Poch's window of opportunity

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by bigfran, June 21, 2015.

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  1. downthelane Guest

    There are some who think Levys alright, but he needs to keep transfers up to Managers / Coaches / Scouts ect. That aside he ain't done to bad with the ground, sale of players and management including the training ground.
  2. Jorden Guest

    Those stadium designs are great. The area is going to appear sharp, fresh and modern. The ground along with the team is on up though the Council must back the new redevelopment project.
  3. Paulinho Guest

    The reports out today say there has to be six sold before another signing can be considered. Though if we are able to do those deals and get rid of these squad players and sign some quality we might have a better chance this season coming. While knowing the management esp Levy this going to be a bit of a problem i think as lets be fair this bunch got us to the Europa, a cup final and had a decent run overseas but still lets hope we can shift them.
  4. ChrisK Guest

  5. Sport Guest

    Cor thats some digging Chris, Levy has done alright its just the transfer policy i have a problem with, but now i know Levy owns his own company! PATHE! LEVY OUT NOW!. Only joking! As for the stadium i think Levy has done well here. From me and i never thought i would say it, but well done Daniel lets build.
  6. BakerStreet Guest

    Facts are we bottled big time regarding transfers Soldado is a finisher poacher in the box, he ain't hit a shot out side the box since signing. Thus you require wingers hitting the by lines Bale, Lennon ect hit this each and every time and we love them for it but Nacer and Lemala anit those players hence there was no joined up thinking or nut shown on on the transfers. Levy maybe should not get sacked for overseeing 100 million of lost money but at very least several flushes of the thrown and extra paper you know har har har.
  7. Stambouli Guest

    My opinion of the new stadium with the flats ect, he's doing that cos its hard to build flats, hotels, stadiums out of bricks at this hight hence this steel effort. Do i like it? No. Do i think a more traditional stadium more like Aston Villa should be built? Yes. Though do i understand it and would i yield my traditional views? Yes. The new design is big post modern and it gets the nod from me, we should persuade the rest of the area to develop within this standard. Canary Wharf ain't a white elephant. I know the Council have plans this is great local Governance which should be supported by us. Its going to appear out of character in the short run but in the longer run the entire area could be modernised.
  8. mutley Guest

    The plans for the stadium are only an update the design of it has been agreed this was revision with increased capacity and extra housings with i think a new hotel.
  9. Rob Guest

    We have lost money in the transfer market recently but we did get that guy in from Southampton to help with transfers and some of the players being sold have got reasonable transfer fees. The net result is we have made some of this money back. The new ground is going to cost a load hence the other things included in the plans, and cos its residential they should make reasonably swift returns.
  10. GaryR Guest

    We should have put in a bid for Benteke cos part of the deal could have involved Adebayor. When theres class strikers for sale at that price we should have submitted an offer. As for the Javier Hernandez bid hmm not sure about him.
  11. RSS61 New Member

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    A tad harsh on Levy I think. His biggest mistake was in hiring Baldini. Bearing in mind that he was under huge pressure to do something with the Bale money, and Baldini stitched him up with the signings.
    Now with Poch, and the scout Mitchell I think the signs are that lessons have been learnt by Levy, and that we are moving towards a new future with younger players coming in, hopefully managerial staability, a new stadium, etc. Sure it will take a few years to start working, but its the only way when you consider what we are up against financially with the established top 4.
  12. RSS61 New Member

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    I'm not convinced that paying 32 mill for Benteke is the answer. He reminds me too much of Darren Bent. Good luck to Liverpool is all I can say, time will tell, but their record in the transfer market is probably worse than ours !
  13. RSS61 New Member

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    Very eloquently put !
  14. Grj89 Guest

    The thing is matey that the new stadium flats shops ect is costing £400 Million Pounds so if you think about it the magnitude of the transfer crisis costing at least £100 Million pounds of abject failure is quite staggering and Levy has not paid the price for it. And we love Levy for his pig headiness when mangers told him these player are shite? Yet those proven prem players moving for similar money to Soldado we must ask ourselves this who the hell is to blame for this shocking level of transfer flops if it ani't Levy. Flops, Soldado, Lemala, Paulino, Stambuli, Chriches, Fazio...
  15. shaun Guest

    Levy has acted well regarding the stadium, training ground and that side of things. Yes he's been an idiot over transfers but in his favour, solid transfer fees when sold and a proper decent stadium with hotels shops flats ect. But he should not get involved in purchases. My judgment is that he should not be sacked cos of the sucesses he's sorted out inc management, training ground, sponsorship and stadium. Though i'm yet to be convinced over Poch's management competence.
  16. Phil Guest

    We are going way off subject here. Theres some quality being brought into the club. Several more signings an attacking centre mid, a winger and striker and we should be right up there this year.
  17. Qunte Guest

    The reason we are not competing in the transfer market is due to the signings made by Levy, what manager who has left the club has ever said those players they were there choices, when Levy decided to spend the money hence the transfer mess at present. Though if we are able to buy the West Brom lad that would be a step in the right direction.
  18. ufoyids Guest

    Many names seaming new to me my thought is that its a yid with his own ain't levy agenda
  19. JakeR Guest

    The thing is that we must strengthen up front which i think we are doing. Though i would like an attacking midfielder also, i'm not convinced with Eriksen, Mason or Bentleb, there ok players but not game changers. We need a solid centre midfielder with guile. I also think keeping Lennon is a reasonable thought as we are going to have at least 45 - 60 odd games to play. Yet i'm not confident with the squad at present lets get that grandstand signing and for me its a centre mid that Levy should sign.
  20. penfold Guest

    Often when i think about signings i prefer youth i.e. Dawson, Lennon, King ect but i do think that a seasoned proven centre mid might be the answer. bty if Franky L was brought you wouldn't have seen me complaining.

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