Pochettino appointment & his first signing already being lined up

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by George S, May 27, 2014.

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  1. George S

    George S New Member

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    Tottenham Hotspur are finally set to announce their new manager with Southampton boss Mauricio Pochettino the man chosen to bring back the glory days to White Hart Lane.

    Over the last week Pochettino and Ajax’s Frank de Boer have gone head to head over the vacant managerial role at Spurs and according to all of today’s newspaper it is the Argentine who has come out on top.

    Although the aforementioned duo have been at the forefront of news surrounding the Tottenham job, other candidates have been mentioned.

    Ancelotti and Martinez?

    The Independent believe Spurs chairman Daniel Levy was interested in Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti but gave up hope after being told prior to Real’s Champions League win that the Italian was not an option.

    Whilst, the Sun have stated that Pochettino will be named Tottenham manager within the next 24 hours and interestingly insist the Argentine has beaten Everton’s Roberto Martínez to the vacancy.

    The Sun report Levy made a late move for Martínez but in the end decided the Southampton manager wasn’t the man to take the club forward.

    Pochettino is Spurfect choice

    Tottenham Live blogger Ramos43 recently wrote an article about why Pochettino is a SPURFECT fit for Tottenham and it seems an apt time to remind fans why the 42-year-old is a good choice.

    The Saints boss will be appointed at some point this week with the length of his contract speculated to be three years. Daily Telegraph believe Spurs will have to pay £2 million in compensation to Southampton, while Pochettino’s contract will potentially be worth £9 million.

    New signings on the way

    The former Espanyol manager is already close to making his first signing as well according to the Daily Mail, who have revealed that an offer is ready to be tabled for Standard Liege striker Michy Batshuayi.

    The 20-year-old has been linked with Arsenal, Everton and Swansea but should Pochettino give Levy his approval, the Spurs chief will trigger the Belgium forwards £8 million release clause.

    A forward seems top priority at White Hart Lane and the Evening Standard suggest Loic Remy is a target. Like Batshuayi, the forward has an £8 million release clause and his current club Queens Park Rangers are resigned to losing his services.

    With Pochettino’s appointment imminent, Spurs will show their backing for the new man in charge by signing the French forward. The Standard report that a bid has already been made for Remy. However, the club can expect to face pressure from Arsenal and Liverpool for his signature.

    Improve our current crop

    Though Pochettino will look to make signings, one of many reasons behind him becoming the next Tottenham manager is his ability to get the best out of his players – as demonstrated with most of his squad at Southampton over the last 18 months.

    The likes of Erik Lamela and Roberto Soldado failed to set the world alight last season and although injury in particular prevented the Argentine from performing, it will be hoped that the new man, also Argentinian, can get the best out of the young forward.

    One forward who has benefited greatly from working with Pochettino is England’s Jay Rodriguez. The 24-year-old may have been on the plane to the World Cup had he not suffered a serious knee injury.

    Saints players full of praise for soon to be ‘old manager’

    Rodriguez spoke to the Southern Daily Echo last week about how impressed he has been with the Argentine manager. The Southampton forward said: “He is unbelievable.

    “Anyone will say what a great manager he is and what a good guy he is, to see how well he's done with the type of football we're playing. He's worked us hard and we've seen the benefits from it so I think he's a great manager and I love playing under him.”

    Whilst another Englishman, Nathaniel Clyne, has praised the work and mentality of the 43-year-old – talking about how the Pochettino made the Saints players believe more in themselves.

    Clyne told the Daily Mirror: "He has been so different to any other manager. He planted it into our heads that even if we were up against bigger teams and bigger players, we could compete at the same level as them.

    “He taught us never to fear them or be intimidated just because of their big names or their big reputations. He'd have us pressing high, keeping a high line, receiving the ball in difficult situations, keeping possession and basically having the confidence to play football rather than being afraid.

    "The understanding in our defence was down to our training. We worked really hard on our fitness and our intensity and it showed in the games. For me personally it took my game to another level.”
  2. NYSpursFan Guest

    I'm not sure I feel comfortable with us taking another chance on a young Manager. Didn't we try this already with AVB? Yes, MP made Southampton a better side, but he has a crop of young players with pace who can play the style he wants. We don't have those types of players.

    Our players (especially the ones brought in by AVB) tend to be slower, and more geared towards a game focused on on-field positioning. That's not to say that guys like Paulinho are "bad" players. But they don't fit the style that MP would want.

    Now I"m assuming that any new manager will have minimal transfer signings this summer. If Levy is willing to sell to buy, then it's another matter entirely.

    It took Liverpool a few transfer windows to sort this out. I think we need the same if Levy has the patience to stick with a young manager like Poch.
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  3. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Good article Sir and I agree with your points. I have been very clear that the new manager must be given time, even things don't go well at first. Levy did say that wholesale changes wouldn't be made in the summer, but I have a feeling Pochettino will have other ideas and will look to bring in three or four new players.
  4. stevethespur Active Member

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    The new man must be allowed to put his own stamp on the squad and I can see pochetino bringing in a few good value players from la liga. Its all looking good at the mo. Coys.
  5. JOETHEYID Guest

    I like what he has done at Southampton, my only worry is will levy give him the time to bring back fast attacking football to the lane? 5 year contracts ain't worth the paper they printed on !!
  6. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I think we need a massive rebuild, and Spurs are a totally different kettle of fish from eager to impress acadamy players from southampton with nothing to lose. There are a number of issues that need addressing- Lloris if sold will need replacing with a top keeper, we need a quality LB, we need Prem standard consistant imposing CB pairing, we need to ship all the sub standard/bad atitude/Lazy/surplus players and replace them with a higher and hungrier caliber and we need a top prem standard striker we can depend on to score goals if we want to move forward not continue going backwards. This seems a very big job to do on a shoe string budget from a manager whos biggest achievement is 8th in the prem.
    I would like to hear what the clubs actual realistic goal is with this appointment and what the plan is so we all know where we stand.
    Empty top 4 promises do nothing but cause problems unless the issues above are sorted. I must say i hope Potch is a breath of fresh air and finally turns us into a successful organised outfit but he is going to need substancial backing from the board else he will be another one left on the scrap heap.
  7. PaulC New Member

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    If this one goes bad than its Levy who should get his p45!
  8. Ian Guest

    Well Done Levy we are no better off than when you appointed Villas Boas.same old Tottenham they are a JOKE OF A CLUB.He won't even make 1 year let alone 5.all the same comments were made about Villas Boas and look where he ended up. Baldini should be sacked for wasting 100 million on 7 **** players last summer.Levy you are in the last chance saloon and I feel joe Lewis should give you your P45 for this appointment.
  9. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Bloody hell! I could write Levy's regurgitated statements!!!
    That aside, I think this could be a good appointment.He has worked wonders with the Saints kids and is reponsible for Lallana and Shaw getting the world cup. Even the players themselves have said that Pochettino gets them to play with no fear and I think he will get the best out of the likes of Lamela and Soldado next season. I don't see Lloris being sold as I don't think Pochettino would have signed for us if he thought any of our top players would be sold.
    I know levy has form for selling our best players but I don't think he is stupid enough to sell now when he has just got a really promising manager in place.
    The five year contract is interesting as levy is going to end up paying a lot out in compensation if he fires yet another manager if he gets impatient. I have no doubt that,whatever I think about Levy, he is fully aware that fans patience will run out if this goes wrong and I am hopeful that he has learnt from his mistakes of the past. Levy is still relatively young for a chairman of such a huge club so he should now know that he has to support the manager and low him to get on with his job.
    I am optimistic that this is the right appointment and I will now be getting behind the team, the club and the new manager. We need to do this to aid the progress of our club but if things do to wrong, then levy must be held finally accountable. I actually hope that he has got this appointment spot on and even though I will never be Levy's biggest fan, I am willing to give him.one last chance to progress Spurs on to the next level. If he fails, then he will have taken spurs as far as he can but I genuinely believe we have a manager who will deliver success and glory back to the Lane.
  10. Jcuts Guest

    I don't understand all this anti Levy bull ****. So he sold carrick, berba, modric, bale, but each time, with that money he bought more players and reinvested in the squad. We now have arguably one of our strongest ever squads (if you take in to account age/value over form) and with the right man at the helm we have a chance of champions league. The fact that everyone gets wet knickers every time we don't finish top 4 goes to show how far Spurs have come under Levy and his strategy of building a quality squad off the back of selling star players for inflated prices. I think Lamella and paulinho, maybe even Soldado will come under Pochettinho, then that major investment will pay off and everyone can stop talking **** about money we wasted. Good players don't just become bad, but their form can be hugely effected by things such as new league, new country, new managers tactics, and so on. Give it time, be patient, and have respect for what Levy has done for the club, rather than mug him off at the earliest convenience. Let's get behind this new guy pocettinho and stop bitching all the time.
  11. Fatspurs Guest

    At last someone says it as it is, wake up spurs fans and stop getting your knickers in a twist about levy n poch.
  12. Jimbob Guest

    What a MASSIVE mistake Levy has made YET AGAIN.
    We had the chance to get someone who is one of the most successful footballers of his time, and is very successful managing in Holland with a team known for their amazing youth policy, attractive football, and winning mentality.

    Instead we get a manager who has never finished higher than 8th in all his managerial career. Has a pathetic win % at all his clubs, and has never managed a team that has such high expectations as Spurs and their fans do. He has never managed big name players with kid like attitudes.

    How will Pochettino survive? He wont. Sacked by end of the season. Place a bet on that now and earn lots of money.
  13. Jimbob Guest

    So every player you mentioned that LEvy sold were world class or near world class.
    Now look at good Spurs were with Bale, look how good Liverpool are with suarez, Barca with Messi, for years RM with Ronaldo, take all these players out and replace them all with 2-5 average players, and you've made the team weaker. Sure they got more depth, but that doesn't improve quality or effectiveness.

    You will not break into the top 4 without a world class player or two. Spurs have none. Even Eriksen isn't world class right now, he just shows potential is all.

    You're a wrong if you think selling bale and replacing him with 7 "who?" players makes us a better team.
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  14. Jcuts Guest

    "You're a wrong if you think selling bale and replacing him with 7 "who?" players makes us a better team."

    Jimbob, I get your point, and I agree it sucks. However, we bought Bale with the money from the Carrick sale (plus others) we bought Modric from the Berba sale (plus others) and the same goes on whenever we have sold players. Spurs with Bale were too reliant upon him. What uh he got injured or lost form? I think to sell him and reinvest in 7 more players was a good idea in principal. It's clearly worked before. The fact they all turned out to be **** this time is besides the point! I'm just saying Levy is doing a good job as a chairman. I still think it takes a season for foreign imports to adapt, look at Ozil at Arsenal, he had a **** season at 40m, but no ones going on about that. I agree that you need world class players to be up there with the elite, but once again I think the fact that we are talking about ourselves "amongst the elite" goes to show how far we have come. His strategy is frustrating, as it's like 4 steps forward, 3 steps back all the time, BUT hopefully we have done the backwards steps now, and we can start moving forward.
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  15. Paul d Guest

    I completely agree Levys done well we were finishing at 8th at best before him, people forget that, look how well Poch did at Espanol. With all the problems they had. No for people to expect 4th is a blessing

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