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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Mattj78, September 21, 2014.

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  1. GazzaSpurs Guest

    To be honest all of the comments are very similar and don't vary too much from last season. I happen to agree - defence is poor - where we're Fazio and Vertonghen who looked so much better. Midfield - great we have a multitude of holding players who can go sideways and backwards. Incisive attacking - must belong in another era. Marauding wingers - well one who can run sideways and then pass to a defender and one who determines where the opposition is most heavily populated and then runs at them like a demented chicken. Strikers one lacking so much confidence he needs help tying his shoelaces, one so young and naive he needs to be told when and how to tie his shoelaces and one who thinks you are only meant to try on a Bank holiday because that's what determines your pay.
    Oh Lloris is good - poor chap.
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  2. alI Guest

    Sad thing is we all know the problems but we have a stubborn little man running our club who won't do anything about it. We are a joke. How can we demand top four when we don't buy players for top 4. We need a striker - loom at the players we went to our so called rivals and were available in the window - some we couldn't afford but remy / Costa / wellbeck / lakaku / etc / falcao / balloteli / to name a few and we play with a make shift back 4 - we sold Dawson and kept kabul really where's the sense in that ? Where is Davies - fazio stambouli - We are going to get turned over next 3 games and this season will end up a relegation battle
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  3. seamusbonner Guest

    Same old problems. Ordinary lazy players with no heart. Mopo has to shoulder some of the blame for not playing Vertonghen, Fazio and Strambouli. Soldado needs a run of 6 or 7 games in a row as well.
  4. johnnyhrvat Guest

    Have to agree with the article although Lamela can beat one man, even two or three, but he never beats the last man!
  5. Andy Guest

    This team will never do well when they play without a creative play maker in midfield.

    In the past we had gifted playmakers like Hoddle, Gascoigne, Micky Hazard, Luka Modric, Ossie Ardiles.

    Now we have players like Paulinho who isn't capable of passing the ball.

    Where is Ryan Mason? He is the best passer of the ball at the club. He is also our best number 10 by far. Bring him into the team against Forest to get some game time.

    Only Mason, Ceballos and Pritchard are players that would get you off your seat. The rest are not good enough apart from Lloris.
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  6. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    From what I have seen of Mason, he is a great passer of the ball, and I agree that there is no reason not to give him a shot and I would give him that shot on Wednesday against forest in the cup.
    I was expecting Pochettino to really give our youngsters a real chance, as he did at Southampton, but I keep seeing the same old players in the league games.
    The kaboul issue is beyond me to be fair, and he again was poor and did nothing to show that he can organise and lead this squad of players.
    Why Fazio and Stambouli were not even in the squad is strange. I have yet to find anything that tells me that they were injured and therefore cannot see why at least one of them was not in the squad.
    The defence and striking options have held us back for at least the last three seasons and why this has yet to be rectified is a question that really needs to be dealt with, whether it be. By playing the new signings, or going into the market in January.
    The arsenal game is always a massive game and I am sure the players will be up for it, but if we lose and lose badly.....well, I simply start to wonder when this club will actually move forward.
  7. butler Guest

    I take my hat of to you all for your hope that things would be any different . Since Harry went we have been awful bale saved us in his last season since then it's steadily got worse and worse the players we bought are no good enough lamela is weak paulino is **** chadli is a championship player soldado doesn't work with our system . We needed a new striker we could all see that we need a Fabian delph type player maybe stomboli will be that man do you see any spurs player ever bollocking another one or kissing the badge levy slowly got rid of all those players . I can't see a change anytime soon and with arsenal and city coming up I fear double figures remember Wigan when we was good and exciting we could be on the other end of one of those hidings . Levy for me has to take the majority of blame not a football man a business man it's sad to say but no Hart no guts no fight no spirit no passion no desire and sadly no clue .
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  8. I agree. We need to play Eriksen in the middle like we used to with Modric. He is not involved as a number 10 when we're having such dire games. And the other plus is we'd only have to endure one complete midfield donkey from Dembele, Capoue, et al, rather than two. And we should have kept Carrol as Eriksens back-up. And Ade is a bad egg. Doesn't bother most of the time but he's problematic to drop. If we got points for every time he stayed on the floor like he's at the beach, complete with his Ronald Macdonald impression... I could puke. Did Southamptons' players act like that last season? Of course not! Poch would've gone mental. Like Sherwood did, trying to get a performance out of this side. Our players WILL NOT follow instructions. Not for AVB, Sherwood and now Poch. We know the game those managers spoke, respectively, but with some similarities, such as high pressing and showing some desire. Yet we get the same dross. How many games have we played over the last 30 months where we've shown next-to-no goal threat? A first shot on target in the last 15 minutes? Albeit a soft one... We are shocking. Super shocking.
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  9. Sirhotspur Guest

    I agree why buy new players to improve the defence and then drop our one decent defender verts and pick as first choice chiraches and Kaboul something is not right. POCH got the job cos he persuaded levy that he could get the best out of the players and I think he has achieved that today cos they are a pile of sh*t*. We need a striker badly soldado will never be the answer he is not right for the lone strikers role. Ade today was at his worst disinterested. And as backup we have Kane who would not be a starter for any of the top 10 in the prem. Yes levy has a lot to answer for the manager never has a transfer budget only the money from player sales spurs have banked a large sum of money in the last few transfer windows. Levy and co want to sell so I say good riddance you are stifling our once great team one league cup in the 14 years they have been in control but we have a fabulous balance sheet shame it can't defend or score goals COYS
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  10. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    It is the lack of chances created that is of the most concern. There is a staggering lack of width and the play in the final third is very dull.
    Look, it takes time to build a new system, but it am not seeing enough signs of positivity within this squad of players.
    Bring on the Arsenal!!!!!!!! ( must win game)
  11. shakes Guest

    I can't believe that poch has players like stambouli fazio davies ect not even on the bench these players should be starting stambouli was our best player on Thursday and come Sunday his sitting in the stands... Really sorry to say this but I don't think poch gonna be around much longer... He has to pick our strongest team every week and wen a player gets injured then slot some1 capable in but at the moment his playing with 2 if not 3 different teams... GUTTED ABOUT THIS PERFORMANCE ESPECIALLY AFTER SOME TOP TEAMS DROPPED POINTS
  12. marc Guest

    I so agree...levy is the root to the problem....again we failed to buy another striker..and im sorry I would have kept defoe also....this is a terrible team!
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  13. cby Guest

    So much dead wood in the squad - my God am I the only one who thinks Paulinho isn't a footballer? I think he's a fraud, maybe just a good actor? Chiriches isn't a premier league player, Capoue regularly loses interest as does Adebayor (but we all know that) - Baldini what a mastermind, completely wasted our chance to sign top quality players to finally make the step up to regular top 4 finishes, instead he buys in 7 players with no prem experience, what a joke we are. Poch needs at least a year to get his team together but Levy will sack him before he gets the chance
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  14. Camel Guest

    Levy was sitting with a child during the match, makes me wonder whether this was a tactic to deflect abuse from the fans. This is the type of man who is running our club.
  15. The Fuzz Guest

    For the Manager to Choose Kaboul as Captain, speaks Volumes of The Managers Credentials??? Spurs in Shambles
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  16. Any manager who includes lennon in his squad should be sacked as soon as possible.
  17. Hotspur24 Guest

    Complacency must be the only reason why verts, fazio and stambouli didn't feature, they are being rested for the forest game!!!!! At this rate the arse are going annihilate us next week if we line up with same bunch of no hopers. To make 10 changes from one matchday to the next is ludicrous. These young whipper snappers should be fit enough to play week in week out, especially for there over inflated salaries. I cannot see how we have improved since 'arry. Adebayor is a waste of space and kaboul, rose and chiriches are a joke. Need to play verts and fazio at the back, stambouli as holding player with 2 strikers. Soldado needs games, but playing on his own is not the system. I cannot believe we have thrown 6 points away over a week, what a difference 6 points would have made. Anyway, we will beat the arse 4 -0 -always the optimist!!!!! COYS.
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  18. MP - Dubai Guest

    What a shame - the whole team MUST have their salaries docked including Levy and MP - they are all to blame - Crisihes instead of Vertogan ? No passion no love - the lot should have seen the West Ham display sheer desire and passion. Its all about scoring and trying over and over - the team has no idea even how to use their feet..In short, I conclude - sorry - nobody can or will save Spurs - save us and the generations to come the heartache.. please close the club for good! Say what you wish.. I have no. absolutely no hope. Arsenal . Chelsea and City .. wow they will eat us alive!!!
  19. ANDROSPURS Guest

    A very bad performance,we have become a very average team after loosing to the bottom of the league team. Were are our new signings,why diddent they play?i hear everyone complaining about ade,when the rest of the team is completely ****,the defence was ****,the mids were terrible,and the attack? There was no attack! Spurs are an attacking team and need 2 even 3 up front. Wake up poc before its too ****ing late,im dreading the arsenal game,they will **** all over us.
  20. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I really wanted to get some positives into my review of today's game, but I simply struggled to find any. Lamela is far from the finished article but he did at least show some skill and good running with the ball. Once he tidies up the final ball, and some of his decision making, he will be a great player.
    The thing with today was that so many of the team failed to turn up, and considering they didn't play in the European game, or at least only as a subs, tiredness is just not an excuse.
    We started fairly brightly, as we have done in most games this season, but after ten minutes, we simply became pedestrian and I am still waiting too see this high pressing game we have been promised.
    We showed little width, very little creativity, and some of the tackling, passing and decision making was just non existent.
    Although we only lost by one goal, our lack of chances was galling, and we actually played better and created more against Liverpool.
    I remain confident things will be okay, but my confidence is starting to dwindle. We must beat strong forest team on Wednesday and then it's the gooners. I don't know about fingers crossed, I will be crossing everything I can!!!

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