, we see Pochettino talk about being brave and hitting the next level, and fans see us shopping in the Championship.

    That said, if we get Grealish, then a Martial/Pulisic, De Ligt and someone like JRod as HK back-up and it's a good window. But it's unlikely the window will pan out like that.

    And like Felon said, only 25 days left so we're running on borrowed time as it is.
  17. antony Active Member

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    Hope you are proven right Josh! Grealish for me doesn't send out the statement of intent I was (Martial) hoping for!
    25 days of the window left, but I'm pretty sure agents have been contacted and at least 2 deal (plus Grealish) have already been agreed in principle and the i's will be dotted and the t's crossed as soon as the WC concludes! That's in's and out's!
  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Buzzing for Today

    COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!
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  19. antony Active Member

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    Win! 3-1 Brace for Harry!
  20. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Nearly half-time, and yet another half-paced, sideways, backwards, anything but forward performance from England. This madness of 'playing out from the back' may suit Guardiola and his City slickers, but our hoofers are clearly dicing with death trying to play tippy-tappy in their own area, and the farce of delaying throw-ins until every England player is close-marked is driving me mad - yes, we're in front but we're embarrassing - take off Alli, take off Young and bring on some players who're willing to push on. And now the BBC panel is saying how great we were! Give me strength!
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  21. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Halfway through the second half, and we've managed yet another set-piece goal, the only chances from open play having come from the geriatric lower league Swedes - and the commentators are still praising our performance as if we're beating a good team rather than the international equivalent of Barnsley. Assuming we win, this will be hailed as a great performance, but it really isn't - I reckon Pickford's been our best player, and that says it all.

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