Discussion in 'Tottenham forum' started by Felon82, June 2, 2019.

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  1. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    So arguably the biggest game of our history, a chance to immortalise their selves in legendary status, a chance to show the world they're not pretenders, a chance to give us fans something credible to finally cheer about.

    27 seconds in and we've conceded a penalty. Sissoko flapping like Lloris at a corner, weak maybe but still there's the same errors.

    Trippier sleeping allowing Mané to get in behind, our shape all over the place, Sissoko rushing to rescue his full back and not being the most intelligent of players has his arm over his head. The penalty is taken a poor 1 may I add that Lloris having gone the right way should've done a lot better with.

    So a customary 1 goal head start offered up and taken we now only have 89minutes + stoppage time to get our act together and make a game of it.

    And so it began....

    The art of busily doing nothing, the mere suggestions that we dominated the game are laughable when it took until 72 minutes to register a shot on target a lame looping scoop from Ali. Meanwhile Liverpool had carved out many chances.

    This is the difference between having purpose in your play and players with an idea on what to do with the ball and movement off it. For all our 'dominance' passing it about aimlessly across our own six yard box because our keeper can't kick and our midfield and forwards are all stationary is not controlling a game.

    Robertson and Arnold both have come on leaps n bounds consistently under Klopp, whereas Rose, Trippier have now regressed under Pochettino nothing more telling than how direct and influential their play is compared to our stagnant predictable lethargic ineffective non existent wing play or threat.

    It's been the same sh__ all season , plenty of games we've somehow gotten away with it but the whole thing just looks void of any ideas it's a busted flush.

    But last night was just the straw that broke the camels back for me. It's the CL final FFS nothing more needs to be said leave everything out there on the pitch and win/lose no one has a problem with, but that display was absolutely Pathetic they should be ashamed. All that effort to put in a whimper like that against a Liverpool side who didn't even play that well was just embarrassing.

    A great day absolutely ruined by the display of gutless football.

    If there are any clowns that wanna continue with this patience nonsense, we're just getting better and that we can't find players to improve this team so shouldn't even bother recruiting feel free to back up your claims now.

    Without some serious investment (that of the level fans are expected to put in and the levels of record profits being made) this is just glorified treading water.

    The squad needs a major shake up, clear out the dead wood , beef up the entire squad so we have a bench with quality on it , lose the serial liabilities , up the standard of players, add some character and winning mentality to the side.

    Thoroughly p;ssed off.
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  2. Ace Guest

    Brilliant article...we are a joke and I am also frankly sick of this rubbish........same old bottle job.....
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  3. Cheshuntboy Guest

    There will, of course, be all the usual accusations of not being 'real' supporters, of being 'melters', 'haters' and all the other insults so beloved of the rose-tinted brigade, but last night's performance and result have done immense damage to the club, not just in terms of reinforcing the 'bottlers' label, and undermining the prestige of the Spurs brand internationally, but potentially alienating even the real hardcore 'bums on seats' supporters, who paid far from small fortunes to witness the debacle, and might well decide that enough's enough. Sixty-two thousand of them are required every other week to pay for the stadium, and it's hard to see that happening without radical spending and top to toe rebuilding this summer - will Levy finance it, and has the preening, self-regarding Pochettino got the nous to carry it out? I've got my doubts, but let's just see.
  4. Felon82 Well-Known Member

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    I went to the Stadium yesterday even at £10 a ticket I feel robbed so poor was the performance.
    But once the novelty of the stadium wears off if success isn't chased with significant backing there's only 1 path this leads to with our North London Neighbours as an example.
  5. Delli Ali once again failed on the big occasion - Kane was anonymous - perhaps some of those whom we thought off a demi God's actually have feet of clay and if a clean out is required then sentiment and loyalty, unquestioning idolisation should be set aside - brave actions are required now - this team has gone as far as it can - as tremendous as their efforts have been .
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  6. Boris New Member

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    So clear as to why we lost as we did; it was the same old Spurs, no bite, so slow and negative. In other words the same as usual. Isn't there anyone in the club who can see the blindingly obvious. No imagination, deluded beliefs backwards passing without intelligence. Trippier, Eriksen, Alli are all overinflated players who should not be there. For the whole World to see Spursy in their prime was a disgrace. Who would want to join Spurs? Any takers from the Sunday League; I am truly pissed off.
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  7. Bobby Buckle Guest

    Agree with all the comments posted! There was no fight, no pride in the shirt and absolutely no determination to win a very poor game. Liverpool got some luck with the penalty but our lethargic team seemed to be caught up in the ‘there’s something odd happening’ idea, as if it was meant to be our time, well the brutal fact is without fight and idea you can’t just rely on fete, you make your own luck which you can’t do being devoid of all the things I’ve already mentioned.
    We want to lose the ‘spursy’ tag, but then audition to keep it going!
    Gutted doesn’t begin to say how I feel about last night........the club I love dearly was let down by players with bigger bank balances than skill and ideas that they are better than they actually are......Dele, Ericsson etc etc etc
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  8. Spursed off Guest

    The bubble burst for me when I saw the team announced. Really, Trippier, Ali, Kane. Same old slow sideways , backwards up coming. And so it proved. Moura cast aside, even Lamela's tenacity jettisoned for a half fit Kane , a no 20 who loses the ball again and again and a plethora of others who, rather than take a chance pass back and sideways again and again. And no sub until 64 minutes. Seen this ineptitude too many times this season. How many defeats? Project closed.
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  9. Saul Guest

    Love the passion and blunt to the point honesty of this article!!

    I agree totally albeit maybe not with the same intensity!

    We just didn’t turn up!!! So disappointing!!

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  10. palmover Active Member

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    In 5 years at spurs Mp has only had one balanced team (2o16/17). How hard can it be to build a fwd line? City, pool and the Chavs play fast dribbling goalscorers in the wide areas spurs play dele/Ce in these areas and it has upset the balance of the team for years. Why does Mp try to play two number 10's, instead of finding the right player for the wide areas? Dele playing on the left was a waste of time ans Mp never changed it when moura came on playing moura behind kane.
    Some say that Ce is the heart beat of spurs another myth by the rose tinted brigade.
    The rise and fall of dembele shows that the moose was the heart of the team and as he waned the team became weaker and have not replaced or adapted to his loss.
    I for one hope spurs sell Ce as i don't see a team with him and ali in it being successful unless spurs replicate the team set up of 2016/17 which was a pretty unique team.
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  11. Will fagence Guest

    I agree with your article almost in it's entirety. I would only add that I guessed Pochetino's team long before it was announced. He has his favourites and sticks to them no matter what. I would never have dropped Moura.
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  12. barney Guest

    if only they had put half the effort that they put in to winning the C/L that they did to get there might of been another story
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  13. Del Guest

    Until we spend and buy some quality players that will challenge our starting 11 for places ... the likes of Kane,Alli,son,eriksen etc... will know they are starting every game so until their positions are under threat the team will just carry on and fall behind. But as always COYS.
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  14. Scott Guest

    I agree with the comments no passion what's so ever. Most of the players apart from rose and vertogen looked like they couldn't be bothered. Maybe it was the heat but we was poor .
    Poch even how good he is still makes mistakes why play kane .
    If he is fit and on form yes play him but should of played Moura.
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  15. JoeC New Member

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    At last . someone who is telling it as it is .I could not possibly agree more with every word in this Blog.I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt this way so at least I feel that someone else was watching the same game .
    I have absolutely no doubt that I will yet again read the same ridiculous quote from Poch after this shambles which will say "I thought we deserved much more from the game and are very unlucky as we dominated possession and but for the keeper we would have scored etc etc " When are we going to get real and admit that our superior possession statistics are because we spend the whole game passing backwards rather than forwards so why would the opposition be concerned . The other aspect which has me tearing my hair out is kick outs. This I know is termed as building from the back - what a joke ! When do we ever NOT lose the ball when passing back and forth across the back land before it is passed back again to Lloris who then commences the same process until the opposition in their high press regain possession. I am at a loss to understand why Poch allows this farce to continue game in game out
    To me , we have a dreadful defence which leaks every time any opposition goes forward ; we have a totally predictable style of play which is so easy to track each game and eventually ends up with us trying to thread through an aware defence which inevitably will regain possession. Our passing continues to be deplorable , we simply cannot handle an opposition who give us no time on the ball and serves to increase even further if that were possible our passing backwards all the time. How many other teams have you seen who when taking a corner will end up with the ball back back in Lloris' hands without the opposition having touched the ball .

    Anyway, enough said ,I do sincerely believe that a major break up of that side is required - not easy I know but more importantly I feel that we should stop fooling ourselves into believing that we have a side who are are far better than the actually are because quite frankly they are a long long way from it
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  16. Aubz Guest

    tippy tappy football, no one really wanting to have a real go at Liverpool.
    We have been lucky this season, and a lot of players have gone missing.
    Yet Chelsea finish above us, and win a trophy, and with a rubbish manager.
    We really need to splash the cash and buy world class players and pay the going rate if we are to move on.
    I’m going to renew this season, but want to see us step up.
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  17. Pickleman1967

    Pickleman1967 Member

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    I don't agree with the sentiment of the blog; of course I understand the emotional reaction to losing the biggest cup final in our history. Natural. We are all gutted.

    Tottenham have not played well in the second half of the season, certainly not in the league and the CL progression has been by the skin of our teeth at times. However, we got to the final, savour at least being involved in massive games like this.

    Let's be honest, if Deli's looping shot had been executed a little better and sneaked in the net it would have changed the game entirely. At that point we had the momentum and it would not have surprised me to see Spurs do a late late show again. In which case the above blog would not have been written, nobody would be using adjectives like "pathetic". So let's not overreact, keep the Poch man and invest in a few quality signings over the summer. Keep the project going. COYS.
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  18. Tottenham4life New Member

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    This summer is the biggest in spurs History some of the players in the team have reach their expire date and loyalty can only get you so far Players like lloris and jan who have stuck around when they maybe had others offers deserves thanks but everyone in the team needs to be evaluated. Below is my evaluation of the squad and who to keep and sell and my dream starting 11 for next season.

    LLoris- 50/50
    Trippier- sell
    Rose- Keep
    Alderweireld- Keep at all costs
    Sanchez- Keep
    Son- Keep
    Winks- Keep
    Janssen- Sell
    Kane- Keep
    Lamela- Sell
    Wanyama- Sell
    Dier- keep (Backup at the very least and homegrown player)
    KWP- Sell/Loan not good enough for first team football
    Sissoko- Keep
    LLorente- No new contract
    Alli- Keep
    Foyth- Unsure
    Gazzaniga- Keep looks quality when played
    Eriksen- Sell to anyone outside of england
    Aurier- Keep (My personal opinion i quite like him )
    Onamah- Sell bring in some cash
    Moura- Keep deserves more first team game time
    Ben davies- Sell

    players i would like
    Ben chilwell
    Max AArons
    James Maddison
    Tanguy Ndombele
    lo celso
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  19. fisherbender Guest

    I hate seeing this from our fans, act like this after such a brilliant season. I for one was extremely proud of my team yesterday and felt we were the better team over the 90 minutes and without a harsh penalty call on Sissoko 30 seconds into the game the result is different. We controlled the possession, dominated the midfield, but simply lacked that final touch in the final third. Many people will bash Poch for making the decision to start Kane, yet I guarantee if he started on the bench and we ended with the same result people would be crucifying him for leaving his best player on the bench.

    We need to look at this thing in the context it belongs. This group of lads have never won anything and have never even played for a trophy. The occasion of playing for the most coveted trophy in the world was just a little more than they could handle. Much like Liverpool last year. They weren't good yesterday either the difference was the penalty that changed the game much like Liverpool's goalkeeper blunder's last year. Keep this in perspective, we made it to a Champions League Final. I believe that Levy will back his manager this summer and I also believe that we will win many trophy's in the next few years. Please guys stop destroying a team that has given us so many wonderful moments this year, I don't want to look like the damn Gooner fans that ripped their team apart after their Europa league loss to Chelsea. We are better than that. You can't say the team didnt' have effort on the night ive never seen any team want something as bad as those boys did last night. Unfortunately Want and Drive were not enough on this particular night. Harry certainly looked overmatched and I felt poch waited tooo long to bring on Lucas but it's very easy to second guess a manager after they loose.

    You are all entitled to your opinion I simply ask you to take a step back and look at all we have accomplished this season. All with a depleted squad decimated with injury, No investment due to the construction of our beautiful stadium, which we didn't get to play in until the beginning of April, and the fashion in which we accomplished it all. I believe in this team in our chairman who despite what everyone says has built this club from a wantabee to a canbee team and taken us well above our North London rivals. I believe he will provide our world class coach Poch with the funds he needs to push this team forward this year. We have a home this year as well coming up. I don't think this was the last time we will see the finals or have an opportunity to lift a trophy, I believe this is just the beginning of something wonderful.

    Spurs have won over many neutral fans this year because of their champions league run and the way the did it. Everyone loves a Cinderella. This was a fabulous year and it needs to be applauded after a long hard faught campaign, not destroyed for a sub-par performance. The moment was simply to big for the lads and the ref put himself in this game way to early and we could never recover. Did anyone watching this game believe that Liverpool was that much better than us? I don't think so. We will be back, I just hope that the fans can grasp reality a bit more and give this team the proper credit that they deserve.
  20. Poch Out Guest

    We need a manager that will win trophies. Poch ain’t that man. Good manager but proven that he cannot get us over the line. End of !
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