Report: Lallana & Shaw may choose to link up with Pochettino at the Lane

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by George S, May 28, 2014.

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  1. George S

    George S New Member

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    Mauricio Pochettino may not be the only person to swap the south coast for north London this season, with the Guardian reporting that Tottenham Hotspur may try to tempt Adam Lallana to White Hart Lane.

    Pochettino was only confirmed as the new Spurs head coach yesterday on a five-year deal but work has started immediately to get the squad ready for the new campaign.

    Lane pending for Lallana?

    The Guardian report that Tottenham have been monitoring the progress of Lallana and are aware of Liverpool’s interest in the England midfielder but despite this, they will explore the option signing him.

    Spurs feel Pochettino may be able to influence the Southampton captain into moving to London and rejecting an opportunity with Liverpool or the chance to stay with his current club.

    Luke Shaw is another being linked with a transfer away from the Saints and now his former manager has taken the reins at White Hart Lane, a move for him may be forthcoming.

    Wrong move for duo

    Former Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier doesn’t believe it is in the pair’s best interests to switch Southampton for Spurs, though. He told talkSPORT: “If those two decide to move on, with the talent they’ve got, they’ll move on to clubs that are already in the Champions League.

    “Not sides that will have to challenge to be there next season. Luke Shaw has been linked with Manchester United, who aren’t in the Champions League next season, but, with their history, it won’t be too long before they’re back in that top four.”

    Although Le Tissier feels Lallana and Shaw should not move to Tottenham, another former player can foresee the latter joining his old manager.

    Pochettino’s pull could be key

    Gary Pallister, a former Manchester United player, spoke to talkSPORT today and conceded that the relationship Shaw has with Pochettino could damage the young left-backs potential move to Old Trafford.

    Pallister said: “He [Pochettino] has that relationship with Shaw already. I heard Shaw saying how delighted he was to play for him and what he has done for his game.

    “It could be a spanner in the works for United, who were said to be close to doing a deal for Shaw. If you have got that personal insight into a player and that personal relationship, it gives you an added advantage."

    Shaw and Lallana aren’t the only Saints being linked with a move to Tottenham, Jay Rodriguez is another who could be a target for Pochettino. Daily Mail state that the forward may be number one on the Argentinians wanted list.

    Jay Rod on the list

    The performances of Southampton last season were easy on the eye and they recorded several impressive results. The trio mentioned all played a massive part and were exceptional throughout the campaign.

    However, would they all be good additions to the current crop we have at the Lane? Even though Lallana was phenomenal at times, would his signing have an adverse effect on Christian Eriksen who blossomed in 2014?

    Buy Southampton players listed or look elsewhere?
  2. autinjean Guest

    Lallana has stated he is only interested in a top 4 (CL Side) big club which you aren't and Shaw will only move to a CL side with potential to win the whole thing.
  3. ceejay Guest

    Not MU then!
  4. Well Spurs are more consistently in the top 4 compared to Liverpool. And forget Man United who also just gave evra a new contract not that spurs need lalana we have Lamela ella ella ay ay!!! Ha ha ha
  5. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    We can't offer them the wages of the other clubs. I don't think either will come to the Lane but will be ecstatic if they do. Jay Rod would be a good buy.
  6. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Links to Lallana and Shaw are an obvious topic and too easy for journo's at the mo. Both very talented players but I wont take it seriously just yet.
  7. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    To be honest the most appealing thing about signing either man, apart from the fact they are both clearly good players, is that they are English and I would love to see Spurs return to that policy of signing talented English/British players.

    But the kind of prices that the Saints are asking for these two, on the back of ONE good season, is SCANDALOUS!!!

    Listen, Southampton have the right to charge whatever they like for their players, but do I think Spurs should cough up £27m for Luke Shaw (after signing Bale for £5m rising to £10m) or £25m Adam Lallana who has ONLY played one season in the EPL? No, no and no...

    If Spurs have that kind of money floating around, they could EASILY go and find better value in Spain for example. Iker Muniaín and Antoine Griezmann would both be REALISTIC targets for Spurs should the club feel the need to freshen up in that particular area. Both players are EXTREMELY talented individuals who at 21, and 22, are ONLY going to get better. While Adam Lallana (with the benefit of EPL experience) would cost reportedly around £25m-£30m, I imagine that both these players would be valued SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper due to the state of the economy in Spain, at between £12m-18m, each.

    Even a cheeky bid for the MASSIVELY underused Isco at Real Madrid, or Pedro who is available for transfer at Barca would represent better value, in my opinion, than AL, and probably cost, roughly, the same amount if reports are to be believed.

    Personally, I would be HAPPY to see Spurs persist with the current crop of attacking midfielders at the club, but I can understand Pochettino perhaps wanting to reshape the squad.

    I think if Spurs are to attempt to raid S'hampton, though, I believe they should lean more towards the talents of James Ward Prowse who reminds me a little of a cross between Modric and Scholes. Or another good choice would be Dejan Loveren. Especially if the club decide not to renew the contract of Younes Kaboul.

    Look, I am the FIRST person to suggest Spurs should target more English/British players, being a English club (hence part of the reason I would LOVE to see Fabien Delph in a Tottenham shirt, next season). But NOT at any cost. Especially when we are talking about players who are STILL very much UNPROVEN in the English top-flight.
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  8. AmGers Guest

    JayRod yes, he'd be a great buy for Spurs, a proven PL striker, who can also play on the left as cover for Chadli in a front 3 for example, and has pace, something none of our strikers have right now.Shaw is another I'd love to see, since he'd walk into the 1st team ahead of Rose, yet still has lots of time to develop into a great LB for us.

    But Lallana... I just don't know where he'd fit in. We have so many midfielders, attacking, holding, and box to box, that it'd be an almost redundant signing. I only realistically see JayRod signing, but maybe the relationship will be enough to bring Shaw in too. But otherwise, Liverpool can have Lallana
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Our defence needs sorting out first and should be a priority. Then we should wittle out all the half hearted non commited players, then we should look to adding some quality up top.
  10. big fran Guest

    Not sure I go along with those that say we can't compete with Utd for shaw when we took bale from under their noses when they were winning titles. Not sure he would demand big wages either but I wouldn't pay more than 20m I agree. Lallana likewise I'm sure could match any contract Liverpool offer but he wouldn't be my pick as I agree there is better value for money when u look at as Ramos says Pedro and griezmann banging in 17+ a season compared to lallana with 7. Miralles would be a better option for me if your looking for premier experience. Or welbeck who can also play upfront.
  11. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Miralas would be a good signing but I don't rate Welbeck at all. He would be a poor buy for Spurs.

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