PLAYER RATINGS: Aston Villa 1-2 Spurs

Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Socrates, November 2, 2014.

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  1. Socrates

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    Spurs grabbed an undeserved win at Villa Park this evening in what was a game of poor quality. Spurs had some decent chances early on but could not find the back of the Villa net.

    Some sloppy defending gave the Villa fans and players encouragement which was eventually rewarded when Weimann slid in to score Villa’s first goal in 6 games.

    Lamela was introduced at the break but Spurs remained uninspiring. A moment of madness from Benteke allowed Spurs back into the game after the Belgian striker was sent off for first kicking out at Lamela and then putting his hands in the face of Ryan Mason.

    Spurs’ persistence was rewarded when Chadli equalised from a corner late on. Harry Kane, who’d come on for Adebayor earlier on, got the winner a few minutes from time when his free kick was deflected past Brad Guzan.

    Player Ratings

    Lloris - 6 - Aside from their goal, Villa hardly had a shot on target during the game leaving Lloris with very little to do.

    Naughton – 7 – A solid performance from Naughton at right back. His crossing can definitely do with some work but defensively he seems a better fit than Eric Dier.

    Kaboul – 4 – It’s sad to see our captain regress game by game. I thought the Arsenal game would be a turning point for him but he hasn’t been able to build on it. Shaky today against what was very poor opposition.

    Vertonghen – 6 - Looked fairly composed at the back but he’s yet to show the performances that we saw from him in his first season at the Lane.

    Rose – 6 – Not Rose’s best performance this season. Tucked in far too much on more than one occasion in the first half and his crossing was woeful at times. Having said that, he did improve as the game went on.

    Capoue – 4 – Probably his worst performance of the season. Off the ball he was non-existent today and he failed to provide our defence with the cover it so desperately needed. Was rightly substituted in the second half.

    Mason – 8 – MOTM. Mason completed more passes (57), more take-ons (5), more tackles (5) and more interceptions (3) than any other player in today's game.
    Mason has grown game by game. He’s walked into the side and not only has he not looked out of place, he’s been one of our most consistent performers. I am in no way comparing the two players but Mason is the most similar player to Modric that we have.

    Eriksen – 5 – Another midfielder who was fairly absent today. For a player who always looks so comfortable on the ball I sometimes feel underwhelmed by his contribution in games. Was taken off at half-time and rightly so.

    Chadli – 6 – ‘What does Chadli do?’ I thought to myself, and then he popped up with our equaliser. He doesn’t set the world alight with his performances but 5 goals in 9 premier league starts this season is a great record for a midfielder.

    Soldado – 5 – Got himself in a couple of decent positions and could possibly have done better with those attempts. Although a quiet game for him, he still managed to set up Adebayor for what was our best chance of the first half.

    Adebayor – 4 – Another poor performance from Adebayor today. He should have buried the opportunity he had in the first half but what is more frustrating is his general performance. We’ve seen how good he can be but he doesn’t seem to be offering us an awful lot at the moment.


    Lamela – 5- Was brought on for Eriksen at half-time but didn’t influence the game in any meaningful way.

    Townsend – 6- Gave us some much needed width that allowed us so stretch the Villa defence when we were chasing a goal. Still needs to work on his end product but a decent cameo from him today.

    Kane – 7 – Should have started today and he proved that within 20 seconds of coming on the pitch; won a corner after some good play and rose well to divert a header on target from that resulting corner. Kane is our best striker at the moment. He offers us a genuine goal threat and his winner today, although deflected, is a good demonstration of that.

    An absolutely dismal performance from Spurs, perhaps the worst of this season, but 3 points is 3 points. Pochettino has a few big decisions to make in the coming week. Kane has done all he can to force his way into the team; Stambouli might be knocking on the door after a good performance against Brighton; Kaboul is looking very shaky at the back and Fazio and Dier will be looking to impress midweek.

    Our next league game sees us welcome Stoke to White Hart Lane. Pochettino will be desperate to improve on today’s performance, that’s for sure.
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  2. Mattj78

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    Good review although I think people are being overly harsh on Soldado as his all round play was okay. He certainly put in some effort.
    Overall, this result simply papered over the very big cracks that exist. I have just watched pochettino's interview and am not sure what game he was watching. He seemed to think we were really good but the truth is the sending off turned the game but we could easily have been three down by then.
    Kaboul is abysmal. No other word for it. Position wise he is all over the place and he missed headers, tackles and his passing was truly woeful. We get told that poch is right less but I have yet to witness this at all when it comes to players. Kaboul shouldn't be on the pitch let alone be captain.
    The team lacks leadership and we seemed to get some of that when Kane came on. He was yelling at players, pointing the way. That is what we need. I am not saying he should be captain but we need that kind of passion and Kaboul simply does not have it.
    I thought Rose was appalling. His crosses were ballooned out of play and he was culpable on the villa goal. Mind you, the whole defence was terrible today.
    Mason played well although lucky not to be red carded in the Benteke incident. He is showing great maturity and you have to wonder why it has taken so long for him to get first team action.
    Eriksen was invisible. The only time I realised he was on the pitch was when he took terrible corners.
    Capoue had his worst game yet. He was static and hardly ever tracked back.
    Adebayor is a disgrace. Lazy and why he gets to start every week is beyond me, it really is. I hope we sell him in n January but why anyone would want him is another matter.

    Today we mugged villa and have Benteke to thank. The sight of baldini hugging poch and the staff after the game was sickening. Baldini shouldn't even be at the club.
    Levy got some stick at long last today but the result saved him from further abuse.

    Today shows just how poor the premier league has be me when we are only three points away from fourth!!!!
    I am happy with the three points but the performance was diabolical.
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  3. Brightonspur Guest

    Agreed we played shockingly badly. Agree we were very fortunate. Also had a referee who was Spurs inclined in a number of decisions but.... We are notoriously unlucky, rarely get the refs approval and have played one hell of a lot better and lost. So, hopefully there will be more occasions when we get the rub of the green.

    It is an indictment of the rest of the team that Harry gets man of the match (on sky) when he was only on the pitch for a very short time but he was the only player who showed some balls and commitment. I thought Townsend and Lamela did too but their end product was generally poor unlike Kane.

    Lastly I cannot see this group of players ever delivering the pressing game that Pochetino so covets. Ain't gonna happen without serious personnel change. But... COYS!
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  4. Dan Guest

    You gave Naughton a 7! Are you insane?! Probably our worst player, the amount of times he gave the ball away and just hoofed it forward with no purpose. I'd rather have Lennon at right back, Naughton is championship quality.
  5. paulk Guest

    Been saying for ages Lennon would make a decent RB, Erikson should play in the centre Adebayour and Kaboul shouldn't plat at all.
  6. Terri Guest

    Spot on, calling it like it is. Ade was awful, so was Capoue, Kaboul,Eriksen. As usual.

    Poch is completely wrong not to take professional help on the psychological strength of our "Plaaaayer". He hasn't got the training or grasp of English to get them firing with desire in their mental attitude.

    Yet again today the home grown players were the ones impressing, Mason, Kane, even Townsend is showing signs of improving his variety and quality of crossing.

    How can he NOT start Kane against Stoke?
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  7. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    That game was abysmal, Poch & the team got out of jail big time.
    A nothing performance saved by a red card against a team who hadnt won or scored in 5.
    The defence are an embarrassment & the attack is useless. So many limited passengers with a disgraceful attitude towards football, the club & fans.
    Where are all our 'clever buys' during the last window? And what contributions are the settled 'magnificent 7' producing?
    Wheres the high pressing, attacking football?
    Thank god weve got Lloris, Kane & Mason because on current/semi perminent form the rest arent worth a w@nk!
    A struggled aimless 3 points against a p;ss poor team a man down- lets get this into perspective its a shower!
    The Club needs some serious movement of players and some much needed quality drafted in before you can even begin to try and implement a game plan!
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  8. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    So Agree...How bad was that. Benteke should be aggrieved to be the only one punished. As well as Mason played, he should have gone as well.
    When you have 6 players getting a 4 or 5 (every week, same ones) you are going to fall short. I couldn't care a flying f**k that we won, we were diableedingbollical.....
    It was SO painful.
    We've installed Kaboul as bad is that and how bad was he....
    I have banged the Benteke drum for three seasons....he's getting fit and we should buy him, getting rid of Adey.
    Their goal...Rose,
    You can only definitely self select Hugo, Jan and Mason who, apart from the trouble, ran his nuts off.....why is Dembele not playing.....
    Pain all the way today.

    Regarding Poch's post match interview, he must have had Wenger as a tutor.....if he really believed all he said, then we have a problem ....a real problem. Fingers crossed.

    Matt, did you see the Daily Mail report about Levy overhauling the coaching set up, firing loads and.......keeping Baldini......I think I've worked out that they've got their heads up each other's harris's.....unbelievable.....can it really be true...Please NO, NO, NO
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  9. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    Yes, I did see it. It is amazing how much Levy gets away with.
  10. Lemmy Guest

    How absurd is it the some (not many but some ) people actually thought we could challenge for a top 4 finish this season !!!! Unless something dramatically changes which seems very improbable we will be in a relegation fight by Christmas. This is without doubt the worst set of players we have had for many many seasons. With no money likely to be net invested for many seasons ahead this could just be the start of a very very difficult period when just surviving in the premiership before the new stadium starts to generate cash is more likely than any nonsense about "challenging" for the CL
  11. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    The new stadium is years away. We will play away from Tottenham for a very long time.
  12. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    If the iPad doesn't lock up again I will finish this......we will be away 3 seasons imo....Emirates took 2.5 years to build.
    Say you notionally started next summer, best case, you will not play at WHL again until 2018, without any problems from those objecting to CPO's, more likely 2019. No funds to replenish the squad, so no CL revenue, so the business case for a new stadium looks weak. Risk assessment must look shite.....
  13. Archie Guest

    I don't want to put a downer on a totally unexpected and lucky win but my three pet hates week after week, Rose, Kaboul and Capoue, once again played like glorified Sunday League players.
    I'm sorry but what does Poch see in these? Awful. Absolutely awful.
    Our best team should be made up of some League and some Cup players.
    Once again team selection showed that priority is the cups.
    Bad news for us season ticket holders.
  14. Adam Higgins Guest

    I feel awful for Soldado. If he gets one or two I think he could go on a run. Team seems to be lacking leaders to rally the team on the pitch. I had thought Vert was our leader but he doesn't seem to want it anymore. Mason and Kane should be starting every game!
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  15. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    For us fellow STH it really is going to be a long hard season. Missed the 4-0, so have seen us lose 3 in 4, and we were lucky to beat Southampton imo.....I have never seen a run like that, ever, that I can remember....sad, really sad.
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  16. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    It just further adds to the case that ENIC are muppets
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  17. Hotspur24 New Member

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    I was suddenly awoken by the tv, spurs were playing, and there was a furore on the touchline with some tottenham players actually showing a bit of passion!!!! Benteke off, and I thought lets push on lads, but we showed no real ambition or guile to break the villa team down. When we won, I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming still! What another totally inept and clueless performance. Its like he draws the players out of a hat while hes in trap 2 before the game. Eriksen, Adebayeeeorrr, Kaboul, Capoue, Rose and Naughton were all ineffective. With the exception of eriksen, who incidently we are doing our best to turn from a potential world class player to a total obscure being of him former self, I think the others should be sent down the road.snoreton and Rose are niave, Kaboul cant header, read the game, tackle or lead. Fazio now needs a run as does Dembele or Stambouli. Anyway 3 points, but only papers over the cracks of another lacklustre performance. I am really struggling to see a way forward, but I suppose we have the manager for that!!! COYS please.
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  18. Eds Guest

    Make no mistake, that corner had snow on it when it came down dreadful defending, i mean the guy side footed it in? WTF aren't you meant to head corners esp at the back post. Re the free kick well is not a goal is it unless the big deflection.

    Point being we are witnessing one of the poorest Tottenham teams i can remember. Goalie and Defence is ok but going forward Chadli, Lemela, Eriksen, Soldado they are all rubbish if you ask me. January can't come soon enough for me.

    Check this goal at the w/d for Blackburn, check the winger at 2:05 this what we want guts determination and delivery.

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  19. Bazza47

    Bazza47 Well-Known Member

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    I think it's the total lack of integrity in dealing with the supporters....they say hardly anything and you can't trust or disbelieve what they say.......taking the wee wee...ffs
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  20. Mattj78

    Mattj78 Well-Known Member

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    If I try and be optimistic for a moment, this could be a turning point for us but I am frankly sick of hearing about how we don't have the players to play pressing attacking football. That is just a lame excuse. If the players at Southampton could do it then we do have the players but they simply don't have the right attitude. In fact, since Harry left the team have showed poor attitude under AVB, Sherwood and now Poch.
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