Quick positives and negatives following Palace win

Discussion in 'Featured' started by voiceofreason, November 11, 2018.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    What a ridiculous statement, I hope your proud of that one.

    And you're the self proclaimed 'reasoned analysis' haha
  2. voiceofreason Active Member

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    If I say Lloris has been playing woeful, your on it straight away "the negativity Lloris is sh...t" blah blah , but when you question his place it's ''reasoned analysis"?

    Not true- you are referring to me criticising you for switching from Lloris is shite to Its only because of Lloris that we won the next game!

    No rage, don’t worry! Just constant bewilderment that you look for the worst all the time regardless of the results- I guess we are just two different version of the 50% glass - half full or half empty

    I don’t disagree that maybe we could have done better with new signings, we also may have done worse but the fact that we are still in the mix is great

    TBH I wouldn’t be shocked if it went in either direction from here- serious push for second (I think first is already a done deal) or a poor run that puts us struggling for top 4

    We’ll see

    Anyway I’ll try and take your negativity for constructive criticism going forward and I think we both hope you have reason to post only positive posts for all our next games and hope I don’t have reason to post negative ones
  3. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Let’s stay respectful eh Felon- it’s just a forum for us to share views and agree or disagree as is our want
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Of course , and there is plenty I agree with in your post before this 1.

    I see things like this, your either trying your hardest to achieve or your just selling a lie.
    Not investing properly in the 1st team for many a season now (despite having had a few top 4 finishes) shows a complete lack of drive to win. (If we were putting some investment in I'd be less harsh about things)
    I don't think or see the burning desire to win trophies from the club , the bar is quite evidently set at being competitive and all the championing of best starts , away wins , record attendances etc is just finding something that no other big club would care about to cheer and thats because the club doesn't deliver anything else.
  5. Big fran Guest

    This article was not written (at the time )...
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    And I quite clearly said a couple of weeks ago.
    And this article does mention continued best start ....
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  7. Big fran Guest

    Well it is still our continued best start is it not? And last time I looked Bournemouth are no longer level which is your comparison by the way... So again its not relevant to the article.
  8. guesty Guest

    ...imagine if we were bottom 4 not top 4 ;)
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  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Are you still going Fran, all I was pointing out is that while our fans were cheering a best start a couple weeks ago the mighty Bournemouth had exactly the same points.
    You then asked where are they now?
    To which I answered should they still be level with us ? Considering the size of both clubs...
    You said shouldn't they? Indicating they should be level with us despite agreeing that we are the bigger club.
    To which I then explained that them keeping pace with us is a bigger achievement on their behalf than one for us to shout about.
    I asked you if you were going to recount the time we had our greatest ever start to younger supporters ? You didn't answer - because you know as well as I do (I hope) that unless it leads anywhere it means relatively f all and is hardly something to be yapping about.
    Then your saying best starts weren't part of the article and now your saying they are....

    On paper it maybe a best start for us great , how exciting you must be beside yourself knowing we've now finally shaken Bournemouth off and left them behind what an achievement.

    The football has been dull, we've scraped wins we've barely deserved vs poor opposition and it's only a matter of time before this season pans out like the last 10+ years.
    Finding reasons to be cheerful just smacks of desperation.

    I'd be happy to eat my words if anything of any note comes to fruition but I'm too long in the tooth to see anything happening differently.
    We've flunked the CL, we won't be winning the league, unless we take a domestic Cup seriously and can get past a semi and hold our nerve in a final we won't be winning them either not that any1 seems to care anymore, and that leaves us with the number 1 goal our cameos in the Top 4 making lots of money that's not going back into the 1st team.

    That's the reality of the situation and has been for too long. So forgive me if I'm not jumping about coz we scraped a few wins.
    I'm happy for u that u are....

    Is this wrapped up now?
  10. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Doesn't the fact that we're now apparently more concerned with Bournemouth than with City or Liverpool show that we've already lowered our sights from the giddy heights of a couple of years ago? Yes, we've somehow stumbled unconvincingly to our best ever PL start, but absolutely no one thinks we're seriously challenging for the title, and the only question is whether we can hang-on to fourth - maybe, but I'm doubtful. Ten years ago, our current position would have been regarded as wonderful, but today aren't we allowed to raise our expectations without being dismissed as unrealistic fantasists? Surely we should be able to build on recent relative success, not watch it trickle away back to 'best of the rest' status? It's funny how the people who want more for Spurs are branded pessimists, while those who accept second-best are the good guys, the glass-half-fullers!
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  11. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Spot on, it seems that accepting your never there and finding things to cheer that No1 else would is the Positive thing to do....
  12. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    The other thing that seems to be completely delusional is this we're building bit by bit, season by season for the ultimate goal of winning the EPL and CL.
    At this pace realistically how long will it take to overtake the likes of City and Barcelona with out putting some serious investment into the side and paying proper transfer fees & wages (wether agreeing with the obscene costs or sugar daddies etc or not, the reality is you spend to win without it your flogging a dead horse)
    Whilst we are doing things at a severe snails pace maybe a point here a later round there every single club we're looking to overtake are not waiting for us on this now debt burdened adventure we've been saving up for and are now set out on for the next decade.
  13. Gordon Mc

    Gordon Mc Well-Known Member

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    Jumping in here again - I see merit in both sides of the discussion currently progressing; and my last post on the Hammer Time thread points to this - seven wins out of eight on the road is a fine showing but really to be expected considering the (mostly) brock, bottom-of-the-table sides we've played. The reason we sit where we are, to my mind, is due in large measure to a fairly kind fixture list. I'm not unhappy overall but know that we've far sterner tests to come and considering we've been beaten (albeit narrowly) by the only two quality sides (not forgetting that Watford shambles) we've played to date I'll wait for a few wins against stronger sides before considering progress, or lack of it, so far. Like I said before, B+ on the report but still missing quite a bit.
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  14. Big fran Guest

    Went to the North West spurs supporters legends night on Friday with Paul stewert, Keith burkinshaw and Graham Roberts so just like to share a few things Roberts said given his strong links to the club...

    The stadium... An announcement will be made on this in mid December and will be the final one from the club. He reckons man utd will be the first game which is what I got told a few month back from someone with decent links to the club.
    He also went onto say he visits the stadium once a week and it is absolutely mega. It is hard to describe how big the stadium is and Will be the best stadium in world football. He doesn't say its guaranteed to be a game changer but the estimated 1 billion cost has been blown out of proportion as much of the cost is not of the stadium but the redevelopment of the area such as residential flats and retail outlets etc which will pay for themselves very quickly more so than the stadium itself will recoup the outlay. There are 3 blocks of flats with 300 apartments in each. The first block will be sold to cover the cost of the 2nd which will also be sold. The third will all be rented out at 100 per cent profit.

    Transfers. In MPs last contract it was agreed formally that he has full and final say on transfers. This is why no players were signed in the summer as they were not attainable.. Whether that be down to money or not is another matter.

    Trophies.... Levy does know and understands that fans want a trophy and wants that also. Roberts agrees with the fans that we need a trophy and should be priority over top 4. He reckons we must win the Europa league if and when we drop out of CL as its only 4 ties to win it as opposed to 25 more league games or so. Winning the league is not impossible given were only 5 points behind and the injury problems we have had but still unrealistic given city's strength and consistency but fa cup and league Cup certainly achievable.

    Future of the club... He speaks to MP regularly and given the control he has over the running of football matters and his desire to take us into the new stadium and move spurs on a level he doesn't expect him to leave anytime soon regardless of rumours. Roberts believes the club most definitely will be sold within 3 years probably to the Americans due to the NFL links and this could very much be what is the game changer the club needs.
  15. Cheshuntboy Guest

    If Big Fran's source was someone other than Graham Roberts, the positivity might be a bit more credible, but Roberts seems to be ENIC's off-the-field enforcer as much as he was Burkinshaw's on-field version, to judge from his frequent vitriolic tweets attacking any criticism of the current regime. I loved him as a player, and certainly wish we'd had a few more like him over the past thirty-odd years, but can't take him seriously as an honest broker where Spurs today are concerned.
  16. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Thanks for that Big Fran. Sounds positive, loved Roberts as a player, could see Dier stepping up to that role a bit!

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