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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, September 21, 2014.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Its embarrassing the lack of leadership and drive in the team they have absolutely no ambition at all.
    Every game seems to be played like its a training match where the result doesnt matter.
    Unbelievably we have a massive squad of passengers who collectively and individually cant defend or attack crucially the 2 main aspects of a football team.
    Poch so far to me is making some rather strange calls but like i have said before there is only so much you can do with whats at your disposal, unfortunately he is on a hiding to nothing.
    Until we offload this crop of utter dross and buy in some quality we will continue to churn out these inept performances its as simple as that.
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  2. burnt Guest

    Think poch will be pretty shocked at what he seen today .. We,ve seen it all too many times from this bunch im afraid .. Nothing ever seems to spark a reaction with this squad .. They,ve had plenty of disasters and knocks over the last 18 months or so but they never seem to come out fighting individualy or as a team , even under 3 diff managers .. Some really tough games coming up over next month ,( all games are bloody tough at the moment ) so its going to be very intresting to see how the gaffer reacts to this latest shambles .. Whats he going to do , what can he do .. Interesting times ahead one way or another ..
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  3. WingMan Guest

    Time we dropped the inverted winger **** that has plagued us for the past couple of years. We play with zero width. No wonder Soldado goes from scoring 26 goals in one season for Valencia to being a laughing stock for us. Football's a simple game - make the pitch big and you will create chances. Our play is so congested that all five of our midfielders run into each others spaces and as a result we always get crowded out. Lamela or Townsend on the left wing. Lennon or Chadli on the right wing. Capoue and Stambouli holding in midfield. Eriksen playing behind Ade or Soldado. Go with both strikers at home to teams like West Brom.
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  4. spurs o olic Guest

    My first thought was Poch that clown can't put together our best 11 Lamela a left footed player drafted to the right , Kaboul made captain and the slow painful agony of the way we passed the ball with no real intent, and bring on Lennon so late on as we could not get around WBA full back s , yes Poch made a balls up , But DL is the real clown here he shafted us good and proper , we had a chance to sign Frank De Boer a tried and tested manager with a real football brain however DL opts for these Font Kong mngrs , we sell our top players VDV , Boating, Modric, Carrick and to top it off fires Harry the only manager to bring us CL footy, yes DL has done a lot for the club bit is it not time the Mr Lewis looks to better the club , if we expected to mutate as a club,surely we have the same expectations of our chairman for the benefit of the club I was the first to shout out in DL I Trust ... However it seems it be a hint of incompetence from our chairman... First rule of management every thing is your fault SADLY our 13 odd mngrs took the blame for something that should be passed on to our Chairman ... shouting COYS till infinity n beyond
  5. Trigspur Guest

    Not going to disagree with any if the points on here today. As we speak we just aren't good enough. When are we going to witness this high pressing incisive passing game we were promised. We can't buy anyone now so why are there no signs of it at all. I'm just dumbfounded by the complete ineptitude of the team today!! Next Saturday could be very embarrassing indeed!! Should drop the lot of em apart from lloris but unfortunately he won't. If the manager can't see that certain players just aren't good enough then we have big problems!!!
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  6. big fran Guest

    Tbf to poch he inherited a bloated poor unbalanced squad that lacks leadership belief width pace and guile. The problem is when all are fit IMO only lloris walker Jan and dembele are good enough to be considered guaranteed starters and that's not enough. You should have a minimum of 7/8 that u put on the teamsheet and then u fill in the gaps. I actually feel ade and soldado can score goals but the three behind
    them supporting lack quality and fluidity and offer nothing. Chadlis goals of late mask the fact he is average, Townsend and lamela are bang out of form with lennon unfancied it seems. Eriksen remains
    an enigma. This is where the team isn't functioning for me in this third of the pitch. Of course we need a modric but who doesn't n where do u find them... Poch needs at least another window to address this area of the pitch but his recent signings are looking like nothing more than squad players added to an already large squad. The fact that Jan has been overlooked to start today and also as skipper bemuses me as he's without doubt our best defender..
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  7. spurs o olic Guest

    13 managers one Chairman it's a no brainer it's time DL mutates or do what's best for the club and leaves I personally would not prefer the latter
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  8. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    Apart from Hugo and possibly Capoue and Dembele this was a truly scary experience.

    I've been here before. My first ever contribution to this forum was when delivered dross like this. So many times, at WHL, I have endured the same truly unbelievable ****.

    We were bad at home last season. I missed the QPR match, so that's 2 games, no goals, 4 conceded and was it 2 shots on target, if you can call them shots, in 180 minutes PL play. Notice I avoided calling it PL football, as we don't know what that is.

    It wasn't just bad, it was total ****. There were circa 33k supporters paying £50 on average to watch that. To a man and woman they all asked why Kaboul and Chiriches. Why no JV, Fazio. Why ? Kaboul as captain. We are the Spurs......think of our past skippers, what would they have though of Kaboul leading us today. FFS.

    The sooner we see Baldini hung, drawn and quartered the better. I know why Levy is still around. He married the owners daughter. But Baldini. WTF does he do, has he done, apart from totally filling the squad with players who are just not good enough.

    Some of us watched Wet Spam beat Liverpool, and play well. Look at us against Liverpool. We pay Paulinho £70k per week. That's an f'ing insult to all 33k of us. I worked my bollocks of for over 40 years, then pay good money to watch total w****ks like him wearing the number 8 shirt made famous by legends like John White, Jimmy Greaves, Stevie Perryman, Glenn Hoddle....FFS.

    EVERYTHING about today was wrong, and that includes the coach's set up of the team. That's a very real worry.

    Last season our excuse for losing 1-0 to the Gooners was it was too soon in the season for all the new players. 1-0 will almost be a victory. Sad, but true.

  9. Dusty Spur Guest

    Two games in three days against mediocre opposition, two different sets of outfield players used, one shot on target. God this is awful. What is it about this club? It seems we change manager, change playing staff and yet the mindset doesn't alter. Poch says he's disappointed, why? He picks the team, he dictates the tactics, but surely this is a cop-out, a better response might have been to admit he picked the wrong side, played the wrong tactics and say how he is going to make sure it never happens again.
    There is a French saying "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" - which translates as "The more things change, the more they stay the same". It was first written in 1849, 33 years before Spurs came into being, yet it seems to describe our club perfectly
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  10. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I said on Thursday that making ten changes is over the top, but to the. Completely drop Fazio and Stambouli, and put verts on the bench simply makes the decisions even more unfathomable.
    I expected it to take time this season, but Thursday, today and the game against Liverpool again show that we are a long way off being a top four team.
    Still it could be worse.....Manchester United?
  11. It's unfair to knock Pochs' signings so far. Dyer has been a bright light this season to the extent that we haven't really missed Walker, and Stambouli has a bit of menace about him that our other midfielders clearly don't. Fazio, too, has shown a steadiness that Chiriches, and now even the once quite formidable Kaboul, can't display. All three look like good additions, as I'm sure Davies will be when he finds his feet. Some criticize Poch using two teams, and while I believe there are arguments for and against this approach, it's not really the big issue. I can't see how Poch can be criticized for his tactics and how he set the team up, when they are clearly not doing what he's asked them to do. Press. Fight for the 50/50's, the 2nd balls and ****ing earn the right to play DAMMIT! As all successful teams have to. And do. Up the goddam tempo. For the third manager in a row, our squad do not play to the instructions asked. So, whilst one could argue that half the side could play two games a week for a while, it's also true to say that if they played as they were asked, we should be able to get two results in a week in which we face the competition we have. Even with two different teams. Poch has played it well, for me. Getting minutes into as many players as he can at the seasons' start, getting everyone involved, kept Jan for Europe (they were difficult opposition as we saw), Chiriches - if you can't play him against Sunderland and Brom... And once again, it wasn't they '2nd string' that let us down, it was the loosely-termed !st team. Captain Kaboul. Paul ee oh! no! Adebayor. Adebayor! (Remember that?) lol. Eriksen couldn't get in the game from his position to start with. He's got to be found. Fat chance with our midfield side-winders. Although he has to take the blame for his poor set-pieces. Lamela, when trying to thread passed, often couldn't beat the first man. You're talking inches in those situations, the difference between successful passes or not. But these two are clearly key players. The one's you build your team around. They have vision, technique and the risk factor. Don't knock 'em. They're pretty much all we've got. Sherwood was right about the rest. At least Bentaleb moves the ball quicker and can take the occasional rocket-shot. And for my money, Kane is our best option up front atm.
  12. bleeds New Member

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    Why do I do it? Well I love this team. WELL not THIS team. So hard to watch the reason I soldier through the week play like that. But I must say its not the MP its the players..hard wired DNA of give the f**k up atitude. This will take time etc etc..all true but bitch please...that was woeful...I will not rant and hate because I truely love my spurs. I will however say what we miss and the difference between that flat prairy land **** of the now and the dynamic mountainous play that we all remember love and long for...creativity. Someone in the middle with vision. We have strikers good ones..despite forum..we have to much middle too little goal oriented class. Please let me be wrong. COYS
  13. stevethespur Active Member

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    Still early in the season and it could all change but today was truely awful ! To be outplayed and outfought by the Baggies at home is crazy. We played on Thursday and i thought then that the team against Partizan was just as good as the one that would face West Brom, so what is our best eleven ? I dont think its clear who our top eleven are. In fact its argueable that thursdays team was the better side to play todays game. Time for Poch to earn his money. Where are the goals to come from? A question most spurs fans have been aware of for ages yet goes unanswered. Plenty of work to do. Coys.
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  14. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    We knew last year that thee was work to do and that we needed to change but apart from some promising signs from the pre season it seems as though nothing has changed and we are slumping back into our old habits. This club is in need of a serious shake up and has been for a while, I want to see the new manager have the courage to take charge of this team and its direction and take decisive action where needed. So what has he done? lets see he kept Kaboul as captain, this was a terrible decision as Kaboul is not now or ever has been able to lead and organise a defence let alone captain the team, he's also in the worst form of his career and im getting sick of all the apologists saying that we don't really need a captain in todays game, rubbish. So what else has changed, nothing! same formation, same style, no pressing, no urgency, slow possession football. Maybe its time for a change? we go into every game the same, even at home to the bottom team with two DMF and one striker and two inverted wingers,. We were so narrow yesterday, Chadli was invisible and Lamela, yes he played well, probably our best player but he comes inside and plays as a number 10 and gets caught trying one touch too many, he as well as Eriksen look good and are our only real creative outlets but they both seem to want to play the same role and end up being caught in the congestion. As for Ade, he's sadly out of form, he's missed some decent chances in the last few and looks well off the pace. The rot has to stop, Poch needs to take charge of this situation now! make some decisions, show some balls and put this team in order.
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  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    We lack all the fundamentals of a premier league side let alone a top 4 contender.
    A defence that cant defend, an attack that cant attack, yet we persist with this awful system that quite simply doesnt work.
    Again we are searching for our best 11, how can you have no idea what your best 11 is before the season kicks off? Like i said about the captaincy these sort of decisions the players should be making some of these calls easy due to commanding a starting spot not a laboured going through the motions atitude and that is where our recruitment policy has gone so wrong, its based soley on hope they may come good some day- well guess what a team of nobodies that takes no responsibility and has no identity is whats been produced.
    It is clear the powers that be have totally lost the plot and have totally undone all of the progress made with this totally flawed transfer policy.
    Levy is too pig headed to accept he has nallsed up so is insisting on keeping these poorly aquired/assembled players instead of doing what is right by the club. Some of the glaringly obvious weaknesses are constantly ignored on loop, there is no ambition or investment coming in you cannot improve/challenge with out it.
    We have been watching this comming a mile off while fans applaud the prudence of our totally inept chairman.
    Its alright people saying we need stability what we need is players that can produce it should never of been allowed to get to this utter mess in the first place.
    It really is embarrassing but mostly frustrating clowns running the circus thats why we are a laughing stock.
    Levy out! Enic out! Half hearted limited players out!
  16. butler Guest

    All you have to do is go Back to harrys days same team put out nearly every game only changing for fitness and poor displays . We play a **** team two up front a good team 1 I know we had bale and modric but we also had a core of English players . When was the last time we beat chelsea and arsenal and city everyone one slaged of Harry not looking so bad now is he . Levy must take most of the blame for getting rid of Harry and also brining in baldini Harry got rid of that set up and things changed he gets sacked and it comes back and we return to dark days . Beg him to come back or pray the take over rumors are true because I can't see any better days ahead . For me a English manager is needed at out club who I'm not sure Harry ? Hoddle with ledley or teddy we will see but the writing is on the wall
    for poch Xmas could be the time .
  17. Pickleman1967

    Pickleman1967 Member

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    Everything has been said about the negative aspects of the team, and I agree it is very difficult to see anything but a spanking from Arsenal who have much greater attacking quality than WBA. I feel slightly sick just thinking about it - it could be another 5 or 6 nil reverse. I really don't see anyone in a Tottenham shirt taking the fight to the Gooners. Lamela is looking our best player at the moment, but he is no world beater, only in my dreams will he be skipping past three Arsenal defenders to bury the ball in the net.

    The criticism of Poch is unwarranted. Yes Kaboul as a captain is a bit of a mystery, but it was Dawson last season. Anyone think he was better? The role of captain is overrated anyway, all 11 players on the pitch need to show pride and determination to succeed. Poch played the most attacking hand he could when he made the changes in the second half - Soldado, Ade, Lamela, Erikson, Lennon, Paulinho all on the pitch and we still can't create chances? Too many of them not playing anything like their full potential. You can't lay it at the door of the manager all the time. The useless bar stewards should feel embarrassed.

    Tin hats time at the Emirates!
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  18. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Absolutely. I don't think the blame lies with Pochettino, but if results, and more importantly performances don't pick up soon, questions will be asked.
    The problem lies with the players. Not interested, not good enough. Two tin hats needed on Saturday.
  19. big fran Guest

    Of course there is only one man who can answer all these bamboozling questions. One man and one man only. With a deep knowledge and understanding of the game that many of us fans are too fickle to understand and can take the positives from the form of this current side that we simply cannot see. Step forward the man with a self confessed ego bigger only by the size of the font on his capital letters. Step forward Mr Ramos..
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  20. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I am not sure Ramos would find too many positives from yesterday. We were dire.

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