Somehow we're still alive... and creating history

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Craig Emanuel, April 18, 2019.

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  1. Big fran Guest

    Kinhell we had 4 teams in the quarters n 3 in semis lol
  2. Big fran Guest

    2 rather....
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Sorry Fran , not quite sure what your getting at here ?
  4. voiceofreason Active Member

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    WRT external factors, yes there are challenges that a lot of the main teams have had to face. Liverpool and city haven’t had any major changes , setbacks etc so are expected to be doing well

    For the others
    Chelsea and Arsenal has new managers to contend with, United had a new Manager after a supposedly top manager to deal with and we had the turmoil of a new stadium meaning we had to cope with playing away all the time and a lack of funds for investment

    It’s how the teams cope with the issues that matters and we currently have coped better than the other 3

    You can harp on about , we should have spent here, we should have won that but we are, because of getting the best stadium in Europe, whether you like it or not , in transition. And during that two years of transition we have ended up 3rd and probably top 4 this year as well as semi final (minimum) in the champions league, semi final in the caribou cup and the best stadium in Europe I , personally find that something to shout about.

    Yes we will lose games, yes we will play **** on some games and it would have been great to win something but ask any genuine supporter if at the beginning of this season, whilst playing 80% of our games away from home , if they would have taken top 4 England, top 4 champions league (maybe top2 or 1), 1 cup semi and 1 cup quarterfinals and the resounding answer would (and should) be yes

  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Genuine fans don't pontificate about things that no one else really cares about or remembers , only Spurs fans who are starved of success but use warped view points to find it do.
    The thing with Projects & Transitions are that they're supposed to have an end goal, our owners only goal has been to build a bigger cash extractor (best stadium in Europe -yawn if only there were trophies for buildings) putting the actual club in huge amounts debt while not backing the manager and basically feeding all his predecessors crumbs to get on with the job. Whilst charging fans premium rates for 18 years of 1 Carling Cup, numerous false dawn's and excuses.
    This is all during a period where the game is enjoying more cash inflow than ever , yet here we are slugging our way through a season no money for players looking for inspiration on the bench from Oliver Skipp or a frozen out Jannssen.
    No one's for a minute saying despite all the odds they've not done well under the constraints but is that really good enough? This is no way to run a football club its beyond a joke and happy clapping it all let's them get away with it.

    Pochettino got his tactics completely wrong Vs Ajax one wonders if he ever actually looks at top opposition before playing them because many a time we see the same short comings and most of the time he has no answer to it.

    Let's look at our last 15 matches across all comps....


    This is not a team going from strength to strength and just getting better as soooo many rose tinted fans came here telling us all, it's self imploding, the fact that external factors have helped us massively due to sheer negligence cannot and should not be glossed over.
  6. palmover Active Member

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    MP has always been tactically hit and miss and regularly puts rounds pegs in square holes. All his best work is done at the training ground and behind the scenes.
    Compare klopps squad building to Mp and you see a big difference. Liverpool have a balanced squad whereas spurs don't. MP has played 4 players at rb this season, has one fit good cm (sisoko) all the rest are injury prone or not good enough(Dier, Wanyama, and winks). Spurs have 3 good attackers (Kane. son and Moura) the others are not good enough or injury prone (Jansen, Lamela and Gkn). MP knew the situation with CE, why keep him and let him coast through the season? sometimes hard decision need to be made. IMO dele is best as the 2nd striker he leads the press well esp when playing with Kane, however, due to the weakness of the squad he has had to play a deeper role which is not playing to his strengths.
    MP has to get Top4 to make it a satisfactory season.
    Mp has to bring in at least 2-3 cms i see spurs are in for A. Gomez i like him and Gaye and tielmans. Coy
  7. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Hi Felon

    I get all that and agree that this summer we need to make investment in the squad. At one point we have to, however , put a line under what’s happened and move on. The decisions were made to not buy players, to be honest nobody has a crystal ball and we can’t know if 3 or 4 new signings would have made a difference or been detrimental.

    However I am genuinely interested in your answer to
    “Would you have taken top 4 league, top 4 champions league “ back at the beginning of the season, regardless of how we played, who was injured, what other teams did etc. knowing we were playing most games away from home Yes or no?
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well top 4 from where we are/were is minimum requirement so no 1 is gonna say no I'd of taken 5th/6th are they?

    Last 4 of the CL I wouldn't have believed was possible that's why like all spurs fans I was extatic getting past City.
    But just because we ambled through with lady luck on our side doesn't mean we played well or that that's the actual level we are at, it is a knock out competition now after all and timing , decisions, draws are everything.

    The whole playing away thing I don't really buy into especially it being our 2nd season at Wembley , were home now and have already lost 2 games there.
    End of the day Stadiums don't win games or trophies players do , I've asked before of many Stadium dreamers can anyone show me any evidence across time and the globe where a Stadium has been the catalyst for Success?

    Are England better because of Wembley?
    Scum because of the Emirates?
    City because of the Etihad?
    Sunderland Stadium of Light?
    Stoke Britannia?
    Mk Dons Stadium MK?

    There's no evidence anywhere yet we seem to have obsessesed over it for years and have completely blew the kitty on it for the foreseeable , utter madness if you ask me.
    And the sad part is that as soon as 1 or 2 of Scum Chavs & Utd get their act together this art of making treading water look acceptable will soon get found out.
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  9. guesty Guest

    I don't see it happening myself. maybe one or two....but not at huge purchase prices.
    Liverpool spent £75 just on Virgil VD......we are never going to make a buy like that. ....but arguably he has turned their defence around.
    we could do with another CM. and a CB. and a CF. proper players.
    But we just won't pay big money. And if you don't pay big you don't get big players.

    we are where we are.....and to some extent only because those around us have been sooooo poor.
    we should be out of it after losing to the Spammers....but we have it in our own hands.
    a good performance and we are too good for Bouremouth. simple as that.

    NB - West Ham simply cheat their own fans. They only really turn up to 2 games a home and away. ....if I have to look at that Brady woman...or that Mark Noble.....anyway I digress........
  10. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Wow , nightmare stuff at the moment .. No lack of effort again but self destructing in front of our eyes .. It's a tough watch right now but it will be all over in 8 days time one way or another , thank **** at this stage .. I feel for the players and management , they've been hung out to dry i.m.o ....
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  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Was a feckin horror show , club is reaping what it's sewn.
    The saying 'what you put in is what you get out' couldn't be more apt at this time.
    Absolute disgrace , shambles!

    I don't feel remotely sorry for Poch either he took his 30pieces of silver.
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  12. Big fran Guest

    Son and foyth must hang there heads in shame to absolute *****s cost us the game. Having said that had we a proper CF instead of playing wingers upfront we are two or three up at half time Fact.
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  13. P reed Guest

    What can I say after that shambles we now need to beat in form Everton next week without Son which I don't believe we can on current form.Foyth sent off stupidly Son unforgivably although if pooch had not played the idiot Dier he would not have had to bring Foyth on at half time as Dire should have been off twice and given away penalty.I now believe that we need a change as poch has lost the plot and and his tactics are questionable.i know the poch lovers will be out in numbers to decry what I say but we have slipped to 20 points behind City andLiverpool in 2 months and our current form would have us in the relegation fight.DoesAli Looklike a footballer now surely he can't be picked. By England now.Why oh why do we not show this fight before we go to 9 men and sissoko was immense so take him off with 10 minutes to go.For all the good Ali was we might have been better off with Llorente who would have at least defended corners.Am i the only one who thinks that the same points that Sherwood achieved is not progress.This is not the first time that spurs have lost the plot late on and went to bully tacticsj remember Chelsea.Come on poch worshippers tell me I'm so wrong and we have advanced in the last 5 years and don't use the non purchase of players as an excuse as poch had opportunities to sign players but said we did not need them.
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  14. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Lol , if only some of our players had as much talent on the pitch as you have at hindsight merchant tripe , we'd probably be top of the league .......
  15. guesty Guest

    simply embarrassing to get 2 players sent off. We have to be better than that.

    a win against Everton will be tough but we are at home. Everton at their place would be more difficult.

    But we have to pick our heads up......there’s a CL final to get to before then.
    And if you can’t get up for that there’s no point finishing top4 anyway

  16. p reed Guest

    What is hindsight merchant tripe ??? I have been saying on this page for at least 3 months that pochetino is overrrated and was not strong enough to take on levy but his worshippers like you can't see the wood from the trees.I noticed you don't say anything about our points being the same under Sherwood and I bet you could not wait for him to get the sack.How much will we spend in transfer window or will it be what we recoup for Ericson and aldy .pochetino already refused a loan for a player who is setting Leicester alight at the moment so I'm not confident he could handle big players .My first game I saw at white hart lane was spurs10 everton4 in the fifties so I have probably earns some hindsight
  17. Big fran Guest

    Can I just put something out there cos I'm fed up with this points matching this season or that season or under this manager or that it's..... Fooking irrelevant. Liverpool will finish on 97 points with only one loss and would win the league this or that season but in the grand scheme will win sweet fa. Probably the same as ourselves. Its bollocks n lazy lads. To compare one seasons points tally to another all the variables would have to be the same which of course they are not. Compare league positions all day long. Granted I'd accept that..
  18. Cheshuntboy Guest

    'Compare league positions all day long'? That's supposed to be more valid than points why precisely? League positions can be misleading as reflections of a team's performances and competitiveness, as Arsenal proved in finishing second to Leicester in 2016 without actually being contenders, while Liverpool's likely second this year won't tell how close to the title they've been, or that they would have won it in every PL season bar two to date. Everyone selects the facts that best suit their argument, but the FACT that we can't do better than 73 points this season, and might only manage 70, speaks volumes to me about the reality of our 'progress' under Pochettino - his 'success' has been as much due to Kane's goals as AVB's was to Bale's, and without them we've a bang average team.
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  19. burnt Well-Known Member

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    I taught we were pretty good at the back there as well for a few seasons but like you say , just pick whatever suits yer own arguments ....
  20. Big fran Guest

    Of course league position is more valid than points. What planet are you on mate. Cmon. Final position misleading or not. You finish where you finish regardless of whether it's deserved or not..

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