Realistic targets: Spurs fans, who do you want to sign?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, July 8, 2015.

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  1. Dublin Spur Guest

    Unless I have missed it, I am surprised that nobody has mentioned Salah.

    I think he would be available for about £8 mill. The main doubt though, is that Cheatski are unlikely to sell to us due to previous bad blood. He is 23 years old, so I think the best is yet to come.
  2. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    I like Cabaye and think he would be a decent/good signing. But is he a player that is going to DRASTICALLY improve the Spurs team, or offer anything too much different from what we already have? Personally, I don't think so.

    Yes, as far as seeing a pass quicker than those already on our books in that position goes he probably has go the edge, but with Nabil and Ryan Mason more than capable of playing similar roles and fulfilling similar duties I think it would be a waste of money to bring in another playmaker UNLESS they were of EXCEPTIONAL ability.i.e. Ever Banega

    Cabeye is good, some might even say VERY good, but exceptional he isn't!

    Again, I know Spurs can't afford to go out and spend £30m-£40m on a single player, but I DON'T think the club should be looking for the 'cheap and cheerful' option either!

    All of the players I have suggested as targets would offer the team a serious lift in both quality and options, yet none of them would cost above £2om (with Sissoko probably being the only one to come close to that figure)

    Indeed, if I was Pellegrini at City I would already have gone about flogging the sometimes half-hearted and extremely expensive Yaya Toure and replacing him with younger, and equally as imposing figure of Sissoko.

    As far as Spurs are concerned though, I just felt that when Dembele DIDN'T play we just lacked a little bit of athleticism/ power in the middle of the park in certain matches.

    I also feel as though the Spurs midfield could do with someone who possesses a bit of an AURA. That means a player that when the lads line up with them in the tunnel before a game they can feed and gain confidence from his presence.
    And equally as important, a player that when the opposition are lining up in the tunnel, makes a few of their boys think ' I don't much fancy trying to shackle him!'

    Again, all of those players mentioned in my last post have that kind of PRESENCE (or are developing it) about them-and yet they all have their own individual, and very different, ways about carrying out their jobs.

    Listen, there comes a time when you HAVE to buy the kind of player that is going to give the club as a whole - players and fans alike - a MASSIVE lift, and that is why I have chosen them, because they are statement signings without forcing us to break the bank.

    Part of keeping the likes of Lloris and co happy, is by proving you are just as ambitious as they are as individuals. And part of proving that you are committed to delivering the type of success our top -players will no doubt crave is by bringing in high-quality, READY-MADE, talent for them to play with.

    I love that the club has a philosophy for want to buy and develop young talent but their HAS to be a BALANCE.

    That's why I think that, Spurs could do a lot worse than to take £40m up to Birmingham and bring back BOTH Benteke and Delph.

    £28m if you want to throw the likes of Ade and Tom Carrol into the mix.

    But 2 strikers (one young and one experienced) plus a CM is a must for me. Add that to the signings of Tripps, Wimmer, Alderwiereld, Dele Alli and the return of Pritchard ad I would say Spurs have had a VERY good transfer window.
  3. Rusty Guest

    Got to strengthen the attack.

    - Carrasco and/or Shaqiri on the wings
    - Daestro and/or Berinho or someone equally young to develop with Kane or high sell on value... keep Bobby as an attacking mentor
    - McCarthy partnered with Bentaleb.

    Must go's: Ade, Townsend, Kaboul, Lennon, Chichres (sp?)

    Bring up: Alli
  4. big fran Guest

    Benteke a monster on his day but where would play him in our current system?
  5. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Trippier and Alderweireld are good additions to the back four and I would like to think that De Yedlin will not go out on loan and stay and fight for his place as competition in all positions is essential for a successful team.
    We now need two strikers. Assuming we sell Soldado, and I see no reason why we would keep him, other than Kane we have little to offer up front. Pamela may come good but I don't see him as premier league material.
    People forget just how good with the ball Kane is and playing him u front with Benteke would not be a problem of any kind. In fact, it would frighten defences.
    Then also bring in a Charlie Austin and you have three strikers who can do serious damage in the premier league.
    Maybe add Delph to the equation and a decent not out and out winger, and we could have a event season. I still think Poch needs to be less stubborn with his tactics though if we are to get into the top four and challenge for silverware.
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Bentaleb and Mason are bang average players that are not going to grow into the calibre of player that will kick us on. Therefore we need 2 Quality Consistent CMs and we need at least another striker coz lets face it Kane having a dip in form or injury n were f*cked.

    Now Alderwield is in the bag, Cabaye, Schniederlin, Benteke then even I would have reason to be genuinly optimistic
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  7. Dublin Spur Guest

    Bentaleb is barely 20 years old. He is the youngest player in a young team. You may be right, but as most players peak at about 26/7, I would not advise you to put the mortgage on it.
  8. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Benteke would offer us PLENTY of different options upfront. Infact, any striker who Poch considered capable of regularly leading the line (other than Kane) would.

    I won't go into all of the different ways in which it could effect the style and dynamic of the team (because i'd be here all day) but I think everybody would agree that it would be beneficial if Pochettino got to put his own stamp on the teams attacking department, in terms of personnel, if he can.

    Look, as well as Kane did last year, it would be a wise move for Poch to sign another striker if he doesn't feel that Soldado and Adebayor can REGULARLY lead the line for Spurs.

    Kane needs SERIOUS competition. And if he was to suffer through loss of form or injury/fatigue we need a replacement

    Spurs are likely to play a lot of football next year and therefore need a SQUAD that Pochettino feels can trust, and rely on, enough to effectively rotate.
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  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Thats all well and good, but we are supposed to be a professional sports team in a top League competing for european trophies, domestic cups and top 4. Waiting 5/6 years for not just 1 but 3/4/5 players to peak (if they do) who are all in our starting first team isnt going to achieve any of the aforementioned.
    Its a lovely idea that people wana pin their hopes to and then theres the real world where quality experience and consistency get the prizes.
  10. Jonesy Guest

    I'm with u Felon.

    So we need a solid and proven midfielder; clearly Schneiderlin is the preferable option - but unfortunately the most unlikely. So McCarthy or Delph would be an upgrade on Mason or Nabil.

    As for wide players, Bolasie and Mirallas are realistic and worthwhile targets. Then up top, Benteke; keep negotiating Danny boy!

    Also glad to see we got Toby over the line. #COYS
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  11. Dublin Spur Guest

    I can't really follow the logic of your argument here. I know there are better players than Bentaleb, but considering his age, he has great potential. If as you seem to be suggesting, that we only use players who are already the finished article, where will the next Harry Kane come from knowing that he will have to wait until he is about 25 before he becomes first choice. Effectively, it would mean the end of the youth development policy, which for me, was probably the brightest part of last season.

    Even if they stuck around, we don't have reserve team, and there is a limit of three over age players in the development squad. I am not saying that we should stick with all our young players, but I noticed you comment that, "Bentaleb and Mason are bang average players that are not going to grow into the calibre of player that will kick us on", and I do disagree regarding Bentaleb" How many "average" players were holding down a regular place at age 19 for Spurs? He's only recently passed 20. When Schneiderlin was the same age, he was playing in the Soton Team that was relegated to Div 1.

    Using that as a form line, I'd have to say that at the same stage in their career, Bentaleb is streets ahead of MS. The irony is that if we got rid of him now, in about four years we will be looking to buy a player like Benaleb to replace MS assuming that he maintains his age related performance against MS.

    I am aware that some players are early bloomers while others are late developers, but as I read your post, I can see us selling him and then in about four years when we are looking to replace say MS, looking at him as a potential replacement for a lot more than we sold him for.

    BTW, regarding your opening sentence, we are competing in all these areas, though we do tend to come up just shy on most occasions. But as I pointed out on another thread, had Mansour not thrown so much silly money at Mancs, we would almost certainly have been in the CL five of the last six seasons, and with the extra cash, that would have generated, we might even have won a few things. If you think about it, for most teams, it's about waiting for the teams above them to implode. Prior to the arrival of Redknapp, how many of us would have believed it if we were told that within two years, you will start a sequence where you will finish ahead of Pool in five out of six seasons? We are not so much waiting for the teams to implode, as trying to get that little extra to to compensate for the disadvantages we face in relation to the top four.
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Lets not get this mixed up- the only reason Bentaleb & Mason play any part in our 1st team is because the senior players ie dembele paulinho capoue etc were poor underperforming and uninterested, it was more through desperation these 2 have/were given a chance (and altho their effort has been a breath of fresh air) this was not some master plan as the gloss overs like to portray it as.
    Again in the real world of the Premier League in Professional team sport outside the Spurs bubble of excuses and talking up the dross, Bentaleb & Mason should not be starters in our 1st team at all and had the aforementioned seniors been used or managed properly then these 2 bang average players wouldnt get a game. Niether would get a game at any of the other 6 teams around us, not now and not in 5 years.
  13. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    And yes we do come up shy of trophies and top 4 etc and this is because we have to many incosistent, inexperienced, limited weak links throughout the side
  14. Dublin Spur Guest

    And you don't think that it has anything to do with the fact that the top four have (1) A 75k Stadium, (2) a 60k stadium,(3) A sugar daddy who sees his team as a vanity project, (4) ditto who were also given a state of the art 50k stadium almost for free?
  15. Dublin Spur Guest

    Well Bentaleb just signed a new 5 year deal yesterday, and apparently played hardball to get a very big pay rise, so it would appear that the professionals disagree with you. All I can really say, is that time will tell.
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    No its because we have a Charlatan in charge who has a flawed transfer strategy, a very poor choice in managers and dofs. Who oversaw a tragic miss spend of the bale money, and every window fails to sort out the glaring deficiencies within the team Window after window, and when his latest flavour manager falls short due to this they get the chop and it all starts again
  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Are these the same professionals that bought Soldado to play as a lone striker in the quickest most physical league in the world?
    The same ones that spent 90mil on soldado paulinho lamela capoue & chiriches?
  18. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    How did that work out again?

    And to think people like yourself were giving it the 'they need time and patience' etc
  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Credulous optimism is nothing but foolish.
    We all hope to win the lottery 1 day reality is 99.9% of people could play all their lives and wont win.
    To survive/thrive you dont just buy lottery tickets and hope.
    Most sensible people go for a the solid option of reliability to provide what they want/need.

    And just so we dont drift off point this relates to football, we buy mainly hopefuls not reliability end product.

    This has never and will never be a recipe for success.

    And stop crying about Stadium Sizes etc, we as a club of our size and stature deserve better than the Bentalebs & Masons starting in our 1st team. Thats not dreaming its fact!
  20. Ramos43

    Ramos43 Active Member

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    Anyone who has been using this site and reading my posts over the years will know that I have NEVER been anything but a proud Spurs supporter (especially under the stewardship of the fiercely ambitious and driven Daniel Levy). Through the good times ,AND the more challenging!

    Well days like today are exactly why!

    When I started supporting Spurs in the early 90's I always dream that the club would one day be in a position where it was able to compete, and overthrow with the best teams in the Land.

    Slowly but surely that dream is materializing... Exciting times. COYS

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