Spurs left stunned as key players demand summer moves

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, May 3, 2017.

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  1. Dru Guest

    Got 20% through and then started laughing thanks for that .
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  2. picasosdog Guest

    me too, was getting real wound up until the bit about the whole back four wanting to play in front of bravo
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  3. Dave1882 Guest

    Magnificent well done boys
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  4. SpursClive Guest

    Ha! Ha! Love it! and about as accurate as all the other reports....
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  5. Smiley spud Guest

    Got a smile from me, I enjoyed the satire
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  6. Ben Brown Guest

    Is it April 1st?
  7. Disappointed Guest

    Stuff like this will make people think twice before clicking again. Shame.
  8. Borodin Guest

    Media hype at it's very best...why on earth would anyone want to leave Spurs ??
  9. BigD Guest

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! Best comments ever. Can't believe a few people above didn't get it...had to read it twice...really...come one. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Brilliant article. I needed a good laugh...couldn't have written a better article based on all the rumours in the gutter press. Good effort.
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  10. claire Guest

    This article had me in stitches,it's so funny,so clever,well done
    but you forgto to mention that Lloris is off to PSG hehe,no way
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  11. Bigtrev Guest

    Are you a gooner in disguise,or any of them.....COYS.....aint gooner happen...sad act...
  12. Emo Guest

    Just one question remains, what we going to do with the 2 billion once we paid of the stadium
  13. mikey Guest

    laughing long and hard at the ****wits who complained about 'article' fekkin ijits hahaha
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  14. Nobby 1882 Guest

    Very Good and funny! Coys!
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  15. BorisLloris Guest

    Hats off sir. Well played indeed.
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  16. MikeySpurs Guest

    Ok you had me going til the bit about the whole of the back four plus Davies and Trippier. Don't know how anyone got to the end and still didn't twig. Well done. Nice one.
    What really pisses me off is that we can't be allowed to enjoy the end of a great season because the media wants to print so much rubbish about players supposedly leaving. Although tbh I think Walker will probably go.
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  17. Yidlola Guest

    Utter ****!! Please god leave us some players!!
  18. hilarious. 3-4-3 indeed. I say sell the lot and pick up Orient's squad
  19. Ric Guest

    Ha ha your an arsenal fan!!
  20. Steve H Guest

    Great piece. Hilarious but equally depressing how many people didn't get it...
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