Pochettino's principles could see him quit Spurs

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Josh Bolton, July 19, 2018.

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  1. Josh Bolton

    Josh Bolton Active Member

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    Speaking to the media in December 2017, with his side sitting 15 points behind runaway leaders Manchester City, Mauricio Pochettino addressed Tottenham’s stuttering start to the season. Despite Spurs placing sixth in the table, having only won one game in six, it wasn’t events on the pitch that had the manager lamenting a terminal sluggishness costing his club points, but in the summer transfer window four months closed.

    Our new players need six or seven months to adapt themselves to the team, the dynamics, everything,” he declared. “And that is always against us. It is important to identify our transfer targets and on 3 July, when we start preseason, have them here. If not, it's so difficult for them to help the team. And during the season, you're going to pay.

    Coupled with the manager’s musings five months later — that Spurs’s moneybags need to “be brave” and “take risks” in future windows — many interpreted it as a frantic forewarning. To fast-forward two months on from May, with the club’s transfer business once again insipidly torpid — despite Pochettino’s augmenting groans — there is now a well-founded trepidation that the Argentine’s patience may be pushed well beyond breaking point this summer. (That is, unless a flurry of activity comes into play before 9 August.)

    Is this injudicious scaremongering, or should we read between the lines? Think: for all of our manager’s faults — stubbornness and tactical naivety being chief — his foremost endearing quality is that he is a man of principle. A flick through the pages of his book, Brave New World, will serve you a cognizance of Pochettino’s character. His entire philosophy on football — and life, for that matter — is founded on loyalty, trust, commitment and, above all, ensuring you keep to your word.

    When a man is as principled as Pochettino is, anyone who reneges on his hallowed trust will suffer. Harry Kane remarked his manager is “ruthless if you cross him”; Kyle Walker and Toby Alderweireld will no doubt attest to this. In 2014 Southampton’s new owners played a dangerous game with Pochettino when sacking executive chairman Nicola Cortese — the man who brought him to the South Coast. (An adiós from the Argentine swiftly followed.) But what about our chairman, Daniel Levy — can he afford to test this man’s steely resolve, and come out unscathed?

    Pochettino signing a new five-year-deal should’ve been a signifier for change. After all, he had gone from casting doubt over his future, following a tepid FA Cup semi-final defeat, to committing wholly to the cause; this, in just under a month. Many surmised something had given way; assurances made by the higher powers that dealings would be conducted differently in the future. And yet here we are, in the back end of July, with little-to-no business finalised.

    It’s not spoilt fan hysteria to question why the club is once again dallying on deals — especially when the manager harbours the exact same thinking. Both know how important it is for new players to get “Pochettino fit” so they can make an impact right away. Morgan Schneiderlin said it took him over a year to understand Pochettino’s tactics at Southampton, while players like Son, Davies and Trippier required a similar timeframe to bed-in at Tottenham. The same can be said of Lucas Moura.

    An interlude in incomings also comes a literal cost for Pochettino and the club — and I’m not talking pound sterling. A failure to provide new players with (in Pochettino’s own words) the “months to adapt themselves to the team, the dynamics, everything”, ensures we’re hamstrung for the campaign’s opening round of fixtures. In the past three seasons, Spurs have dropped an average of nine points in their opening nine league games; it’s a haul that comes back to haunt when the Premier League trophy is hoisted aloft — alas, not by ourselves — in May.

    It’s no exaggeration to conclude that Pochettino is competing with his Premier League contemporaries with one arm tied behind his back: the man has delivered three consecutive top-three finishes and Champions League qualification with a net spend of just £40.25m across four seasons. And while we’re here dreaming what he could achieve if given the transfer window he’s been promised, we could yet end up ruing what will happen if he doesn’t.
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  2. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    There's no denying Pochettino has done a good job of making hay while it's sunny ie a complete collapse and identity crisis among the establishment, but as a few of us who see it for what it is this was always only going to last for so long before money was spent recruiting players & managers to regroup.
    This is what we saw last season and it's going to be more so this season.

    Every excuse under the sun has been made for non investment in the team and plenty of Leeway has been given to the regime that delivers no trophies or attempts keep or acquire established top players while charging top consumer prices for the pleasure.

    Big Fran mentioned towards end of the season that Pochettino risks his stock falling considerably- if say he were to continue this Trophyless run longer or drop out of the Top 4 which was more than some would like to admit closer last season than it was the previous 2.

    The club not just Pochettino is constantly fighting with 1 hand behind their back due to the investment in property over players.

    We are fortunate to have acquired a 1st 11 good enough to go toe to toe with the best it's just others have a 1st team level 18/20 that can see it out over the course of a season.

    Until this changes expect to see a continuation of no trophies, expect to see established stars losing faith and seeking moves, expect to see Pochettino question what he's doing there, expect to see us go backwards because the powers that be just want maximum money in the coffers and minimum in the outgoings.
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  3. Alan Renwick Guest

    i dont think anything needs to be said. Poch did it last season. Come on Levy. Don’t throw this away.
  4. Pete Guest

    Personally, I think what they've ALL bought into, i.e. Poch and the jewel players, is that it's a longer term project with the milestone being the stadium move. It's a young and loyal team who all enjoy each others company so knows it has a good 2-3yrs left reaching and maintaining peak.
    I wouldn't be surprised that because of this, the vision is to aim at CL qual's consistently for the next 2-3yrs and then when the income from the new ground bites, existing star wages + some new additions on premium money can we genuinely claim to be regular titles contenders by keeping and attracting world class players
  5. The Bear Guest

    We are paying for one of the best stadiums in the world. Levys legacy will be allowing the club to compete with the European superpowers in the years ahead. If you want a owner that splashes the cash to buy success support City or Chelsea. I for one will be patient and the good times will surely come
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  6. Jeff Bell Guest

    Every transfer window is a frustrating time for Spurs fans and I have been a fan for many years.
    I umderstand that Daniel Levy wants to spend as little as possible and still get top quality players otherwise there is no deal.However, sometimes one has to spend big to get a top man like Anthony Martial, assuming his club agrees to sell him and he wants to come to us.Also, who wants to sell Toby Alderweireld for 25 million next year if we can supposedly get 70 million for him now. In this case I would rather give him what he wants and sign him up to a new , say, 3 year contract because players of his class are difficult to find. We have first class first team players but lack strength in depth. So it is a question of balancing our needs, But what if Poch gets fed up and leaves? then all his hard work over the last 3 years has gone to waste.
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  7. When are we going to show some ambition in the transfer market!! Every transfer window we are linked with quality players only to see them sign for one of our rivals!!
    Daniel Levy has forged a reputation in the transfer market but it’s to Spurs detriment in that other clubs shy away from doing business with us. The result is that we buy a “promising” individual who is, eventually, loaned out to a relegation threatened club and then sold on!! Come on Levy give us a “marquee” signing that the Spurs fans crave to go with our “marquee” stadium.
    Personally, I dread the transfer windows because they leave me feeling, bloody, frustrated and annoyed!!!
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  8. BlueInk Guest

    Its not simply about splashing the cash like City. Its about getting the deals done early. Sell the players we are going sell. Bring in the new ones quickly.

    People praise Levy when he gets his bargains but they usually turn out to be a false economy. The delays and disruption directly affect us on the pitch. We would make more money from success on the pitch compared to the bargains Levy pulls off if we got our act together with transfers.
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  9. peterg 123 Guest

    FFS here we go again...it`s the same before every season, we lack ambition, we haven`t signed anyone.

    Why do supporters constantly crave us signing someone? anyone...even if that player is not as good as the one we already have in the team?

    We tied Kane down to a 6 year contract before he won the Golden Boot at the World Cup - Chelsea failed to do that with Hazard or their goalie and now looks like they may lose one or both - how is that remotely lacking in ambition for our club - I call it good forward planning.

    Liverpool have spent £70 mil on a goalie who`s not as good as ours. We MAY (or may not) sell one or two players who couldn`t get in our starting eleven last season....and have some good squad players like Lamela & Lucas who will start on the bench - why spend 30, 40 or 50 mil on players not as good as ones we already have.

    Couple with a new state of the art 800mil new stadium.....GET REAL, STOP MOANING and START SUPPORTING!!
  10. ENIC is an investment company. Not interested in trophies, just profit. Lewis is reportedly worth 4 Billion, but offers nothing. A well run club but as a lifelong, 50 year plus supporter, I cannot blame Poch for feeling let down. Our best manager in years, he deserves better. Surely it was all about being brave & buying now, sell later to replenish ENIC’s coffers.Hope I am wrong but MP will go next year?
  11. Chris Isaac New Member

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    Every year we have this debate and every year I wonder at the impatience.
    We have a good team !
    No body has left ! (yet)

    So why the desparation among supporters for new players ?

    Who do you want replaced ?
  12. peterg 123 Guest

    Spurs have always had a reputation for a few moaning fans......but growing up in the 70s and 80s that moaning at least used to be directed on our performances on the pitch.

    Now it seems like the norm to moan that we are not good enough (after 3 x top 3 finishes) before we have even kicked a ball - unbelievable!
  13. Josh Bolton

    Josh Bolton Active Member

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    I'm not craving us to sign anyone for the sake of it.

    When our manager has said in public and on numerous occasions that we need to do business earlier than the final days of the window... is he wrong as well?

    After the Man United defeat Pochettino looked ready to walk away from Spurs; four weeks later he signs a new deal. As I’ve said in the piece, Pochettino doesn’t strike me as a man motivated by money, so obviously he was given assurances before signing his contract that there would be money to spend and we'd not leave deals so late.

    Minus last season, due to City's dominance, we've been 6-10 points away from the league... the only thing we're lacking is two/three decent additions to cover for injuries/players out of form.

    There's 22 days left of this window and if it pans out like previous ones, don't be surprised to see us fall short again — at no fault to Pochettino and the players.

    What strikes me with Pochettino is that he won’t be happy being dubbed as a failure at the end of this season and compared to Pep/Klopp/Mourinho/Conte when his budget is not even in the same league to them.
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  14. Big fran Guest

    Always talk of a back up striker for Kane but I'd love us to play two up top with eriksen or alli in behind them in a 3412 formation.
  15. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    All of the deadwood , pretenders and the sub standard players that clog up our squad ie Llorente Jannssen N'koudou Sissoko Lamela Aurier...... Who have all failed miserably to even stake a claim for being anywhere near the 1st team.

    Then it's not so much about Replacing 1st teamers as it is adding to them offering options/competition.

    Every year we fall short because we run out of steam or don't have the options to rotate/influence/change tactics in tricky games , this is where the big teams trump is over the course of a season.
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  16. Andy M Guest

    Just imagine these players Kane,Eriksen, Alli, Vertonghen, Davis, Dier, Sanchez, Son, Lloris, the list goes on, playing for another club and Spurs signing them.
    We would be celebrating what a good transfer window it was
    Even if we don't have a record signing with the experience our young team has we can only get better.
    Especially playing in the best stadium in the country
    Come On You Spurs
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  17. maxieslim New Member

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    1. While I am pleased that the club has steered a good financial course under Levy, it is frustrating when it comes to the transfer window. We never get the big names, like we used to-Klinsmann was probably the last Big one, Davids was good but he had passed his best. Now we tend to buy prospects who never seem to actually hit the heights. Some of the recent signings have been disappointing to say the least. We are not going to be able to get the Ronaldos etc due to our wage structure but it would be good to get business done early so that they hit the ground running. I would also like a more creative midfielder than we have at present -Grealish offers more movement-and a change to the playing formation with 2 speedy wingers as a plan B.
    2. Get rid of deadwood early as well. I hope Lamela proves me wrong this season as I'm not a fan. Jansen, Lorente (although we didn't really play to his strengths, did we?) Sissoko, Rose-has been a good servant but we have cover now, Toby, great defender and does deserve more dosh but is let-goable.
    3. Do we have youngsters coming through? Hope so and that a few can break through.
    4. Prospects for the season. To be honest, after being a Spurs fan for over 50 years, I'm a little concerned. Would be pleased with any kind of trophy.
  18. Remy Uwilin

    Remy Uwilin Active Member

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    Let's be realistic here, most of the fans aren't looking for absurd spending like City or United. The closest comparison would be a club like Liverpool, they've backed Klopp as best as they can. This has allowed him to develop a tremendous squad that went to the CL finals last season; and still improving

    We don't need to replace anyone in our starting 11, but we need to add a different dimension to our game & strength parts of our squad. We lack a player who can stretch the field; Son has played that role before but someone like Zaha or Martial...players who can grab hold of a game and make something out of nothing. We tried buying cheap, the likes of Nkoudou or Njie...and look at how that panned out.

    If Levy would just pay what it costs to add a tremendous and proven quality, like Zaha...and sign our core group to extended contracts, keep the likes of Rose and Toby. Rebic is another talent that'd make a good winger for our squad; powerful player....hard worker. That'd be a successful transfer window.

    Lastly, as mentioned above; if we lose Pochettino...we'll lose most of this core. He's loyalty to our squad and club is really what's keeping him here, if that loyalty feels betrayed, then we're back to square one.
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  19. Cheshuntboy Guest

    'Our young team...can only get better'. Sorry, but no, because there are plenty of young teams who failed to push on, going back to Palace ('The team of the '80s'), Mike Walker's Norwich in the early '90s, George Burley's Ipswich or even Pochettino's Southampton - all teams need to be refreshed and motivated, and continually being the bridesmaid (or even the bridesmaid's mum) isn't conducive to success. We're stagnating at present; our best players are coming back from the World Cup tired, broken or both, and something needs to happen if next season isn't to mark a serious backward step in the unending 'project'.
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  20. Andy B Guest

    Spurs have bought too many duds over the last few years. I would prefer Spurs to get no-one rather than another Sissoko, Aurier, Paulinho, Fazio, Llorente, Stambouli, N'Koudou, Clinton N'Jie, Vincent Janssen, etc.

    The amount of bad buys since Pochettino took charge is embarassing. There is clearly a problem with the recruitment setup.

    Let's hope that we can bring in decent cover for Kane, Eriksen, Dembele and Trippier. They are the four positions that Spurs need backup players the most.
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