Spurs miss the target as Baldini and Levy bury heads in the stands

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, January 25, 2015.

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  1. Bazza Guest

    this is my point really. Take a player like adebeyor, he put in a really good season for us and so the management sanctioned a deal, total contract about £20m. It hasn't worked out but who knew it wouldn't? We buy soldado, one of the best inform strikers from Spain, we spent big money on him, exactly what all the moaners were asking for, it hasn't worked out but who knew that when he was bought? Lamela the same thing, and we only bought him in because Willian turned us over Last minuets of the window. So rather than sit on the cash they took a chance for the sake of the squad. All these things are those that fans were pressurising for but they haven't worked out, suddenly levy needs sacking??? It don't even compute.
    Levy has been doing his best for the team but the truth is there are five other clubs all spending an e tra £100m a year over what we can afford, the goons payroll is as big as our turnover, that don't make wenker good that makes the team averaging just one place behind him on half the wage bill good. And yet we have fans that say our management need sacking.
    And when I say boo boys, I'm talking about the constant moaning about levy nicking all the cash, trying to pick the players ,failing to bring about the stadium. All these accusations are wrong they are made by useless hacks who are followed by those who like to moan about the club.
  2. Bazza Guest

    The point of fair play is to stop team going under with debt. An owner can put any amount of money in via commercial deals advertising or even paying way over the odds for a box. The only real restriction is loans.
    That's why Man City now have one of the largest commercial deals in world football when 10 years ago they couldn't even fill their stadium.
  3. Bazza Guest

    Levy, (the guy that looks a lot like a young Joe Lewis) owns about 30% of Spurs and is installed as the md by ENIC a company which his extended family are shareholders in. Joe Lewis may well have the power to move Levy on but he's as likely to do it as he is to give his shares to me. When I asked have you been to Spurs I mean to say that the grounds are being prepared even without the go ahead, look down on the site and you can see the shape of the footings in the areas they can access. Levy has done all he can at some considerable risk to ensure the minimum delay once building can start.
  4. THFC4EVER Guest

    Love him? Loath him? The facts don't lie. In any other walk of life Levys dismal attempt at running a business would have meant his own sacking years ago. And don't tell me how well the finances are run. With the revenue that this once great club generates, a 5 year old could make a profit.

    Levy and co are erasing in 13 years the memories that took 133 years to create.
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  5. Bazza Guest

    if you have any doubt how difficult it is to keep a club in touch with others turning over £100m more than you just find a club turning over £100m less, only don't go looking in the premiership for one because there isn't one.

    Chelsea wrote off £1 billion of debt to get where they are, we haven't turned that over in 10 years. What levy has done in closing the gap to these clubs while building the training ground and paving the way for the stadium is nothing short of miraculous and you should be recognising that. Your own greed is ruining your enjoyment of the club.
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  6. burnt Guest

    Its quiet unbelievable to see the huge differences in peoples ideas of how the club is been run .. Bet you weren't expecting a response like this when you posted this thread Matt ..
  7. Marco Guest

    I totally agree, for fans or supporters there is far too much hatred for Tottenham on these posts, Levy isn't perfect but he has been good for Tottenham and their finances, we are still in a strong position and some Fans only see the doom and gloom, they all think that they can run or manage a Premiership football club and that they know better....yet they work in McDonalds or such like.....get real guys.
  8. Darren Guest

    Lewis' wealth is not on cash as most of his wealth is tied up on property and investments, Lewis is a business man and so is Levy and all businessmen are in business for 1 reason and 1 reason alone to make money, to buy cheap and sell on later for a huge profit, I am not fed up with these 2, I am fed up with all you so called Spurs fans who are constantly slagging Spurs off, well I am here to tell you, its only football, its only a game and there are more important things to be concerned about, us Spurs fans need to realise what I realised 2 seasons ago.....get used to not winning trophies get used to not getting into the CL and get used to watching Spurs on a Thursday night and Sunday afternoon and this will never change until a change has been made at the top as at present a lot of Spurs fans are letting their hearts rule their heads, Spurs being inconsistent is nothing new it has been this way since 2001.
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So your happy were ran cheap, charged top whack for the pleasure of it, so that we can make lots of money for Lewis/Levy/enic when they sell?

    Be happy with taking part clap the life and soul out the club.
    Clap Adebayor and Poorlinho as they duck in the wall you massive Spurs fans, Roar on Soldaflop as he misses sitters from 6 yards out, claim how difficult it must be for them, set the bar at 6th and be happy, watch how quality players that are affordable get snapped up by everyone else and make excuses for it while we prop up our squad with a steaming pile of dross and bad attitude you really are Saints that want the best for Spurs arent you?

    No team/Club/Sportsman ever made it to the top of their game being happy with 6th.

    Happy Clappers are an embarrassment to the club and just the fuel Levy needs to continue pimping us.
    At some point a family member needs to tell their little prince/princess they cant sing to avoid making them look like an arse at an audition.
  10. Pieman Guest

    Yes we did sell our best players but why? Because they wanted to go! And they went to bigger teams, but Levy made sure they went for the highest price! Modric could've gine to Chelsea the year before for more money but Levy said no. He didn't sell them to line his own pockets! As for saying they are taking money out? Where have they done this? People seem to forget that before Levy we were struggling financially and at the wrong end
    Of the table, so compared to that yes he has done a good job! As for a zero net spend?? That's just good business sense, and if it means building a stadium with little debt then so be it.
  11. leeg Guest

    Cuckoo land. Anybody can get themselves worked up by speculation put out by the media. Hey did you hear that Bale might leave Madrid? He said that one day he might play for spurs again. I heard We are really close to signing him back in exchange for Hugo and seven of our dead wood. Come next week nothing happens. Omg Levi is doesn't invest, we're a joke, everybody who can kick a ball wants to leave for champions league football. We're getting no where...

    Wake up. Poch said no incoming transfers. If nobody comes in we only have ourselves to blame for pinning our hopes on rumors
  12. Peter tzortzi New Member

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    As a 53 year old lifelong fan , I use to dream that one day I would see us win the league.
    I now dream that one day my 16 year old son will one day see us win the league.
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  13. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I am not stall surprised in fairness. Spurs fans have been divided on opinion regrading the running of the lib for years.
    For all the differences in opinion, we all want the same thing. My Job as a writer is to stimulate debate and I don't expect everyone to agree with me because how boring would that be?
    My points are not necessarily right but they are my opinions. I respect what everybody says and the number of posts on this subject show that there are a number of differing views on this issue and that is s good thing.
  14. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Man City played to sell out crowds when in the third division. 30 thousand plus.
  15. Ad Rich Guest

    It's a shame that you seem quick to deflate a fellow supporter's dream of enjoying glory whilst only having the benefit of hindsight when criticising the club.

    Maybe you might want to support a 'better run' club instead and leave the rest of us to bury our heads in the sand.

    There are always going to be good and bad times when supporting your boyhood team.

    Let us enjoy our dream. COYS.
  16. Big Mal Guest

    A debate about Levy always ends up with someone suggesting he is related to Lewis - he isn't. Some immature person commenting says he looks like him - your point is? Some people think the stadium won't happen when it has already started as can be seen if you attend a game. The cost in time and money to move the businesses has been incredible and there were even more problems than Arsenal had. Ignorant people decide that this is Levy's fault; clearly making Adebayor captain is Levy's fault. It does get tiresome. Whatever anyone thinks we were a joke team when ENIC took over buying mediocre players at best with an Arsenal manager desperate to sell Ginola. We now challenge at the top of the league against 2 clubs where the owners will pump in billions of their own money. For Lewis to do this he would have to sell all/most of his businesses and then give a huge percentage of his wealth away even if this was allowed anymore. ENIC are now closer to selling than they have ever been. The companies who run the large hedge funds who are being invited to help raise the capital for the stadium are considering buying. The desire to have an American football team using the stadium is real as is the drop in pitch. The new plans are amazing and THFC will have a stadium that blows the others away. FFP play is already kicking in so investment from abroad and match day revenue is crucial. The club want to keep season ticket prices stable; have sensible cup prices; want to attract families and the next generation of fans. It wants to attract the best talent in the country into it's Academy. We are one of 5 or 6 clubs who are in Europe every year and have no concern about relegation. Everyone wants ENIC to simply buy loads of players who will all be brilliant and not sell our best players and then win loads of trophies. Chasing success has ruined a number of clubs. Without the curse of multi billionaires Tottenham would be one of 3 clubs capable of winning the league. Until we get one, who can fiddle the books to make it look like we have an enormous turnover we are stuck with ENIC until they get a buyer who is now very unlikely to be a multi billionaire due to FFP so is likely to be an American company and they will do what the Glazier's are doing at Man U. Be very careful what you wish for. Finally, the plans for the stadium are so fantastic that it is unlikely that Tottenham can play at WHL while new WHL is being built. Every attempt is being made to play at Wembley and a deal to play the bigger games is definitely on the cards. MK is being used as another excuse for Levy's incompetence. The other options are the Emirates, Upton Park and the Olympic stadium. Which of these is the most likely/appertising?
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  17. Thfc Forever Guest

    I get your point Matt about wanting success now which costs money and a lot of money and that is what we all want but where we are now with the new stadium costs the budget is going to be low for a good few years because we have to fund it so we have to get used to this, after the stadium is paid off we will become financially sound and will be able to compete with the top 4 for top player's signatures and become a European giant in the future with a 60.000 capacity stadium and I am happy Enic are doing all this so we can progress but it's going to take time, the good thing is we have owners that want to do all this to get us to where we want to be, we could have Randy Learner owning us or so other owner that doesn't give a monkeys! I see the bigger picture in all that is happening regarding our club, Levy has this massive vision and grand master plan- new World Class training facilities which has been done, Brand New 60.000 capacity stadium which will be done eventually in a brand new regenerated vibrant new area and now we are waiting on planning permission to build a hotel complex aswell to cater for sports people from all over the world to stay when they come to London(why I don't know) but I can see it all being done to tie in with to Levy's plan of having American Football alongside football at our new stadium to increase revenue for our club! basically the point is we are building massively for the future and big transfers are not going to happen for us until we have completed and paid off the Stadium, Hotel complex etc, we are not doing to bad with spending very little money, patience needed.
  18. Bazza Guest

    To use your last sentence, at some point our little princes need telling we not gonna win the league until were finacially powerful enough to take on billionaires that chuck money at their clubs. So don't make an arse of yourself shouting for directors resignations. It's sort of undignified.
  19. JeromeYID Guest

    As usual the author of this article writing a very negative article following a defeat. Let us not forget that this is a man who was entertaining sacking Pochettino after 4 or 5 months - knee jerk at best.

    If we don't spend money in January its largely because theres no value to be had, you have to overpay for players and I'd rather have the real deal in the summer or promote from the academy as opposed to an over priced Andy Caroll-esque signing now.

    On a different note ****ing hell the atmosphere in the Park Lane was so poor on Wednesday night. I was embarassed by it and couldn't help but join in with the chants of Ade was right, our fans are ****. But perhaps this is because fans feel we have a right to see good football and backing the team was optional.

  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We certainly wont working on a glorified swapsies budget

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