Realistic targets: Spurs fans, who do you want to sign?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, July 8, 2015.

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  1. big fran Guest

    Think the Schneiderlin deal was one almost of hope really once utd got involved. Probably a deal that should have been done last season and would more than likely seen us ironically into the top four rather than utd getting it thus Morgans preference to sign for a CL club. Cabaye though is a deal that really should have been done. If we can snatch McCarthy and mirralles its been a decent summer.
  2. Burnt Guest

    So here we are again right in the middle of silly season , sign this fella , sign that fella , when in truth no matter who you sign its a gamble to a certain degree .. No one has a clue really how its going work out .. Veron , Shevchenko , Ballack , Robinho , Torres , how many of you would have been creaming yourselves if we,d signed that lot , didn't exactly go according to plan did it .. One to be wary of in my opinion , and he's getting a lot of attention on here is J. McCarthy .. Why is he worth 20+ mill , what's he going to give us that we don't already have .. looked hughly promising when he was with wigan ( a team that got relegated by the way ) but hasn't stepped up or really progressed from then for Everton or Ireland .. For me at the moment he's all hype and its debatable if he,ll ever forfill his early promise .. More likely to be the next Jenas than anything else i.m.o and one to avoid for the time been at least .. Just hope we have a better success rate with whoever comes in than we,ve had over last couple of seasons ..
  3. big fran Guest

    With benteke seemingly on his way to pool is anyone else a little worried as to whom else there is available left to sign.
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  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Alderweireld is a quality addition, wimmer n trippier promising? Maybe?

    A number of the deadwood being shifted is positive.

    But we do need at least another 2 big game quality players added to the team if we are to progress.

    Again were starting to get into slim pickings territory, with a not so clear hungry strategic transfer pursuit.

    We need a quality striker as an absolute must to rotate/support/cover Kane.

    DCM with a football brain is again a must. Minimum.

    We could also do with a bit of flair/scheme in the supporting 3.

    Its not masses to hope/ask for or expect from a club making profits year on year.

    Ming was stating about buisness in the last 2 weeks, yet again searching for bargains.

    Talk about after the horse has bolted. Same sh;t different window!

    Please prove me wrong......
  5. George H Guest

    I think that Tottenham have now got a solid defence, and that's what we needed as of the goals conceded last year, we need to make a move for a solid centre defence midfielder as we need someone to hold the midfield, Bentaleb is good with potential, however we need someone else they're with key experience. N'jile looks good and we are getting closer to his arrival after the departure of Roberto Soldado, we can't all depend on Harry Kane so N'jile is a great player and will suit well to are environment . A right midfielder is key for us this year as we have had good and bad moments from both Erik Lamela and Andros Townsend. We need a solid RM who can give Kane the opportunity to score, by getting a RM,CDM and ST will help us fight for top 4 positions. Pochettino needs to spend big on bringing in new players as we have sold over 5 players. We need them if we are going to challenge for the league title and Europe league. Therefore I think that by making these crucial transfers will help us progress not just in the league but in Europe and help this club accomplish more. Tottenham need to us there money smart, if we don't sign a CDM,RM or ST we are in big trouble and I don't want to see that, or do you lot. We need to buy them quick as we have 18 days and it's important to get them so we can make this season are own and compete with the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea , Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal.

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