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  1. Cheshuntboy Guest

    I never expected to be saying this, but some of the football played at the women's World Cup has offered far better entertainment than last year's men's tournament, let alone our own anaemic contribution to the truly dire CL final. Southgate's men's team played just about the dullest football I can remember, with maximum possession and minimal penetration, but were being praised from all quarters for their supposedly great showing, despite stumbling through their games via penalties and free kicks, and losing to the first half-decent team they met.
    Spurs were just as bad, playing every bit as badly as under AVB, holding a false position for half the season, courtesy of last minute goals and flukes of all sorts, and then falling apart when the cracks could no longer be papered-over. Pochettino continues to distance himself from the club he's paid eight million per year to manage (no say in transfers? Really? So no credit due for the occasional successes then?), and next season's line-up is currently the same as last season's, so the drift down from 2017's peak looks set to continue, as phase two of the endless 'project' commences.
    Will Levy pull something/anything out of the transfer hat? I'll believe it when I see it, and remembering the mess he made of previous cash splashes in 2008 (Dos Santos and Bentley, among others) and 2013 (the not-so magnificent seven), my breath will not be unduly held.
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  2. palmover Active Member

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    Such an inept effort in the biggest game in the clubs history. Mp has found his level and that's qualifying for top4, winning trophies is beyond his capabilities as a coach/manager.
    Spurs need at least 3 1st team additions this season: Rb, Cm, and wide attack whether spurs get them is another matter. Coys
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  3. Shimon K

    Shimon K New Member

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    Didn’t even have time to process the thought of “ let’s not concede early again” before the penalty decision happened.
  4. Shimon K

    Shimon K New Member

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    Anyone else think it’d be worth taking a punt on Charlie Austin, would only cost a few million, and would be an aerial threat and gives his all. And if he could regain his form from a few years back with QPR, he’d be a steal. Reason I’m thinking of him is because of his tweet praising Llorente after the Ajax second leg game. Interested to thoughts on this. COYS!
  5. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    37 days left of the window and still nothing what an absolute farce , even if we sign N'dombele good tho he is it's just a replacement for Dembele who left.
    Then there's the boy Clarke who looks yet another prospect but is going to stay at Leeds anyway for next season.
    And this is us operating differently?
    Llorentes contract ran out yesterday so that's another hole to fill and yet here we are in the Transfer Stupor of seasons past.
  6. P reed Guest

    What a surprise Felon did you expect anything else .I believe we have agreed fee for dembeles replacement but can’t agree personal terms and don’t be surprised if united try to put the mockers on deal if they sell Pogma.Clarke may be a good prospect but that is not helping us next year.No dross moved out and no decent players in and the players soon back for preseason.I hope I’m wrong and we have a few surprises in store but don’t hold your breath
  7. Hail Levy Guest

    Haha. Premature reajaculation again P Reed. NDombele signed and sealed. Why haven't you learnt your lesson after posting half-time during the Ajax game that you were turning off? Mordor must be bleak this time of year
  8. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So both N'dombele & Clarke announced, 1 fills the void Dembele left and 1 stays at Leeds.
    If Sissoko & N'dombele can form a partnership of a more mobile and influential CM pairing than Vic & Dembele were at their peak then we have a solid base to work from.
    Hopefully it gives a better shield to the defence who were over all below par last season with far too many errors.
    Llorentes gone and we really need a 2nd striker now that can push/support/rotate with Kane.
    Our WBs or non existent WBs need a massive upgrade with pace and end product if we're not to continue with this turgid stagnant football we churn out.

    If Eriksen and Toby go there's more holes to plug and this is just to keep the 1st team competitive.
    There's still the lack of depth in quality on the bench which shafts us every season.

    So it's great we've signed N'dombele who looks a real talent but we're still miles off being a serious squad ready to give it a proper go next season.

    Need much more.
  9. Big fran Guest

    Personally would like to see winks anchoring a midfield 3 with sissoko and ndombele. A front 3 of son kane moura/new signing.
    Pepe reus or especially timo werner would be perfect. Don't see Toby leaving as his clause is already active so can't understand why he's still there with plenty of suitors at that price. If eriksen trippier do leave as expected then obviously they will be replaced accordingly. If eriksen does stay then he along with eriksen will have to fight for a starting spot which will be a massive step towards where we need to be. Sessagnon will be finalised in the coming days I suspect.
  10. P reed Guest

    Hail levy one swallow does not make a summer and I accept a great comeback against Ajax but we did lose the final in a whimper
  11. Big fran Guest

    Strange we didn't get involved in the Wan Bissaka deal but maybe he had his heart on united who knows. Need a new quality right bk not sure who is out there right now to be honest. Donny Van der Beek would be the icing on the cake.
  12. voiceofreason Active Member

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    I think Ndombele is a great statement. We actually went for a very good player who was wanted by other top teams
    I would say the fact we made the champions league next year and dare I say it, our great new stadium was what convinced him over any late Man U interest - so maybe last season wasn’t such a disaster ;)
    Glad we haven’t just bought random players to » get some business done »

    A couple more good ones please

    Agree about winks Sissoko and Ndombele as a great midfield
  13. palmover Active Member

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    If spurs could get Bale on loan, even if Ce goes i think the team would be better.
    Any mid 3 has to include Dele as he scores goals.
    The defence needs sorting out too many rb, need to sell at least one. Foyth has been used by agentina as RB for copa.A, could he be an option? I still don't know what KWP has done not to be used more than he has.
    Toby leaving, would make way for Sanchez and raise 25m, however, it would weaken the defensive roster.
    I don't think spurs will spend big again this window until they make some sales, maybe spurs will get sess for 25-35 apart from that loans maybe the way to go, Spurs are linked with cellabos and have been linked with bale, both could fill a hole on loan while the team is rebuilt?
  14. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Dani Alvez is on a free .......
  15. Big fran Guest

    Interesting one is that. Quite old so don't know what his legs and form are like but still first choice for Brazil..
  16. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    Well he kept Messi in his pocket, and has what this whole club lacks

    Winning experience

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