Spurs left stunned as key players demand summer moves

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, May 3, 2017.

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  1. Taffypaul Guest

    Come down the lane please on a Saturday and tell us this absolute shxite and the word kicking will be embedded in your brain. Disgraceful rubbish article from a 16 year old newbie trying to impress
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  2. Michelle Guest

    Well Done!!! Excellent spoof!! My apologies for the thickheads whose comprehension is obviously somewhat nebulous.
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  3. Dan Guest

    Seriously, some people need to grow a sense of humour. Or are they so conditioned to believing everything they read?
    Witty and well written, purely tongue-in-cheek.
    Enjoyed it, cheers.
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  4. What trash. Might be a better idea to find a proper job mate.
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  5. When I saw the Twitter title, "Spurs left stunned as key players demand moves," I was so scared to but read it anyway. Then I realised that it was a joke and being sarcastic. I think Walker could go to City though, Toby could leave, and Dier could maybe, just maybe go to Man Utd.
  6. Patnevin Guest

    The new stadium has also said it wants to host West Ham instead.
  7. johnnyhrvat Guest

    You certainly got a reaction Josh. Where are all these people when there are serious football matters to discuss, like - what kind of hand routine will Dele Alli and Son think up next!
    I suppose I shall watch Friday's game on TV as WHU do not have a football stadium.
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  8. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Okay so it's a great big p**s take, but if you're Pep or Jose and you look at Toby on £50k per week, you'd be worried as a Spurs fan. Paying him £100k a week is a no brainer and if DL doesn't then we run a big risk of losing him...and others.
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  9. SteveLDN Guest

    Wow, it is scary how many people just believe what they read nowadays. If you can't tell this is sarcasm you should probably be banned from the internet.
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  10. Patspur Guest

    What a complete load of utter wank wash....
  11. G yid Guest

    What a lot of old rubbish......Someone is jealous lol. Well put it on ya wish list mate!!!
  12. guesty Guest

    good fun article.

    BUT......good players need good wages and trophies. ....silly chairman pay silly money. .....it all adds up at some point in time....that's football
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  13. Seth Guest

    Wow, some people really have no sense of humor and/or can't recognise a joke when they see it. Mind you that is somewhat forgivable given how close 'serious' articles from the 'reliable British' press are to spoof at times
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  14. Greg Guest

    Great fun. How on earth did a few people think it was for real? Mind you, lots of people will believe anything that's in print nowadays.
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  15. The RDBD Guest

    Bravo to the author. ;)

    I was going to crawl into a dark corner, curl into a ball and cry
    myself to sleep over all those departures. But then I realised not
    only would Levy have all that money, but Spurs could finally build
    a team around the GOAT attacking monster that is ... Sissoko.
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  16. DannyMackay Guest

    Love the article. Little concerned about the comment from someone suggesting Gooners might jump ship and head for Spurs.

    Is it too late to put ramparts around the new ground to keep them out?
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  17. Great article well written to get you thinking till u realise it's full of sarcasm to those we hate. Lol . But first paragraph got me swearing to self
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  18. El tel Guest

    lazy lazy journalism You missed out the car park attendant to West Ham, the tea lady to man city
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  19. Big fran Guest

    Great article had me at first must admit ha ha... On a serious note though its kinda nice that the media and other clubs fear us enough to feel the need to try upset the close nit group of players and staff we have. Must be doing something right eh.
    However the club do need to be strong at this time and open up the purse strings if it means keeping our top players as the seagulls follow the trailer so to speak. The sooner Toby is tied down the better and he is certainly worth parity in pay with the likes of Kane. He's world class and will need paying accordingly.
    The situation with walker is very worrying as neither poch, the player or agent have dampened the rumours down much. I still believe he is the best right not only at the club but also in the league hence his inclusion in the last two EPL team of year awards. Trippier is a quality player and his presence undoubtedly has upped walkers game and would not like to lose him. Already fans are saying oh well if we get good money for him we have Tripp's ready made and can buy this that or the other. Would utd have sold Neville in his pomp to a prem rival for any kind of money?? I think not.
    By all means sell on the likes off wimmer nkodou njie sissoko lamela Jansen even but bring in top class players to add to our impressive starting 11.
    How good would we be if all of a sudden we signed a Douglas Costa etc and eriksen or Alli were no longer guaranteed starters. A Virgil van djik possibly meaning Jan was a back up. Or dare I say it lukaku or mbappe in direct competition with Harry Kane. Let's make that next step rather than backward ones as we have in the past
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  20. Clever satire.

    Shocked at those who can’t read between the lines.

    But for those who commented who are worried about the exodus, have no fear.

    My uncle’s best mate’s son’s friend’s cousin’s twice-removed step-son is a labourer in north London. Said none of the 10 players mentioned will be moving as his company is re-doing all of their house’s driveways ;-)
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