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  1. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Apologies for the shocking headline!
    However, whilst I have said many times that the manager needs time, and I still believe that to be true, you do start to wonder what happens when managers get the tottenham job. It is is starting to look like they all lose any sense of reasoning, tactical nouse or just simple football ideology.

    Tottenham way

    Pochettino came to White Hart Lane talking a great game. We will attack, we will please the fans. Well, other than in Europe against second and third rate teams, there has been next to no evidence of this.
    It takes time to put your stamp on a team. Unless you are Ronald Koeman whose club sold nearly 100 million pounds of talent in the summer and currently lie second.
    A year previous, a spurs signed 100 million pounds of talent and the rest is...quite literally history.

    Blind alleys

    On Thursday, Lamela scored a wonder goal. Today he ran in to blind alleys, was knocked off the ball and as much as that goal was incredible, it means nothing at all in the grand schemes of things. Lamela is talented, but he is simply going to have to work harder.
    Chadli also runs a lot but doesn't go very far. His volleyed effort today was laughable.


    While even Pardew admitted that his sub scoring in less than ten seconds was not quite in the script, what he did was give his team some firepower. Spurs went 2 - 1 down and left it until 8 minutes from the end to bring on Soldado. That is appalling man management. Eight minutes? When Soldado and Kane came on we looked like we might just snatch something, but the second half was a display of managerial and tactical ineptitude.

    But please don't blame Daniel

    I have been lambasted several times for my views on our wonderful chairman. I accept that everyone has an opinion and is fully entitled to it.
    However, at the final whistle today, a lot of boos were aimed clearly at levy. The club seem to have very little direction other than going backwards. Some will still say that levy has done a wonderful job, a great job and turned Spurs into one of the greatest names in Europe.
    Let's all have a reality check. Spurs have just completed the worst start to a season since Ramos. He was sacked, someone took over and took us to seventh from bottom, then fourth, fifth and fourth, including the champions league quarter finals.
    None of this is Daniel Levys fault.
    And if you believe that, there is really no hope left. None at all.
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  2. spurgatso Guest

    Poncho waste of space,we at least won some games under Sherwood.Levy is partly to blame he hired Poncho.If you thought last season was one to forget,grab a bottle of Scotch or some magic mushrooms cos this one going to be even worse.
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  3. Rob.stphnsn Guest

    Have you not wondered why all managers have a hard time in the Spurs job? It's pretty simple really. To many mediocre players, players that have skill but are not suited to the Premiership.
  4. ultrapunch Guest

    Everybody keeps saying Pochettino needs time to turn it round. Why? Did Koeman need time at Southampton? Did Harry Redknapp need time when he took over after Ramos left Spurs in the relegation zone? No

    Spurs have a good squad. Not a great squad, like Chelsea's, but a far better squad than either Newcastle, or WBA yet we couldn't beat either of them at home and hardly managed a shot on goal in either game. It's always possible to lose to an inferior team at home, like we did to Newcastle a year ago under AVB, but at least the Newcastle goalkeeper played a blinder last year. This year he hardly had a shot to save!

    Pochettino has a very poor CV as a manager. Just one reasonably good season at Southampton and one at Espanyol before he got the sack for poor results.

    You have to blame Levy because he hired him. He couldn't get his first choice, Van Gaal, so he signed Pochettino. Levy obviously thought anything was better than another mouthy cockney, but compare Sherwood's record with that of Pochettino's! We have regressed under Pochettino; gone backwards. Fans said Sherwood had no tactical nous, but neither, it appears, has Pochettino! Fans said Sherwood and AVB had no plan B; neither has Pochettino! However under Sherwood the team at least showed a bit of passion; a bit of fire.
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  5. ultrapunch Guest

    Rob, you say Spurs have too many mediocre players. But Newcastle and WBA have even more mediocre players yet they beat us at home and we hardly had a shot at goal in both games. Spurs have a far better squad than both Newcastle and WBA. No, the problem is Pochettino. He's another Continental coach who is out of his depth in the EPL. Another Ramos; another Gross. He'll end up getting the sack, just like the rest of them. For every success, like Mourinho, there are more failures like Ramos.
  6. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    I will be honest and say I though poch was a good fit for Spurs but his managerial record isn't great as you say and indeed I myself said in the summer. I don't want to see yet another Spurs manager sacked but I wouldn't bet against it.
  7. Spurs are lacking mental strength badly . They need to toughen up more Sherwood was spot on about showing character. I expect Soldado, Adebayor, Paulinho, Capoue, chiriches and dembele to be up for sale in the next transfer windows. All of them are to lovely dovey twitter posting guys , full of excuses to lazy to learn english etc etc . We need to crave fear into our opponents heart are we will always be taken as a joke. We are miles behind the top four.
  8. SPURS 4EVER Guest

    Yet again we embarrass ourselves with a poor performance. This is our worst start since -One day Ramos !Where to from here it will be down wards unless the players and manager start earning the huge salaries that we pay them. Poorchettinooo does not seem to have a clue -he blames mentality but what about the team he picked. Only one striker upfront -make shift right back -inept mid fielders -a starlet who is inconsistent and flatters to deceive.!!! YOU MUST BE RUTHLESS MR.MANAGER -DROP THE DEAD BEATS AND TAKE OFF THE NON-PERFORMERS EARLY !!
    It must change radically. Players have got to be told put up or else. their is no urgency or hunger to win. the confidence is lacking and in the premier league no one gives you a second chance. Soldado MUST BE SOLD IN JANUARY -he is a flop and is an expensive one at that.We need to have two strikers up front and also a ball winning midfield duo who can link up with the defence , the flanks as well as the strikers. the defence must be tighter and quicker , no one seems to cover each other. Keeping the shape is important and the speed of the opposing wingers must be matched or closed down.

    Today we showed how mediocre we are - last week we missed penalties and opportunities to score today we missed the mental aptitude to play as winners.

    Come Poorchettinoooo change it quickly --- our you will be changed.!!!
  9. cochise Guest

    It is amazing how a professional top class coach cannot see the obvious. The problem in the Southampton game was the midfield namely Lamella and Chadli. They were abysmal yet the coach persevered with them until it was too late. It looks like our current coach is another in a long line of Spurs' managers failing to do what is frustratingly obvious. If we cannot beat teams like Newcastle (missing many of the their best players) , WBA (did not win a game until they met us - Newcastle too hadn't won an away game since God knows when) and drawing with Sunderland (recently thrashed 8-nil) we are in a real dire situation (potential relegation candidates?). God help us!
  10. Stanley Guest

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  11. digiyid Guest

    To be outwitted by two a penny managers is convincing enough about Pochettinos ability and quality. I was praying all of the last season please no Pochettino. Please Levy dont be a sucker for media hype and stories. And he did..

    if he appointed De Boer and we were in this situation I definitely would support the guy and say give him time. Purely because he has got a few achievements be it a poor dutch league therefore worth doung so.

    Pochettino is a completely wrong appointment and Levy should have known this.

    I despise Redknapps ridiculous comments but I will make him unfortunately right about him being successful at Spurs.
  12. Alan king Guest

    Is no one's fault. Football is fixed. All game's are up to the bookies . Unless you are money city or cheskie. Cos these 2 clubs are run by play boys. They can match anyone with money in world football. So that is why they will buy the league for the nex 30 year's . So is all about makeing money in football. All fan's are just muppets to these blood money sucker's . My kids play rugby. I would watch kids playing rugby any day . I would not go and watch a top premier league game for free even if they paid me . To all fan's that think football is real. My friend has a betting company. I have seen how the people at the club's and bookies all rigging game's

    Does it matter if we got the best manager for the job. We will not be getting anywhere who ever he is cos we are a club that can not pay a player 300 grand a week .money talk's

    Levy levy levy out out out
  13. ravspur Guest

    Southampton look like they can finish top 4 this season. Was Poch holding them back.
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  14. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Its usual to say that you cant truly judge the teams or the managers performance until at least ten games but I think after nine its all the same and its been very predictable. 4-2-3-1, even at home against a very poor and injury hit Newcastle. No width, no pace, the non existent inverted wingers playing centrally and tripping over each other to get to the same ball and no real threat from the lone striker. It didn't work for AVB and its not working for Poch. And lets not forget the high line with our slow, flat footed CBs getting slaughtered by anyone with pace, pick a side, left or right there's plenty of space behind the FBs. This is very AVB and AVB got sacked so yes its time to ask questions of Poch and why we are playing the very same way ? albeit with some differences, Poch is setting up with a top three of Chadli, Eriksen and Lamela, for me they are all no 10s and offer nothing from out wide and as much as they might sound good on paper im not so sure we can keep playing them together. Someone has to go so we can play two up front.
    We can talk all day about how to play and who but Poch is the man who has to make the tough decisions as well as keeping the team motivated and firing and I don't believe anything he has done thus far is working. Is it all down to the players and the lack of guts and character ? the manager picks the team (supposedly on form and merit), the manager sets the formation and tactics, and the manger is charged with motivating the team and knowing who wants to play, and agree with any criticisms that Levy hired him. So far its a FAIL.
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  15. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    FDB is indeed a proven winner and has done fantastically well in his time at Ajax in the league as well as in the CL. I don't rate this criticism that its only the Dutch league, Ajax are a top European club with a fantastic record and tradition of excellent football and development as well as a winning mentality and why did we completely brush FDB ? because he had the hide to come out and say he wanted to take on the massive challenge that is Tottenham Hotspur. Yes we all remember, he foolishly showed some enthusiasm for one of the most thankless and risky managerial jobs in football. Disgraceful behaviour even if it was from one of Europe's most promising and proven young managers.
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Another poor window where it is glaringly obvious to all where our failings were/are but were totally ignored again. DEFENCE & ATTACK.
    I still cant believe we have people saying what a great squad we have, there are sooooo many sub standard players in it its embarrassing. Our only next level 'match winner' is Lloris the GK which says it all.
    I said before the season started Poch was a dead man walking, not because i dislike him or want him to fail but for me we lack quality in abundance and that is where the problem lies. There is only so much you can do with the tools at hand.
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  17. foreverwhite Guest

    key to our success lies in consistency...i think poch is a good manager...even he finish outside top 10 i think we should hold on to him....because there is no other better manager available for us...poch suits best to us...
  18. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Agree, no one wants to see Poch fail and I still want to see him given time to make something of this team but this manager is and always has been a massive risk, he is completely unproven at this level and has failed at lesser clubs. Just looking at this years Southampton casts serious doubts that Poch can take all the credit for any perceived success and development, especially with a very talented squad that he inherited at the club. When are we going to see some decisive action ? when are we going to see players picked on form as promised ? when are we going to see attacking football ? when are we going to see some balls ? Agree that we don't have the best squad in the world but we are better than this.
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  19. les5tar New Member

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    Well being a Saints supporter if any of you had asked our opinions on MoPo as we called him it was always felt that he was basically a one-trick pony. His high pressing game, exciting to watch at times, became less effective as the season wore on because basically the players were picking up injuries and not being rotated to give them a rest. He was successful at Southampton because he had midfield ( Only Wanyama was brought in by him) that had grafted hard the previous year(Cork,Schneiderlin and Davis) that was used to a high tempo, but not necessarily pressing game under Atkins and Pards. As Spurs have found to their cost, but not a surprise to Saints supporters, MoPo doesn't have a plan B or C or D for that matter. I don't think Southampton won any game under him when they went behind. I'm sure given time MoPo may be able to make something with the talent at his disposal but lets face it Spurs have always flattered to deceive. Take away Bale and there was not a lot substance there. KAne and Mason may be the exceptions this season. But to all you Spurs fans who think that waving money and appointing the flavour of the month manager to bring instant success to the club are sorely deluded. Take a step back and build a team from your academy aka Southampton and then add the 'icing and cherries'. One word of advice - Patience
  20. RyanKay75 Guest

    My thoughts - long winded but worth a read.
    Chiriches, Kaboul, Lennon, Townsend, Paulinho, Capoue, Lamela, Chadli, Adebayor, Soldado, ... theres 9 players who i would happily ship out tomorrow. Eriksen has been under performing massively, but he still has something, glimpses if anything but surely he has more in the locker??
    Lamela, people saying he WILL come good, give him TIME ... my worry is that he has had A LOT of opportunities now to show what he can do, he has had a lot of game time and scored a couple of good goals against a useless team from Greece. maybe this really is the best of Lamela, maybe this is what 30 million actually bought us? like Chadli, he runs into trouble, forgets to take the ball with him, doesnt possess the strength required, always under hits his passes that my 6 year old son would even make.
    chopping and changing the centre backs is disastrous ... pick your main 2, and play them! change if forced to by injury/tiredness. wingers ... we lack serious width ... lennon may not have progressed how we wanted him to, but he provides some sort of width, even as a plan B from the subs bench, its an option to change it up. Townsend, for all his promise .. I can see why he has been out on loan 9 times, he just is not good enough. simple as that.
    Adebayor and Soldado i dont even have words to say, utterly utterly useless and Ade's attitude absolutely stinks. Give Harry a go, hes showed promise, whats the worst that can happen, its not like the other 2 are freely scoring.
    On of our biggest problems is that we DO NOT have goals from the team .. Chelsea, Arsenal (to an extent), City have atleast 2 midfielders capable of 10 goals per season, wingers that chip in with 7/8 too, strikers that score 15 and above consistently ... what do we have? its a worry when Chadli is considered our main goal threat!!
    So its fair to say, our squad is big enough to rotate, but why rotate complete and utter sub average players?? The summer window was a disaster, ignoring the fact we need an outlet, someone to carry the ball, someone to take on his man and create for the strikers that are NEVER in the box.

    Finally, tactics ... im not a manager, nor am i a tactician but we do not have a Plan B when the going gets tough. One of the biggest mistakes of yesterdays game was bringing on Aaron Lennon without bringing on Harry Kane at the same time. what is the point in bringin lennon on when hes job is to get the ball down the flanks and stick it in the box? ... we had NOBODY in the box at the time Lennon was on, it was only later that Kane came on.

    Defense is flat footed, un-organised, slow, and offer Hugo zero protection at all.

    Anyway, i need to get on with some work but feel free to agree or disagree with my thoughts. On a brighter note, atleast were not Burnley ......

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