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Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, May 10, 2021.

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    Nuno appointment confirmed.

    Chairman Daniel Levy: “First of all, I’d like to welcome Nuno to the Club. We should like to thank our supporters for all their patience throughout this process. I’ve spoken already about the need to revert back to our core DNA of playing attacking, entertaining football and Fabio and I believe Nuno is the man who can take our talented group of players, embrace our young players coming through and build something special.”

    IMO, the reason why Nuno was appointed. Levy: "No money to spend". Nuno: "Okay, no problem!"

    I think Kane is a goner!
  2. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    So it’s finally happened and as I have said I will give him a fair chance.He is not my choice as I don’t believe he will play the football we want to see but I may be totally wrong.But can any one believe the bull **** that Levy has come out with about out talented players. Who is he trying to fool or is this his not too subtle way of saying we ain’t going to buy much in the transfer window.I now want to see some serious movement of players in the next month both in and out or we will be struggling at the wrong end of the table and then this charade will start again.By the way while this is happening United have signed Sancho for 73 million .How come they are not affected by covid
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    Club posted a short Nuno video on Youtube and quickly removed it. Not sure if anyone managed to see it. In it, Nuno seems to be re-assuring himself, repeating "We're gonna make you proud!". He also said that "it's an honour to be here" while shaking his head.

    Kind of funny though. Maybe that's why they decided to remove it.
  4. THFC Guest

    Nuno on a 2 year deal isn’t bad…it could have been so much worse. He has acknowledged that we need to get to work quickly which is good. His favoured formation is 352, I hope he uses that.
    I’m terms of Kane, I still think if we can get Laporte, Jesus and £100m then we should take it. We desperately need a CB and Laporte is one of the best. Jesus would be a really capable replacement and can easily play one of 2 upfront.
    We would then have any money we can make from sales along with some of the £100m to try and pull another 4 or 5 players.

    Let’s hope that we can now sell Dier, Sanchez, Aurier, Lamela & Winks pretty rapidly to get some funds in.
  5. THFC Guest

    The way you describe it is a little out of context with the interview.

    Here is a link to the interview and he moved his head in that way all the way through:

    I believe that no matter what happens, we will see improvements over the last couple of seasons in terms of performances and morale.

  6. Big fran Guest

    The appointment of Nuno marries in with what we are right now. A level 3 manager with a level 3 side trying to break back into level 2(top 4). Poch and Jose level 2 and conte would have been level 1.
    Its another counter attack style which does not fuss me one bit as neither it did previously under JM. The transitions will be quicker, the pressing more intense with more players involved in the counter attacks with third and 4th man runners rather than kane and son working off scraps or individual brilliance. Nuno teams often press for more goals rather than sit back and protect. I don't think kane is dependent on which manager comes in that will more than likely come down to the ego of levy as we seem with refusing to sanction alli to PSG which probably cost Jose in the dressing room. If it's a 352 I'm looking forward to seeing two strikers in tandem one of which kane although I'm not against selling if we get the right deal and all funds along with other players go into the transfer pot as levy promised the other week 200m plus Laporte and jesus is a great deal including other outgoings winks, sanchez, aurier, sissoko, dier, lamela and moura. This system will be perfect for reggie, sessegnon, gio, tanguy and the front two. Add a right wing back, centre half, centre mid and another CF its the making of a good 11. The squad will be thin with so many outgoings so we would need to avoid injuries and throw the conference league and use youngsters in the early rounds of cups with very little rotation in the league. Big links now with julien kounde, aarons and tomiyasu. Ings or bellotti only a year left on thier deals be good cheap 20m options up top. Pellegrini centre mid captain of Roma 12 month left only and 24yrs old. Milenkovic of fiorentina around 15m with great potential and comfortable in a back 3 likewise ac Milan centre half Romagnoli left sided centre half. So many bargains out there with dwindling contracts so probably not a better time to sell kane and other flops in the covid era with so many clubs without and in need of money. The problem being rather than sell off our deadwood cheap to get them off the wage books, out the door and free up space for incoming on a proactive manner levy will play hardball and the manager won't have time to get his preffered targets.
    Kounde milenkovic toby
    Reguillon pierre pellegrini Aarons
    Kane ings son.
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  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I'm happy with the Nuno appointment he's a man with a plan who is experienced and has done well at 3 different clubs.
    It's clear that there's still people who can't grasp the reality of the situation we are in regards to how average this squad is and void of quality/direction.
    They'd hate Conte because he'd upset the wastrel loser players and their weak mentalities, so this appointment makes sense if we're to start yet another project.
    Still he won't be good enough for the Poch fan club who are still stuck in 2017 unable to understand what's happened since and why they're living in cuckoo land.
  8. Guest Guest

    You are out of context, I'm afraid because it's not the interview I was referring to. It's back on Youtube now. Morale for the young players will improve, I'm sure. We'll probably get more of Winks! Performance?
  9. Jose's Ghost Guest

    There will be no change in performance... results perhaps... the reactive defensive counter attacking style will very much remain the same

    Nuno is Jose Lite... although admittedly a much nicer fellow at heart
  10. Jose's Ghost Guest

    This is an awful appointment from a board that has clearly lost its way

    Nuno has been available for close to six weeks yet we bring him in just a few days out from preseason... that's all you need to know

    A return to the club's DNA? what a load of tosh

    Where do I sign up for ENIC Out?
  11. THFC Guest

    My apologies, I thought that was the one you meant

  12. THFC Guest

    He does mention very similar things and has a speaking style that seems to mean he is shaking his head at all times which is a bit random

  13. THFC Guest

    Fabio Paratici has said ““Our key points for this season would be to come back to discipline, to work physically hard, to develop our players, our young players and Nuno is very good in this job. He did a fantastic job at Wolverhampton in the last four years, developed a lot of young players and we have to remember players like Pedro Neto, Diogo Jota, Adama Traore and Raul Jimenez, attacking players who were not so famous before coming to Wolverhampton. Also, he adapted a lot of players for his system. Before Wolverhampton he was in Porto and played another system, 4-4-2, and in Valencia he played 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1, so he has this kind of open mind about different systems and players, which is one of the reasons that we chose him”

    I don’t think we can argue with that and Fabio has lots of experience that we will benefit from.

    Time to get behind Fabio and Nuno and hope we have a good year.

    Now for some player sales and new signings!
  14. THFC Guest

    Can you share the link to the one you are referring to as would like to watch.

    I’ve watched:
    Fabio -
    Nuno -

    Cant find much else yet

  15. At what point does Paratici mention anything about a return to the club’s core values of playing attacking football (as outlined by the chairman at the end of the last season as being imperative)? Formation for the most part is secondary to tactical philosophy... quoting formations means nothing in itself

    He doesn’t mention attacking football because he knows Spurs fans aren’t complete fools

    Nuno is from the Jose school... he will tell you that himself

    After rightfully complaining all season about our dreadful approach these last two years I’m surprised to see you embrace this as if you’ve forgotten all the dross that’s been served up and are ready for more
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Over the past 2 decades we've only been anything serious of an attacking footballing side in about 6 of out of 20 years.
    Both Arry & Poch with about 3 each, who both coincidentally were at the club when we had more than just 1 or 2 great players.
    This incessant harping on about attacking football is more a rose tinted mythical scenario.
    You're only as good as the talent you have available and their level of ability to play the game, which currently the squad is stockpiled with poor to average players.
    10 or more players need moving and improving on.
  17. THFC Guest

    I think Paratici has experience (based on the very little that I know about him and from what I have read) that has helped build Juventus into one of the strongest sides in Europe consistently.

    In terms of Nuno, I don’t think it’s fair to judge him as he hasn’t started yet. There were times when I’ve watched Wolves over the past few years that they have played some really good football so I am keen to see his approach and how we play before passing any judgement on him.

    I wasn’t keen on JM but gave him the chance to show how he had changed etc…the fact was he hadn’t changed and reverted to type, which is why I wasn’t happy with him.

    What I do know is, I really did not want Southgate or Martinez so this is better than it could have been at this stage.

  18. Guesty Guest

    I'm happy that the search is finally over. And as noted above....that it isn't Southgate or Martinez!

    I will back Paratici & Nuno and give them a chance. Whether DL splashes any cash will remain to be seen. hopefully Kane will stay....and equally hopefully we aren't waiting for his sale before we bring in some much needed quality. We have a few we are interested in.....and if we can get rid of Winks to Villa that would be a start
    Doherty will be an interesting one. If we play 352 will that improve him? (and return him to the player Nuno had at Wolves)

    I did watch Nuno's statement but I never really read too much into those as day one excitement is always positive.
    It will be how the players react. If they get behind him as a squad that will be a better sign. Hopefully the early training sessions will show the players are up for him....and the season ahead

    we can only live in hope!

  19. Jose's Ghost Guest

    Spurs enduring ethos to play with style and entertain is well established regardless of whether certain managers have failed in that regard over the years

    Attacking football is a philosophy distinct from how good you are... you've seen a Championship side like Leeds embrace it... does it honestly need be said Spurs are good enough to do likewise (as was blatantly evident to anyone paying attention at the end of last year)?

    I don't want to hear the chairman proclaim how important our history is and then turn around and piss all over it in desperation as he has done once again

    I'm not sure why you're happy either... we sacked your golden boy Jose and replaced him with a B grade version of himself... the definition of insanity
  20. Jesper Active Member

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    No matter the manager I'd say that the squad is not good enough to have a good chance for top 4, my concern for the coming season is that maybe the neighbours will overtake.... They've had even worse transfers than Spurs for a couple of years but their youth-development wasn't put on hold for a couple of years and now they have some good talent pushing for starts.

    From what I've read then this new manager seems to prepare well. He seems like a good manager, the question is what he can do with the current squad. Top 6 & maybe some exciting cup-runs.
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