PLAYER RATINGS - West Ham 2:0 Tottenham

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Luke Symonds, May 3, 2014.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Thats right ramos talk up Townsends selling value when he achieves this 'potential' no wonder you love Levy so much.
    Didn't you want Lennon to be captain a couple months ago?
    And according to your theories soldado doesnt score any goals because he has no service, and townsend and lennon make no assists because theres no one to finish their crosses?
    What FASCINATES me is how you have a ready made EXCUSE for EVERYTHING especially failures.
    Lallana has 1 goal less than our top scorer this season and bag load of assists to go with it, a number of our midfielders could do with half the returns he puts in, not hiding behind age, form, pressure, adapting etc its called being a talented footballer
  2. Ramos43 Guest

    Felon82 might I suggest that the reason I APPEAR to 'have a ready made EXCUSE for EVERYTHING' is because I CONSIDER and ANALYSE the game at a deeper level than MOST.

    With that being said, have you ever considered that perhaps you are out of your depth picking a fight/ friendly debate with me (in such an boisterous/lively manner) ? Do you know my record of contests, in relation to victory and defeats? lol

    Of course you do.... Listen, If you REALLY want this debate, I will humour you, but I hope you have DONE YOUR HOMEWORK, and that you are NOT simply just wasting my time!!!

    Now where were we...Oh yes, Lennon. If your memory served you correctly my friend, you would have remember me placing Lennon in a list of 3 POTENTIAL candidates for the Spurs captaincy. Do you remember the others? The reason that I gave for nominating Lennon are reason that I STILL STAND BY. Do you remember what the are?

    And when did I say that Soldado does score because he doesn't get the right service? Soldado, to my mind, is a WORLD CLASS finisher who requires the RIGHT TYPE OF SERVICE, to suit his skill set and physique.

    This would include:

    -Through balls down the passages between the CB's/FB's.

    -fluid/constant/regular DYNAMIC movements between the front 3/4 players, with quick interchanges, allowing/and creating more space for our attacks by moving the oppositions defence frequently out of/into (different) position/s. This is when at LEAST one inverted winger would be recommended.

    - Well timed, and delivered, balls over the top of the Spaniards shoulder (stop sniggering)

    -And reasonably low/flat crosses from wide areas

    Now, this is NOT to say that there are not others ways to supply Roberto, but I would suggest that this is the BEST ways to supply hitman, especially in home games where Spurs tend to have more of the ball, and play less on the counter attack.

    The thing about your typical fan is that they are ALWAYS looking for the next bandwagon/craze/fad to jump on. Which brings me onto your point about Adam Lallana. Last season Lallana made 30 appearances, and according to YOUR rule of measuring a players ability, was less than impressive with a poultry 3 goals and 0 assists.

    Now granted he has had a FANTASTIC season, and is CLEARLY a quality player (which I acknowledged in my last post if you read it carefully), but 1 IMPRESSIVE season in the EPL doesn't mean a player has made it, my friend.

    Lallana STILL has a LOT to prove, as does ANY player who is new this level. Would he be a good signing I believe so. But would I EXPECT him to replicate this seasons form, at WHL? No, although obviously I would hope does. But I am NOT silly enough to think Spurs would be buying ANY THING other than a player with a HUGE amount of potential. Agreed?

    Ahh.... feel free to ask me another set of questions if you wish....
  3. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Didnt you say you had studied Lennon closely? Closer than others and when he was playing well walked with his chest out proud and that giving him the captaincy would make him replicate his better form? Your reasons also for him was because he gave shape and tracked back? (all the qualities we want in an 'attacking' player)
    so soldado is a top goalscorer that has scored 2 goals from open play and the reason being hes not getting the right type of service? But lennon and townsend are providing quality but there is no one getting on the end of it?
    No band wagons mate i tell it as i see it our Goal difference is +1 which tells you everything about our supply and attack. All season its been they need time, its the managers fault, its the fans fault, its everyone elses fault but the poor average clueless players weve aquired

    And im not making out lallana is the best thing since sliced bread, but having watched him this season hed be a breath of fresh air compared to the totally inept wingers we have. Just look at Lennon, Townsend, Chadli and that other boy we signed- whats his name again? The Argentinian our record signing- thats it Lamela
  4. Ramos43 Guest

    Lol...I've got to say that I'm impressed that you remember so much of what I had said about Lennon (although I'm not sure I mentioned ANYTHING about shape, or tracking back, specifically). I stand by what I have said in the past about Aaron, and although his form has been EXTREMELY disappointing of late, his 2nd half performance against West Ham was cause for optimism.

    Because once Spurs had gone down to 10 men, I saw a Aaron Lennon (playing narrower admittedly) go looking for the ball, in order to make things happen. The winger could be found popping up on the left, right and down the centre, linking play and committing West Ham players to challenges, with that direct running style, that with have seen all too little of this season.

    It ALWAYS difficult to make a winger captain, especially when you have the PLETHORA of wingers/wide-men Spurs currently have at their disposal. But i stand by my view, that Lennon at his BEST is more than capable of nailing down a place in the Spurs team (as he has proved since he arrived) and that giving him the armband (even if it's just as the vice) could provide him with the REWARD, RECOGNITION and RESPONSIBILITY to take the stalwarts game on to a whole new level.

    What I would like to see is Aaron come infield MORE (with and without the ball) as I believe his pace and movement could not only create space for others to run into, but he would unsettle the opposing teams midfield and defence by taking up positions in the centre of the field. It would also help add GREATER variety to his game.

    I question though if Spurs managers INSTRUCT lennon to hold hid position out wide as he provides the ONLY NATURAL width Spurs have in their team, in forward positions.

    Soldado HAS had a FEW CLEAR chances, and a LORRY load of half chances since Sherwood took over, and paired him with Ade. But by the time these came along, Roberto was bereft of any CONFIDENCE. When he DID go onto to score the WINNER against Cardiff, he was promptly dropped for the next couple of games which is more likely to set a player's confidence back to square 1.

    My recommendations/observations were based upon Soldado playing upfront ALONE, which is something I should of made clear.

    The supply for to the attack is OFTEN dictated by the way the team has been set-up! The fact Spurs have struggled CAN be traced back to the LACK of TEMPO and MOVEMENT in the middle/ last third.

    When was the last time you saw Spurs REALLY zipping the ball around, producing fluid movements and interchanging positions? Newcastle (away)?

    The LACK of these traits CONSISTENTLY being displayed within the team has been an issue all season, with game against Cardiff (away) being the noticeable exception.

    Of course Spurs have produced the kind of HIGH TEMPO football that helps create chances more frequently, at times this season but it has more often than not been in a half of a match, rather than for a run of games.

    At the end of the day Felon you REALLY do show your hand when you judge the merits of a player on ONE season. What about what they have shown to be capable of BEFORE? There is a LONG list of players that have struggled for a season or two BEFORE going on to lead a SUCCESSFUL career. Don't you agree?

    The new signings HAVE been disappointing this season but what will you say if they come good next year and fire Spurs to the title or CL?

    Perhaps the short-sighted, and fickle, nature of the typical fan is LARGELY based on variables and circumstantial evidence, such as states, more than the analysing actual performances.... Just a thought.

    Anything else? Lets be honest Felon we BOTH know this COULD go on ALL DAY and night, and you still won't get any change out of me....
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Haha the reason there is no fluidity to the play is because we have donkeys in midfield that cant spot a pass and our forwards are neither bothered to find space nor have the football inteligence to time a run that could hurt the opposition. If we couple that with inconsistant CBs totally clueless FBs and it is a recipe for disaster. 6th this season will be a very flattering finish to a very technically poor side.
    I want winners at spurs not these headless chickens, the fact you have to analyse so deeply to find anything to back these average players with says alot dont you think?

    And by winners i mean players that stand firm in a wall, Imposing consistant CBs, FBs that arent sloppy and embarrasing, holding midfielders that protect the back 4 and keep the play ticking over, a couple of playmakers, attackers that have end product regularly, and then of course strikers that can get near 20 goals a season. Put good players right atitude together with a clear way and idea of playing and we might just get somewhere.
    All these excuses for half rate players will keep us going backwards.
    Dont you actually want success ?
  6. Ramos43 Guest

    I analyse games, NOT because I have, but because I want to. Football and Spurs are my PASSION, it is what I KNOW and UNDERSTAND best. Everybody is EXCEPTIONALLY good at least one thing in life, and analysing football is one of my things.

    My friend we are ALL disappointed with what has happened at our club this season, ME INCLUDED. But continuing to look upon the club that you purport to LOVE with such NEGATIVITY helps no one, LEAST of all yourself. If you think about it, your ACTIONS are in direct CONTRADICTION to the FEELINGS you desire to it REALLY is no wonder that you are so FRUSTRATED.

    I DON'T buy into the idea that there is a LOT wrong with Spurs at the moment. We have a better squad of players INDIVIDUALLY than both Everton and Liverpool, which should indicate that the standard of player is NOT the reason for our poor showing this campaign.

    Liverpool finished 7th last year, and without making MAJOR changes they have CONSIDERABLY improved through work on the training pitch, understanding and following a CLEAR philosophy, and by believing in their managers methods, tactics and messages IMPLICITLY (plus a bit of luck with injuries etc)

    There is NO reason Spurs can't do the same next season should we make the correct appointment.

    I don't say these things because I am looking through rose tinted glasses or because I desire to defend is SIMPLY because I KNOW them to be true.

    Keep the faith, my friend....because I know I will.
  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Baines jagielka coleman barkley mirallas and Lukaku, would all walk into our starting 11. As would skirtyl sterling gerrard sturridge suarez. We on the other hand have Lloris and eriksen that would walk into theirs thats it. And lets b fair mignolet and howard arent poor equivelents where as Adebyor is a poor Lukaku and soldado is an extremely poor suarez. Fact is weve sold our best players we were given a lot of money to replace with some real quality and weve not bought in anywhere near the same quality which is sending us backwards however deep anyone wants to look into that it is the sad fact

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