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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, October 21, 2019.

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  1. Big fran Guest

    Watched Chelsea and they look on a different level to us. Leaked a few silly goals at the end but battered burnley and not many do at turf Moor. Scoring for fun and all the time he's integrating more and more youngsters into the fold. They'll probably be able to buy in January. I feel there is only 3rd place up for grabs now. All this with selling thier best want away player.
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  2. P reed Guest

    What is the man doing .I hope the team prove me wrong but our best performance midweek so what does he do he changes it.Ndombele verts davies on bench Lamela not even in squad.In come the ineffective Winks and the disaster area Rose and Alder whose defending this year has been abysmal.Can you see any other manager changing the team after their best victory of the season.I for one am totally fecked off with his tinkering and how must the players who played well midweek feel being dropped to the bench.How can the festering Ericson be included over ndombele.I hope I’m wrong but I don’t believe he knows what he is doing anymore and makes changes to justify the rubbish he talks about players needing a rest.I see Liverpool have not changed a winning team maybe they are not as tired as our boys
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  3. voiceofreason Active Member

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    have to agree with this. I presume Lamela must be injured. I was hoping to see Ndombele start to push on, Anyway England through to the rugby finals, Wales out If we win today it will be a nice hatrick. Actually I’ll take a draw!
  4. P Reed Guest

    Well my fears were justified a gift after 1 minute and then Liverpool completely dominated us even though we could have scored a second .They could probably have got 5.Once again Rose and Aurier cost us a goal and Ericson. and Ali were not any where near premiership standard. Winks was not great but he was better than Ericson and Ali and yet he was subbed first.why oh why was ndombele not on at the start and the only time we looked like scoring was when he came on and celso gets 5 minutes and still produced one of the more inventive passes . These two must start every game now with sissoko and Lamela.No more Ericson please . Such a shame that one of our truly inventive players has now become a total liability .I pray now that levy can see what most of the supporters are seeing that pochetino is not the genius the fawning press think he is and gets rid before we are genuine relegation candidates.Lose next week at Everton and we will be bottom 4 or 5. I am waiting for the eternal worshipers to come out with the fact that only losing 2 1 is a good result.please please pochetino go now while we still have faint good memories.
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  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We can Single out players all day long but only 1 man needs take blame for this result and that yet again is Pochettino.

    Aurier is a liability but there is no alternative due to Poch ignoring this situation in the summer.
    We had a good result midweek with everyone pulling together and looking positive so Pochettino changes it.
    We get a gift in the opening minute , weather the storm for the 1st half then in the 2nd half Poch does what he does best just watches a game unravel Infront of him.
    Pools full backs needed something to think about so Moura shouldve come on much earlier and him and son shouldve been instructed to push up wide, not only would this have nullified their forward play it would've stretched the suspect Loveren and give us a better chance of nicking something (too much to ask of a 8mil a year manager?)
    Finally put N'dombele on after Pool had equalised like watching wave after wave of Pool attacks hadn't been happening.
    Serge does what he does best gives a sloppy pen away for the game.
    Then a moment of inspiration..... yes in the 87th minute Pochettino brings LoCelso on, perhaps 87minutes of hiding was enough to force his hand and bring the woeful Eriksen off, shame he wasn't ballsy enough to take Alli off aswell only the pair of them about half hour earlier....

    Now remember the CL final where the ENIC regime defenders said an early goal kills the game all pool had to do was contain and make it difficult ? (Eventually winning 2-0)
    So what's the difference here? Nice early goal and just an amble around hoping it won't be too bad a loss in the end.

    People may turn their nose up at Mourinho but there's no way he'd stand by and watch a 0-1 gift away be overturned and just pitifully throw a sub on here n there with no plan whatsoever.

    This was on Poch and his absolutely shambolic game management yet again.

    The numbers don't add up to any sane reason for him to still be in a job in a results based business a blip is a couple/few games this is a shambles.
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  6. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    Eriksen, Dele, Rose, Winks & Aurier - with those five, on their current form, in the side we're, straight away, playing with half a team short and if you add in an almost ineffective 'Arry then what chance is there? It's also a long time since I saw a Spurs team hoof so many balls up the park when surely a bit of possession (or attempted anyway) and managerial touchline interest is needed. An early goal - and this was super-early - should help a team settle but it did nothing of the sort and although it took Aurier 75 minutes to oblige, Liverpool were always looking likely to win. Mind you, if Son's effort off the wood had gone in before the skill-free zone that is Jordan Henderson scored his first Anfield goal since before Pontius did his plane-driver's test we might have snatched a point. If, But, Maybe - it doesn't count though and we're now, positionally, London's worst side. Lose at Everton next week, and it's not impossible - more like probable 'cos they've got to start winning sometime - and we're certainly in brown stuff. Sad times guys.
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  7. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Total Shite.

    Two aspects for me:

    - Poch picking Eriksen to start, Rose as well, leaving Ndombele on the bench, not making charges far, far earlier. He's got to go.

    - The BBC Football website listed the post-match supporters views on player performances. From the combined teams Gazza got MOTM. The four worst players scoring 4.5 for the best of these down to 4.1 for the worst - Rose, Aurier, Eriksen, Dele. I'd put the four of them in a room together tomorrow, play them the 90 painful minutes, then tell each of them to personally apologise to the Spurs faithful. Pity the poor sods who travelled to watch Eriksen to do feck all and Dele to play like it was a 5-a-side kickabout over Lordship Rec....

    This CANNOT continue. Period.
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  8. Jesper Guest

    I am trying to figure out why the team selection is what it is and why the play is what it is. The only possible explanation that I could think of is that it is done based on data:
    Successful passes are seen as positive, misplaced passes are seen as negative. Seems reasonable right? But it might lead to people always playing the safe pass, seldom trying the risky (forward) pass as that might negatively affect the data. The result would be +70% possession but no clear cut chances generated.
    Same with dribbles, a failed dribble is a negative so why try? Yet another item driving the +70% possession stats.
    & the player who runs the most must surely be doing the best covering? So we have the alibi running, never fully closing down a player and never fully blocking crosses.
    Might possibly also explain why the one with the most successful tackles gets to play over the player who does not have to make many difficult tackles due to positional awareness.

    If it is data-driven then it might explain the tactics (or rather, lack of tactics), the team playing like a bunch of individuals trying to improve their personal stats and the team selection.

    Other than that the only thing I can think of is that played matches aren't watched again a couple of times to analyse what is happening. When mistakes are repeated then it seems like nothing has been learned.
  9. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    Baz - your point about making those four apologise is well made but, honestly, I'm not at all sure Eriksen & Dele would care enough to even consider it were it to become a real scenario. They look miles away mentally and I think they damn well ought to be physically too. In that squad my "outs" are Eriksen, Lamela, Rose, Aurier, Dele and Lloris, but that's half of the first choice XI and we don't have quality back-up to draft in so what's the conclusion? We're FAR from quality is my call and major surgery is needed ASAP and if Poch can't or won't motivate them to show why they're being paid then he should go too. This season is a write-off after only 10 games and it looks to me like it'll get worse. A five-goal show against a dreadful, woeful Red Star outfit shouldn't fool anyone - on current form we're a really poor side too and further embarrassment surely awaits just down the road.
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  10. palmover Active Member

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    Spurs are being poorly managed by Mp, and yesterday he showed why he will never win anything. Ce should not be starting for spurs, because he is playing poorly and wants to leave, however, mp not only plays him, but he plays him wide right matching him up against a faster stronger player in Johnson, who had Ce on toast and got to the bye line at will causing no end of havoc. CE offered nothing going forward and Johnson was pissing all over him, so why was no adjustment made? If i was moura i wouldn't want to play for a manger who over looks me for someone who wants to leave how is that building for the future? How Tanguy doesn't start is beyond me any worthwhile coach would be building their team around this player as soon as he came on the game changed he has poise on the ball and he spots a pass so fast and the disguise on some of his passing is amazing he tried one outrageous outside foot pass that almost got to son. Tanguy passes seem to surprise the spurs players as he made some key passes which were so fast it caught the spurs players offside.
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  11. palmover Active Member

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    With 28 games remaining even if spurs pick up 2pts per game they would finish with 68pts which in most years won't be enough for Top4. To make Cl through the league will mean wining between 18-20 games, and losing 3 maximum which this squad is capable of doing. If this squad doesn't make top4 then their is only one man to blame MP.
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  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    It's ok I heard we're rebuilding in January without buying any players aswell.

    Now that really would be magic
  13. P reed Guest

    Palmover do you really think spurs can win 18to20 games and draw 3 what are you smoking.I agree that if we do not make the top 4 there is only one person to blame POCHETINO with a lot of help by his buddy LEVY.His team selection yesterday defied belief and did anyone hear Roy Keans comments on the big match yesterday.I am currently watching sky football centre where the guest commentators have also criticised the team selection especially Ericson trying to mark Robertson.Why when respected critics slate team selection and tactics does Levy not see the signs of an impending collapse.Where will he be if we get relegated and have the best stadium in the championships..I don’t think that would bode very well with the owner so Levy’s own job is at risk.For the first time Harry’s after match comments were those of someone who was was totally pissed with failure and reading between the lines he was also not in agreement with the team selection and tactics.I will not be surprised if he wants out before the season ends.Finally a few months back I suggested Brendan Rogers would be a good fit for Tottenham but was met with incredulity .look at the table now
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  14. Genevaspurs Guest

    If you read the French newspaper forums like L'Equipe, everyone has the same impression ... That Tottenham has the players and the team To do big things but that what they showed yesterday is lamentable (since 8-10 month toi....). Nothing in the game ... to park the bus and hope to win against Liverpool like that does not correspond to what people in Europe have in their mind about the Spurs. The fast and moving game was only seen thanks to Son and a little Kane. Everyone thinks the same except Levy visibly ....! To have put Eriksen's + Winks in thé first eleven is a professional mistake! To tell reporters that he has a contingent of 29 players and that he has to keep everyone happy is a proof of his incompetence! What are great managers doing? Mostly the basic eleven remains the same except 3-4 players who move according to injuries or opponents. With his philosophy we will never win anything! And now the situation is quite catastrophic. For the first time of my life I hope that we will lose at everton this Sunday... and then than Levy will take the only decision he has to do.... Please sign Allegri !
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  15. Big fran Guest

    Been on another forum and a guy telling me I'm picking on winks, should get behind as he's one of our own and still learning. Jeez. If the answer is winks what is the question.
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  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Honestly some fans are so dim n delusional it's embarrassing.

    This obsession with clinging to and just 'getting behind' such mediocre players and mediocrity in general will forever be part of our Achilles heel.

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