Pochettino's principles could see him quit Spurs

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, July 19, 2018.

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  1. This article is definitely something to read from the Tottenham board.
    They are punching way above their weights especially when city, utd, and chelski are spending more and more money. Yea it would be great picking young prospect players like dele ali (we got lucky) but the more we wait for these big players to sign for us our kane's, toby's, ali's will have gone to the so called big money clubs like PSG, Real, Barcelona.
    It has to be said they need players now to compete against these big teams not wait for another 5 years.
    They have a really good squad there now that needs to weed out some of the poor once like sissoko. And add a big talent there. Someone of bale's calibre for instance.
    Sessengon would've been a great deal for us along with martial and keeping toby would be a real assets to keep and maybe a message to the other clubs that we are a big team that wants to challenge against the big teams.
    But with the world cup over now I hope we'll see more movement in the transfer market.
  2. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    I think Spurs have the huge signing done already. His name is Kane. Harry Kane...
    Who, do you think, of Liverpool and Hammers signings could replace anyone at Spurs? No one. It is not easy to improve the team as good as THFC. Is there a better fullback than Aurier available anywhere this summer? Whom do you see as replacement for Lamela? You don't know, don't care and just want your new toy be delivered already? Don't be a toddler.
    Levy could have had Grealish already signed. For that he would need to shall 10 million more. What if Grealish will not pan out? What if he is another Jenssen? Who is going to get 10 million back? Be patient supporters! The most important change has happened. The wage structure changed. That will make Toby to stay. There is no better CB in the league and may be in Europe.That will make more signing to come. I do not expect more than 2-3 players signed. No one over age of 22 will get a contract. We have a different philosophy, remember that.
  3. Alanh Guest

    No one knows what was said to Poch when he signed his new contract. We don't know what was agreed. Paper talk is just that and Poch has said this numerous times. Poch might have asked for his best players to be kept on better terms and 1 good young midfielder -Grealish. My point is the only people that know what was agreed is them and there closest. Not you, me or the papers
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  4. Alan H Guest

    Are some people prepared to put the clubs financial future at risk for the sake of a few signings that might turn out to be duds. Its not as simple as selling the deadwood early and buying early. They are deadwood and not easy to sell for this reason. Are you prepared to buy a proven striker without selling the deadwood first. Then you have 4 strikers on the books.. How much does a proven striker cost and is he willing to pay second fiddle to Kane. So we buy early which now leaves us with 4 strikers yet we only play 1 up top. We have effectively blocked the young strikers in the youth teams paths into the 1st team for the forseable future. Poch made his name polishing rough stones and turning them into diamonds. Mostly this has been done with the use of the academy players. Now we must all of a sudden change the policy and buy proven players whose egos are to big to understand change. Liverpool can afford to splash the cash now as they are not paying for a stadium. Arsenal can splash the cash ( like us in future) as they have paid off there stadium. Levy has made it possible for us in the future to be on par with these clubs by using a clever responsible business model for our club. We certainly have a bright future which could not be said in the Alan Sugar Era - when we bought our marquee signings were broke and almost got relegated.
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  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Kane who was already in the 1st team when Poch arrived is the only academy player that's actually been made any better by Pochettino (even that could be seen unfair to Kane's own application and skill), the other is Winks who other than the odd performance has struggled to make any sort of actual impact.
    There are no others , Pochettino and his great academy work is a complete myth when it comes to our 1st team and improving it.

    That's not to say I'm anti academy promotion but there has been plenty of times we've all watched a clueless Lamela/Sissoko/Llorente/Jannssen/N'koudou.... performance and if Pochettino hasn't got anything in the academy better than these then it's obviously not the hive of next world class talent it's talked up to be.
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  6. SuperJan5 Guest

    All those who say Poch wasn't given assurances should take a look at this.

    From a prominent, and very accurate ITK on Spurs community:

    “I am a passionate fan, which exceeds 50 years, and I have seen a lot first hand. You can put it on a biscuit tin Poch was given assurances, to which I won’t recycle, as we know what they were.

    I understand the comments about not paying what we deem OTT in players like Zaha. I stated that our kitty is what it is, but inflation is seen nowhere like our sport. Now if Palace want 65m for him, and 1 or 2 players are thrown in, with us paying say 40m, then pay the farking thing on instalments agreed. And that is how Parish operates.

    We have been farting around too long. Announcement/s Monday-Wednesday still stands. I wait with baited breath. Yes! I was optimistic earlier, but less so now. I am not going to bs anybody. You deserve to know the truth.

    Hopefully this leaks, and club gets wind, and up there game. And anyone who believes that a certain person is ‘belly happy’, you are then deluded. Many things I would love to say but can’t.”
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  7. Josh Bolton

    Josh Bolton Active Member

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    AlanH, but you yourself know what Pochettino has said: taking risks, being brave, not leaving business to last minute, getting our players in before pre-season starts... All this has come directly from Pochettino’s mouth... is he wrong then, or lying?

    If you think Pochettino will be happy with just agreeing new deals for current players and only signing Grealish, I don't think you've got a hold on the man at all.

    These are his own words on the final day of the season: “I repeat from my last press conference – today, 100% I feel that I am here. But the most important thing is that tomorrow all can change because it’s not in my hands.

    I have very clear ideas of what we need to do. I don’t know if the club will agree with me or not. We are going to talk next week to create the new project. It is a little bit up to Daniel and the club to agree with us.

    If we want to be real contenders for big trophies, we need to review a little bit the thing. We need to create dreams that will be possible to achieve. Maybe we are a bit disappointed and frustrated because now we are close [to trophies].

    I think Daniel is going to listen to me, of course. You need to be brave. Being brave is the most important thing and take risks. I think it’s a moment that the club needs to take risks and tries to work, if possible, harder than the previous season to be competitive again, because every season will be more difficult.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I interpret this that he wants Spurs to push-on with improving the squad so we don't fall short again next season. What do you think?

    What I do know is that Pochettino is ambitious. He knows this Spurs squad only needs a small amount of investment — small being the correct word in comparison to other club's budgets — to mount a serious challenge.

    As I’ve said, he won't be happy being branded a manager who hasn't won a trophy in comparison to Pep/Klopp/Mourinho/Wenger etc. when there's such huge limitations placed on him and he's not playing on an even playing field with these managers.
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  8. Big fran Guest

    On Poch... Say the Madrid job came up now instead of six weeks or so when Zidane got axed. Does anyone really think he stays with us, ???? I think not.
  9. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Son extends Contract to 2023-

    Queue dizzy Spurs fans claiming it's a New Signing.......
  10. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    BREAKING: Aston Villa announce businessmen Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens are to "inject significant investment" into club. Dr Tony Xia will become co-chairman and remain on Villa's board. #SSN

    Even the Grealish deal looks trickier now
  11. Big fran Guest

    On Zaha... The rumours look to be getting stronger on a deal that looked unlikely. While I wouldn't be against the signing I've never been quite sold on the lad to be honest especially at the price mooted. He still lacks consistency for me and 9 goals and 3 assists doesn't blow me away when you stand him up in particular to Sonny but also eriksen and even an under par Alli. Would he start?? Would he improve the 11? Many people are frightened to death of the thought of replacing one of our starting 11 which I am certainly not. If you improve the line up and and alli for example finds himself god forbid out the side for a spell of course the bench and squad becomes stronger also does it not?
    What Zaha will bring though would be an xfactor that we don't have that can unlock doors with trickery and pace and will get us out our seats. Last season he shown himself to have leadership qualities in almost saving Palace single handedly. He can play two or three positions and different systems. I'd prefer martial if I'm honest but why not get both if we can show some balls and force united's hand as part of the protracted Toby deal.
    That would be a great set of options in Kane son moura Zaha martial alli eriksen wouldn't it.
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  12. Josh Bolton

    Josh Bolton Active Member

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    I like Zaha, and so does Pochettino!

    As you said Fran, versatile, bit of X-factor and trickery and pace that would add a different dimension to our play.

    As we've all agreed on: it's all about strength-in-depth. As during the season there will undoubtedly be injuries/suspensions/players out of form. It's all about giving Pochettino further options.

    You get Zaha and Grealish in and that's a remarkable improvement already to the squad. Behind Kane, fighting for places, you’d have: Zaha, Grealish, Eriksen, Dele, Son, Lamela, Moura. While Dele, Eriksen and Grealish can also play deeper if necessary.
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  13. voiceofreason Active Member

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    Good evening Felon,

    Let the dance begin!

    Nope I don’t think it’s a new signing but it is definitely good business and shows that top players, and I rate Son as a top player-( I actually think for some of the games when Harry was out he showed he was more than a good replacement ) are signing up to the longer term project.

    I would definitely like a few actual new signings but I’d be considering keeping Toby as akin to a new one- fingers crossed

    Regarding your deadwood group of players

    Lamela is Tottenham’s marmite- and I love marmite- I think he is a great bench player, love his terrier attitude
    Sissoko- bye bye
    Nkoudo- help Sissoko with his luggage
    Llorente- plan B but we never played it so he can go as well
    However I have a feeling Jansen could be good- and I’d like to see him work out but expect I am in then minority

    A new signing who will be a huge positive this season will be Moura- I think Poch takes time letting them in but I think he will be excellent
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  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Good Evening

    Amazingly VoR i agree with almost all of this and is very much my opinion on all mentioned apart from Lamela of course.

    It's great Sonny's extended his stay but previously on here and many another forum there's been the usual over egging of an extension as a 'signing' when essentially it's standing still.

    Not so great Lamela has extended imo because after what 5/6 years of patchy at best form I think he's been a waste of money and time regardless of the shift he puts in.

    The only 2 players I'm really interested in signing extensions are Eriksen & Alderwerild tbh.

    As for this window again for me it screams of zero strategy and zero ambition to do what's right to improve the team as if 3rd place is more than enough for many. I've never played nor viewed sport from that angle and never will.

    The number of fans on many sites that will argue the case against buying a decent 2nd striker because we have Kane is to me completely bizzarre and those who wanna see if perrenial let downs may improve no matter how long theyve failed is again beyond my understanding.

    But hey that's just crazy negative me....
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  15. antony Active Member

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    I get what you are saying. Kane/Son/Lamela/Dele/Eriksen/Trips/Verts/Winks have or will sign new deals and have show faith and loyalty towards Poch and Spurs. Quite rare in the money orientated world of the epl.
    We are a mentally and physically (fitness) strong bonded squad. But!! Its now at our potentially strongest point, great unity in the squad, training ground, stadia, that we need to invest to progress even further. A stela signing is a must in my opinion for a number of reasons and I'll name 2, maybe 3! It keeps our current crop of players on their toes! Why invest in a state of the art training ground and build the most advanced stadia in the world just to sit back on your laurels! Personally what the boost of a stela signing injects into the terraces is without a doubt priceless!
    We have seen amazing progression since Poch arrived but will the EPL history books note progression? Only if that progression brings silverware. Call me greedy but I prefer sensible. Common sense says you don't get to the level we have over these past 3-4 years and then stop! That imo would be the least shrewdest move DL could take in his very impressive stewardship!
  16. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Son extension is a no brainer; apart from Kane and Eriksen going forward, he was the next best player for us this last two seasons. Unlike some, I like the Lamela extension as well. When healthy, this guy works for the team, decent passer and good on set plays.

    Couple of windows ago, Levy and maybe Poch turned down the idea of signing Moussa Dembele and loaning him back to Fulham. This kid would have been a steal, the inconsistency during transfer windows...lack of taking action while haggling over fees is frankly a bit embarrassing. This saga around Zaha will just frustrate fans, if it happens late he may not have any impact for the team until January .
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  17. antony Active Member

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    Its his terrier attitude that for me makes him the liability he is! Giving away free kicks in dangerous areas and always a yellow card away from reducing us to 10 men! I'd forgive some of that if he was more inventive/productive in the final third but he ain't.

    I actually shouted "Yes"! When I read Sonny had extended and actually groaned when I read Lamela had too!
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  18. Big fran Guest

    He is marmite but I do think there is a player in there somewhere lol.. He's probably going to be 3rd or 4th choice so as a squad player he does add depth and versatility and will be used in cup games to prove he's worth. If in 12 months time with longer on his contract he's no further down line I'm sure there will be more resale value to cash in on him. I'd like to know what kind of money Sonny and Lamela are on to compare to Tobys demands. The money being talked about for Zaha sounds crazy but you can't expect to be selling full backs for 50 to 60m and expect to buy game changers on the cheap claiming extortion. That's just the market gylfi 45m richarlison in talks with Everton 50m keepers for 65m etc.
    Again folk talking about players won't come and play second fiddle to Kane.

    1. Yes they will. A Callum Wilson Jay Rodriguez Troy Deeney Solomon Rondon are all prem proven and even though we all would like a better quality of back up they are all undoubtedly better than the cart horse llorente and could do a job off the bench or cup games or a two up top option as a plan B foil option for Kane. All would be happy with the stature and money of playing for a top 4 club in CL.

    2. There are players out there believe it or not who will believe they can displace Kane as an equal or better. Higuain or Icardi or Mandzukic for example.

    This nobody can touch our first 11 nonsense is killing us.

    I've heard Danny Rose is next in line to sign.
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  19. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    It's surreal Fran, the treble winning side for Utd had Cole Yorke Sherringham Solskjar ......
    By some logic Aguero should never have signed for City because they had Dzeko, and now Jesus has signed while Aguero is the main man what are they thinking?
    Bergkamp & Henry ....... Berbatov & Keane...... Ronaldo & Bale..... Messi, Neymar & Suarez that's just a few off the top of my head but there's loads more.

    Why is it we are Anti bringing in extra quality.

    People more interested in buildings and net spend tables than they are winning things or properly challenging!

    I swear I'm living in some parrallel universe at times , everyday our fan base becomes more like the Scums when they were under Wenger's hypnosis- delusions of grandeur, finding things that don't matter to laud, top 4 is the bar, trophies don't matter, we do things differently, look at our stadium, project after project........ Wake up Yiddos what are you becoming, prawn sandwich psuedo buisness analyst supporters or football fans?

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  20. Big fran Guest

    Arsenal is a very interesting comparison isn't it really.?
    Maybe a little unfair on arsenal on truth as our stadium was in the pipeline for a lot longer in an era of increasing naming rights, sponsorship, prize money and of course TV money. Our stadium is already half financed and WILL eventually be boosted by a naming rights deal. Even without that deal though 400m over 20 years to repay isn't mega in the grand scheme of things and the riches on offer I state above. As I say the stadium naming rights will come in around 150 to 200m so what are we saying. We are nowhere near the situation where arsenal had to sell year after year after year. Wenger himself has practically said apart from the early days he's written off and wasted 22 years on the 'project' after however many fruitless years. Do we think Poch will make that mistake. I for sure don't.
    If we are indeed we do need to sell off the crown jewels one by one then personally I'd rather do it all in this window have done with it and start a fresh next year. Kane Toby Dembele eriksen would write off pretty much 75 per cent of that debt. That's before you throw in lloris GKN llorente Sissoko for good measure.

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