Somehow we're still alive... and creating history

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Craig Emanuel, April 18, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well as you mention it Fran , Sherwood's Spurs finished with 69points having lost less than we currently have with the Messiah this campaign.
    And with a side that boasted Gomes, Soldado , Paulinho , Kaboul & Chiriches as starters.
    (And a far superior Top 4 to compete with)
    Pochettino has had 5 years to build this with a far superior all round squad at his disposal to produce the same.
    Even in Pochettinos supposed title race with Leicester (when we blew up again) and finished 3rd was only on a 70 points finish.

    Is Pochettino immune from copping some flack then?

    Sherwood gets 69 points he's sh;t
    Pochettino gets 70 points he's a hero that almost won the title.

    Redknapp finishes 4th with 69 points letting a 12 a point gap slip he's lambasted by large swathes of fans.
    Pochettino has potentially blown a 10 point gap may not even finish 4th and he's still being excused.

    Other than the stadium debacle he's had absolutely everything externally go for him.
    He was completely complicit with signing No1 in 2 windows , so the whole backing thing is a moot point plus net spend or not he's spent £300m + so he's had backing too.
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  2. Big fran Guest

    Where did we finish under sherwood that season felon. Where have we finished this season with our 70 points... I'll wait...
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Scums continuous slump has seen them draw with Brighton meaning at best they can only draw points wise with us but would need to reverse an 8GD.
    So thanks to their absymal contribution to football this year it would seem were through by the skin of our teeth.
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    6th which just goes to show it was much harder to finish top 4 then.

    I spose our performances of late have all been part of the plan aye Fran... I'll wait....
  5. Big fran Guest

    Top 4 guaranteeeeeeedddd
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Thanks to Scum being bigger chokers than us.

    Great achievement

    Literally the only thing to be happy about is the pain it'll be for them.
  7. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    It's a funny old game.....thank you so much Chrissy. Top Man. I appreciate it's mathematically possible, but........I know whose seat I'd rather be in.

    As for Poch. Show me a PL manager who has achieved more with no investment in 5 years, and no new players this season. He's made some rickets, but CL Semi, at least, and Top 4, three years CL. Given those constraints, would anybody else have done better. No.

    We desperately need to weed and feed, freshen it up. Might be some big calls coming up, but let's worry about that after the season is done.

    It's been a testy time, I'm wearied, but would I say that if I considered all of what happened these last two years that I'd settle for what we've achieved. I absolutely would. It's not that I lack ambition for us, but you don't get better with too much of the same. Period.

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  8. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Thanks Chris!

    That’s top 4 sorted, no way there will be an 8 goal swing

    Now on to get to the cl final
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  9. P reed Guest

    Saved by the bottom and fourth bottom clubs.No reason to ease off on Wednesday now as despite a miracle we have made top four and can give it everything.Best feeling today watching the gooners go from glee to despair may it not be the last. Lets hope Chelsie still want to win in Europe so the scum are in the Thursday cup again
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  10. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Oh, I am glad I am not the only one. Referees do not rule against us. They just disrespect Spurs. So do most pundits. I am glad that some of them praise MP. IF Poch so mediocre why is he wanted by Juventus, Roma and AC Milan? There is a chance Poch may be hired by ManU after they possibly axe Ole Gunnar. There is no better coach among those Spurs may afford. Only Guardiola and Klopp may be above him. Good luck getting them!
    We all have seen that Gooners are nothing without Ramsey and Pool can't score against decent club without Firminho. Why do you blame your own club for going down without Kane and Son???
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  11. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Pellegrino is the one to go after if/when MP leaves.
  12. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Personally, I don't care how we get top 4 finish so long as we get it. Yeah we tailed off in the last few months, but so have the other teams except for the top 2. Most of those other teams have larger squads and lots of investment.

    To anyone wishing to replace Poch, I wouldn't know where to start to be honest. He's had both his hands tied behind his back for the past 2 years. Let's appreciate the service he's brought to our club. I'd only fault him in that, before this season; he didn't appreciate the importance of winning most of the cup competitions.

    Let's face the facts, we have a depleted squad. In most of our campaigns the last few years....we haven't finished off well, especially with most of our players having gone far in the last world cup. We need to invest in the squad, get a couple of top quality players and a few promising prospects. I'd love to see Zaha and Sessegnon added to our squad, on top of it all; we need to hold on to Eriksen. Unfortunately, I believe Toby will leave. Let's bring back CCV, with Sanchez, Vert, god willing Foyth will grow up...our defense shouldn't take a major hit.
  13. palmover Active Member

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    Spurs still need 1pt to confirm top4 that should be the minimum aim vs Everton.
    The only excuse i will give MP is that playing at wembley for 2 seasons was horrible and he did well to make top4 under those circumstances and deserves to lead the team at the NWHL.
    The only players who were unlucky with injuries are Kane and Dier. The only one spurs missed was kane, spurs played well in Diers absence. The defence coped with the injuries, it was in midfield and attack were spurs have struggled.
    spurs have 2 decent wide attackers(Moura/ Son) 1 top class forward( Kane) 2 Good am (Dele/ CE)
    and 2 Decent cm(sisoko/ winks). This group of players are generally fit except for winks and of the required standard, now look at the back up: Llorente, Janssen, Lamela, Gkn, Wanyama, Dier, These players are injury prone and of an average quality. Maybe if these players were replaced by younger fitter players with potential like brookes who went for 12m the squad wouldn't be so depleted.
    The state and balance of the squad is my biggest problem with Mp, that's why i think a DOF would be good, it would leave MP to get on with the team and leave the buying down to the dof.
  14. Big fran Guest

    No way in the world would poch work with a DOF such his relationship with levy is not necessary.. On the injuries you name squad players like wanyama lamela OK they won't start every week but you cannot perform an entire season with 11 players believe it or not so the injuries have been hampering the freshness of the squad. Aurier probably missed close to half a season with injury likewise winks. Lost Dembele for the first half of the season. Rose struggled to get a run of games until of late. Liverpool have had a clean bill of health all season as did Leicester and then Chelsea when they won it. City would be over the hill and away had de bruyne played all season and fernandinho.. These are the margins of luck needed.
  15. Big fran Guest

    Amen to that Sir... Although I watched CCV on Saturday with my own eyes and he's never a prem football player sadly. Like yourself I'm not interested on what goes on in my neighbours houses so I just enjoy it for what it is regardless of other teams misgivings. It's irrelevant.and we are in a CL semi final. I'd have taken that all day long given the circumstances .
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  16. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Pochettino is a good manager, but he isn't one of the greats or, in my opinion, likely to be. His obvious shortcomings in respect of tactics, team selection, favouritism, freezing-out, patchy transfers and more have been highlighted by a few people here over several years, but nothing seems to dent his reputation in the eyes of the media - did you see that sickening piece in last week's 'Premier League Show' on BBC? He's a football coach, not the Dalai Lama FFS!
    After his cryptic 'bravery' talk last summer, the only thing that changed was the size of his pay packet - he chose to take Levy's eight million in return for accepting the squad as it stood, so why people talk as if he's working under duress is beyond me - it's us, the fans, who suffer, not Pochettino, and the idea that he's all that stands between Spurs and disaster is ridiculous - I'm not calling for his head, but if/when he goes, Levy will find some one else to dance to ENIC's tune, and the saga will go on, just as it's done for 137 years.
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  17. palmover Active Member

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    I agree Mp wouldn't agree to work with a DOF, however, looking at the squad Mp has built i would hardly say it isn't necessary.
    One thing i do hate is spurs fans thinking their the victim. Spurs have not been anymore unlucky injury wise than any other team, it's the quality of the squad that is the problem and that is Mp's responsibility. The squad MP put together this season was always going to struggle with 4 comps.
    Lemela, wanyama, Gkn and Jannsen should have all been replaced at the start of the season because they all don't contribute enough to warrant a place in the squad and put pressure on the other injury prone player winks to have to play more.
    Dembele should have been replaced at the start of the season, it was obvious he couldn't last a whole season, however, spurs squeezed every last drop out of him before selling him and not replacing him. How is that good squad management?
    The quality of the football played has gone backwards since 2016/17 so has the quality of the squad, again this MP responsibility.
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  18. P reed Guest

    Just watched city Leicester and realised that pochetino does need help in transfer dealings or he will probably sign dross like he has done so far .On the Leicester team were two players Tielman and Maddison who would improve us but if rumours are true pochetino turned down the chance to sign them.It would not surprise me to see leicester challenge top four next season.
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Problem is , unless your pro active , have a clear idea of what/who you want and pursue them aggressively (like all the Top clubs do) then you end up with the type of windows we do all posture no substance.

    Pochettino shows absolutely no enthusiasm in the market, Levy the master negotiator won't pay going rate, 9 times out of 10 we have to weaken the squad in order to raise funds, the dead wood will be priced out of moves....

    It's a recipe for the last inept , negligent windows we have to endure.

    Wel start next season guaranteed not ready and not kitted out with a full squad ready to compete properly, whether that's with unsold scrap, unreplaced quality, non proper improvements to the squad, players being expected to play roles they just don't excell at (see all our FBs), lamela, Lloris as 'Captain', injuries.....

    All the talk of war chests etc like every summer will be utter BS!

    And the fleecing/conning of fans will continue.
  20. palmover Active Member

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    DL usually coughs up 15m per TW so he will owe MP 45m + dembele sale by the next window so Mp should have at least 55m at his disposal before sales.
    Spurs have come through a tough spell off the field, however, going forward there should be no excuse's for not putting together a strong squad for next season. As it stands Spurs have to add 2cm's and at least 1 wide attacker anything less is asking for trouble. If Ce, Janssen and toby go they all have to be replaced s0 spurs could be looking at bringing in at least 6 players which is quite high for one window.

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