Сomplete downer on the season before it begins

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, August 10, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Let's pick the bones out of this one....

    At the end of last season Pochettino looked a defeated man , his body language was exhausted but it was his actual language (and a couple of weeks prior) that gave off the impression he'd taken it all as far as he could.

    He clearly said that he'd done what was wanted of him in these 1st 4 years , hinting that they were victims of their own success ahead of schedule.

    But it was now about the next phase 'with him or someone else' to take it to the next stage.
    He said he had ideas/a plan but didn't know if the club would agree and that he'd need to speak to Daniel about being 'Brave, Bold and take Risks'.

    New contracts delivered (not for Alli & Eriksen yet note) but bumper pay deals for Poch & Harry in particular 2 people at the club that have over performed last 2/3 seasons and we'll deserved.

    The world cup took place and we ended up with no less than 9 of our players available for the Semi Finals 1 even captained a side to win it.
    To have so many go so deep into the competition after such a long unforgiving season and only returning last week from a squeezed in holiday they're risking by being played too early or too much injury and mental/physical burn out.
    I worry that because our game is based so much around out working the other side that we are not going to have that edge.

    Last season we didn't win anything again!
    We didn't challenge for the title!
    We spluttered our way into the top 4 with 1 game to go!

    This is not a side that is getting better and better , at best it did a bit better in the Champions LG at worst it clung to a top 4 spot which essentially meant being better than a dissolved shell of an Arsenal side and an implosion of Chelsea.

    As the previous seasons under Pochettino's stewardship have shown us when plan A works we're a match for anybody , but when it slips we do not have a good enough squad to cope.
    Not cope enough anyway to fight on all fronts , to rescue games , to see games out , to change tactics.

    With all the above noted (I have mentioned this many a summer now) the transfer window needs pre planning , it needs to be used as a review/restructure/bolster. Using what you know are your weaknesses , where you are lacking , who's not good enough.... And how/who you are going to fix this with to move forward/improve to where you want (or with a winning mentality where you Need to be come close of window).

    Now looking in on this Pochettino during this window he was frustrated, then calm, then explanatory of 'interpretation', then frustrated again before happily toeing company line. After all the Bold/Risk talk he was of course meaning that-

    'in football sometimes you have to be different'

    Brilliant really , so you knew exactly what you were doing all along this wasn't the complete farce it looked on the surface it was in fact a perfectly executed act of deception making people think you were interested in actually challenging/improving when really the plan was to do nothing and be 'different'.

    I'm hugely disappointed in this complete lack of respect to the fans, a career in illusions or politics would be definite goers for Poch if it all goes pear shaped.

    Then we're on to Levy , surely the Silent Dictator has completely alienated any sane fan now ?
    This absolute Cretin has completely shafted everyone with his antics this window.

    It's quite obvious that he has been completely incompetent this summer.
    The real reason there were no new signings rests on this man's shoulders.
    The sheer lack of scouting, planning, investment, moving on the dead wood all falls on him.

    Another window closes and it's all about what Spurs didn't/couldn't do and this is a completely new low.
    Having alienated players/managers/agents/chairmen etc his actions look to have finally caught up with him.
    I can imagine other Chairmen hearing the dreaded 'Levy is on the line' and immediately replying 'tell him I'm in a meeting'.

    Until this Parasitic Leech is removed from our club we will never reach the next level no signings, no backing the team, no backing the manager, ticket hikes the straw that broke the camels back!

    This has put a complete downer on the season before it begins, it has shown externally and internally a complete lack of ambition which does not bode well long term for player recruitment or retention long term because the least top players want is to see ambition to win.

    I'd like to say I'm not surprised but even this shambles has left me dismayed at the ownership.

    Levy Out!
  2. Dial Guest

    What poch didn't want was more players that wouldn't challenge starters - his comments were that with his style of play it will get harder to find the right profile and it's better to have youth sitting on the bench than players who expect game time.

    We have moura now settled in, winks hopefully to make it back into the team. Dembele has stayed and we haven't strengthened a rival with Toby as of yet.

    Plus a fully fit lamela and the big tournament experience the World Cup stars bring back including a World Cup winner

    Plus we are back at home so COYS
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  3. ChrisB Guest

    Proof that your expectations have detached from reality.

    Five years ago where were we? What would we have considered a good season? A cup run and to challenge for the top four but knowing we only stood a tiny chance of actually getting in it?

    Last time we won a cup was ten years ago, before that nine years, before that - 1991!!
    And you’re complaining we haven’t won anything!? When did you start supporting Tottenham, because you seem to have a very short memory.

    Poch arrives, and in a few short years we are suddenly disappointed that we dont challenge for the title. Get real.

    And as for a downer on the season? There’s been a huge construction project been going on for a while now at White Hart Lane in case you haven’t noticed, Tottenham will have their own 60,000+ stadium, and a team that is worthy of playing there. Again - five years ago, only a dream.

    Also Champions League football for a THIRD straight year. Again - five years ago how would we have viewed that?

    Whether we like it or not the stadium will curb spending for a while, but Poch hasn’t spent much anyway in his time at the club and look what he has done. So why the sudden panic?

    I know seeing other clubs spending big can be frustrating, but it won’t guarantee them success - how many of our ‘fantastic seven’ are still at the club?

    Have some faith ffs.
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  4. barney Guest

    im with you there mate the owners Enic have had our pants down double the price season tickets ( as of yet not arrived ) what are they doing with our money they have had for months ? trying to force Toby and Rose out with no back-up Poch has turned into Levy s puppet ive said before else wear we are not a football club anymore they dont want us fans anymore they only want the money men who will wine and dine at the club AKA the cheese room are they having a laugh micro beer whats that another name for charging treble the price alas this could be my last season after over 50 years i don't feel welcome anymore we do have a good team but its standing still if we dont invest we stagnate or am i going mad
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  5. Dial Guest

    They are investing but it's the stadium, lodge, training ground as well as they are looking at sustainability - it's frustrating at times for sure, however the reality is to improve Spurs first team , you have to pay for someone like bale - fee, wages and we aren't there yet.

    We used to be behind the likes of villa, Leeds and look where they are.

    I do agree that they are taking piss with season ticket prices so on that front agree with you
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  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    It's not Building Trump's it's football !

    Everyone else (the entire top 5 European leagues) managed to get deals done , we are a CL outfit earning CL revenue it doesn't matter where we were 5 years ago it's irrelevant.

    What matters is staying there and Challenging properly for trophies , courting a player in the Championship and failing to get him was literally the only genuine attempt at improvement.

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  7. barney Guest

    Dial i agree nice new stadium training ground looks great but they dont win titles or cups as for Bale great that he is we have done that he is yesterdays chip paper dead money do you really think Levy would go for that with no sell-on
  8. Dial Guest

    judge it in a few months time rather than before a ball is kicked.
    Also what is the point in having a youth setup if those chaps never get a look in
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  9. Tony Guest

    "What poch didn't want was more players that wouldn't challenge starters - his comments were that with his style of play it will get harder to find the right profile and it's better to have youth sitting on the bench than players who expect game time" - Well buy someone of quality then like everyone else is!!! not scrimp and scrape and drag out negotiations for months to save £5 million and end up with nobody while pissing every chairman/club off at the same time!!! ACT like a big club!!!! West Ham have spent £100 million FFS! we have a separate budget for signings Levy has said that so where are they! we are in the champions league, we are a global club apparently? so why do we act like a championship club? why not help Poch win things by backing him instead of letting him do his job with one arm tied behind his back? Levy is incompetent and a hindrance to our progress as Felon says!! its all about money as we all know and trophies/success come a very distant second! we have an owner that is filthy rich that is obviously driving Levy to get the most profit he can at the expense of trophies while screwing the fans over! we go through the same cycle with Enic all the time! i call it the Enic cycle! > Levy/Enic doesn't invest in top quality > Spurs win nothing > Top players get frustrated with not winning anything and want to leave > top players leave for trophies with a club of ambition > we become weaker > manager gets fed up and wants to leave or gets pushed out by Levy for not performing > and repeat year after year after year!

    All these sayings keep getting repeated- the first 11 is so good its hard to find players that will get into the side? what BS! if you pay the money(not stupid money) we will improve the first 11 and add competition for the first 11 places and keep players on there toes and have options from the bench and it is a squad game with 4 competitions to fight for which needs quality in depth without spending the earth.

    We can't buy another striker because he won't get in front of Kane for a starting place? more BS it's just an excuse not to spend a bit on a second or third striker! look at the other top 5 clubs they have got at least 3 decent strikers or try to buy decent options not bring in some dud that is just going to sit on the bench and be content with that! with so many games to play we need to rest Kane sometimes or bring on someone that can give us some goals! did Man City say they won't buy another quality striker because they had Aguero?

    We can't afford new players as we have a stadium to pay for? Levy has stated that there is a separate budget for players but obviously wants to haggle down to half the value of a player which is why we keep ending up with dross like Sissoko(panic buy last minute) and no new signings.

    Until Enic and Levy sell up we will always be at a point where we are doing well but without winning anything as Levy and co will not push the boat out a little to get us to the next level! Love the club but beginning to hate the way we are being used for profit without anything back, i hope Poch stays but i wouldn't blame him for walking after all the promises from Levy that never materialised, if i was Poch i would be fuming with that arrogant stubborn cheapskate dwarf!

    I have to ask Levy and Enic what is our aim for this season? with what they have spent i would have to say nothing! it's not a surprise really is it! there used to be a club over there was the famous quote! now it's just a cash cow and the fans have been forgotten again!

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  10. SPURSINCE82 Guest

    Well, what a disasterous mess you’ve all managed to act your selves in to. You buy a kid a new rolls Royce to park alongside the others in his garage and then wonder why he feels so entitled, and has no sense of value or relative meaning, later down the line or in the first place . Sure, inflated season ticket season prices are a valid gripe. (Gave up mine 20 years ago as a result) but I mean discussing increased chairman salaries and such like, imagine that-that’s hardly fuc@ing presient or unprecedented is it? They inferred , at best, we ‘may’ have a changing approach to the current transfer policy. Not when or how..the rumour mills, incessant feed back loops and god forsaken repetitive narratives and you are bound to produce what we have - a whinging, hard done by entitled group of (majoritive )numptys. Would enjoy seeing bale or Zaha runningsround in the shirt, or modric back but, please, come on. Did your old man ask you as a child:” cos your mate jumps under the bus ..” or “ your brother got the skates cos it’s his birthday not yours. Wtf has happened to the grown mans psyce!?! If you just enjoy what the fu@k we are, what we’ve got in relation to where ‘we’ have really come from.., you’ll enjoy the spurs experience so so much more. Dillusions of grandeur and a Pallet for the unrealistic fantasy will always leave you unfulfilled .. look! Daniel son, straighten up your friggin bonsai and you’ll notice that the football and spurs world you manage to crawl so deprived within isn’t anywhere near as famined or drought ridden as your alternate personality , or even worse pundit or **** blogger (HH for example) despairingly depicts.

    Get ready for the unknown and man the f@ck up !!!

  11. JOHNNY p Guest

    Surely we should strengthen every year. Sir bill nich the best manager we ever had after the best season we ever or likely to have bought greavsie. We are just standing still
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  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I spose there's no winners or losers in your world, just being constantly happy/extatic about taking part ?

    That's the mindset of Champions right there , thanks miagi
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  13. SPURSINCE82 Guest

    lol hardly mate! You can either sit around crying in life with all the others and share hankies or, you can stand up and get on with it.. get a grip of what’s important and spare the rest of us the amateur dramatics ..
  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Who's crying in life ?
    My life's just fine thanks, got a beautiful family , currently on holiday , earn a lot of money ....
    Spurs are probably the only perenial let down in it hence why I vent because pissing around making excuses why you can't or just being happy whatever is not in my nature.

    Your way of thinking about Spurs is akin to never having had a pretty missus before and then you finally land one that's better than average, she's not top but she's pushing a 7/8.
    Meanwhile though she's spending your money like it's going out of fashion on herself and you don't know where your gonna find enough money to fix your own car to get to work to fund it all on repeat and what's worse is she's not even putting out.

    But hey you've never had it so good so just be happy aye?

    Just get on with it....
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  15. Prague Spurs Guest

    They are investing but it's the stadium, lodge, training ground as well as they are looking at sustainability - it's frustrating at times for sure, however the reality is to improve Spurs first team , you have to pay for someone like bale - fee, wages and we aren't there yet.

    We used to be behind the likes of villa, Leeds and look where they are.


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