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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, May 10, 2021.

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  1. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Spurs need to showcase their assets. At least to demonstrate that they can play to potential buyers.

    Spurs will buy a CB before they sell any player because it is a necessity. The rest of acquisitions will come after players are sold out and proceeds are counted. Spurs will not buy more than they sell moneywise. Ings is a possible Harry’s replacement, not a partner.
  2. Preed

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    If as you say Spurporter that spurs won’t buy until they sell this means we will kick off the new season with the same dross as last year and the rot will set in.Levy has made it almost impossible to up date the squad in time because of his mismanagement of getting a new man in.I have not noticed a rush of offers for any of our players
  3. THFC Guest

    I agree that the management of this period, particularly given it’s importance to the new manager, is somewhat odd.

    If we are to sell, especially defenders, we need to get it done ASAP and get the replacements in, to allow Nuno time to work with them.

    Leaving things to the very last minute is not shrewd or clever, it’s quite destructive to the early part of the season.

    The same applies across the pitch but in particular with Kane. It’s not clever to play it tough until the last hours of the window because it will interfere with our season (no matter how much money we get). If we are to sell him, it should NEVER be to Chelsea no matter who they offer. We should then look at City and and play tough to get Laporte and Jesus + cash. They value them at £40m each so to get the pair + £100m is the very best Levy can hope for and would cover two spots we require without being totally ripped off because we have cash from any Kane sale.

    With our reputation around transfers, if we get cash only for any of our players we will almost certainly struggle to buy replacements and now is the time for Paratici to prove that he is the man for taking us forward. We seem to be linked with a cast of thousands but don’t appear to be making progress with anyone.

  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Considering those that played had no Euros and did feck all last season you'd think they'd be fresh and raring to go.
  5. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Nuno is not doing transfers, he is just a head coach. Levy is no longer doing transfers either. He hired Director Paratici. Paratici did do the preliminary work, it is almost complete, but transfer market is frosen currently. No one buys and as a result no one sells, practically. All the deals are agreed to, but none is signed. First, large dominos has to fall: is Sancho deal done? No. Just agreed to. Is Varrane sold to ManU? Nor yet. And so forth... So far sellers, like Real Madrid sold Ramos, but didn't buy anything. Spurs need massive activity level on the market to sell their players at the prices they would be comfortable with. At the prices atht would allow the acquisition of a replacements. Nothing is moving yet. Plus, no one can sell a player that hasn't returned from major turnament. You have to wait, it is not normal year. Bottom feeders have to start buying, so Spurs could ship Sissoco to one of them. They stay quiet. Some couldn't sell their young lads to top clubs yet... No one has money, except those with oil rich owners due to pandemic losses . One of them want to buy Harry Kane, not Lamela...
    Although Nuno said Spurs have a very good players, it is quite possible no club want them, unless given away for free ot close to it. It is a game of patience
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