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    The most gut wrenching aspect of the Newcastle loss was seeing such legendary players make an appearance before the game to honour the memory of Billy Nic. The clueless and spineless display that followed was an embarrassment to this club and its supporters. But sacking the manager, who has a five year contract by the way, is not the answer. And calls for Sherwood ? FFS.... Its too late to start calling for FDB now, or any manager of that calibre, none would touch this club so Poch it is and we all knew that this new and unproven, inexperienced manager would need time, a lot of time. I never wanted this manager and called for FDB but when we appointed Poch I decided to back him 100% until he gave me reason to doubt him. I still want to back him and I still want to give him a chance to grow into the club and take it somewhere but I do have some serious doubts about his decision making skill and his abilities to see the need for changes and make them. So far he's doing exactly the same as AVB with his one formation and style and tunnel vision approach. Saturdays game with that opposition as well as the sense of occasion deserved an attacking game plan. Where was the two up front for a home game ? Harry Kane scores a fine hat trick mid week and was primed for this game. Why are so many under achievers undroppable ? Why do we continue with three no10s pretending to be inverted wingers ? Don't get me started on the substitutions. This is down to the manager. I still want Poch tobe our manager because I want to see some stability at our club but FFS do something different, make a simple decision, and stop this rot.
  2. daveb Guest

    as a qpr fan you can have harry back he will only bancrupt you
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    Not a single win in the PL since August. A lucky win against west ham, a draw against the mighty Sunderland who've since been whipped 8-0 by So'ton , a loss to west brom, Newcastle and liv'pool at home scoring just 1 goal and another hammering by man City and do you see us getting any better? What signs are there to suggest we're improving?
    A manager who's way out of his league at Spurs with a shite philosophy and clueless when it comes yo team selection and tactics. At least Sherwood had a bond with the club and told it exactly as it is rather than bullshit the fans with shite like 'we need to change the mentality ' as the clown said after saturday's loss...yeah cos everything else looks like it's coming together (NOT!)
    How laughable that Newcastle, a club in crisis as everybody says, are just a single point behind us and QPR just 4!!!
    What are the odds on us gaining more than 3 points from our next 3 games against the might of villa, stoke and hull?
    Or scoring more than a goal a game? (if we're lucky!!!)
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    I am going to admit it, I fell for the hype surrounding Pochettino. I believe we should give him to the end of the season and then have an evaluation then and decide to sack him, keep him for another year or wait out the contract. Tactically our team is atrocious, the 4-2-3-1 doesn't work and we desperately need DeAndre Yedlin i'm not blaming dier as he is a centre back but he is not right back and it shows. Play 2 up front being kane and soldado then eriksen and capoue in the centre of midfield and Lamela and a new signing on the wings. Also Personal wise sell adebayor, lennon/townsend, Paulinho and Chiriches/Kaboul. These players should bring in enough funds to sign a winger (Konoplyanka, Depay?) and a centre back. I've supported Spurs all my life and this cycle is getting a bit diabolical. COYS
  5. Jerome Yid Guest

    Flawless point mate.

    Except for the win against that much lauded Southampton team, which you've ignored/forgotten.

    I can see us getting better yes, competing at Man City was something we totally failed to do last year. It's inconsistent I agree but that will come with time.

    Tim Sherwood, the Arsenal fan, who had such a great bond with club.. I do see what you're saying here but Sherwood was universally hated and had to go.

    'Everything is coming together (NOT)'. Well we should definitely sack him. He's had all of 3 months, and it's still not coming together you say, Christ, we should have a protest or something after having to endure 3 months of transition.

    I'd quite happily take a bet with you on getting more than 3 points from our next three games at whatever odds you like..
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    Are you serious? In what game have you seen us actually play well in the league? I laugh when i read about how we did 'well' in drawing against Arsenal and how we beat Southampton. We should be beating the likes of Southampton week in week out and certainly scoring more than 1 against them.
    11 goals scored in 9 games. Our two main strikers have 2 each and our '3rd' striker is on form but he still can't start a game while our main strikeforce die a slow death week after week. The reason we feel sooooooo f***in angry right now is because after spending a huge amount of money in 1 and a half yrs we have gone backwards while everyone else has surged ahead leaving us behind.
    Are we any better than when Redknapp left us? No!!! Are we playing anywhere near the kind of football we were under him? Hahahahahaha!!! Are we scoring as many goals as we were under him? Hahahahahahahahahahha!!!! We have gone backwards and i for one cannot see anything to suggest we will or can improve. Let's be honest here because i can honestly say that we are absolute shite!!! I've nearly fallen asleep during most games i've watched and that never used to happen under Harry. F**k me guys if you really think that this absolute clown is the best manager out there for a club with our f***in history and status then we might as well give up and just allow our club to drift back into mid table mediocrity again!!!
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  7. Pochetino was never the right choice in my opinion. He lacks the neccessary experience needed to guide us in the top 4/5.

    AVB wasn't sacked for those who insist on saying he was. He left by mutual agreement There's a big difference.

    The players brought in with the Gareth Bale money. in particular Bobby Soldado. This player came to Spurs finishing 3 rd top scorer in La Liga. Behind Messi and Ronaldo. Players of this calibre dont become **** overnight. Soldado isn't a flop. He's never been played as he should. He's a poacher and needs balls in the box to feed off. He also needs a strike partner. What he shouldn't be, is played as a lone striker. It's not what he does.

    Back to the manager.... As his predecsor AVB he doesn't have plan B. S'hampton fans made this quite clear when he left them. Why did Levy and Co sign him ? easy, he'll do as he's told and he was cheap. Recent reports are quoting the manager as saying the problem we have at home is the pitch is too small. If this is correct then I'd say it's time to go. The new training facility has an exact replica of the home pitch. The players train on it every day. It's not the pitch. It's the managment/coaching thats to blame.

    I dont think in the 9 Prem league games played so far we've played the same 11 players on the pitch. There is no understanding. We've gone from the likes of Redknap playing the same 11 every game to a manager who clearly doesn't know what 11 to put out.

    The manager need to take a long hard look at what he's done so far. He needs to look at what's working but more importantly what's not working and put it right. Stop making excuses and sort it out. My guess is. If he doesn't, he'll be gone before Xmas and Tottenhams revolving managerial door policy will continue. The club will of course continue to be viewed as the laughing stock it became when ENIC decided it wanted instant success but didn't really want to keep the players of the ilk of Bale, Modric, Berbatov, Carrick, VDV to achieve that success..... They only saw the sale on profits.
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    About Adebayor and Pochettino:
    So he finds booing demoralizing. Try paying good money to watch this ****; that's demoralizing! What was Adebayor's excuse for poor form and lack of goals when the fans were cheering him and the rest of the team week in week out trying to encourage them? Aren't the fans entitled to boo players who are -- I won't say earning -- being paid 10s of thousands of pounds per week and giving nothing in return? He says he would prefer to play away; then go away and play. Don't stay on the hallowed turf of White Hart Lane and expect to be cheered for doing nothing at all, every single week. And take the rest of the lazy goodfornothings with you. And don't forget Pochettino. Take him too. Two weeks ago he was quoted as saying he reserves passion for when he is in bed, and this week he says he doesn't feel pressure. Well, if he can only feel passion at home in his bed, and not when managing Tottenham Hotspur, then he is clearly in the wrong job. How on earth will a man who fails to feel or show passion, impart passion to his players? Today, he says he does not feel pressure! Is he joking? Only a complete fool would fail to feel the mounting pressure of managing a football team so well loved and for whom such great expectations are held as Spurs. No wonder the team isn't performing; no wonder the fans are booing. Get someone in there who understands what it means to manage a neighbourhood football club or to turn out in the white shirt of Tottenham and play at White Hart Lane. These people have no idea of what Tottenham means. Upset by booing! And today, Adebayor tells us its no one's fault, its just that we can't understand what the manager is trying to impart to us. Some fiasco. Levy: step in and find a Spurs manager and some fellas who can be made to feel the pride of stepping onto that pitch. Get us a leader in the dressing room; get us a leader (or two) on the pitch.

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