Realistic targets: Spurs fans, who do you want to sign?

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, July 8, 2015.

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  1. bigfran

    bigfran Member

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    Following the sales of Brazilian flop Paulinho and the underrated Capoue only five of the so called magnificent 7 remain and I'd also expect a further 2 to follow at a loss of course in Soldado and the kamikaze Romanian skipper Chiriches are we starting to see a semblance of a much more balanced squad rather than a mismatch of mishaps.

    A case for the defence

    The transfer of Toby Alderweireld looks not only one of class but also one that actually makes sense with his ability to cover a few positions but also brings international, European and premier league experience alongside a close friend in Belgium counterpart who he forged a solid partnership with at Ajax previously.

    All the back four positions now look to have solid back up and competition going into the new season in what was a problem horror showing over the last campaign. I like how MP seems intent on building from the back.

    Clearing of the decks

    Over the last week three centre midfield's have already gone with the overrated enigma of Holtby returning home and Stambouli the next seemingly to follow through the exit doors of White Hart Lane you would surely feel the club have at least one big(ish) signing to be unveiled before the end of the month.

    James McCarthy is very strongly linked and is a player I admire but how much different to Bentaleb is he? More a destroyer than a deep playmaker that we require.

    The Schneiderlin link won't go away until United finally match his price tag but we now have the space and funds and guarantee him first eleven football each week.

    Apart from that there doesn't seem an obvious target in that area we are desperately so week and in need of if we are to kick on..

    My question is this. Who would the members of the forum like the club to realistically target and sign?
  2. Dude. Guest

    I'd like to see another winger or versatile forward as well as a central midfielder.

    It would be nice to get Jesé on loan from Madrid. Morgan should be a priority for the midfield. I'm looking forward to Mitchell pulling some diamonds out of the rough
  3. alphi Guest

    The only quality striker i can realistically see spurs pushing for, that would tick all our boxes would be Edin Dzeko.
    City are reportedly holding out for £20m, bargain as far as i can see.
    Come on Levi don't let this one get away!
  4. azas Guest

    If we have signed toby alderweireld then really we only need a cm. Striker and maybe a left winger. The cm needs to be more defensive . I'm going to discount Schneiderlin as he is off to man united. I'm gonna go for william carvalho and christian benteke in an ideal world
  5. COYS1983 Guest

    I think we still need another RM,CF & CM,
    personally i'd like to see us get Cabaye, but doubt we will mainly fue to his age & lack of sell on value, Salah would be a good purchase if we could get him at a good price (doubtful I know) & up top I cant see any real top striker wanting to come due to playing 2nd fiddke to Kane so I think we should get 2youngsters, namely Guddetti (sweden u21 striker, also a free agent so not to big a gamble) & one other (not sure who though).
  6. manush Guest

    Sign yannick he is supposed to be good..We defo need midfielder and a striker to help kane the opposing teams will do everything they can to stop him this season
  7. rchaste New Member

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    Cabaye seems like a good signing to me. Understand hes not that young anymore, but proven in the premier league, so seems a no brainer. Also still would like us to go after Rabiot. On the wing, I think we should go for Shaqiri. He had amazing stats at Basel and Bayern - think if we can get him around the 12m mark it would be good value.
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  8. bro. Guest

    in terms of the midfield i would love to see spurs sign shaqiri! he can play on both wings and through the middle, would like to see them sign rabiot as well. and for the attack i think llorente would be a good addition as well as either mitrovic or embolo.
  9. Will Indo Guest

    Atm after paulinho holtby and capoue sales and stambouli is going soon, realistically spurs need to buy midfielder. Real target is delph and mccarthy. Dream target id like to see moutinho in spurs shirt
  10. big fran Guest

    I like Dzeko too although he is getting onto the wrong side of 30. However I feel he could bring about the same problem as Benteke that he can only play as a lone striker in MPs preferred system of one up top.
    Ok yes they could be rotated with Kane and partnered up with on the odd occasion. But are we really in a position where we could have a 20m striker who would be on 80k plus a week who demands to start each week?
    We could take a route that Chelsea have in recent seasons with ageing back up forwards who ain't fussed to play week in and out( we already have two of those I know) but Papiss Cisse Demba ba spring to mind
    Or b) a promising young foreign import Timo Werner or Mitrovic who wouldn't expect to immediately start
    Or finally my option c) as stated in the post at the top- a more flexible attacker rather than a like for like CF who can play accross the supporting 3 and cover as a no 9 when called upon Berahino Miralles Rodriguez Jovetic to name a few
  11. hard at it Guest

    let's give Alli and Pritchard a go in mdifield. Winks and McEvoy too in the cup
    Forward.....Austin or Dzeko
  12. Fatspurs Guest

    I would like us to buy nzonzi in dm. We can get cabaye to cover eriksen and ashley Young on the wing.
    I still think we need two attackers, I would be happy with Hernandez or enzo Perez from Newcastle.
  13. Fatspurs Guest

    Austin or dzeko will not work in our system both are slower than Kane, we need players to work towards our system.
  14. ma1234 Guest

    I think if we get TA from Athletico then we have a nice looking defence, although I think our goalie may still be off.
    I think our midfield is looking good too. I like Bentaleb and Mason with Stamboli, Winks, Pritchard and Carrol as backup.
    What I think we need is a couple of tricky pacey wingers.
    I would like a couple of Spanish guys : Valencias Plablo Piatta and Bilbao Ibai Gomez . Tricky little pacy wingers who might give us a different dimension with soldado who I think might come good.
    We have to get rid od Ade as he gives us nothing. I`d like to be proved wrong but he is so inconsistent.
  15. marshie Guest

    In Alexander mitrovic and Berba (bench warmer or Lambert)!

    Out Soldado, Adebayor, Lennon, Chirichas, Kaboul and Stambouli

    Pritchard, Carroll and Alli all to become part of the first team!
  16. zizu Guest

    In: Carrasco - A.C. M, Fekir - OL, Mirallas - Everton, Berahino - WBA, Tom Caroll need a first team break .

    Out: Adebayor, Soldado, Ben Davies, Stambouli, Lenon, Townsend, Kabul, Chiriches, Fazio, Dembele
  17. JF THFC Guest

    Striker is a position we need to fill as Kane is our only viable striker currently... I would go for Aleksandar Mitrovic from Anderlecht. Only 21? Great goal scoring record with Champs League experience a bonus... Also he is a physical presence standing easily above 6 foot, which is what we need playing a lone striker system as we've seen with both Soldado and Defoe that strikers with little physical presence upfront alone do not work out for us at all.... In midfield I believe we need a sole destroyer that is a big presence in the centre of the park, we've been linked with Mario Suarez from Atletico who is this type of player and at only 8.5 million it seems a good deal... We Need winger support as what we have aren't great so either Miralles, Shaqiri or Callum Mcmanaman would be my options as all are very direct wingers who can assist AND score goals, it's a wishful list and none will probably come but i tried to stay realistic with the targets I have listed..
  18. HoogleSpur Guest

    I say we are 3 signings short still. (Dream World & Real World)

    One Striker - DW: Benteke or Lacazette, RW: Llorente or Mitrovic
    One Winger - DW: Cheryshev, RW: Shaqiri or Carrasco
    One Defensive Midfielder - DW: Schneiderlin/McCarthy, RW: Mario Suarez

    I think we should be looking for PL experience with the DM as it's such a crucial role in the Poch system.

    Also it would be ideal if the ST could also play anywhere in a front 3 (Like Lacazette). I also like Jovetic but he's probably out of our wage and price range.
  19. josh_b

    josh_b Active Member

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    I'm not the only one that wants Sharir then, good! Don't expect Soldado to leave - but it appears Dembele and Townsend might.
  20. andrew Guest

    I disagree with almost everyone that commented. Get NOBODY on loan! Only buy players for the future. Cabaye is to old! I like having a young team great for the future. So should keep it that way! CM , THEN A VERSATILE PLAYER THAT CAN PLAY ANYWWHERE ACROSS THE ADVANCED MIDFEILD POSITIONS, THEN CF. Realistically i would personally like to see James McCarthy with Bentaleb in the middle of the park. I feel that would be a good partnership. Don't feel Mason is ready yet to be starter every week. Then Yannick Bolasie on the wing or anywhere across the attacking three. Then charlie Austin.


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