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Discussion in 'Featured' started by bigfran, December 31, 2018.

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  1. bigfran

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    At roughly the mid point of the English season and at the back end of the traditional busy festive period it seems a fair time to reflect on how season is panning out so far..
    At the beginning of the season if someone were to ask me the question where in the league I'd expect us to finish my own personal opinion would be that City and Liverpool would be the run away front two and I'd like to get third but more likely 4th would be realistic given no summer investment.

    So to be so close to city given our zero investment,massive injury problems and players returning late from a world Cup I would say we are ahead of schedule. Not where I'd like to be or where we ought to be given that we have been closer in recent seasons to a title challenge I'd except that criticism but that's where we are at right now.


    We are still in all 3 cups(fa cup not played yet granted), qualified from a tough CL group by the skin of our teeth-yes but warranted due to our performances overall and a winnable tie next up in Dortmund.

    We are also into the semi finals of the league Cup despite tough games against Premier league opposition Watford, West Ham and the Goons. All in all I'd have been more than happy with that.


    The defeat to Wolves and the manner has no doubt tarnished our start to the season but we do need to capitalize on our unexpected position in the league in terms of being so close to city and not totally cut off from Liverpool but also pulling clear from the likes of arsenal united and Chelsea to cement a top four spot ASAP so we can concentrate on the latter stages of the cups rather than having to split the eggs of a rather tired injury hit thin squad over two or three baskets.

    We are led to believe that there was money to spend in the summer for the right player(s) but were unable to pursue the targets we wanted who could actually make a difference rather than collect more squaddies.

    If were to assume that money is still there we need a clear out quickly of players that offer nothing to the squad, that seldom play or are even trusted to play in such a period of tiredness and injuries. They simply collect wages that could be used on players that deserve market wages. They occupy squad numbers that effect quotas and ratios of foreign versus home-grown players etc. Get them out for whatever pittance they bring. Vorm llorente GKN aurier CCV Onomah Janssen even wanyama Dembele lamela if they can't or won't get fit.


    Personally I don't fancy Trippier he is a yard to slow and gets caught out of position too often so I'd be looking to bring in a new full back.

    We are woefully short in centre mid in terms of numbers and quality and despite Sissoko being outstanding he's playing every game now and possibly getting a little complacent so we need to strengthen in there. Winks I'm still not convinced, Skipp looks quality but he's not ready to play week on week, Dembele and Wanyama we have covered which leaves only Eric Dier who I like but a shadow of himself two years ago.

    Years gone by we relied on a solid back line and the goals of Harry Kane but now I feel we have gone the opposite way in which we have more options in front of goal with Moura and Lamela when he's fit regular enough in chipping in with goals and assists but still need a 2nd striker. The train of thought it's pointless paying X amount for a striker to play 2nd fiddle like llorente and Janssen but the fact is even though they've been given little opportunity they have always come up short anyhow. The fact is from time to time our no10 needs a rest be it being left out or coming off earlier in games without disruption of the teams shape and work ethic. Also we have been playing with 2 CFs of late but Son again due to be away on international duty.

    On the back line we need to be playing our strongest back 4 every week to get that understanding and solidity back from the last few seasons and just rotate the forward players who actually clock up the miles. Maybe it's time for Gazza to be given his chance to establish the no 1 spot given the alarming increase in the frequency of lloris' costly errors. If we can do these things I'd be confident going into the 2nd half of the season of actually winning something of note and getting 2nd place.

    I'd be looking to sign Wan Bissaka, Ndombele and Callum Wilson and or Cengiz Under.
    If Eriksen and Toby aren't going to be offered the wages they want or deserve or they are just not wanting to play ball move them on now Also to the highest bidders from abroad and invest that also into players such as De Ligt, Rabiot, Pavard or Frenkie De Jong.
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  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    To be honest I'm sick of the false hope and the impending collapse/dismantling of this talented side in the near future.
    It's not beyond the realms of sensible investment in today's mega millions to expect significant backing to the team even if it's 1 Quality acquisition a Summer for progress.
    I've mentioned before numerous times about planning for the season ahead during summer time, using the previous season to know where your weakness/downfall was and rectifying it for the following.
    If you're not doing that then quite frankly what are you doing all summer as a Chairman as a Manager etc....

    The we can't buy anyone to play second fiddle to Kane argument is embarrassing especially when we have 2 donkeys already doing it , what's the point of stock piling these non entities when their combined fee and wages could've gone on a proper CM or back up Striker? Why is Nkodou still at the club if he's not in the managers plans?

    The GK, CM, Full/Wing back situation is imperative to sort out 1st and foremost then that elusive 2nd Striker.

    This hasn't crept up on us either it's just been neglected due to no proactivity, no investment and the settling for nearly is enough.
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  4. palmover Active Member

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    Liverpool are setting a record breaking pace at the top so it's no disgrace being 9pts adrift at this stage the title is pools to loose.
    Spurs are on a par with the Chavs so finishing 3rd/4th means Cl football which is now the minimum requirement.
    The league cup is another great opportunity for MP to win his 1st trophy, will he be good enough to deliver or will it end like his other attempts in failure?
    The problem with the spurs squad is that a number of players are injury prone and another lot are not good enough. Not signing the 2-3 players in the summer needed to strengthen the squad, means the spurs board kicked the can down the road meaning spurs may need to sign more than 6 players next summer to balance the squad.
    I look with envy at how pool have invested in the team and have two quality players for every position compared to the spurs squad which due to injury play squad level players more than they deserve.
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  5. Spurporter

    Spurporter Active Member

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    Injury to VVD and pool goes down in flames. Spurs are without Vert, in case you forgot. Sanchez in no Jan. Health is more important than mental strength everyone is talking about. If we have all players healthy and fit, we can win a lot this season. We will have another boon - a new best in the country stadium, which will help in the second half big time.
    Good article, bigfran.
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  6. Peter reed Guest

    what an optimist spurporter is does he really think Jan coming back will make our defence watertight .Not with the fullbacks we have apart from Rose.He thinks when we get all our players fit we can win plenty .Dream on most of the injured players would not get in another top 4 team and unfortunately poch does not know how to change the team when things go wrong on the pitch unlike klopp and other top managers.I will be interested if he goes to man u. Whether he will be the same with his systems that don't change when things need to change .Dont get me wrong he has done a fine job with what he is allowed but I want him to demand transfer funds instead of letting levy take the piss out of the supporters but I don't think he will rock the boat.He really must get rid of the deadwood which he helped to sign and is costing wages to not even sit on the bench
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  7. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I don’t think Jan coming back by himself sorts everything out but he is definitely a big miss. I think the fact we haven’t been able to pick and choose who is protecting the defence is part of it. Of those injured it was generally acknowledged that the best combination when firing was Dembele and wanyama or Dier. This year we have had to rely on others to be there without a lot of rotation- add that to a defence that is not consistent and it creates issues. I agree with the above about having a fixed defence - I think a permanent Jan and Alds with Sanchez swapping in occasionally or all 3 in a back three would help Hugo

    Hugo makes some amazing saves but I think as others do that we need to think about Gazza moving forward
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  8. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Just to add to that. I think what Jan missing shows is how poor Davies is. He had a bad game when he went back to his usual position. Rose has to be first choice
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  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    Here's to another dissapointing window and another year of false hope ......

    Happy New Year Everyone
  10. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Firstly Happy New Year one and all.

    Despite the capitulation on Saturday I'm more than pleased with where we are at, given the challenges we have had to take on.

    Let's start with Hugo. Definitely a Needs Improvement from me. The DD debacle sums his contribution up. The top clubs have better, and it matters. I'd not hesitate in playing Gazza.

    Full backs - also a NI. Injuries, chopping and changing, not good enough defenders (aka Tripps & Davies) say is it all. There were signs that Aurier was improving....then he wasn't....no money to waste here, so gonna go with Aurier and Rose, fitness allowing.

    Centre backs - not sure about 3 at the back, so I'd play Toby and Verts as long as they are fit, which leaves us Sanchez and Foyth for now.

    HMF - Sissoko has more than covered for Moussa being absent, but too many changes due to the injuries just about allows an On Track rating.

    AMF - a B+ from me. Eriksen, Sonny, Moura all doing their bit, Dele at times, although he's a little short of goals for me.

    Striker....only 1. Despite all the late arrival, not looking at his best, needing to drop deeper, HK has done really well. With his England commitments he's played 2 games a week "for ever"...A- for me.

    Next Term Key Focusses - Beat Chelski in the Carabao, and Manure at Wembley. Get that fecking stadium ready for Dortmund, secure Eriksen (Toby a lost cause), buy a striker and a box to box midfielder.. Probably all we can run to.

  11. Big fran Guest

    Think we have to accept that Toby and eriksen are dead deals. Eriksen in particular not even willing to discuss a new deal. Both will be gone in the summer bringing around 100 to 150m which has to go bk I'm to the team.
    Llorente out for around 1m in this window would open up a spot for another non English player and in particular a CF surely. Wouldn't see the point in us selling for such a small otherwise so I do expect that to happen. Gkn likewise. Not sure on janssen given his injury situation but he may get a reprieve ..
    Great performances and result yesterday so hoping for a city win tomorrow.
    Looking at Friday there is going to be a lot of changes surely with so many players flat out and can't afford any unnecessary injurys. Could maybe see Parrot involved or Sterling ?
  12. palmover Active Member

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    Yesterdays win was a case of you can only beat what is put in front of you. Cardiff are a championship team and spurs didn't have to get out of 2nd gear to win the match. My problem with MP and why i don't think he will win much (with any team) is his lack of flexibility. Spurs have had numerous opportunities over the festive period to rest players and give others 20-30 min run outs, however, MP has basically stuck with the same players.
    When i look at how klopp has blooded Alexander arnold to the point where he is considered the 2nd best rb in the country and how MP has held back the development of KWP who is older than arnold makes me doubt MP is the full package.
    Foyth is a nailed on DM in my opinion there where opportunities to give him 20-25mins in this role to see how he plays, however, MP played winks even when he looked knackerd. When push comes to shove like the wolves game MP rarely identifies and solves the problem.
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  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    That's 2 of our genuine world class players on their way out the door, who'd of thought it aye they're not staying for the annual punching above your weight title and growth strategy plans
    I mean they can't seriously want Medals and Market worth wages are they mad?
  14. Big fran Guest

    There have been plenty of games where players could have been rested the last half hour I totally agree. Yesterday certainly one of them. However there will be changes a plenty on Friday I'm sure with Gazza foyth KWP aurier Skipp llorente to start. Even perhaps GKN also before being sold off.
  15. Big fran Guest

    But we're getting bowen and defoe lol
  16. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Couldn't agree more about Pochettino. Inflexibility, stubbornness, call it what you will, but it's his hallmark, while his legendary willingness to promote youth doesn't stand much scrutiny - the odd appearance in a meaningless league cup game and then nothing for a couple of years isn't 'promotion' in my book (or in KW-P's I daresay). If he did go to United, it wouldn't be for a five year 'project', it would be for instant success via the chequebook, and his record on transfers is patchy at best. Sanchez hasn't looked like a 42 million pound player to date, while Aurier, Janssen, Llorente and several others have been little better than disasters, and after two hopeless seasons, Sissoko now looks like a twenty-five million pound player - shame we paid thirty for him! I reckon he wouldn't do better at United than Moyes, who was another manager with an inflated reputation based on people thinking he was bound to do better at a bigger club, and events proved them wrong, as I believe they would (or will) with Pochettino.
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  17. Big fran Guest

    Who would you like to see him replaced with?
  18. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I'm the original reactionary; I've said before on this site that I'm not looking for Pochettino to be sacked, and I believe that he's doing a pretty good job in view of the constraints that ENIC/Levy imposes on him, but I don't think he's anything like the finished article, and he generally gets a far easier ride from the media and most of the fans than his achievements to date deserve. If he does go, it might well cause a player exodus, because it would give the likes of Eriksen, Alli and even Kane an excuse to jump ship without looking selfish and mercenary (as if!), not because his departure would really be such a disaster - we've been treading water for a couple of seasons now, and it's hard to see how we'll improve if the purse strings aren't loosened any time soon.
    If Pochettino goes, I'd be happy to see Howe being given a chance, maybe even Hughton, but I really don't think he's irreplaceable (but I'm very happy to change my opinion if we can actually WIN something this season - I really think it's vital to end the trophy drought sooner than later).
  19. Big fran Guest

    Poch has his faults granted but so do most Coaches. There won't be a queue of better or coaches of similar abilities lining up. Brighton play awful football and Bournemouth are on a terrible results and they certainly treading water for time it's a matter of time before they sink so why anyone would think to get them and replace poch I find baffling.
    On poch I feel he is improving in terms of rotating and keeping players fresher and involving more of the squad interested. He's getting more flexible which has been highlighted by the new system with a diamond and 2 CFs. Against Leicester at nil nil switched to a bk 3 until we scored then going to a back 4 once Son scored.
  20. Felon82 Well-Known Member Blogger

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    It's not a case of wanting him gone, it's just people pointing out how flawed his stubbornness and 1 dimensional approach is.
    We all know when it works it's great, we all know he's done a good job but we all also know he's been found wanting at all the major points during his tenure despite the top of the league never being so out of sorts.
    The praise lavished upon him is OTT and I agree with some others I don't think hel do much more anywhere else even with backing because that's not really his forte.
    He's a basically a good organiser and fitness coach, that brings a professional approach good traits to have but his game management leaves a hell of a lot to be desired and his own efforts in transfer windows etc have from the outside looked poor if not negligent at times, the fact he's happy with his squad that's paper thin and has sub standard full backs that we rely on and a makeshift midfield with no back up striker etc speaks volumes about how good his squad really is and why it falls short.
    Top managers wouldn't just let that sort of thing slide , they demand and or find the best.
  21. Big fran Guest

    OTT yes again that's fair but I think a lot of fans will reap what they sow when he leaves. To make out he's an average coach is unfair. He's improved massively over 12 months tactically and flexibility wise as I state my case above. I don't see other teams change shape as much as ourselves between and during games. In his tenure he's been up against the two top managers in world football in pep and Jose and two top class ones in klopp n conte. They've all had mega money to spend or inherited squads with World class players and been able to add to.
    On top of this like you say in the interest in fairness he's been hindered by no real investment. Imagine trying to overturn 20 odd points on city the champs last season with not one single signing. I don't think a lot of the signings have been his GKN janssen in particular hence the departure of Paul Mitchell. Its my understanding that under pochs latest contract he now has full control of the transfers and the ones he wanted in the summer he wasn't backed. If he speaks out about it week in week out moaning like Jose did I'm sure he will suffer the same fate all be it the sword will fall much quicker under Levy.

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