PLAYER RATINGS: Aston Villa 1-2 Spurs

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Socrates, November 2, 2014.

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  1. Nicholas Brady New Member

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    Team mentality look's good the reaction to both goal's was outstanding. For the second that was a team celebrating as one. We can only grow from this, That is the sort of result that helps grow confidence...
  2. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Watching the game again, Soldado actually worked really hard yesterday and he played some good passes into those around him. What is also apparent is that when Kane came on he almost took on the role of captain. He was shouting instructions at those around him, organising players and taking responsibility, something that Kaboul has not done on ANY occasion this season.
    Chadli also flies under the radar but he puts in a hard shift every game and deserves more credit than he gets.
    One of the biggest issues is our midfield,. It simply doesn't exist. Capoue seems to just watch play at times and there is no cohesion at all. The defence is woeful. No other words to describe it. No positional sense, poor when getting forward and serious work needs to be done.
    As for up front, Kane has to start now. Adebayor needs to be sold. End of.
  3. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Interesting idea as Rose actually started as a left sided midfielder.
  4. euanhusarmi Guest

    Cannot agree more than the comments posted.
    Yesterday was among the worse performances I have seen since pre BMJ.
    There is zero movement, the pace is pedestrian; we look vunerable every single time the ball was put in our box, and look bereft of ideas when we made it into the oppositions.
    I actually feel sorry for Pochettino; he has been duped into taking over a "Big" club, with an experienced squad of international players. What he has inherited, is a rag-bag team of unmotivated players, who clearly are there to earn the money with as little commitment to the cause as possible.
    We have gone from the most exciting team in the premier league in 2010/11, to the least watchable.
    Two lucky goals after a sending off, against one of the premier leagues worse sides, does not paper over the crises we have.
    I would suggest a wholesale dropping of the under-performing players, but wherever you look, either in the reserves, on the bench, or on the pitch, the players look like they do not care; is it a coincidence that the likes of Gylfi look 10 times better after they move on?
    All I know is, the sum of our parts add up to performances, determination, passion and belief far exceeding what we are seeing; unfortunately, I cannot see how we get that out of these players, and fear another long period in the wilderness, akin to the baron years from mid 90's thru the 2004/5.
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  5. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    The overall performance was abysmal. I would start Kane and make him captain. He deserves it more than anyone else does.
  6. big fran Guest

    Wasn't it fantastic watching Kane and lamela over the free kick. Eric:I'll take this harry. HK: no
    Eric: I really fancy this one! HK : told u! Do one eric.
    Eric: Are u sure I really want it mate.. HK: no I'm the daddy now. Bang goal!!!
    So refreshing to see a young lad not only come thru the system but shows pride n passion to pull on the shirt and has real leadership qualities for one so young. Think 442 is the way forward for us at present its not a system I really like but it definitely suits us more!
    Lloris walker dier vertonghen rose dembele mason chadli Townsend soldado kane
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  7. Bazza Guest

    I watched the match yesterday growling at Spurs all the way, where's the passion? Where the effort? The commitment. But I watched it again today and I don't think it is those things. I think it's as simple as confidence. We started well but a few wobbly bits of defending from Kaboul and a couple of missed chances up front and the rest of them give up on believing we are good enough to win.
    I know last week it was Dier that was passed and was running back to goal defeated by a good run and a quality pass but where was his protection, he was playing RB. where was the centre back to clear up any mistake? Standing watching it happen.
    For away matches I'd like to see this.
    Walker Dier vertongen Rose
    Dembelle Mason
    Lamela erikson chadly
    Speed from the back, power in the centre, skill and pace midfield and passion in the box.
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  8. Stu Guest

    Didn't Erik 'no contribution' Lamela take the corner which we scored directly from?
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  9. The Cockerel

    The Cockerel Member

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    Interesting day, yesterday. I think most of us are agreed that we got away with it at the Villa. There were several interesting points to discuss though:
    a) it should be clear to Poch by now that Harry Kane has to in all start our PL games now. It isn't simply a question of ability and talent. It's also a question of character. Adebayor may or may not have more talent than Kane, but young Harry clearly has more confidence, intent and growing leadership skills than Ade will ever be able to bring to the table.
    b) it should also be clear to Poch by now that Kaboul isn't 1st team starting material. Whatever some may make of Fazio's performances for us so far, he clearly isn't any worse than our captain and he has the potential to be better as he gets more playing time. We know, by now, where we are with Kaboul, and it's simply not good enough to get us to where we want to be.
    c) finally, it was good to see some proper TEAM SPIRIT among the boys on the pitch for once. When it all kicked off, just before Benteke's red card, I watched in happy astonishment as the previously mild-as-lambs lilywhites showed that they have a nasty side too. Who would have thought that Roberto 'butter-wouldn't-melt' Soldado would lead the charge on the mighty Benteke when he shoved our Ryan Mason in the face? And wasn't it good to see Ryan show some devilish nous to set up Benteke for the red card? For too long we've been known as 'southern softies' and, if we're frank, we've believed that tag too. We all remember 'Gilet Tim' accusing the boys of being too nice to each other on and off the pitch. Together with Kane's goal, the most significant result for us , going forward, may have been the the team bonding achieved in the mini brawl and the mad celebration after Harry scored his goal. Let's hope those two incidents give the whole team a renewed sense of purpose. Come On You Spurs!
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  10. stevethespur Active Member

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    We beat Villa who hadnt scored for 500 minutes or so ! They had the best striker on the pitch in Benteke ! We're the 12th richest club on the planet according to the Forbes list, and Villa have the better striker ! Of course we were very lucky to win, the red card turned it and maybe we were due a bit of luck. Still feel theres a crunch time for Poch coming, this was pretty 'skin of our teeth' time. Defence needs sorting out, we dont have Dawson this term to paper over the cracks, i know he had his faults but have we improved since his move ? Next transfer window Poch deserves to be backed and some comings and goings sorted out, a solid centre back unless Dier is given a chance, cant see Vlad making it in the premier now. Hear that Johanne Cabaye and Wilfred Bony are available in january, lets get some new blood in the team, players who will walk into the starting eleven instead of 'squad' players. Things can change quickly in football. Coys.
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  11. Spurporter Well-Known Member

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    Interesting day, indeed.
    a) Poch does not need any clearing, he knows well Kane is his only ace to date. That is why he plays him on Spurs #1 team. That team plays midweek. Besides Kane it has new MP's acquisitions.
    b) Kaboul plays on Spurs #2 set of XI. #2 team plays weekend matches. It is mostly Tim Sherwood's squad.
    Abysmal results in EPL forced MP to transfer a few players from cup team. Hence, we see Soldado in the tunnel, but the priorities are set. Kane may start next EPL fixture or one after, but nevertheless the stronger XI will play for cups up until we are out of these competitions.
    c) 100% agree with TEAM SPIRIT being hugely important. It was pleasure to watch this burst of emotions, including ones from manager. Red card to Benteke was a product of it, prior to any goals scored.
    We deserved, if not a win, then at least red card to an opponent. We endured too many unfair send offs this season.

    Many times posters here stated that they would rather see poor play with good result, as opposed to other way around. So there you have it! COYS!!!
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  12. Lennon in the team as a right back in 60 years supporting spurs that has to be the most stupid suggestion ever.
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  13. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Lennon being on the bus would be stupid to you though!!!
  14. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    What about playing Rose at left right out ?

    To be honest Rose has been decent in some games this year and at times has been our only player that provides width. Against Villa he was back to his worst and constantly out of position. Although he brings a lot of energy to the LM im not so sure about his final product. Overall he's average where ever you play him. Besides we need two LBs to be playing and match fit so why would Poch play them both?
  15. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    Still not sure why so many posting that this was one of the worst performances they have seen, for me that was the week before with Newcastle especially with the occasion and the legends there to remember the great Billy Nic. That for me was one of the most spineless displays ever. But against Villa although we were average especially in defence, there were some positives. There were signs of a pulse in the team especially when Kane came on and then when things got heated some willingness to fight for each other. I don't condone everything that happened but its good to see some ticker from players labelled as being mentally weak and soft, and this kind of spirit and fight got the team over the line with a deserved win. The celebration after Harry's goal was memorable and will go a long way in bringing this team together. Great display, no. Great win, yes.
    Agree with Matt that when Harry came on he looked like someone willing to lead by example and showed maturity and desire. Why are some still saying that its too soon for Harry ? he's not the only 21 year old out there and many are doing the business every week. The way he took control over the free kick and then took a moment to talk to himself and then compose himself was the sort of self belief I want to see in this team.
  16. notnats

    notnats Well-Known Member

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    I wouldn't mind seeing Benteke in a Spurs shirt, to think we could have had him for around the same money we paid for Soldado who is much older and never going to fit in at Spurs still brings a tear to the eye. Even Bony was there for the taking last window and completely ignored. Ade and Soldado just arnt cutting it and Kane is the best striker we have at this time and everyone knows it except the man who picks the team.
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  17. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Levy fails every window to recruit the caliber of striker we need and in doing so fails the club & fans, REPEATEDLY EVERY WINDOW!
    And it is very worrying indeed that Poch isnt starting kane with him being the only form striker in the squad.
  18. big fran Guest

    Think the creativity behind the lone striker is a bigger problem. We don't miss that many chances. My Jan targets schaar(centre bk) ashley Cole konopklanplaya jay Rodriguez and yohan cabaye

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