Pochy Horror Show

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, October 2, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    To quote from my last masterpiece-

    "At what point do people acknowledge this ship has already hit the iceberg and the life boats have been manned?"

    This game pretty much summed up the last 6 years at Spurs , started with Promise got in a good position , missed a couple of great opportunities , then once the tide slightly turned all hide from responsibility.

    I'll start with a positive , we didn't for once start on the back foot or at snails pace. And took a deserved 1-0 lead.
    Bayern the quality side they are tried to get at us but we were making more clinical opportunities at the start 2 big saves by Neuer from Son & N'Dombele keeping us at bay.

    Now for the autopsy.....
    Both Bayern's 1st 2 goals were great finishes can't really blame lloris at all but both were systematic of sloppy play and ball watching from the Spursy 'Defence/Midfield' .
    The 40minutes HT whistle went in Spurs minds again while the other side played to the actual whistle.

    1-2 HT

    Then it began.

    (This was the tonking we've been avoiding all 2019 as the Ghost of AVB haunts the dug out.)

    2 goals of his 4 in quick succession from who else but Ex Goon Serge Gnarby (more salt for the wound sir?) who's pace alone exposed an aging and unorganized unmotivated unreliable back line quartet who's heads just dropped.

    A life line appeared from a 6of1 half dozen of the other penalty award for a foul on Danny Rose , Kane does what he does 2-4.
    Could there be a famous come back on the cards........

    Of course not this only inspired Bayern to step on the gas more , no heads down wobble let's feel sorry for ourselves.
    No because big clubs don't act like that, they smelled blood and went for it.

    In the meantime the Moody Fitness Coach rolled his loaded dice which landed on shoehorn CE and Lamela on and hope they don't play like they usually do before giving up the ghost n taking his other protégé Dele I only play in the CL & For England Alli off for Moura.
    Did it work? Does any of Pochs 'tactics' work anymore ????

    The answer quickly unfolded with Bayern just running through our defence at will clocking up 3 more goals in the last 10 minutes, and fortunate to get away with a blatant pen shout as well.

    FT 2-7

    Our worst ever home defeat in Europe.

    The 2nd half was an embarrassment to the shirt and fans of this club.

    It's time unfortunately to call an end on this Charade/Project, and it's also time fans stopped bickering and unite to oust the common denominator in all this Levy and unfortunately Pochettino is also a busted flush.
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  2. Thomas Guest

    No trophies but we set the record of heaviest defeat by an English team in a European competition, a record that is likely to stand for some time.

    I remember one Barcelona player, either Xavi or Iniesta saying that Pep Guardiola left because the players stopped responding to him.

    Looks like this is what's happening at Tottenham now. Sometimes a change is necessary to invigorate a club, whether it's refreshing the players or head coach.
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  3. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Can’t explain the feeling of frustration I feel at the moment because nothing will happen.Levy won’t pay up to sack pochetino and pochetino won’t resign and lose his pay off.Any other club would not tolerate the last 3months football finally leading to the biggest defeat in the champions league by an English club.I find it unbelievable that pochetino still has a massive support within the supporters who seem blind to his total lack of tactics and even worse his unbelievable substitutions.He insists on playing the diamond which leaves our back four under constant pressure and as any one can see they are not up to it.The arsenal reject gets 4 goals by the simple method of the ball over the hapless Aurier and pochetino does what to stop it absolutely nothing.I can’t believe that Dier would not make a better job of defending even if he not the total answer but pochetino only plays his favourite boys.Please you faithful poch lovers come and post your defence of the man or at least apologise to us critics for all the abuse you have thrown at us.come on spurporter what’s your excuse for this fiasco although I will admit you seem to be the only poch man with the bottle to post even when’s it’s misguided.
    A change is needed now even if only tactics as we must win our next two games before we go to Anfield or we will become relegation fodder as opposed to top four candidates
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  4. Pickleman1967

    Pickleman1967 Member

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    Agreed, it does look like the end of an era; last night felt very much like the bad old days of AVB's death throes. The optimist in me says we stuttered in the CL last season, before coming good, but this felt a tad more serious.
    2-7 at home? The score doesn't lie, we were dismantled in the second half. A serious challenge Poch; turn this fiasco around and I will worship you as the best manager on the planet. My instinct is that the thing is starting to unravel, beyond a simple change in formation.
    If it is the end my preference is for Brendan Rodgers. Just putting it out there....
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  5. Can’t argue with any of that. Been saying the same for months. Same players same formation and teams soon figure out your weaknesses. Attack us with width and you’ll get lots of joy. Dier isn’t a spurs player by any stretch but he’d happily sit in front of CBs and disrupt the opposition. Sissoko is strong enough to do that job he’s just not disciplined enough to sit there, he wanders/covers every blade of grass but leaves acres for teams to pick the ball up in the middle and stretch us to the point we are all over the place. Poch doesn’t seem to know what to do. He’s got away with it for a few years as our front 3 or 4 have been doing the business going forward. They now aren’t, none of them. Son maybe the exception!! As for the rumours re Jan/CE who knows!! Poch needs to adapt soon or he will be gone, if so I’d like to see Simeone brought in. He’d bring the intense pressing out of possession game back which creates space for us to do what Bayern did last night, and he wouldn’t accept no dressing room handbags..!!
  6. Chriss Guest

    Poch is still the manager to lead spurs longterm, many situations are out of his control.just look at the situation with Erickson,Poch cannot really plan with him he wants out so its upsetting the stability of the team He sold Trippier but he wanted to put foyth at right back after playing so well for Argentina in the summer so he sells Trippier and foyth gets injured again Lo celso gets injured playing for Argentina in the summer no luck what so ever Poch has made mistakes playing Winks has a defensive midfielder simply does not work hes to lightweight to be in that position he needs to play Dier there to protect the back four Get lo celso fit drop Erickson get Dier protecting the back four Foyth at right back chris
  7. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    Sorry Chriss but you are entitled to your opinion but we needed two full backs in the transfer window and pochetino wants a centre half to play there. He may turn out to be good but don’t tell me pochetino was planning this..You admit he plays winks out of position and he definitely can’t change tactics when things go wrong.I personally would like him to go to Madrid or united and then all the people who think he is god will get a rude shock when he fails. I agree that we have had bad luck with Celsos injury but sessingon was injured when we bought him. I would give Dier a game.as defensive midfield but poch obviously does not rate him and why are players who were highly rated two years ago now totally inept??maybr motivation????
  8. Big fran Guest

    Eriksen... Just no chriss. No no no. In centre mid even more no no no. As seen last night. Where on earth would come up with the idea of foyth given less than a handful of promising games there given that when he has made mistakes its usually been when he's been in and around the areas of full bk.
  9. Big fran Guest

    Personally I'd like to see poch without the common denominator which is of course Daniel levy.. He's failed every manager and employed some awful ones selling off the crown jewels at every opportunity. Two or three time he's failed to back his managers in January in league winning positions. Remember saha and Nelson anyone??
    Realistically that won't happen and poch will carry the can. Rightly or wrongly you can make your own minds up. He's made glaring mistakes I'd admit but I'm still not sure. If he does I won't be losing sleep.
    On this particular project it all went wrong selling Kyle walker to a direct rival in the process strengthened a rival, villanised him for daring to ask for market wages and trophies. It also sent out a msg to others they could follow suit. All the excuses are gone now the stadium is completely finished and up and running with the ££rolling in from extra revenue, record profits, 2 penny less windows, record net spend profits and close to 100m netted due to an unexpected CL run. The platform was there to enter the big league and the naming rights that were said to offset debts hasn't been delivered from the accounts genius levy.
    I really did think things would be different this summer with maybe 3 quality signings at RBk, centre mid and forward. Plus a few upgrades to squaddies ie GKN wanyama etc. Wrong again. Is that poch fault we don't k ow do we to be fair but he was happy to sign a deal for 180 k per week under them restraints that he understabably has to be judged.
    On his defence it looks like he has his set on a new formation hence the signings of two high profile mids in ndombele(looked class last night for 30 mins then again looked really really unfit?) and Lo celso who has been injured with probably sessagnon at left bk again injured so he's not had his best team available. However to play such a system you need high quality full bks which we have not and/or centre halfs who can defend well in one on one or two on two situations again we have none. Put the two scenarios together and play such a high back line against a quality quick attack the result is there to be seen. Last throw of the dice for Poch is to remove want away players from the 11 immediately play the young kids till January at least and see if they have the quality given a run of games to save plenty of millions because under the stewardship of levy the amount of money needed for a complete rebuild which is necessary just isn't there... Or if it is won't be made available. Your talking 200m to just replace Toby Jan Rose eriksen. None of which I apportion blame to for wanting out. That's before you look at a new GK. RB. CF. DM.
    It needs around 400mill in truth.
    It was another scatter gun window not addressing areas most in need and also in the hope of getting top dollar for ageing players with dwindling contract lengths and trying to replace with cheap alternatives late in the window and pretending to sign players like dybala to smokescreen the fans. All in all a disaster.
    If he goes I believe there are talented players at the club that if mourinho comes in with his defensive approach and work ethic could coach us into a more rigid, well drilled, cynical side that are more compact instead of a side that defensively is woeful and look like more battering on the horizon. The problem being he's a coach that as always relied heavily on money to spend. See the problem there?
    For the time being I'd go with something like lloris kwp sanchez tanganga rose dier ndombele alli son moura Kane.
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  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Just look at some of the work Leicester have done in the last couple of years , they've not been spending ridiculous amounts but they've bought good young hungry players, the exact types we should've been buying up to challenge our first 11 and look towards replacing.
    pereira, madison, tielemans etc

    There's no reason we couldn't of signed these players instead of the likes of non entities Njie Nkodou Aurrier Janssen etc why aren't we finding these talents while they're value ???

    In today's markets you either buy finished articles at top top money or you have to scout well , we do neither.

    9 of the side Pochettino started yesterday he had in 2015 and only winks was a bit part player then.
    That's the sheer lack of progression and is there anyone currently even challenging them for starts???

    If people can't see this for what it is they're delusional or blind.

    Failed to improve , stood still , went backwards.
  11. Guesty Guest

    Pochy worries me simply because he thinks Winks, Lamela, Aurier, Sanchez, Nkoudou & Foyth are first team material
    As good as the rest can be.....2 or 3 weak links in your team will always get found out.
    get rid of them asap.
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  12. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Overall a great in its thoughtfulness post I can sign under, including the quoted above. I do see problem with Mourinho
    Mourinho will not work with Levy, youre correct. Also Poch is stuck at Spurs. He now has to demonstrate he can control what is going on, regardless who is responsible for it, or he will have a tough time to find another project elsewhere. Where I differ, I believe he can do that.
  13. Big fran Guest

    Quite a few said that mourinho won't work with levy. Why is that I don't understand why? Not a yes man? Demands to win?
  14. Big fran Guest

    Extensively tracked and linked with perriera tielemens and maddison all pretty simple acquisitions and messed that up. How would the starting 11 look with them belaying BTW? Tielemens a glaring error for me. Remember we scouted both vermaelen suarez at ajax and turned both down. Had aubamayang in the training lodge and turned him down. Had extensive talks with hazard waited too long until the big boys came in and drove the price up. Offered 12m for martial when they wanted 20m. Looked and looked at Falcao lukaku..
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  15. Preed

    Preed Well-Known Member

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    I agree with big fran that we missed the boat with tielemens and maddison because levy thinks he can buy on the cheap but then he defies logic by overspending on Sanchez who may develop but was well overpriced on his performances so far. And then the piece de resistance paying a fortune for Aurier who is a total liability.I would like to know who thought these two would make us better because I can’t believe levy chose them and this says our scouting is pretty pathetic or pochetino cannot judge a player.when you add two strikers who could not hit a barn door and and two wide men who played about 10 games between them it really does not bode well for the next transfer window especially as Levy will play to the media with his reputation as being the great brinksman. Who pulls a dud out on the final day
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  16. Cheshuntboy Guest

    Looking back over Pochettino's five years at Spurs, it's hard to over-estimate how much he's owed to Kane's goals, and how little his own managerial qualities have contributed to our supposed 'success'. Right from the start, his own ventures into the transfer market produced at least as many total duds as even moderate successes, from Stambouli and Fazio to Aurier and Sanchez, and I refuse to accept his claim that it's nothing to do with him - no manager would just accept whatever Levy felt like pulling out of his bargain bag (but I've got to admit that £8.5 million per year would get quite a lot of cap-doffing and forelock-tugging from me, even to a creature like Mr Levy).
    Promoting youth is another catalogue of failure, with Onomah and Edwards, two of our brightest prospects of recent years, moved-on last summer, and only Winks making the step up to being an established first-teamer, the remaining academy prospects getting the odd game, but none having been given a decent run in the PL or CL.
    Worst of all are the young players who've clearly gone backwards, with Dier and Alli pale shadows of their 2017 selves (and if they can't even make the latest England squad, full of Chelsea reserves and assorted unknowns, doesn't that say it all?), plus players like Lamela, who've still not come good after five years of Pochettino's legendary coaching - the debt to Kane from 2015 to 2018 is immense, and it's no co-incidence that Spurs and Kane have suffered a simultaneous decline in the past season and a half, and without a generous sprinkling of penalties, Kane's recent goal tally would not stand comparison with his golden boot rivals, I'm honestly sorry to say.
    Poor use of subs, no plan B, stubbornness, inflexibility - the list of Pochettino's flaws is so long that it's seriously puzzling that so many Spurs' fans STILL think he's our saviour - none so blind as those that will not see, as someone or other once said - was it Harry Redknapp?
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  17. burnt Well-Known Member

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    Promoting youth is another catalogue of failure, with Onomah and Edwards, two of our brightest prospects of recent years, moved-on last summer, and only Winks making the step up to being an established first-teamer, the remaining academy prospects getting the oddgame, but none having been given a decent run inthePL orCL.

    You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear .
    Name one youth player that was good enough but never got a chance . It's another completely ridiculous statement from a catalogue all of your own . It's not like he let DeBruyne or Salah go now is it . There's a lot of things that can be thrown at Poch but not having a magic wand that can turn water into wine is a new one . If you want to blame him for the media's misguided obsession with his promotion of youth then go ahead . If you're supposed to be an example of one that can truly see and is not blind at all then God help us all .
  18. Big fran Guest

    Fact is you never know if they are good enough until they play at the level they are intended to. Kane after poor loan spells and a poor debut 2 yrs prior to his breakthrough was thrown in by TS and look what happened. We released des walker telling him he will never be good enough. Bale close to leaving for forest. Likewise JT Chelsea to forest very close for 500K. Marcus rashford travelled at 16th man despite an average youth career due to injuries starts and scores twice. Ashley Cole a failed winger plays left bk for arsenal in an injury crisis after poor spell at Palace. Bissaka another winger made his debut at FBk v spurs despite being a winger. Throw them in and see if they rise to the occasion.
  19. Cheshuntboy Guest

    The reason I referred-to the clear failure of the academy to produce first team contenders was because Pochettino is routinely and lazily credited with being a brilliant developer of young talent, with few if any examples to support the assertion. You've made it crystal-clear that you don't agree with me and strongly dislike me, and that's no problem, but opposing my opinions on principle really doesn't make for interesting reading - why not just ignore me, as you've previously said you would, and we'll all be much happier.
  20. burnt Well-Known Member

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    I agree but if Poch does this and it doesn't work then then the accusations are " well what do you expect when he puts out a Raggle Taggle team " . You only have to go back to the Colchester match to see the reaction . There's just no winning with some I'm afraid ...
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