Spurs first.. double.. triple signing

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by George S, July 1, 2014.

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  1. George S

    George S New Member

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    The first signing of the Mauricio Pochettino era is approaching but with two players close to transfers who will become the landmark first?

    Argentine Esteban Cambiasso, who is available on a free transfer after leaving Internazionale this summer, is reportedly close to a switch.

    Another Argentine

    The Daily Mirror were among the first to suggest Tottenham Hotspur are close to signing the 33-year-old.

    They believe Pochettino is interested in adding an experienced midfielder to our squad and the former Inter man appears the perfect candidate to add more composure to the centre of our midfield.

    Italian newspaper Gazetta dello Sport have also claimed that Cambiasso could move to White Hart Lane.

    They state that Pochettino and the fellow Argentine have a good relationship having played together for the national team and that a deal is getting closer and closer.

    Gazetta believe Cambiasso is willing to test himself in the Premier League and this could be the perfect opportunity for Spurs and the midfielder.

    New Welshman?

    However, Cambiasso could in fact be beaten to the title of Pochettino’s first signing by Swansea’s Ben Davies.

    Various sources including BBC, Mirror, talkSPORT and WalesOnline have reported that we are close to signing the young left-back.

    The Welsh defender has been linked with an £8 million move after impressing over the last few Premier League seasons with Swansea.

    Triple Swansea move

    Further to reports linking Davies with Spurs, WalesOnline believe Pochettino is also interested in signing Wilfried Bony and Michel Vorm.

    That would mean we would make a triple swoop on the Welsh side but Bony’s current club are trying to wade off any interest by placing a £25 million price tag on his head.

    Deals for £8 million rated Vorm and Davies appear likely though and it seems we could see a new Spurs signing shortly.
  2. ChasSpurs Guest

    Same old Spurs! When we needed to strengthen last time we bought 2 players from Fulham who almost went down ... This time it's Swansea ... Bony is good but I don't see a queue forming for the other two.... and if we go for Vorm it probably means Levy has spotted another world class player at the training ground that needs printing and the cash inserted into Lewis bank... Bye bye Lloris ;(
  3. big fran Guest

    None of the above excite me in all fairness but sometimes the lesser names can be the best as they come with lesser expectations. Although not seen a great deal of him Davies would be my preferred as he fits the criteria young ambitious British and homegrown and can hopefully have
    Half the success of the last welsh left bk we signed! Also there is room for ddevelopment and can improve the weakest element of the current squad. Cambiasso however is the opposite end of the scale old slow past his best coming from a poor inter side as your likely to see and seeking a pay day hindering our current younger players further. Bony would be my fourth choice after remy benteke and lukaku but would turn my nose up at him as he'd improve on what we have at present. Would prefer krul to vorm but cannot see lloris leaving yet unless its a massive offer from real.
  4. SpursOG Guest

    What about koplyanka? Are we no longer in for him? Cambassi!! Remind me why we need him?
  5. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Bony could be oKay but it sure Vorm would want to warm the bench unless levy is cashing in on Lloris?
  6. stoner Guest

    Bony could be good signing - but personally would prefer Hernandez, Remy, Benteke or Lukaku as first choices though.
    Vorm no thanks would prefer Krul - but only as back up to Lloris.
    Davis - not much better than the piss poor Rose for my liking, he may be a little younger and possibly Poch can get the best out of him.
    Cambiasso - no thanks he may be experienced but very much a novice when it comes to playing in the PL, plus his pace is going (We're looking to offload Dawson for the same reason).

    We should definately try to re-sign Caulker (god knows wby AVB ever let him be sold). Also we should try for Lovren, but as usual Levy the tight arse his dragging his heels - waiting to see if he can get a cheap bargain I expect. Chelsea, Liverpool & Utd have already done business - I mean Van Gaal hasn't taken charge yet and two or three new players are coming in.
  7. big fran Guest

    Yeah all a bit slow for my liking. I don't expect a lot of deals think the remit is to get the super seven producing and streamlining squad and promote the youth. Two in at most. Konopkplanka would be class and missed the boat wwith Origi no doubt. Must be money there with the usual budget if 20-30m and sale of daws 5m holtby 5m naughton 4m rose 5m ade5m Livermore 7m chadli 6m...
    I'd buy Remy 8m alderweireld 8m lukaku 20m lovren 15m
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We will only buy with money made from sales vorm is a big indicator that Lloris is on his way.
    There are problems all over the squad from what i see- no consistant reliable cb pairing, dozy sub standard full backs, midfielders that have zero inventiveness, wingers that produce little to nothing in assists or goals, strikers that only 1 hit double figures (league) just in a whole season.
    We have a bloated squad of players who promise alot and deliver nothing. The atitude of some is appalling, the leadership is non existant, some players arent good enough for the epl and are an embarrassment.
    Fact is its not just the players promising alot and delivering nothing its the board aswell, we may not be a money bags club but we can afford more than 700k net spend in 5 years and if we want real success we need more investment than that.
    Already the top clubs are acting strengthening with quality and were still stagnating pondering wether vorm, ben davies, and an aging argie can get us into the top 4
  9. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Lloris, Sandro and Rose are all players with 2 years remaining on their current contracts. The ONLY way Levy would sell any of those players, this summer, is if they REFUSE to sign new deals which could leave the club in a vulnerable position later down the line.

    Funnily enough, I believe out of Lloris and Sandro, Hugo would be the easier to replace with Asmir Begovic a like- for-like replacement (in terms of QUALITY, if not style).

    For me, Begovic is one of the most underrated keepers in world-football and should Spurs choose to sell Lloris this summer, Asmir would be my CLEAR favourite to replace the French International. I have followed Begovic's career closely since Spurs almost signed him back in 2010/11, and the Bosnian is a talent who has ONLY gone from strength to strength in that time, and Stoke fans should be truly proud to have a player of that standard in their ranks. Simply put, the Serbian is world class, in my opinion, and their isn't much, if anything, to split him and Lloris with, at all!

    I'v just started writing a piece on the potential Ben Davies signing so I won't go to much into what I feel he can offer Spurs, but Bony could be a very good purchase, at the right price (£15m plus 'add ons' to £18m).

    The main reservation I have about Ivorian though is his link up play, which can only be considered as decent at best. Now whether it was down to confidence, adapting to the pace/intensity of the EPL, or a simple lack of technique, one of the biggest reasons Bony struggled, early on, to find his feet in this country, was due to clumsy looking approach/ link up play, with the ball often appearing to get tangled in his feet which lead to him frequently giving the ball away cheaply, or being easily dispossessed.

    He isn't a player that travels well WITH the ball, either, and because of this he can look a little leaden footed at times.

    But to give Wilfred the credit he deserves, he DID improve ,markedly in both departments as the season wore on, and once he began to score the goals to reward the overall improvement in his game, Bony looked like a COMPLETELY different player.

    Lets not kid ourselves the guy STILL has a LOT to prove at this level, and is far from being the finished article. But in saying that he is (only) 25, incredibly strong, exceptionally good in the air, possess a fearsome shot (from distance), has got a trick (up his sleeve) and has PLENTY of scope to improve.

    With an EARLY goal in to boost his confidence, in a Spurs shirt, he COULD very well be a great signing for the club, but it would be essential that the team are set-up to play to his strengths, which would mean getting as many bodies in support of him quickly, and plenty of good quality deliveries from out wide, into the box.

    If Spurs CAN'T get Benteke, Bony would be the next best thing. Although, IDEALLY I would prefer to see him have another season at EPL level before spending such a large amount of cash on the player.
  10. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Don't believe EVERYTHING you read in the sport pages, people. It's quite feasible to believe that Spurs are making A NUMBER of enquiries about keepers, and exploring all different kinds of options, in case Lloris chooses NOT to extend his current deal.

    It is, also, EXTREMELY feasible to believe that if a newspaper got wind of any such ENQUIRY (be it about Vorm, Foster, Krul or ANY of the other keepers Spurs have been linked with this summer) they could choose to report it in a way which may NOT be entirely true.

    Out of all three of the Swansea players Spurs have been linked with, I believe the ties with Vorm are the LEAST concrete.

    But hey, what do I know... ;)
  11. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    I feel that If Esteban Cambiasso does sign for the club it will be because Pochettino believes he can be a LEADER, EXAMPLE (for the younger and less decorated members of the squad) and a VOICE (and a big one at that) to help the Head Coach translate/implement his ideas.

    He will be the guy that helps convince the squad that MP's somewhat radical/regimented training sessions/ tactical implementations are in the best interests of the team, and are necessary, in order to succeed.

    Cambaiasso career thus far, and achievements in relation to the rest of the squad (presumably) dictates that he will garner a automatic level of respect from his peers.

    If he can be as successful, and have the impact, of similar types of signings in Edgar Davids and William Gallas (albeit in a more talented squad) Spurs would have done well to secure this particular FREE transfer.

    While some say Moyes failed to build a COMMANDING presence, in terms of having his 'own men', in the dressing room, who were prepared to sing to the high heavens from his hymn sheet, at United - Pochettino looks to have moved quickly to acquire someone who can offer him that very thing at WHL, whilst boasting 5 league title medals, 4 Italian Cups, a CL (winners) title and a World Club Championship success on his CV.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but should Cambiasso arrive at WHL, he will be bringing with him more medals than any other player in the current squad. With that he will bring with him a winners mentality, as well as a big personality and bundles of BIG GAME experience, for what appears to be a quiet, and at times timid, dressing room.

    Some players can stay at the same clubs for TOO long. Perhaps a fresh challenge, and the motivation to prove himself all over again at a new club, in a new league, will be just what Esteban Cambiasso needs to stoke the flames once again, and in the process, help lay the foundations for the kind of long-lasting success, at Spurs, we all crave!
  12. Stu Guest

    Tight arse Levy? He might be a lot of things but saying he is tight is ridiculous.
  13. Dave New Member

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    I have the nasty feeling that whoever we buy or sell the buys and sales will all go pear shaped
    and we will not get the players we are trying for instead, we will end up getting players who are no better than what have now, we must not repeat the same mistakes as we did in the last Transfer window
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  14. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Benteke was my first choice last year but id be a bit worried about his injury and the long term affects and as far as Lukaku goes theres a few question marks such as will Chelsea sell him to us? will we have to outbid other clubs and pay stupid money? will the player want CL clubs only? Bony at 20m (pref under) might be worth the punt as lets face it quality strikers aint cheap and this guy has premier league and 20+ written all over him. the times I saw him he's shown all the skilld and attributes, great shot, powerful, good on the ball, he goes looking for the ball and nets plenty of goals. of all the strikers we are linked with this one looks the most achieveable and one that could be tied up quickly. I wouldnt say no to this one. Cambiasso tho, well im not to sure that we need a soon to be 34 year old CMer with no EPL experience, even on a free its still 75k a week. Id be less than thrilled if we lost Sandro and brought in this guy who great history and pedigree aside has been very average for the last few years and is way off the pace for the premier league. too old too slow, will not make an impact on the pitch as far as motivating the players yes I do believe we need some strong characters with experience on the pitch but for me this ones a risk, yes he's on a free but who gives way on the pitch Sandro? Another fading star as far as being a motivational influence goes does he even speak english?
  15. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    So, since this article I believe we have actually bought no one. I am not convinced we will either.
  16. big fran Guest

    Sounds like the Davies deal is very close just haggling over the odd million pounds or so but I expect it to be done very soon. Should send naughton rose holtby as makeweights
  17. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    I expect there will be at LEAST 3/4 signings this summer. Levy ALWAYS backs his managers with money, and given the fact he has shown how much he believes in Poch with the length of the contract he was given, I CANNOT see the chairman simply asking the new Head Coach to work with another man's squad!

    The WC, along with the fact we have made a new managerial appointment (and the timing of it), was always going to mean that Spurs were likely to wait before concluding any new deals for players.

    Saying that, I believe the/a core group of 18+ players WILL remain the same (or at least be familiar with the club, .i.e. youth players) which ultimately will leave Spurs in a VERY strong position come the start of the season.

    Matt is NOT the only one, on forums such as this, to express concerns about the lack of transfer activity at the club so far this summer, and I can understand those fears/frustrations. But it is important to remember the points I've have already made, and stay patient.

    Spurs are at a stage, in the clubs development, where it is about signing the RIGHT players as opposed to signing for signing sake, or just to APPEAR active.

    There is no rush. Tottenham Hotspur haven't even played their first pre-season match of the summer, yet!

    Plus, half of the new players we signed last summer will be like new signings anyway with Capoue, Chiriches, Chadli and Lamela all yet to play regularly in the first team/EPL.

    The key is NOT when players are signed, but HOW they are integrated into the team, and I can't for the life of me see Pochettino making the same errors AVB did on that score.

    Now whats happening with the Loic Remy deal?! ;)
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  18. big fran Guest

    The fact that loic Remy has not played in the WC thus far hopefully can strengthen our position. It seems he was looking to put himself in the window so to speak with a CL team (we all know who). Unfortunate for him this hasn't happened and he may now not of the options. Not the ideal way to snare players but that's just where we are at, at present!! 8m for a striker who is scoring 1 in 2 for poor sides and is able to play on his own up top,in a two or out wide... Yes pls
  19. big fran Guest

    Looks like the Lovren deal is well out the window with Liverpool having an 18m bid turned down and soton looking for a fee nearer 25m. That sort of money is way out of our price bracket and massiveley overpriced for my liking..
  20. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Personally, I would like to see Spurs 'think outside of the box' with regards to any potential new CB arrival. Jamaal Lascelles seems like a good, young, prospect. As does Joel Vieltman.

    But if I had the choice of who Spurs signed as Dawsons replacement (assuming he ever leaves)I would be looking at a young kid, an experienced old head (in the shape of Brede Hangeland who is available on a free ) or, a personal favourite of mine, Dede from Brazilian side Cruzeiro.

    In other words, I would buy a player who would START the season as 4th choice, giving every opportunity to the likes of Kaboul, Chiriches and Vertonghen to stake their place as 1st choice CB, for the club.

    You see, I firmly believe that that the three mentioned above are perfectly capable of establishing solid partnerships between them given;

    • Time and games to build effective combinations.
    • Proper defence based coaching, something they will get from former international defender, and new HC Mauricio Pochettino.
    • Adequate protection in front of them, as well as a decent tactical/strategic plan to adhere to.
    All of which was DESPERATELY missing from the last campaign!

    Dede would be a MAJOR coup for Spurs, and would add to the growing South-American contingent we seem to be amassing at the club.

    Tall, strong and technically adept, Dede would represent the kind of physically imposing CB figure Spurs have lacked since the incarnation of the EPL. I know Ledley King had amazing physical attributes as a CB and was undoubtedly world-class in his position, but Dede is the kind of CB that could give a striker the shits just from looking at him!

    At 6ft 3 you would expect Dede to be GREAT in the air, which he is, but it is his pace along the ground which sets him apart from other 'big' CB. He actually reminds me a little bit of Anthony Gardner, although MUCH MORE aggressive/combative, and confident in his ability both with and without the ball.

    The main reason Dede appeals so much, is because he COULD start this season as fourth choice CB, as he adapts to the rigours and demands of the EPL, but could ultimately end up being the first name on the team-sheet once he acclimatises life in England.

    He is NOT the finished article, and still has a lot to learn. But what he is, is a SUPERB prospect, which might seem strange considering he is already 26 years old, with 9 caps for Brazil. However due to the shockingly low amount of games he has played (for fitness and legal reasons) in his career, as well as playing in Brazil exclusively for his entire career, Dede still requires a substantial amount of work if he is to succeed at the very highest level.

    Physically though, his game is tailored-made to thrive in the EPL.


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