PLAYER RATINGS: West Brom 3:3 Spurs

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Luke Symonds, April 12, 2014.

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  1. Luke Symonds

    Luke Symonds New Member

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    Today we travelled to West Bromwich Albion. Fighting to stay up, they needed the 3 points as much as ourselves. There was a lot of discussion on twitter about who would start today's game considering we had just beaten bottom of the table Sunderland, 5-1. The boys needed the win to keep up with the Champions League ambitions.

    2pm came and the team was released. Tim had decided he wouldn't change the starting eleven at all. Harry Kane had earned his second start in as many matches. There was no excuses now. We had won with the same starting 11 before so why couldn’t we do it again?

    After the minute's remembrance for the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, the game kicked off.

    The game plan was completely brushed aside within the first minute. Lloris parried away a cross only for Matej Vydra to pounce and volley in. it went from bad to worse within 3 minutes. A cross caused chaos in the box and was then volleyed in brilliantly from Chris Brunt. A few minutes later, Danny Rose was upended by Morgan Amalfitano and we were awarded a penalty, only for Adebayor to pass into Foster's grateful arms. The consequence of this was Albion scoring a third as Stephane Sessegnon calmly slotted past Hugo after a defensive error.

    There was some hope towards the end of the first half. Naughton's cross was diverted in by Olsson. Game on. After some heavy dominance all during the second half, we were awarded as another cross from Aaron Lennon found its way to Harry Kane who headed in for his second goal in two games. We were clutching at straws for the last quarter and after some lovely play, Christian Eriksen fired a beauty into the roof of the net to level things up. There was literally minutes to spare and we had done it.

    Player Ratings

    Hugo Lloris – 6 – Hugo had no fault in the first 2 goals but could have done a bit better with the third. Also made an outstanding point blank save.

    Kyle Naughton – 6 – Kyle was a little bullied in defence today but did attack well, often giving the ball to Lennon to cross. Did grab an assist himself when his cross deflected in.

    Vlad Chiriches – 4 – Vlad was substituted rightly at half-time. Partly to blame for the third goal and was careless in defending, often giving the ball away. Not good enough.

    Younes Kaboul – 6 – The skipper gave lots of effort and was always trying to attack with the ball. Made a great last ditch tackle on Berahino late on which could have changed the state of the game.

    Danny Rose – 4 – Danny was poor today. Was always stranded on the left, missed an open goal and had a chance late on to score which he ballooned over.

    Paulinho – 6- Paulinho was average today. He and his midfield partner were spraying the balls around today to the wing which I liked. I believe the pace of the game was a bit too much for him to handle.

    Nacer Chadli – 6 – Nacer looks good in his new role and like Paulinho, he was spreading the play with some good passes. Fairly average today.

    Aaron Lennon – 7 – Lennon assisted a goal today with a tricky cross. His speed was not used a lot today which disappointed me. Had a good shot with his weak foot which was well saved.

    Christian Eriksen – 8 – Christian is in top form and he didn't fail to impress today. Scored the goal which drew us level and he put in a huge amount of effort which was shown throughout the game.

    Emmanuel Adebayor – 4 – Ade was very quiet today. He missed a penalty today which was poorly taken. He looked a different man to the one who scored twice on Monday.

    Harry Kane – 6 – Although Harry scored a good header today, he often gave the ball to the opposition which annoyed me.


    Zeki Fryers – 6 - Zeki didn't have too much to do today as the ball was mostly in the opposite half due to our 68% possesion.

    Gylfi Sigurdsson – 5 – Like Zeki, the Icelandic come on and didn't really play a part in the match. When he came on, he went into the holding midfielder role and whenever he received the ball, he passed to the wings.

    Andros Townsend – 6 – I still don't know why Andros doesn't start more games at the club. He came on and hugged the wing. He used his pace and skill to keep the attack going and had some involvement in the 3rd goal.

    It was a disappointing performance in the first half for Tottenham but completely overshadowed by the comeback in the second. They needed the three points but I believe that was the perfect result based on the two teams and their performance.
  2. Jho Harris Guest

    High points for so many wasters as we call them in Ireland. This bunch is not good enough, there is something very wrong going on at WHL and Tim cannot be blamed for it all. During the summer we were over the moon with the new signings now it is time to offload them and most of the rest of the playing staff.
  3. Kenneth Guest

    Well summed up, but it was Naughton's cross which was deflected in by Olson.
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  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Our team is little better than average, we cannot expect to be succesful with the amount of average and weak players in our regular starting line up
  5. Spurman4 New Member

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    Our defence is shocking, midfield average, and the only player giving his all seems to be Eriksen. Lot's of rebuilding required I think, and i'm not sure Tim is the man for the job. Players being utilised out of position, and the team is not motivated. I believe we need a no nonsense manager who can get 100% commitment every game. If not, use the exit door.These players are paid a FORTUNE to not perform. Shocking performers should donate their inflated wages to charity every week! Where has all the passion and desire gone?
  6. Halabil Guest

    Shambolic defending and typical slow start in first half. Rose is horrific getting back to defend. Chiriches is already thinking about how to get sold to Chelsea as his agent claimed in the first half of the season (a good season or two at Spurs would result in an offer from Chelsea, only it has been a disastrous season for him so far). Naughton is just not good enough. Kaboom too adventurous going forward leaving Chiriches isolated in a 1-1 for the third goal by Chiriches. Also needed a true defensive/holding midfielder in the game to provide cover for the back four.

    Unlikely to see massive overhaul of squad as per Levy's statement the other week and frankly with a proper coach who can command the respect of the players and who can organize them with a clear game plan and tactical awareness of the opposition, we can do a lot better with this current squad and with key reinforcements at the wing back positions, another proper CB, and a proper CF. Players who can be monetized to bring in said reinforcements: Naughton, Kaboom, Verts (he is going to push for an exit no matter what), Siggy, Dembele, Lennon and Ade (he's proven his point this season after being out in the cold, so will lose interest next season). We need to keep LLoris, Sandro, Eriksen, and Lamela at all costs.

    Most importantly, lock in LVG and don't give Man U a chance to get him first. Get the deal done DL!
  7. stevethespur Active Member

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    Couldnt believe we gave away two early goals. Agree that theres something wrong at the lane. Cant see this side progressing as we need it to without some comings and goings.
  8. scott Guest

    Well for a average team we still have got 60 points wgich is a good total
  9. Andy Guest

    Not sure what game you were watching? After Eriksen, Kane was by far Spurs next best player. He rarely gave the ball away and did well keeping possession. He got himself into some great positions and made some great runs with the ball. He also scored his second goal in two games.

    Rose was appalling as usual. How he got in the team above B.A.E. will always be one of the most ridiculous management decisions of modern times.

    Paulinho is poor in midfield and does very little. Chadli and Sigurdsson are also ineffective players.

    Kaboul and Townsend seem to lack football intelligence because they always just run into the wrong areas and have no idea where to go.
  10. Tom Guest

    Eriksen, Lloris and Kane were the only performers for Spurs today.

    Great to see Kane's awareness and clever passing.
  11. Lbanu Guest

    Danny Rose will never become a top class full back. Sherwood could have brought Ekotto back and he is a class left full back. It's a bit like chess except in chess there are no weak links. Once you have a weak link there are compounded problems when you play a fine player like Eriksen defending that weak link. Because fro all his admirable efforts Erikesen is about eh weakest player Tottenham have in the pitch to assist Rose. Now Chadli could play left side and swap positions with Eriksen and then you have more balance there. Fryers must come into consideration to play left full back. Naughton is doing well and getting better. Lennon has been very poor all season. So left and right wide Tottenham's problems begin. Ciriches is a fine footballer. Pace will always beat a defender from the half way line and Ciriches is learning well even if he has been careless with the ball betimes. Kaboul is a top class central defender.

    Chadli and Eriksen are both ones for next season. Chadli in particular the way things stand.

    Paulinho can be a main stay in central midfield. But Sandro should be played too. Those two and Dembele could all play well together. If Lamela comes back fit and Townsend and Bentaleb improve then Tottenham have their best chance next season as long as Adebayor stays fit of breaking into the top four in the Premiership. Holtby, Sigurdsson, Rose, Dawson. Kane and Lennon have had their day so to speak. Soldado deserves another go but Tottenahm desperate;y need another top keeper and the right striker. With Lamela fit and with Eriksen and Chadli ,Tottenham can put out a very strong midfield. They need a left full back and they need a proper manager to succeed. Sherwood has been a bit of joke as far as I am concerned and I am quite sure that he will not retain his current position next season.
  12. Snergio Guest

    Please don't make out we've had a blinding season we've been embarrassed more than we've been good. We need to lose a lot of poor/average players if we want to be successful and get in a manager that actually has a plan and knows what he's doing. Half rate performers/performances from too many so called internationals who at times look totally clueless on the pitch.
    60 points good tally but won't do much for us in the end again will it ?
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  13. del Guest

    who coaches our defence its the worst in our history?????????????/

    also im a striker for a local Saturday team but any chance I could play left back for spurs????
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  14. hanko6319

    hanko6319 New Member

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    hi del your dead right about the defence they haven't got a cue and that's all across the back four it was the same last season i played at pretty high standard long time ago i played left back and you new that you would be up against a good player and you marked him now they mark no one would luv to play in prem and not mark any one and get away with it ha hah
  15. Bazza47 Guest

    Lamela.....almost forgotten the password...

    Usual suspects for second rate performance....perm any 6 from 11.....that's more than half the team.

    Sherwood cannot set a team to start well. Hopeless.

    6 average players. Hopeless.

    We can't beat the Baggies and the Gooners are at Wembley.........says it all really......fffff

    Is there hope...anybody.....

  16. shippy Guest

    Spurs rode their luck today in the first half, could have been more than three down. Chirices was poor today but will be a good center half if he had a decent ch with him, kaboul is Not that good and Dawson isn't the answer either, vertonghan is but will he stay, rose is pub league at best, ekotto should have been brought back, central midfield today should have been sandro, paulinho, Townsend on the left, chadli on the right, adebayour up front and Erickson in behind him, in second half with abit more luck with could had all three points as wba didn't have one shot on target , next season should be good if lamela is fit, couple of full backs and the right man to manage them, coys
  17. Marco Guest

    Timmy is a Gooner mug who is clueless as to how to set up.
    The legacy of Twitchy McDodgy-Dealer goes on.
    The rest of my season is predicated on Schadenfreude and Everton finishing fourth.
  18. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Week after week we get caught cold in the first attack on our goal. shocking. who does our defensive training? our defence is shambolic and its getting worse.Danny Rose should not be played always out of position and useless on the ball.fryers is a better option.with all the money spent on more MFs we did nothing to strenthen the defence, wedont even use a holding MF ffs. wheres sandro, is he injured? its the same every week now this team is going backwards under sherwood, no plan no clue i really hope we can get someone in who can sort this mess out.
  19. Kady Guest

    The fundamental problem is we have a Chairman who has a diabolical history of senior staff retention. In no other industry would a Chairman be allowed to stay in the job with such a poor record of appointing and then sacking managers. There is a strong argument for saying that at the heart of Spurs problems is Levy's management style. ​
  20. Bonzo Guest

    60 points is not good enough for the champions league or for all the money shelled out on new players. Utterly shambolic.
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